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DominaMelissa 43 / D
"Not actively looking for subs atm. Fwb, now that is a different story"
Clearwater, Florida, Stati Uniti
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Utente dal: 14 Luglio 2016

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DominaMelissa 43/D
Clearwater, Florida
blog DominaMelissa
It is really sad that I have to continue to update this to get you dumb fucks to stop writing me. For all the bitter, ugly motherfuckers that keep writing me messages and expecting me to answer you immediately, first off, FUCK YOU!! I don’t know who the fuck you think you are!!! I’ll answer who the fuck I want. If you think I’m ugly or you don’t like my profile, then move on bitch!!!! My profile was not the last one put on here. I’m gonna need you to take your caveman ass the fuck out of my face and acting like you own me!!!! you see that I’m dominant on this for a fucking reason, because I don’t deal with fucking idiots like you that wanna try and fucking own me!!!! I don’t need all you bitter, bitter bitches sending me messages about how you don’t like my profile. There’s more to look at, just press next motherfucker!!!! For your information, I have thousands of emails that I haven’t read because I’m not gonna spend my entire life looking for fucktards like you. I would rather be celibate than fucking ugly person like yourself. B][/B]THE FACT THIS I MUST AMEND MY PROFILE EVERY FEW DAYS TO MAKE IT CLEAR WHAT I AM HERE FOR REALLY SPEAKS VOLUMES TO THE IDIOCY, OR THE LACK OF MEN CAPABLE OF REMEDIAL READING..... [U][/U] [B][/B] I UNDERSTAND THAT SEVERAL PEOPLE ENJOY WATCHING ME PEG/TOP, YES I KNOW I AM TALENTED, EVERYONE I HAVE EVER FUCKED HAS TOTALLY ENJOYED THEMSELVES, BUT ONCE AGAIN LET ME BREAK THIS DOWN FOR YOU..... I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BEING THE RAINBOW BRIDGE FOR ANY MEN WHO ARE CURIOUS. IF YOU WANT TO HAVE GIRL CHAT, I AM DOWN, BUT YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME CONTACTING ME FOR A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY I HAVE TO CONTINUE TO EXPLAIN I AM NOT INTERESTED IN FUCKING YOU TO HELP YOU BE COMFORTABLE BEING WITH MEN. IN CASE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM, TRYING TO HAVE A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH A FEMALE WHEN IT IS CLEAR YOU ARE AT A MINIMUM BI, IS TOTALLY DISRESPECTFUL TO THE FEMALE YOU ARE USING TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER ABOUT QUESTIONING YOUR OWN SEXUALITY. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN FUCKING ANY CONFUSED MEN SO HE CAN NOT FEEL SOME TYPE OF WAY ABOUT HIS ATTRACTION TO MEN. STOP BEING A PUSSY AND TRYING TO USE ME TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF. I DON'T FUCK ANY OF MY GAY FRIENDS, AS[I][/I] THEY ARE GAY!!!!!! NEITHER PARTY WANTS TO FUCK THE OTHER. I HAVE ZERO PROBLEMS HELPING YOU GET ACCUSTOMED TO SHEDDING YOUR SHAME (WHICH YOU SHOULD NEVER FEEL BTW), BUT PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO USE ME TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING SEXUAL WITH ANY GAY MEN, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!! I CAN BE YOUR FAG HAG ALL DAY EVERYDAY AND I CAN ASSIST IN MAKING YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN, BUT I DON'T FUCK MY FAMILY, AND FOR ME, GAY MEN ARE FAMILY. [B][/B] I DIDN'T THINK THAT THIS NEEDED TO BE SPOKEN, BUT OH HOW WRONG I WAS. ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS MY STANCE ON GAY PRIDE AND HOW SUPPORTIVE I AM OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY. I HAVE BEEN A FRUIT FLY HALF MY LIFE AND I HAVE HELPED MANY FRIENDS COME OUT AND CELEBRATE THEIR INDEPENDENCE FROM THE SOCIETIES PRESSURES TO CONFORM TO WHAT THEY THINK THEY SHOULD BE. WHAT I CAN NO LONGER DO IS BE THE RAINBOW BRIDGE, (not my term, actually given to me by a dear friend) TO HELP ALL BI, BI CURIOUS, AND CLOSETED GAY MEN CROSS OVER TO THE OTHER SIDE. SO, AS I WAS SAYING. I AM SEEKING 2 TYPES OF SUBS. SINCE I HAVE YET TO MEET 1, YES, 1 STRAIGHT MAN, I KNOW THAT THERE IS A CONNECTION LEVEL WITH ME THAT MEN FEEL COMFORTABLE EXPRESSING THEMSELVES WITH ME, WHICH IS SO AMAZING AND I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR. SO, THE MEN WHO HAVE CURIOSITIES, I WOULD BE HAPPY TO MENTOR, COUNCIL, SHOP, ANYTHING YOU DESIRE [U][/U] WITHOUT HAVING ANY SEXUAL CONTACT WITH YOU!!!!! I HAVE BEEN A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY FOR SOME TIME NOW AND DON'T "SHIT WHERE I EAT". ANYONE HETERO THAT WOULD LIKE TO PLAY, COOL. Since stating that I am a fairly new Domina only makes arrogant douchebags want to critique, let me rephrase. I have been Domming for awhile now. Yes I enjoy it. Yes I am aware I would not fall into the stereotypical cliché preconceived ideas of what a Dom is. As I see it, there are many ways to be a Dominant. I don't jump on your profile to "help" you Dom, I don't need your irrelevant opinion of how I should. If you see something on my profile you think is not "dominant" enough for you, here is a suggestion. MOVE ON TO THE NEXT PROFILE!!!!!! My profile is not the last one ever to be added. Those of you looking to have me sub, there is a rea my status is Dominant. I don't sub. Sending me messages telling me to suck your cock or how much you want to be my Dom won't change that. (Side note, if I were a switch, you DAMN SURE ARE GOING NOWHERE TRYING TO DEGRADE ME IF YOU ARE READING I AM DOM. IT ISN'T SEXY, IT JUST TELLS ME EITHER YOU CAN'T READ OR YOU CAN'T OBSERVE LIMITS. Either way that would make you a shitty Dom and I wouldn't want to have a Dom who can't respect their subs. Both groups can stop messaging me, you are wasting your time. I will never respond, it's not happening. DISCLAIMER : I have no problem with ANY bi or bi - curious men, ACTUALLY, quite the opposite. All my friends are gay. If you are looking to discreetly hook up with another guy, be a man, grow some balls like all my gay friends and download Grindr and find one. Please don't contact me to find one for you. I am here to find play mates for myself, NOT TO COCK BLOCK MYSELF!!!!!!!!

La mia persona ideale: First and foremost this is a MUST. If you are a fucking liar or manipulator, move to the next girl. I am not the one that you want to lie to, bet that. I am tired of meeting sorry ass liars and bullshitters. Go run that game on a dumb bitch because I am not one of them. Even if one of you sneaks through and manages to get me to talk to you, first time I catch you in a lie, GAME OVER. I don't play games. If that is what you are about, I suggest you get a Playstation because I don't have time for all that bullshit. I only have time for real men that can actually articulate what they what, and I am talking about what THEY ARE ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR. If you are here just to fuck, then grow some fucking balls and say that you pussy. I am a big girl, I can take whatever you say. I would rather you be a man and be honest than be a pussy and lie like a bitch.

Someone that can carry on a conversation. If you can't mentally turn me on, chances are you won't in the bedroom

Quali sono i tuoi gruppi o musicisti preferiti?:
Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne

Quali attività sessuali ti eccitano?:
Dare sesso orale, Ricevere sesso orale, Giochi di ruolo, "Filmini" casalinghi, Pelle, Massaggio

Quali sono i fattori più importanti nella tua ricerca di un partner sessuale?:
Esperienza sessuale, Appetito sessuale

Hai mai fantasticato di fare sesso con un personaggio famoso? Chi? Cos'è che ti eccita?:
Yes Chris Brown Good looking; beautiful voice; sex appeal;
excellent dancer <br><br> Jason Statham
Rugged good looks; sexy voice

Hai mai fatto sesso cibernetico?:
Lo ho fatto talmente tante volte che non mi ricordo come si fa a scrivere con due mani.

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  • 43 / donna
  • Clearwater, Florida, Stati Uniti
Orientamento sessuale:
In cerca di:  Uomini, Donne o Coppie (uomo/donna)
Data di nascita: 3 Luglio 1980
Trasloco?: Forse/Sì
Stato civile: Divorziato
Altezza: 5 ft 5 in / 165-167 cm
Corporatura: Magro
Fumo: Fumo tanto
Alcol: Bevo poco o in società
Droga: Non faccio uso di droghe
Istruzione: Qualche anno di università
Professione: Don't work
Etnia: Caucasica
Religione: Spirituale
Figli: No
Vuole figli: No
Taglia di reggiseno: 32 / 70 B
Lingue: Inglese
Colore di capelli: Castani
Lunghezza di capelli: Lunghi
Colore degli occhi: Marrone
Occhiali o lenti a contatto: Nessuno
I miei trofei: