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Hookup, Hitta Sex eller Träffa Någon Het Nu

_GreatWhite4u_ 42 M
11  Artiklar
Lätt som en plätt.   2011-06-24

Sjung ut bara. Spara en massa tid att lägga på annat.

0 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 1 Röster ,2.40 Resultat
rm_Zebbur 47 M
1  Artikel
No Thanx..   2010-06-09

friheten att säga nej tack... bara för att vi kan.. *s* visst är det härligt att kunna bestämma vem man vill träffa och vem man inte vill träffa...

Frihet... underbart!!

0 Kommentarer, 37 Besök, 4 Röster ,1.69 Resultat
rdhair44 65 M
98  Artiklar
Yes Welcome   2021-03-25

The Final Four, yes.A place to trace , a face, and pace, My hope to no bracket, Gonzaga, a no lag a.Baylor, say there.Arkansas an against the law.Ball' and no flaw.Doll it up, and shoot, and rebound.Michigan, and U.C.L.A., HAHA.Alabama, roll Biden.Syracuse, Loyola Chicago, go U.C.L.A., And Oregon, beer, and me.

0 Kommentarer, 8 Besök, 0 Röster
rdhair44 65 M
98  Artiklar
Yes, welcome.   2021-03-17

The Final Four, yes, .Where it is known, owned, and home.My time to fly with the , 68 me's. Yes, Michigan State, o and W.V.U.And , o Wisconsin, and Ohio State.Gonzaga, North Carolina, Syracuse, o U.S.C, HAHA.L.S.U. , Alabama, Oregon State, Okla.State, U. Conn., Rutgers, UNC, HAHA., Villanova.Iowa, Texas, Missouri, Purdue.Colgate, Baylor, Oregon, Drake.Florida State, Univesity of ...

0 Kommentarer, 8 Besök, 0 Röster
pluralnhshaft 62 M
1  Artikel
Just say no   2020-07-06

I think its really easy. I guess some people think its not polite or its an acceptable thing to leave others hanging. I figure out of 100 interactions on line one meeting would be good. The thing that is strange to me though is, why does someone initiate a conversation, you have a good conversation and then nothing. If you're not interested say so. I will check in with people with a short ...

8 Kommentarer, 63 Besök, 4 Röster ,4.02 Resultat
Worst_Behavior4 45 P
1  Artikel
Being polite doesn't always work   2020-06-14

We try to keep our "thanks but no thanks" message polite and straight forward. But there are some people who persist, thinking if they change the language or tone of an I.M or message from previously sent one's that will suddenly make us change our mind. It's annoying and irritating! We're not rude people in general and don't wanna be, but when pushed you get the ...

3 Kommentarer, 29 Besök, 3 Röster ,5.39 Resultat
Hiddenwifesub 32 K
0  Artiklar
"No thanks" from a sub.   2020-06-04

Being a sub there are people that think that means they can just start messaging with demands like " fuck your ass with a wine bottle now whore show me pics now!!" and then when I respectfully say no thanks, they try to back track or worse double down the demands. Problem with back tracking is that they've already shown that they don't respect the relationship and will abuse it. ...

5 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 7 Röster ,5.08 Resultat
xSimplesex 52 M
6  Artiklar
adding a new article ..   2020-05-30

here i am, adding a new article ... a sad day

3 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 3 Röster ,0.49 Resultat
Sweetscpurple 50 K
1  Artikel
Just be honest   2020-04-14

I am not sure why it is so hard for people to just be honest and say NO THANKS if they are not interested.

3 Kommentarer, 45 Besök, 6 Röster ,4.50 Resultat
No Thanks   2020-02-17

Telling someone no thanks is being nice. If said people don't get the point, then it's on them what comes next.

3 Kommentarer, 46 Besök, 9 Röster ,4.92 Resultat
is it hard   2020-02-11

is it hard to tell someone no thanks?

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
Lundsirftumhara 34 M
4  Artiklar
No thanks for sex   2020-01-29

There are many situation comes in which you can say no thanks for sex As depend what is happens with your partner or you would not like to meet with your partner or you had recently break up with you partner and don't want to do sex and any o e offer you for the saex but you refuse the same <br><br> The reason is for that they you most like the that person and that perosns real ...

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 3 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
Blocking a person   2020-01-24

I know when you block a person you don't get their messages and you don't see them online in chat/IMC but do they still see you as being online or is it as if your not there also?

1 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 1 Röster ,3.70 Resultat
luv2licurkitty 56 M
3  Artiklar
Does that   2020-01-24

score you ?

1 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.81 Resultat
Wayneb51841 42 M
5  Artiklar
Nope   2020-01-23

No points ha

4 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 7 Röster ,3.30 Resultat
Sometimes its hard   2020-01-17

No its not, just say im not into it

1 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 4 Röster ,5.19 Resultat
Ellsfun4311 38 M
7  Artiklar
Points   2020-01-16

Yup, just one of those I need points posts

3 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 6 Röster ,3.65 Resultat
Tiptoingtony 44 M
2  Artiklar
Honestly   2020-01-13

Just be honest and truthful about everything and it will go alot easier

1 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.71 Resultat
he69hertwo2 59 P
1  Artikel
When to Say No   2020-01-12

How many of you couples out there keep getting messages from the same lonely guy, day in and day out? You have told this person that you are not interested in them and they just insisting to message you. So how do you get them to stop?

9 Kommentarer, 67 Besök, 10 Röster ,3.39 Resultat
strogen69 52 M
5  Artiklar
Younger women   2020-01-10

Is it really that hard to respond to instant messages and say sorry not interested in chatting or do women just like the attention?

7 Kommentarer, 78 Besök, 13 Röster ,3.65 Resultat
Timepiece201i 55 M
5  Artiklar
Why   2020-01-08

Why is it so hard for people say NO THANK OR NOT interested. Why can't they just respond back with that simple reply.

6 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 10 Röster ,3.19 Resultat
AravGupt007 29 M
4  Artiklar
21 Ways to “Give Good No"   2020-01-08

We are coming to that time of the year that is both blessed and cursed with zillions of invitations. Here are some that are in my email right now: Can you meet me for coffee to help me with my book proposal? Will you bring a snack to the 8th grade party on December 19th? Are you coming to our housewarming party? Can you help with my ’s college applications? Do you want to take the kids to see ...

1 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.51 Resultat
enzorn 39 M
1  Artikel
No thanks   2020-01-06

Another No Thanks for just getting some points.

2 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.51 Resultat
tool4gufa 31 M
3  Artiklar
No thanks situation   2019-12-31

Mostly no thanks situation is coming the perosns who is self dependent and don't want take any help from any one This can be a attitude and other thing as well so depend on the person person that what exactly the thought. Same goes for sex is anyone saying no thanks of hot girl yes it can be done if perosns are very controable. <br><br> Send your thougts

0 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 5 Röster ,1.84 Resultat
Ellsfun43 38 M
5  Artiklar
Points   2019-12-26

No thanks. Just need points

3 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 15 Röster ,3.59 Resultat
TattedH0tR0d8069 43 M
6  Artiklar
Penis in your black mouth   2019-12-24

Niggersgddsfjgccjcxzzxxxxh643edgkogfb Bcccdsatiu85rsfhkoyde2

0 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 12 Röster ,0.68 Resultat
casualguy209 46 M
8  Artiklar
points   2019-12-22


0 Kommentarer, 2 Besök, 2 Röster ,0.34 Resultat
Yankees51841 45 M
5  Artiklar
No thanks   2019-12-19

No thanks for for points

1 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 20 Röster ,1.85 Resultat
Worst "no"   2019-12-18

What would be the worst eay someone could say no?

1 Kommentarer, 42 Besök, 26 Röster ,2.70 Resultat
Justguy101 45 M
14  Artiklar
Filtered pics   2019-12-17

I love flirting finding that little cute spark exchange pics.your really turn on into person your chatting with then final comes day your going to meet up then.. then you meet up find person you was chatting with looks nothing like person in pic.. Then you’re grossed out. Then you’re feeling deceived and pissed pissed.. please people stop trying to pretend be ten win your really 2 That really ...

3 Kommentarer, 42 Besök, 19 Röster ,2.86 Resultat
Mrmster89 33 M
1  Artikel
I find hard to say no as a man...   2019-12-10

I find that if we say no as a male sometimes girls can get very mad like if it direspectful. But its that at all, sometimes we are just over tired from a bad day at work and we are exhausted...

7 Kommentarer, 60 Besök, 23 Röster ,3.36 Resultat
should be enough   2019-12-10

i would hope a woman saying no is always honored

1 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.12 Resultat
Not what you thought   2019-12-10

Have you met anyone that didnt look like there profile pic.

3 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 20 Röster ,2.87 Resultat
8forfunride 51 M
2  Artiklar
its not hard to do   2019-12-10

saying No thanks really takes very little time and can leave the other person feeling good for just having made contact. this site is all about feeling good , right? In this, the season of giving, lets take that extra 2 seconds and me the person your rejecting at least feel good about themselves

0 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 18 Röster ,2.85 Resultat
6luv2licu9 56 M
5  Artiklar
Never say "No Thanks"   2019-12-08

to points

0 Kommentarer, 2 Besök, 0 Röster
Not what you expected   2019-12-07

Has anyone chatted with someone on here and when you met they looked nothing like their picture.

4 Kommentarer, 29 Besök, 13 Röster ,3.98 Resultat
MercedCouple209 52 P
47  Artiklar
So you think you can fuck me better?   2019-12-06

Just because you comment on my video that you can fuck me better dont mean you ever will because I have a conection with my man and thats something you will never have with me so that kind of comment want get you anything but blocked

4 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 22 Röster ,2.29 Resultat
Couple2Grow69 39 P
8  Artiklar
Boundries   2019-12-06

How important are broundries for you?

4 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 15 Röster ,3.90 Resultat
MercedCouple209 52 P
47  Artiklar
Married Cheating Men And Woman   2019-12-06

Well mostly men in this case <br><br> I dont care if you want to cheat on your spouse for what ever reason <br><br> Thats on you and the karma that comes with it <br><br> But the 1st thing we do when talking with someone on here is let them know thats a deal breaker and will not meet cheating men and woman <br><br> But you must really be a special ...

3 Kommentarer, 48 Besök, 20 Röster ,2.36 Resultat
MercedCouple209 52 P
47  Artiklar
How many times do you have to say no thanks!   2019-12-06

Sorry I am not into BBC <br><br> And I am not into 18 year old boys and dont care how big your dick is <br><br> But how many times must I say no thanks before I just get tired and block you? <br><br> Well it was about 10 this time

2 Kommentarer, 34 Besök, 14 Röster ,2.02 Resultat
cutting it off   2019-12-02

what do some of you do when you meet someone in person and find out you have no interest at all? stick it out or make an excuse?

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 0 Röster
Co worker   2019-11-29

How do you turn down a co worker and not make things awkward atvwork.

4 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.23 Resultat


1 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.51 Resultat
onebigpickle 40 M
5  Artiklar
Gay guys flirting with Straights   2019-11-25

What is your go to response for letting a gay guy down?

4 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.53 Resultat
bad blow jobs   2019-11-25

Back when we were all young there were always a couple girls who gave terrible blow jobs. You had just let them give you a hand job and move straight sex. Might even have so no the blow job if she was offering.

4 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 10 Röster ,3.78 Resultat
Silence is deafening   2019-11-15

I know it’s not always possible to respond to every message if you’re not interested. I get it. And I will be respectful, and never be abusive. But even a quick little , “no thank you” really helps out sometimes. Does anyone agree?

8 Kommentarer, 64 Besök, 17 Röster ,4.82 Resultat
strogen69 52 M
5  Artiklar
Common courtesy?   2019-11-15

Is it me or have the younger generation aka 24 and younger not been taught common courtesy? When you send a message on IM here to the younger generation, it seems like half of them never respond. Ladies... even if you're not interested in chatting, it's called common courtesy to at least respond back either way. Not interested? Totally fine, but could you take 30 seconds to respond back ...

7 Kommentarer, 57 Besök, 15 Röster ,1.91 Resultat
thefonz224 38 M
4  Artiklar
Is it better to be direct or slowly ghost someone?   2019-11-15

I prefer to be direct and told directly what someone is thinking.

5 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.45 Resultat
Here2l00kcouple 33 P
1  Artikel
Why?   2019-11-14

Why is so hard for single men on here to not read what people post or say

2 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
samiam473 43 M
2  Artiklar
just say it   2019-11-11

Its ok to say no thanks when you are approached by members, it will not only let them move on but it keeps you from getting constant messages from a member you are not interested in

1 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.48 Resultat
swman2 53 M
1  Artikel
Why   2019-11-11

Why when you get flirt and viewed do they then not respond on massaging

4 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.99 Resultat
Fido3429 49 M
8  Artiklar
Try and be polite   2019-11-07

Rejection sucks, the worst rejection is when you get no response after talking to someone. At least if you don't want to get together, have the kindness to tell them.

1 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 14 Röster ,3.78 Resultat
yep   2019-11-05

points points points points points points points points points points

0 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 4 Röster ,1.30 Resultat
How to...   2019-11-05

politely say no thanks after chatting for awhile and one factor changes?

0 Kommentarer, 10 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.53 Resultat
How to keep thing decent?   2019-11-03

Looking for some advice here. How do you say ‘no thanks’ after exploring a relationship and deciding you aren’t interested. I try be up front and honest but sometimes it leads hurt feelings.

1 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 3 Röster ,2.94 Resultat
silkysmoothlick 50 M
5  Artiklar
Is it really that difficult.....   2019-11-03

If you're not interested, just say it. <br><br> Why flirt, messages or emails to then be ignored. <br><br> I get its a competitive environment or is it the limitations of the site now, ie is king?

0 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
Jayrsfsd 58 M
5  Artiklar
Ghosting and liars   2019-10-31

It seems pretty weird to me that people just can’t be most honest. The thing I hate the most it getting together or getting to know each other is liars. The minute I catch someone in a lie, I’m done, because they can’t be trusted. Just say no if you are not interested, don’t string someone along with lies and then ghost on them. I am busy with my career, I don’t have time to waste with ...

1 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 8 Röster ,2.32 Resultat
69fwbtg69 45 M
7  Artiklar
I'm looking   2019-10-31

What is so hard to say I'm not interested. People checking out people profile like they might b interested and yet when u im them they don't respond. I understand women get hammered on here but at least take the time to say not interested

1 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 3 Röster ,1.96 Resultat
Never say "No Thanks"   2019-10-31

To getting points! would right?

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
NeedaCumSlut2 32 M
3  Artiklar
Just ignore this   2019-10-31


0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 3 Röster ,0.98 Resultat
Difference   2019-10-25

A woman says no thanks to a guy and he can take it and move along. But a guy meets a woman has sex on NS basis and she can’t take no to anything more.

3 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 13 Röster ,1.30 Resultat
Asked about whether the best defender Marcelo the room   2019-10-24

I’ll host another bonfire tomorrow starting around 7 pm at the alsterwiese schwanenwik. Everyone is welcome to come and to bring stuff to roast 🤙🏼 I have roasting sticks.

0 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.39 Resultat
No means no   2019-10-23

come on men, is it really that hard? <br><br> I still have women almost shocked that I can take rejection in stride. <br><br> Women, what do you do with men who are too persistent?

1 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.39 Resultat
Jformeets 23 M
5  Artiklar
Common manners from some on here   2019-10-23

Am I the only one or are others experiencing similar problems? <br><br> I'll come on, have loads of views, flirts, etc from a single profile. I'll hotlist them back and begin conversaion. They respond and we talk, suddenly they go quiet. One asked for me to top fan them and then didn't respond to my private messages. <br><br> Then when I contact others on IM I ...

1 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.00 Resultat
to points   2019-10-21

points points points points points points points points.

1 Kommentarer, 10 Besök, 9 Röster ,2.78 Resultat
I never say No Thanks   2019-10-16

to points.. They are too valuable

1 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 6 Röster ,1.66 Resultat
I never say "No Thanks"   2019-10-15

To points.. They are hard to come by on here!

1 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.73 Resultat
I never say   2019-10-14

No Thanks.. Especially when points are involved..

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
barracuda05 54 M
5  Artiklar
It is time to bring back proper manners even to a sex siite.   2019-10-13

I have been surfing all levels of this site for 20 years now and it has become clear over the years that manners have declined and in some instances disappeared completely. Gone are the days where people would in the rooms and not have fight and bicker. Gone are the days where people could an IM or message and people would politely respond "No thanks" if they weren't ...

3 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
Fitandhornyinwi 45 M
2  Artiklar
Why are people so rude?   2019-10-13

Seems like a lot of people haven’t mastered the art of saying “hey, not interested.” They either say something nasty or ignore you completely when they aren’t interested. I don’t get it. Did I somehow offend them by showing interest? I don’t get it at all. I’m 100% straight and have had bi/gay guys message me. I simply say “hey, not thing. Good luck.” They handle it just fine. ...

2 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.54 Resultat
Vitos1946 43 M
5  Artiklar
No one says it anymore   2019-10-13

You try talk others in messages and they dont reply I would rather get a no thank you then just get ignored

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
points   2019-10-13

points points points points points points points points.

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 0 Röster
Britishlone 52 M
2  Artiklar
How do you say no nicely   2019-10-11

So you meet somebody in the bar and they arent how they looked in their photos or there just isnt a connection. How do you say no thanks without offending

1 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.59 Resultat
Aguercola 27 P
1  Artikel
As a guy   2019-10-11

I know sometimes you feel like your lose some of your masculinity if you cant get it up when she is horny. I'm just here to say it's fine. You dont always have to be horny when she is. It's a mutual relationship.

0 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.98 Resultat
Jbob17011 31 M
6  Artiklar
Being Mean   2019-10-08

How mean have you gotten with someone that won't just leave you alone, on here or not on here?

0 Kommentarer, 8 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.80 Resultat
No Thanks?   2019-10-08

I never say no thanks.. Especially to points..

0 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 5 Röster ,1.51 Resultat
Justguy101 45 M
14  Artiklar
Not looking for sausage fest   2019-10-03

There must be 3to1 guys to girls on here guys posing as couple that’s gay. Hoping to pose as couple really be looking for guy on guy hook up..why don’t you change your profile to layer looking for m4m hook up stop wasting peoples time

3 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
No Thanks   2019-10-02

So when you say no thanks in the most polite unrude way etc. 98% of the time they question it.. or they insist on how good it wiil be and how good they are. Everyone has preferences . If you're not what they want or prefer then let it be .

1 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 3 Röster ,1.47 Resultat
I never say   2019-10-02

"No Thanks" when points are involved

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
Needfunu2 51 M
6  Artiklar
Being polite to single males?   2019-09-24

Which is better...telling a single male "No thanks" or just ignoring him?

5 Kommentarer, 37 Besök, 11 Röster ,1.11 Resultat
also happens to men   2019-09-22

i was with a married woman, gorgeous, great figure and smile. she made me feel so comfortable i let her control and dom me. <br><br> we were probably 1 hour into it and she decides to tie me up and blindfold me. <br><br> i wasnt sure but she convinced me <br><br> she was erotically touching and licking my body, especially my nipples then she started rimming me. ...

4 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 14 Röster ,1.22 Resultat
Pullmytrigger55 49 M
12  Artiklar
Free bonus   2019-09-18

I remember AdultFriendFinder use to give u credits or 40 day gold or something

1 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.09 Resultat
Pullmytrigger55 49 M
12  Artiklar
Screwed   2019-09-18

That's what AdultFriendFinder does to u

2 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.99 Resultat
Prylo193 40 M
5  Artiklar
Etiquette   2019-09-17

As a free member i wish i had a way to say thanks but no thanks when someone messages me

2 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 13 Röster ,1.80 Resultat
lurch4040 51 M
9  Artiklar
Cut loose   2019-09-15

Usually its best to just let it go and accept the fact that it's not working. Try not to continue down a path that you know won't work

0 Kommentarer, 10 Besök, 8 Röster ,2.55 Resultat
Ignored on messenger   2019-09-14

Great conversation. Things really seemed to click then nothing. That ever happen to anyone else?

7 Kommentarer, 41 Besök, 18 Röster ,2.44 Resultat
domkoenig 54 M
12  Artiklar
trust   2019-09-14

when someone close to u wants to get involved, a friends wife, i think ts the ultimate betrayal, u lose ur friendship and ur friend , so that time came for me , i said no thanks, but i never saw his wife in the same way again ever i had to turn down temptation , as hard as it was, and at times almost impossible , due to the fact it was put on a plate for u , so i turned it down flat. its much ...

1 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 14 Röster ,1.86 Resultat
Khmeii 56 K
1  Artikel
Hey guys, chill please   2019-09-12

You log on to AdultFriendFinder and get all excited. All these pics with flirty usernames. So many hot women and couples. You get on IM and start browsing, messaging women, sending flirts, requesting friends. Ready to have fun. And then... nothing. <br><br> Babe, I want to let you know that it has nothing to do with you. I mean, don't take it personally. Women on AdultFriendFinder are outnumbered 20:1. We ...

3 Kommentarer, 88 Besök, 29 Röster ,3.64 Resultat
Say no   2019-09-11

Maybe hardest and loveliest part oh well or oh this is hell whatever it is it is something

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 1 Röster
Thanks but not interested   2019-09-10

Such a simple response to a polite hello. Very refreshing when someone responds. Perhaps manners don’t apply here. Or, is it the points system or the poor programming that causes folks to appear pushy or frigid? Either way. One lady actually replied as such to indicate that she was not interested. That was refreshing.

2 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 13 Röster ,1.80 Resultat
LastOneDown69 38 M
1  Artikel
Is it rude?   2019-09-10

I've meet a few people and turned all but 2 down in person. They obviously weren't the type of person they said they were in their profile. Many of them take offense, why? If you want to a chicken and someone brought a duck you wouldn't accept it either. Come on now, right?

1 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.54 Resultat
alwayslookin8454 50 M
6  Artiklar
No Thanks   2019-09-09

Why is it so hard for some people to just say no thanks? It would make things so much easier.

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 8 Röster ,0.93 Resultat
elenaphant 30 K
2  Artiklar
Reading Messages = Viewing Profile???   2019-09-05

I'm running into so many problems with members I'm not interested in, because they send me messages and I read them, which gives them the notification that I "viewed their profile" when I literally don't know who the fuck they are.... Then some people call me on it saying shit like "what, you shy?" "I see you're looking at my profile, why won't you say ...

7 Kommentarer, 73 Besök, 14 Röster ,3.46 Resultat
Patoff6969 43 M
5  Artiklar
Good luck loll   2019-09-03

At all the men want do something on me

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 5 Röster ,1.19 Resultat
Side Piece’s Side Action on the Side   2019-09-02

So a few years ago I met a girl from this site. We hit it off, and decided to meet. She wanted me to meet her at her apartment that she was renting to be closer to her work. I agreed. <br><br> When I got there, I was immediately creeped out. There was no furniture, and the kitchen was empty. There were a few boxes around and a bed. We talked a little bit, and then she started smoking ...

4 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
gigelo2007 35 M
7  Artiklar
saying no   2019-09-01

Besides compliments, another thing the person you’re saying no to might appreciate is knowing why. Sometimes it’s best to be candid about your constraints. <br><br> Example: I can’t handle the meeting for you this afternoon—I’m busy onboarding a new hire and have a deadline I need to hit. <br><br> Example: This is a sweet pitch, but our doesn’t have a budget ...

2 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.79 Resultat
parmakr62 47 M
4  Artiklar
Vegan Santa   2019-08-29

There is a guy on here that keeps creeping on me. He looks like Vegan Santa Claus. He can't take a hint. I don't want to message him because he is not worth the points.

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 7 Röster ,3.04 Resultat
Bohunter81 50 M
1  Artikel
Manners   2019-08-21

I have been told no thanks before and it’s no big deal. I know I’m not everyone’s type. I’ve told others no thanks before. We all have different tastes. Please use manners and respect other’s preferences. It’s not personal to you, and you may even win someone over being polite. No name calling or rude comments, just excuse yourself politely.

2 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 19 Röster ,2.46 Resultat
Points   2019-08-18

I think the point system needs fixing. If you're wanting to chat with someone and they just left the line or don't reply you're screwed out of points

7 Kommentarer, 66 Besök, 24 Röster ,5.86 Resultat
Reply’s   2019-08-16

It really is not that hard to say no thanks to a reply I mean as least it’s a response

5 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 4 Röster ,4.80 Resultat
sonrising54 57 M
9  Artiklar
Older Guy Uh No   2019-08-07

I had a conversation with a guy online a few months back. He showed me pictures of his perfect ripped body. Very sexy needless to say. Told me he had glowing white teeth and woman have complimented him on his neat overall appearance. This conversation went on for at least 2 months before I finally decided to meet him. He lived about 3 hours away so I agreed to get a motel room and wait for him. I ...

6 Kommentarer, 74 Besök, 14 Röster ,2.82 Resultat
95hondacivic 51 M
8  Artiklar
not trying to be rude   2019-08-07

I am getting a lot of message request from people who i'm not interested in. I just say thank you but i'm not interested and people get offended and message back rude things. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, what do you do?

4 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 18 Röster ,3.53 Resultat
Tpayne01 40 M
5  Artiklar
Such A Simple Reply...   2019-08-06

On here there tends to be a lot of profiles. Now when one does Seem to be authentic and is sent a genuine, Polite instant message they do not reply. Now I know what most say about the guys to last ratio and how most ladies are just so overwhelmed with IMs. However they are notified about a New IM. Now the normal proper and polite thing to do is to at least respond with a "No Thanks" or ...

6 Kommentarer, 45 Besök, 19 Röster ,2.99 Resultat
I_like_lollipos2 30 K
1  Artikel
help me please   2019-08-03

How does say no without sounding rude?

14 Kommentarer, 85 Besök, 26 Röster ,3.89 Resultat
MrWhiteGrape 20 M
7  Artiklar
No   2019-08-03

<br><br> No

0 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.02 Resultat
ChrisIsbell2 27 M
5  Artiklar
Replies   2019-07-31

I wish women would just say no thanks instead of saying nothing all. Do you agree?

5 Kommentarer, 41 Besök, 15 Röster ,3.28 Resultat
shootitome2 73 M
20  Artiklar
some folk   2019-07-31

got it down pat.

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 7 Röster ,0.75 Resultat
How Many Men Have Aksed for a Simple Yes or No response   2019-07-29

So I have been asking if it is too much to just respond with a simple yes or no. I can't seem to even get that much of a response. Is it rudeness, inconsiderateness, or what that causes these women to not extend just the simplest of responses.

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
What is wrong With People   2019-07-29

Is is so hard to just say no thank you I am not interested. I had invested some time and effort into communicating with someone. My husband said he might be interested in a couples sort of situation. So I shared that. After multiple communications and trying to arrange a time to meet. I extended multiple invitations including drinks with our spouses and then to a swing party. I had assumed he ...

4 Kommentarer, 83 Besök, 29 Röster ,4.04 Resultat
MilfHunter78416 26 M
2  Artiklar
Being a young guy into older women   2019-07-26

Why is it so hard to find a good woman who loves men? Is it something people are ashamed of in 2019 of all years? Girls my age are not drawn to me the way older women are but still it seems none of them want to commit to their feelings and urges. I honestly dont see color or age or shape as long as we respect each other but I do wish I could find an older woman to treat the way she deserves. ...

1 Kommentarer, 2 Besök, 0 Röster
sonrising24 54 M
5  Artiklar
An Off Meeting   2019-07-26

I once met a woman in an off chance place by accident. She and I got to talking and she gave me her number and address and told me to come over the next day. So I went over to her house. What I noticed was a big facial mole on her upper cheek. We were talking and she kissed me, which was kind of hot until I opened my eyes. Oh my, staring me in the face was a mole mountain. I got that imagine in ...

0 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 17 Röster ,1.85 Resultat
rocky50504 56 M
8  Artiklar
how many times do you have to say no thanks to some one because you feel they are not sexy enough   2019-07-25

how many times do you say no to some one just because you think they would be bad in bed? let me know

0 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.79 Resultat
Cjay9205 31 M
5  Artiklar
Fake pictures   2019-07-23

Why are there sooooo many fake pictures on here? some even use the photo for multiple accounts cant stand it! less faking more fucking am i right

1 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 4 Röster ,0.92 Resultat
Childish insults   2019-07-22

I am constantly amazed as what passes for mature behavior on this site. Recently a man sent a message, I politely said no thank you and (while not necessary )I explained why. His response was write an insult. For the men complain that women don't respond your emails or instant messages this is part of the reason. Just because we are also using this site does not mean we don't want ...

10 Kommentarer, 91 Besök, 28 Röster ,4.88 Resultat
Points   2019-07-21

Points points points points points

0 Kommentarer, 2 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
Sexymaid1994 30 K
1  Artikel
Just say no!   2019-07-18

I noticed that people will always try to push your boundaries and if they are not respectful to your no they are not worth taking in. There are so many respectful good people there don’t waste your time on someone that isn’t.

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 0 Röster
points   2019-07-16

points points points points points points

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
You Deserve to be Picky   2019-07-08

Don't do what I did. <br><br> As a young bi-curious guy on this site, my first experience that came from here was... mediocre to say the least. I didn't have prior experience sexually and I settled for the first man willing to suck me off just out of convenience. I thought I wouldn't get other offers. <br><br> So now, the image of a toothy blowjob from an obese ...

1 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 12 Röster ,1.56 Resultat
Veryhorny6932 25 M
1  Artikel
Nah   2019-06-23

Just be the bigger person and say no.

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 3 Röster ,0.98 Resultat
emotional rollercoaster   2019-06-21

always feel bad when i have to turn someone down, less a guy thats pretty fucking easy , God! Any advise how to let someone down without hurting their feelings! It sucks to do it, I hate it.

2 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 9 Röster ,1.50 Resultat
Grewpetty 57 M
9  Artiklar
No means no   2019-06-19

It's not easy say "No Thanks", especially when the other person is interested and you aren't. I think some subtle attempts work best, with a final heart heart often the way.

1 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 12 Röster ,0.86 Resultat
no thank you   2019-06-19

Points points points points points

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 3 Röster ,1.47 Resultat
Needtoeatit6969 45 M
1  Artikel
Response on IM   2019-06-19

Why is it that 80% of the people on IM don’t respond at all? If you’re not interested say so, don’t just leave someone to wonder if the P.O.S. Messenger app is actually sending their messages

9 Kommentarer, 48 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
Chench090 31 M
3  Artiklar
Wasting points   2019-06-10

Why do we even have points if thet never txt u bak its so stupid i dnt even know why i keep wasting points for.

2 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 15 Röster ,3.44 Resultat
DiscreetNYC90 34 M
7  Artiklar
for points please ignore   2019-06-08

for points please ignore

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.73 Resultat
points   2019-05-28

doing for more points points points points

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.81 Resultat
Zcemer 49 M
2  Artiklar
No response   2019-05-23

I have recieved numerous messages and IMs and have gotten no replies back. What is the purpose of reaching out and not saying a thing. Makes you wonder why. Post a response and share your thoughts on one. I'm sure there's plenty of people on here would like to know how you feel.

1 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 5 Röster ,0.86 Resultat
Saying 'No Thanks'   2019-05-21

How do you say 'no thanks' politely?

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.04 Resultat
tauntress10 45 K
2  Artiklar
Expectations vs No Expectations   2019-05-19

There is maybe a perception that all messages deserve a response. However, as a woman who chooses to interact in an adult forum online, I would suggest maybe less emphasis is placed on the recipient responding and perhaps the senders have less expectations. I would take the attitude, if a message of mine is not responded to they are not interested or simply too busy. As I too have messaged ...

12 Kommentarer, 182 Besök, 43 Röster ,3.46 Resultat
Mrmagnum1973 41 M
21  Artiklar
I miss her   2019-05-19

Her husband dosnt let her anymore but weve become friends do u think she will suck and fuck me again?

1 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 20 Röster ,1.59 Resultat
Downtobusiness66 30 M
6  Artiklar
How to get men to stop messaging me   2019-05-15

I get messaged way more by men than women on here. I have my profile set as straight(women only) but somehow men are messaging me. Is there anyway I can put a spot to this. don’t have a problem with gay or bi people but it’s just not for . Any advice would be great because it’s getting ridiculous. Thanks

3 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 13 Röster ,2.30 Resultat
reallythick0325 40 M
1  Artikel
why is it so hard for girls to just say no?   2019-05-09

I understand the possible stigma's or asshole-ish responses might get from jerks who think they are owed sex because (who knows why.) But Is it really hard, especially in a virtual setting, or in a , to just say "sorry, I changed my mind, " or flat out, "no." asking because I feel as though some women who did not tell me they had changed their minds and just decided to ...

4 Kommentarer, 46 Besök, 25 Röster ,0.59 Resultat
Should saying "No Thanks" or "Not interested" be a common courtesy!?   2019-05-02

I feel if someone takes the time to acknowledge you, you should be taking the time to acknowledge them back even if your not interested! Do others feel it is rude to not respond to a message sent to you? Or am I alone on this one?

7 Kommentarer, 49 Besök, 17 Röster ,2.42 Resultat
ThickerThanILook 23 M
3  Artiklar
Pointers   2019-05-01

Just here for them points

2 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 13 Röster ,2.47 Resultat
dickmeh9 37 M
1  Artikel
Funny. "Saying no thanks" was gonna be my title.   2019-04-29

You know what I truly enjoy? Hitting on dudes I know are gonna be uncomfortable when I do so. Not cause I expect a positive response, but because the negative responses lead to my favorite thing to tell a dude: 's how you make women feel. I especially love to do this after witnessing them making an ass out of themselves when hitting on one of my friends. <br><br> This applies to ...

2 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 15 Röster ,0.99 Resultat
points   2019-04-27

points points points points points

1 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 13 Röster ,1.13 Resultat
points   2019-04-26

doing this for more points

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
silura99 40 K
3  Artiklar
Do you really accept a "no, thank you"?   2019-04-15

I see a few people asking why can't women just say "no, thank you" instead of not replying? Well, here's this, not all people take gracefully. Some decide to berate you or to continually contact you after you've declined. I've had to say no to the same individuals multiple times until I've had to block them. Is okay? If someone doesn't respond to me, I take ...

11 Kommentarer, 112 Besök, 39 Röster ,2.99 Resultat
Messaging   2019-04-15

Someone tell me what doing wrong. I message people politely and introduce myself. I ask how they are doing day and offer to send a pic so they can see what i look like or most times just send a face pic. Still only 1 out of maybe 15 reply or even read my message. Any suggestions

6 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.86 Resultat
if your uncomfortable with it   2019-04-12

just say no thanks

0 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.04 Resultat
jackswallowsit 66 M
5  Artiklar
Not 'no thanks' but 'can't now' ....   2019-04-10

I normally have to plan my playtimes, for very specific days and hours. Frequently I get into conversations with guys who get very rude when I can't drop things and ' now' to take care of their wants. not turning them down, just letting them know I have time constraints, like most folks have. I get every response from the usual 'you're missing a good thing' to the ...

3 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 19 Röster ,1.41 Resultat
baseball2657 66 P
4  Artiklar
Wondering Mind   2019-04-07

My mind wonders. Could I be Bi-sexual.I like a like looking dicks and sometimes get excited. I throb when I watch.

3 Kommentarer, 50 Besök, 18 Röster ,1.62 Resultat
Saying no thanks, because , as imagined , couples are scarce.. Hurry up and get a gold account   2019-04-07

Nothing ever changes. Are there no real couples , anywhere?

1 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 9 Röster ,1.07 Resultat
theattu 27 M
2  Artiklar
points   2019-04-07

just here for the points

3 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.17 Resultat
TwanTseX27 33 M
4  Artiklar
2019 Greetings   2019-04-02


1 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 7 Röster ,1.26 Resultat
Oscarmike12 30 M
6  Artiklar
Why   2019-03-29

Why don't more women just say "no thanks"? It can be frustrating to figure if a woman wants to meetup or not. Not replying in I get for standard users, but gold members don't bother. Makes me want to delete this

3 Kommentarer, 28 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
points   2019-03-25

points points points points points

1 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.04 Resultat
dan_is_wild2 49 M
5  Artiklar
Why i came here   2019-03-16

I came to this site after i lost my wife to cancer. I was a lost man who was spoiled and loved at same time. I am here to learn what women of today want and what i can bring from the past to today and still enjoy . But to my shock after 4 years of great marrage that some women not all women on here are only after Itune cards or other things to have me buy for them. But im not here to buy ...

4 Kommentarer, 32 Besök, 12 Röster ,1.74 Resultat
ttazz316 58 M
8  Artiklar
please be polite   2019-03-09

what is it girls can;t reply and just say not interested thanks

6 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.19 Resultat
Love2Pleazer 47 M
5  Artiklar
Scammer, fakes and frauds   2019-03-08

What is going here shaking my head? So many boys, scammer profiles and they're so aggressive like wtf!

3 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 9 Röster ,1.93 Resultat
Not wanting to meet   2019-02-19

I have always said honesty is the best policy unless you are cheating. If you make a date after meeting a person and then decide it is not for you, do you ghost them or be honest and say no thanks after more thought i am not looking for what you offer? It sounds so lame via text.

3 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.17 Resultat
rejection   2019-02-07

how do you take rejection?

3 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 16 Röster ,1.80 Resultat
Txmedic79423 50 M
2  Artiklar
Why is it so hard?   2019-02-05

I know not everyone is going to want to meet up, or even chat. But why can't people at least be civil and say they're not interested? sure this topic has been discussed ad nauseum, but it's really been burr in my saddle lately.

4 Kommentarer, 28 Besök, 14 Röster ,1.70 Resultat
Someone Else's F Shack   2019-02-02

This is something that happened several years ago. I started talking to a woman on here and hit it off very well. After some erotic chat and phone conversation, we decided to meet in person. It was very exciting, because we had some great conversation. <br><br> Since I had roommates, I couldn't host easily. She provided me with the option to meet her at her apartment. I agreed. I ...

1 Kommentarer, 62 Besök, 16 Röster ,2.10 Resultat
A lot of guys on here   2019-02-01

What i dont get is how or why guys hit me up with stuff like-- let me suck your dick and I try to be nice and say not my style and then get pissed. Its making me respond like more of dick that I want, but only way to get left alone.

6 Kommentarer, 42 Besök, 16 Röster ,2.83 Resultat
barracuda05 54 M
5  Artiklar
Does it hurt ot have proper manners?   2019-01-27

So, I was sitting here thinking, 'How hard is it really to just reply and say "No Thank You, I'm (We're) not interested." <br><br> I know there are people who will be ultimately be idiots and not take the simple straight forward hint, but those should be the exception and not the norm. <br><br> If we all were to make a concerted effort to be more ...

8 Kommentarer, 42 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.99 Resultat
JoshRook7 27 M
4  Artiklar
Saying No Half-Way   2019-01-23

It really needs to be understood that just because you said "yes" to sex, doesn't mean you're obligated to continue. <br><br> People get uncomfortable. They have second-thoughts, lose interest, or just decide they aren't ready. <br><br> And that's totally okay. <br><br> This especially applies to women, but for everyone out there - you ...

2 Kommentarer, 36 Besök, 13 Röster ,2.98 Resultat
psylckr520 40 M
3  Artiklar
a simple "no thank you"   2019-01-21

A simple "not interested" would be better as opposed to being ignore, but whatevs. <br><br> p.s. this is for points

5 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 18 Röster ,3.67 Resultat
stevetripod 29 M
8  Artiklar
saying not interested   2019-01-20

Why do people give asshole responses when you say hi?

2 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.28 Resultat
xxxmedicxxx 50 M
1  Artikel
Why is it so hard?   2019-01-12

Why is it so hard for people to just say it?

3 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.48 Resultat
Fogger312 51 M
5  Artiklar
Be polite?   2019-01-10

Why is it so difficult to say "no thanks" if the person is not interested? It's frustrating enough being rejected, but there's no to completely ignore a request (unless they are harassing you). <br><br> Thoughts?

3 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
anotherfamousduo 54 P
1  Artikel
Don't be rude!   2019-01-08

I prefer responding to say "no thanks" rather than ignore someone. No one likes to be ignored.!

7 Kommentarer, 57 Besök, 14 Röster ,4.58 Resultat
Now I know what the ladies feel like around here;)   2018-12-31

a straight guy just as my profile says. I respect all people's orientation mine is just mine. Notwithstanding my likes, I have repeatedly received requests from some local guy to suck my cock on . I've ignored them all. Now the guy sent me a message to complain about my failure to respond. I mean read the profile, not your match. I like my cock too but this is a little over the ...

3 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 14 Röster ,2.98 Resultat
Now I know what the ladies feel like around here;)   2018-12-31

a straight guy just as my profile says. I respect all people's orientation mine is just mine. Notwithstanding my likes, I have repeatedly received requests from some local guy to suck my cock on . I've ignored them all. Now the guy sent me a message to complain about my failure to respond. I mean read the profile, not your match. I like my cock too but this is a little over the ...

1 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.39 Resultat
luv2pleaseu2019 49 M
1  Artikel
Working Girls   2018-12-30

Is it just me or are there a lot of women on here lately trying to "sell their wares"? I'm assuming it has a lot to do with the Craigslist getting rid of their adult oriented classifieds section. I could be narrow minded but, I didn't join this site to find a hooker. Hell, if I wanted to pay for sex I would of stayed married. Okay, that may have been a little low. Any way, am I ...

1 Kommentarer, 10 Besök, 3 Röster ,2.45 Resultat
ttazz316 58 M
8  Artiklar
are the girls really just looking for sex   2018-12-26

are the girls on this site really just looking for sex and why are their guys on here pretending to be girls

2 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 9 Röster ,2.36 Resultat
walkinbanana2 44 M
6  Artiklar
Watching   2018-12-12

I have to, on a weekly basis, have to turn down fucking a girl with her husband watching. This must be way more common than I thought.

3 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 13 Röster ,2.14 Resultat
meincovky 47 M
4  Artiklar
Hello out there   2018-12-02

I get it that free members have limited chats, but once in a while just saying "no thanks" to someone is helpful if you are being messaged first. Does help with the process of not hitting them up again....

3 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 17 Röster ,2.56 Resultat
points   2018-12-01

doing it for the points points points

1 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 3 Röster ,3.92 Resultat
Seeking_cpl 46 M
1  Artikel
Greetings   2018-11-28

Hello Everyone, My name is Alicia and my husband is Chris. We are new to both the group and the site. Looking to meet people. We also are new to the Wichita Falls area we moved here a few months ago. No family no friends just us and the kids. So we are also open to friends only. Anyways just wanted to introduce us and say hi.

0 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.51 Resultat
Taking no for an answer   2018-11-08

Why can’t men jus take no for answer? I myself respect it when a woman says no and I leave her alone. I have heard men and talked to men that say they will not take no for an answer and they will continue to push to get what they want. Men should just respect it when a woman tells them no. How many of you out there agree with this?

3 Kommentarer, 34 Besök, 20 Röster ,3.64 Resultat
lookn4fun482 45 M
1  Artikel
how to say not interested   2018-10-27

i have come across a few that i wasnt interested or they werent interested i dont have a problem saying it but you have some that juust end up disappearing instead of saying there not interested is it that hard for some to actually say it and be truthful

2 Kommentarer, 28 Besök, 15 Röster ,3.28 Resultat
fancysomefun65 55 M
1  Artikel
being polite when rejecting an advance   2018-10-18

i would like to think that i polite when taking to women on here about possible meets. so in return i would hope that a women can be polite if they want to decline your offer. i would also be polite and kind if i was to turn a women down. <br><br> what i don't like is people who are damn rude and even abusive in response. we could all be like that but its just not nice! ...

1 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.81 Resultat
How to say 'no' after you meet up   2018-10-18

Hi, Sometimes you chat with someone and really hit it off. Unfortunately, when you meet up you just dont click. What is the nicest way to say no thank you without hurting anyone? thank you.

2 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 9 Röster ,2.36 Resultat
siouxceedee 60 M
2  Artiklar
Be nice   2018-10-14

It seems people contact people but say nothing... of they just start with nasty openings.. Seem even though this site is to meet people ... I think being nice should be standard.. <br><br> fee members or paid members should get the same respect <br><br> be smart be nice be safe

1 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 12 Röster ,3.33 Resultat
Saying No   2018-10-14

How is the best way to say no. Just say no and walk off or give a reason?

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
Being pushy   2018-10-10

Why are the single men in here so damn pushy not all but definitely came across a few of them

7 Kommentarer, 68 Besök, 28 Röster ,4.78 Resultat
Myfaceneedsmoist 51 M
1  Artikel
Dcsmd   2018-10-06

So seems slot of these girls esnt you to dend them money and other hslf wsntbu to join dome dight!

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.47 Resultat
DirtyBoi1423 27 M
2  Artiklar
yes or f off?   2018-09-24

cant you just say no thank you? instead of telling someone to piss the fuck off and being a rude person. up your game and be respectfull

3 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
6ftsexyFun 35 M
3  Artiklar
Bots! What’s up with the Bots?   2018-09-19

Okay so I can’t stand bots on sites. They drive me crazy! When your using a sit and you have to pay for sending messages, it really sucks when you start chatting with a bot, and don’t realize it at first. Why? Why do they do this? In all honesty I know why, but come on? Really?

2 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.73 Resultat
mahesh1975foru 43 M
1  Artikel
Woman looking for money   2018-09-04

Lot of woman on the site who are looking just for money. Not as a result of a friendship here but as the criteria to have friendship.

9 Kommentarer, 57 Besök, 21 Röster ,4.24 Resultat
n2udeep00 44 M
5  Artiklar
If they are not your type.   2018-09-04

How do you say no without hurting anyone's feelings?

5 Kommentarer, 50 Besök, 19 Röster ,3.65 Resultat
Would be Nice To Just Say No Thanks   2018-09-03

Don't Like Sending Messages Thinking They're Not Going Through At Times Also

0 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 7 Röster ,3.55 Resultat
zeustaz316 55 M
4  Artiklar
why can't the women on hear juat say not interested   2018-09-02

what's up with the girls on hear they start talking ask for pics and then just stop if they are not interested why not just say that it is not a big deal just called manners and being polite

5 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 14 Röster ,4.58 Resultat
Lovemizer70 53 M
7  Artiklar
prositioned   2018-09-01

say no somebody might be in a sting

1 Kommentarer, 12 Besök, 5 Röster ,1.19 Resultat
PleasureBoy4All 46 M
1  Artikel
No thanks   2018-08-31

It's hard to get to know someone without chatting with them to see if you click. But once they say no thanks, I do my best to stop bugging them. <br><br> Sometimes I say no thanks but that's normally just to the perv guys, lol... <br><br> Hope you all respect others.

0 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.71 Resultat
Hornycoupleok4u6 43 P
1  Artikel
Too many pushy people!   2018-08-31

We haven't been here long but have already figured out there are way too many extremely pushy people!

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
What do women think   2018-08-29

Are there women that are online only for looking a single guys. I always try to chat and some women are married. Sometimes I'm not sure I want to be safe and not have any drama.

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
just be polite thats all   2018-08-29

why do people have to be rude when you message them and show an interest? mainly people politely decline but i have had people who are damn right rude and abusive. <br><br> all you have to do is be polite and say no thanks! what do people think?

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
sookers 38 M
16  Artiklar
What   2018-08-24


0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
Thehorneydevel21 21 M
1  Artikel
Life is how you make it   2018-08-16

Life is how you make it if you want something to happen make it happen only you can do it no one else

1 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 5 Röster ,1.84 Resultat
wannaplaythen196 56 M
4  Artiklar
it doesnt take much to politely decline   2018-08-15

i find it incredible that there are people on this site who choose to abuse you in some way or are not very polite when they answer a message. <br><br> it doesnt take much to be polite and say no thanks even being ignored is better than being rude.

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 0 Röster
bigdickfoutoride 37 M
2  Artiklar
Replying/not replying to a IM   2018-08-11

So, I tend to have a habit of trying to reply to anyone that IM's me whether I'm interested or not. I've been wondering though. Is it better to not reply if I'm not interested? What do you all think? Polite to reply that you're not interested or better to not reply at all?

0 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 8 Röster ,2.78 Resultat
smithjack81 39 M
1  Artikel
Why is it weird for guys to say "No thanks"   2018-08-09

Why is it weird when a guy turns down a girl? Maybe hes not attracted... girls can do it all the time, but a guy does it and theres something wrong with him.

4 Kommentarer, 32 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.98 Resultat
luvgluv19 75 M
28  Artiklar
Say it firmly but politely   2018-08-07

If you are saying "NO THANKS" Say it with conviction but not with harsh words. Understood some people simply don't get it because in their minds eye they are the most desirable of all partners. If they get TOO persistant Block them

2 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 16 Röster ,3.42 Resultat
1couple4fwbs 45 P
3  Artiklar
Try to be nice to everyone.   2018-07-24

We get a lot of messages from others that we are not interested in. I always try and tell them that we are not interested but appreciate them taking the time to us. Our response is thanks for the message but we are not interested in you but wish you luck in your search. We have had some that say thanks you to. Then we have had some that get very offended and say mean things. I sorry but we are ...

4 Kommentarer, 65 Besök, 16 Röster ,5.33 Resultat
mattjoe22 44 M
21  Artiklar
Was punished for saying "No Thanks"   2018-07-17

I live in gated secured condo complex and I love using the workout room and hitting the pool but there is a woman who always appears and tries to engage in conversation. I have told her she is not my type, that I wasnt looking for a liaison and just wanted my peace. <br><br> An hour later, po-po show up and ask all kinds of questions about the lady. I didnt even know her name!! ...

3 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 7 Röster ,1.26 Resultat
Just Say I'm Not Interested   2018-07-08

I am trying to figure out why ladies won't say they are not interested. Instead some choose to not answer respectful approaches from a gentleman. This is very irritating. Most men can accept when they are not wanted, and is told so. Ladies I know you can do better. It's only a select few. Unfortunately some men think with the wrong head. .

4 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 11 Röster ,2.23 Resultat
Chemistry   2018-06-29

So if you meet someone from here and find out the chemistry is just not there, how do you handle it? Do you treat it like any regular date, or because it started with an emphasis on meeting for adult fun, end the encounter quickly. Either way, i think its best to be thoughtful of the impact on others feelings.

3 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 7 Röster ,3.30 Resultat
Slickgf2412 36 M
1  Artikel
Cam play   2018-06-26

Why is everyone so afraid

2 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 12 Röster ,1.74 Resultat
Be polite   2018-06-17

When somebody sends you a message about being interested in you, the least you can do if your not interested is just be polite and say “ no thank you “.

3 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 9 Röster ,2.78 Resultat
Colby822 41 K
1  Artikel
A female perspective on saying "No thanks."   2018-06-16

There are so many articles on here about "just tell us you're not interested" and how "ignoring someone is rude." <br><br> As a woman on here, I get a lot of messages and IMs. In fact, I always try to turn off IMs when I first log on because I just don't have the time or ability to reply to every, single message I get. It's not meant to be rude... If I ...

8 Kommentarer, 185 Besök, 29 Röster ,5.65 Resultat
How to say No Thanks, when meeting in person first time   2018-06-15

How do you politely say no thanks, once you've finally met in person, without coming off rude?

3 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 4 Röster ,4.02 Resultat
lovethsebigtits9 45 M
3  Artiklar
when enough is enough   2018-06-14

when some becomes too pushy and you have to say no thanks, should be enough for any man or woman. letsd have some respect in this world.

2 Kommentarer, 12 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.23 Resultat
Parka462 45 K
5  Artiklar
Przyj\ciele   2018-06-09

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.04 Resultat
Rogueadventure2 52 P
1  Artikel
ouch   2018-06-09

I love all the people on here that take these amazing pictures that fool you into thinking they look amazing. Then they send you a more real picture, this is when I feel lied to! LOL I know that makes me sound shallow but I have a wide sweep in taste and some of these pictures are scary. I always get these after chatting for a while and then I never know what to say. I don't want to be rude ...

1 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
up4goodtimennm 49 M
4  Artiklar
AdultFriendFinder IM   2018-05-30

Wondering what every ones thought are on the IM here. Is it just me or does it seem extremely rude to not at least say no thanks to a chat request. I understand some people get bombarded with requests but when I can see that it has been read at least say no thank you and move on.

2 Kommentarer, 34 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
ttazz316 58 M
8  Artiklar
why do women not reply   2018-05-26

most of the women i send messages to don't reply they could at least say not interested or no thanks

7 Kommentarer, 62 Besök, 12 Röster ,3.33 Resultat
Saying "No Thanks"   2018-05-23

If someone writes you or even IMs you and you are not interested ... Please have the courtesy to say "no thanks" or "Sorry Im not interested". Dont keep them guessing if you are just busy. Thats how everyone on here gets annoyed and frustrated. Just a thought that might help others

5 Kommentarer, 52 Besök, 13 Röster ,3.31 Resultat
GiveMeCurves84 40 M
7  Artiklar
A difference between aggression and desperation   2018-05-21

I'm sort of torn commenting on this. <br><br> I love it when a woman is confident and strong or submissive and meek, either is attractive. It's hard to say no when someone is "desperate" though, too handsy, overly aggressive and sloppy...ya no thanks.

1 Kommentarer, 11 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.49 Resultat
Monologue Responding to IM messages   2018-05-17

I'm sure you all experience monologuing when you chat and no one else answers. Such a waste of time. All it takes is for you to reply "no thanks" don't leave us hanging.

1 Kommentarer, 7 Besök, 1 Röster ,5.00 Resultat
tiredofthegames6 33 K
4  Artiklar
why do so few do this...?   2018-05-12

Why do so few people have the courtesy to say a simple "no thanks" as opposed to just ignoring a chat request?

9 Kommentarer, 69 Besök, 20 Röster ,3.64 Resultat
arealbadboy333 55 M
5  Artiklar
People that don't respond   2018-05-09

How hard is it to say "No thanks." or "I'll pass". With the sketchy performance of AdultFriendFinder's Messenger, how is any to know if an actual message is getting through? I don't mind saying, "Sorry, not what I'm looking for at this time." but...nothing??? That's just rude anytime and anywhere. Your thoughts?

1 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 7 Röster ,4.06 Resultat
Hi   2018-05-08

How do you as a guy say no thank you to a woman who comes across as self centred and full of there own importance? Even though she is like this I have morals I stick by ...

4 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 5 Röster ,1.84 Resultat
i wish   2018-05-05

i wish people has the respect to say no thank-you thank-you

2 Kommentarer, 12 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.02 Resultat
IDang4321 35 M
12  Artiklar
saying no   2018-04-26

just say no like the say in school

1 Kommentarer, 11 Besök, 5 Röster ,1.51 Resultat
69clitL0ver 43 M
7  Artiklar
Does anyone say yes?   2018-04-23

Does anyone say yes?

3 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 3 Röster ,1.96 Resultat
Courtesy   2018-04-22

Seems that when people aren't interested on here, that they don't even say no thanks. That would reduce harassing texts. You only have to tell me once.

5 Kommentarer, 34 Besök, 9 Röster ,2.14 Resultat
69clitL0ver 43 M
7  Artiklar
Chat rooms   2018-04-15

Having no luck chatting in the chat rooms! What am I doing wrong

0 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.73 Resultat
TalentTaster 51 M
1  Artikel
Read and Respect the Profile   2018-04-14

I have made it clear in my profile as to my sexual orientation, preference. I enjoy doing webcast and interacting with the viewers. If you have seen any of the very few cast I have done I address the woman, but if i'm asked a question I'm going to answer or tell the guys to read the profile. I don't care who watches but if your not tipping or buzzing I'm going to block you. I ...

0 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.23 Resultat
thicknrealfun1 41 M
2  Artiklar
Persistence even after you say no thanks   2018-04-03

I get it quite a bit from couples... but the persistence these days when you say no thank you is crazy. I don't like reporting or ignoring people, but they continually think they are going to change you mind. This is especially the case with couples and gay men on here. <br><br> Anyone else running into this?

0 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 6 Röster ,3.93 Resultat
Jayr658 51 M
3  Artiklar
We are too busy right now   2018-03-16

So when you meet someone and you agree to meet a second time and they suddenly are too busy right now to meet, I get the hint. I’m a pretty straight forward person, don’t people have the ability to simply say not interested? Seems like middle school behavior. My feelings won’t be hurt, just tell it like it is. Curious what others think.

4 Kommentarer, 32 Besök, 16 Röster ,2.83 Resultat
gandchodh 39 M
3  Artiklar
It's best to say no instead of creating   2018-02-07

I use this site frm almost eight years and found here a lot of fake ID's. And many mention they are here for real fun but when any one contact them they said they are here for fun but they were passing their tym.with chat only. So I think it's better to say no instead of making other fool.

1 Kommentarer, 36 Besök, 24 Röster ,6.65 Resultat
mikeincentralvt 53 M
2  Artiklar
Why do most people ignore you rather than say no thanks?   2018-02-06

I'm not sure why there is such a hesitation to respond to a 'hello' on chat, but it seems that most people ignore you rather than say no thanks. Why is that? I try to respond to every person, regardless of sex or attraction just out of courtesy. I think it would make for better experience on this site if we did. <br><br> Thougts? Am I wrong?

5 Kommentarer, 48 Besök, 17 Röster ,5.11 Resultat
Cumnmymouth24 43 M
1  Artikel
Money   2018-01-30

Are there more women on here looking for money rather than just general fun?

5 Kommentarer, 32 Besök, 10 Röster ,4.18 Resultat
polite people   2018-01-28

I know this is a pay site and prohibitive to people who aren't paying. I would just like people to tell me they're no interested instead of seeing a pic and ghosting. I am an adult. it's not like we all haven't had rejection in our lives. <br><br> please just communicate. <br><br> Thank you

8 Kommentarer, 42 Besök, 18 Röster ,4.22 Resultat
520bigdickrick69 41 M
5  Artiklar
Just say not interested.   2018-01-23

Sometimes I wish they would just say not interested as opposed just ignoring my message. That way I could just move on and not try to message them again. I don't mean to be pushy, just want to know if you would like to chat or not.

4 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
SFFunguy658 53 M
3  Artiklar
Code for not interested   2018-01-18

So what are some of the phrases you use or hear when some is not interested. <br><br> The most common I’ve heard from couples is, “we are too busy right now”. Has any else ever heard that?

2 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 14 Röster ,3.30 Resultat
docklove1970 50 M
3  Artiklar
BULLSHIT people are phoney and have NO backbone   2018-01-14

Let me tell you all something, we all find out the hard way sometimes. It comes down to ppl are not raised right. They don't have a backbone and common courtesy. What is right? Just say NO thank you, and move on. BUT, people play you a long, play fucking ring a round the posey, beat around the bush. Ultimately you have pissed off people.

5 Kommentarer, 41 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.92 Resultat
Horny62305 55 M
1  Artikel
Why can't people say not interested   2018-01-13

Is it just me why can't people just say not interested when u message them instead of just not responding

6 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.79 Resultat
King_Sol 50 M
1  Artikel
When you chat and find out the truth   2018-01-05

It’s tough when you see a pic for the first time after chatting a while, but it’s always best to be hst.

6 Kommentarer, 59 Besök, 16 Röster ,4.16 Resultat
wintercuddle 46 M
1  Artikel
Saying No Thank You after steamy chat   2017-12-30

What is the best way to say "no thanks" after a long time chatting, getting all steamy, and realizing when you meet that something is missing? How not to hurt the other person?

2 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.53 Resultat
rm_hoganslogan 36 M
4  Artiklar
Why dont people have basic coutesy to reply a IM   2017-12-30

If you are not keen to talk to someone. Why not have basic coutesy to atleast reply them.. <br><br> You read the message n ignore.. thats so bad

5 Kommentarer, 60 Besök, 11 Röster ,2.42 Resultat
zekkstrom 38 M
6  Artiklar
Quick and easy   2017-12-27

One of the best ways is to simply say "Thank you, but I'm not interested. I wish you luck." This works great, as long as it is sincere. If people get upset at it, that isn't your fault, and you've done your part.

1 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.73 Resultat
alone on the holidays sucks   2017-12-22

its hard when you meet someone and they are just not attracted or into you. I always just try be happy and move on but I always wonder why they don't like me. I wonder if it was just the way I look or if it is something I said I didn't say. I wonder if I could have said something different or if they just were not attracted to me or maybe its just the sound of my voice or the way I talk.

0 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.28 Resultat
tallman60314 41 M
16  Artiklar
Saying NO on a date   2017-12-07

I have made the experience that some people on here use old or fake photos to get dates. But i am also telling them when I meet them in real life that this is a no go and I stop the date right away. <br><br> Who also does this?

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
Iwannabeused 47 M
5  Artiklar
So ummm   2017-12-03

Is it just me or are women very good at it? lol

0 Kommentarer, 8 Besök, 5 Röster ,1.51 Resultat
how do you say NO to your partner   2017-11-17

how do you say no to your partner when you don't want sexxx ?

0 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 3 Röster ,1.47 Resultat
fun4all195756 54 M
5  Artiklar
NOT JUST NO, BUT HELL NO   2017-10-17

I find it very funny how many people on here pose as couple, when it is just a bi guy. I also get a kick out of the number of women on here that are gun hoe till they find out you are not a young hunk. I myself don't see the need for a young hunk or a young woman to be here? I know they can find all the sex they want on their own. I was wondering how many people here find this site to be a ...

5 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.17 Resultat
Shinso13 37 M
1  Artikel
Honesty before things get weird.   2017-10-16

Sometimes you will find couples that want to do things together, whether you are into that or not is not the point of this, it is more to say that if you are up front with your limits or what you want out of something instead of hoping you can sneak it in you will get a lot farther in life and relationships.

2 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.01 Resultat
sweetness9001 71 K
1  Artikel
Please if you can read my whole profile   2017-10-08

It seems I am having to say no thanks to a number of men simply because they can't or don't read my whole profile. I am a young 65 year old who does prefer a younger man. As my profile states though please no one under 30 or over 55. It is not that difficult to understand yet I am having to say no thank you to a number of men. I am always polite say hello then tell them sorry no the ...

10 Kommentarer, 118 Besök, 18 Röster ,4.76 Resultat
Politeness   2017-09-20

I always appreciate when someone says no thanks if I page them on IM. If someone pages me and I dont want to chat I always let them know instead of ignoring them.

0 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.94 Resultat
Enginary 33 M
39  Artiklar
refused   2017-08-23

a horney girl needs me but I'm very busy these days , how can I gently refuse her ?

1 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 12 Röster ,3.33 Resultat
Enginary 33 M
39  Artiklar
ignorance   2017-08-23

she ignored me :\

1 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 13 Röster ,5.83 Resultat
Just decent   2017-08-16

How many times have you messaged someone and gotten no reply? I always answer my messages even if it is to say "No Thanks" at least then the other person has an answer. It is just common decency.

2 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.21 Resultat
totalreelielitt 40 M
4  Artiklar
Choices that have very fine sinus congestions in the end of the wrong turn I made...   2017-08-13

Is it so very negligent to leave your pets all about and without proper behavior? Really I'd rather swim in the ocean and find gold perhaps at the bottom of the abyss than date a bismol. That way the never ending battle I had with Achilles and guess what. I offer his soul back up to Zues himself. The little pixie liked to pick the wrong fights and found out that I'm superman compared to his ...

0 Kommentarer, 11 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.73 Resultat
Whats your percentage of useless messages?   2017-07-31

I'd say 95% of the messages I get are either bots or people that havent even looked at my profile.

Everyone else in the same boat? Anyone out there getting good messages all the time?

3 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 11 Röster ,4.66 Resultat
bigboystwo2 53 M
11  Artiklar
gotta be gentle   2017-07-24

some come ready to play.. so if you don't want to, ,, ,, be nice.

1 Kommentarer, 11 Besök, 7 Röster ,1.00 Resultat
ebonylover2019 51 M
6  Artiklar
funny i would love how to learn to say no thanks!!   2017-07-17

saying no thanks must be a woman thing, cause as a guy, not sure I would turn down any woman who wanted to meet.

most women on AdultFriendFinder are very sexy, they may not have sexy hot bodies, but they do have sexy hot minds. If they don't I am not getting to the meeting part of chat!!

as long as women are hot any horny, and seem like they enjoy pleasing people sexually, I am all in!

0 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
Lukin4allofU 59 M
13  Artiklar
Is it so difficult?   2017-07-02

Whenever I make contact to anyone, If I am not going to enjoy time with them... 1. I don't lead them on 2. I am always polite 3. If asked to get together, it's easy to refuse and let the (person or individual) know I will not be meeting them.

Sooo, why is it so difficult for other to do that? Many members I have found do not ever let you know, we are not a match!

Shameful!!!! ...

1 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 14 Röster ,3.30 Resultat
Maks1960 63 M
3  Artiklar
why cant people   2017-06-26

Every time I try chatting most will not answer. If they are not interested why cant they say so.

10 Kommentarer, 73 Besök, 15 Röster ,1.75 Resultat
Respeitar o não!   2017-06-24

A mulher como todo homem sabe, é de fases uma está com o humor dos melhores outra está com o pior possível, ela pode dizer que está afim de transar e no mesmo instante dizer que perdeu a vontade. Muitas vezes isso é de deixar o cara puto, porém o que sempre prevalece é a vontade de ambas as partes no que em minha opinião é requisito fundamental para a relação ser prazerosa, então ...

1 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 5 Röster ,3.47 Resultat
kcock192 42 M
3  Artiklar
Proper way to say thanks but no thanks   2017-06-15

Not sure what is the proper way when someone approaches you on the site to say thanks but no thanks. I think everyone can agree that there is a certain physical chemistry involved in wanting to pursue a sexual encounter. I am not a picky person nor do I think that I am shallow or wanting a certain type. I am attracted to all women of all color and size and shape. That being said I find it ...

3 Kommentarer, 65 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.54 Resultat
Is blocking okay?   2017-06-04

I've been interested in some members, then they constantly message and such to the point where I will block them to get some peace. If I decide to unblock them do you think it would lead to something or would they hold a grudge?

4 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.82 Resultat
lickforher69 20 M
1  Artikel
no to a bad night   2017-04-17

when you are out partying trying to enjoy your night when all of a sudden you get a gut feeling knowing something isnt right with the girl thats trying to get with you fallow the gut on feelings that night i had that feeling then found out that girl that was trying to get with me got locked up for having a shit ton of drugs in her car

0 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.16 Resultat
sexylund119 38 M
9  Artiklar
no thanks   2017-04-01

when u say o any one for some of work u r happy

0 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 3 Röster
Rejection nicely   2017-03-11

Have never suffered with too much ill feeling over being rejected, although do how the arrogance of how some deliver it. Currently if I want to tell someone they are not my type, I have found that it softens it or puts it into perspective to say that they are simply not my 'flavour'. Wondering if that sounds crass? but it seems to make sense to me. Sound like Volvo's some like Porches, some like ...

4 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 5 Röster ,4.12 Resultat
Alovertolove8888 36 M
2  Artiklar
Have you?   2017-03-01

Have you ever showed up for a "meet and greet" that was suppose to lead to sex, but the person on the other end was not who/what they appeared to be online?

This happened to me and I could not figure out a way to say "no thanks, this isn't going any further than coffee" without making it very awkward....

Any advice?

3 Kommentarer, 57 Besök, 8 Röster ,5.10 Resultat
izzynshe 68 P
1  Artikel
Manners   2017-01-23

We recently became members to this site... We have gotten several flirts, emails, and our profile has been viewed by many. We have been busy checking out profiles that fit what we are looking for and I must say we enjoy and are having fun already.. However there are a couple of single men that have commented and sent us emails and we have found that even though we didnt request single men they ...

7 Kommentarer, 142 Besök, 16 Röster ,4.89 Resultat
msusoccer 43 M
1  Artikel
emailing   2017-01-15

Why does it seem like on this site women are significantly more interested in just ignoring emails rather than saying no thanks. I get the emails that are short, 3 or 4 words, but when a guy takes the time to compose a thoughtful email, shouldn't that at least deserve some kind of response? What happened to common decency?

10 Kommentarer, 77 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.23 Resultat
tght14u03 50 M
5  Artiklar
Meeting up   2016-12-21

I'm beginning to think everyone is pic collectors. No one wants to meet without pictures. Remember when we didn't have the internet and we met for drinks. I have never had a problem meeting in person and either you are into them and great or one of you is not into the other and gi your separate ways. We're all adults. Once someone has had their identity stolen, fake profiles made and see how hard ...

3 Kommentarer, 53 Besök, 10 Röster ,4.78 Resultat
KYrod1991 32 M
2  Artiklar
No means no   2016-12-01

No means no damnit 😉

9 Kommentarer, 45 Besök, 4 Röster ,4.41 Resultat
Photo/Icon (optional)   2016-11-21

Photo/Icon (optional) Put [image] where you want the uploaded photo displayed within your article post. If you do not position your photo, then it will replace your article’s Photo/Icon (optional) Put [image] where you want the uploaded photo displayed within your article post. If you do not position your photo, then it will replace your article’s

2 Kommentarer, 8 Besök, 3 Röster ,3.92 Resultat
ussion topics are for original mat   2016-11-21

ussion topics are for original material written by members. Any plagiarized material will be removed from the site. Also, please observe the HornyWife Terms of Use. If you see material that is inappropriate for HornyWife, or that may have been publish

1 Kommentarer, 11 Besök, 3 Röster ,0.49 Resultat
sexaddictdon 66 M
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Is being crazy contagious? - There is always a price you must pay!   2016-11-16

While riding the train downtown last evening (yes we now have light rail trains in and around Los Angeles) to the Lakers / Brooklyn Nets game(at Staples Center) my phone blew up (figuratively not literally) with texts from not one but two former booty calls. What was strange is both of the booty calls have from time to time tried to reconnect with me a time or two in the past. I have ...

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sexaddictdon 66 M
31  Artiklar
SexCapades ..Sex Tourism .... Sex vacations..are they worth it?   2016-11-01

SexCapades ..Sex Tourism .... Sex vacations..are they worth it? A few days ago, at the Lakers home game / season opener, I ran in to a good friend and an acquaintance I've know since high school. It was nice to see them and talk to them at the game and catch up since we don't talk on a regular basis, except at a gathering, social event or party once or twice every year. They were both in ...

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Inheatat46 57 K
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This Member "djhits20072 " Male 55yr Old Harassing Me   2016-10-30

This guy seemed nice in beginning conversation. We only conversated on the phone. After awhile, he began having notions that I would video us and put it on this site. If you go to his profile you will see that he is definitely not the type of male you guys would want to see in a video with me. Anyway, he kept talking about us being videoed. He began going over and over again about being videoed ...

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SAY NO THANKS AND RUN WHEN...   2016-10-15

Hi my fellow AdultFriendFinder brother and sisters,

I want to offer some friendly advice, not only to men but to women too. Please beware of the little foxes and wolves on this site who are on here targeting us innocent people on here just trying to have fun and meet great people.

We have to remember that some people are on here with BAD and DESTRUCTIVE motives. Be sure to keep ...

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Saying No   2016-10-03

It seems allot of people like to say no and sometimes they shouldn.ty

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Sffungentleman 53 M
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What is the code phrase for saying no?   2016-09-19

I have met two different couples in the recent past and during our initial meet they were both very excited and said they wanted to hook up and have fun. A few days later, they said "we are really busy right now". Now this isn't my first rodeo and it just seemed a bit odd that they were suddenly too busy to connect up. I presume this is swinger code for "no thanks". Can anyone verify this? I ...

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Crying through the whole first date? No.   2016-09-17

Take it from me, if you are going to cry for the whole first date, you're not going to get a second one. It happened to me. I met a lady, and she balled for the whole hour long date. I'm a kind person, so i tried to reassure her and I didn't run away. But, needless to say, she was in no place to be dating. She really needed to work some things out. I get it, it can be really lonely when you ...

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notbender2 52 M
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Is it rude to say "No Thanks"?   2016-09-16

I think we all need to learn when to say it and when to hear it without comment. Let's bring back "no, thank you" and follow it with a full stop.

In this world of over-sharing, it can be tough to stop at "no, thank you." It feels awkward, but you will get used to it.

You are not being rude by saying "no, thank you." Anyone who refuses to accept it is being rude by questioning ...

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being polite   2016-09-12

we are all here pretty much here for the same reason...

this doesn't mean that one should insult or be impolite to each other... the way I see it - there is either attraction or not - if not - say no, no thanks or not my type...

I understand that this refers mainly to responses from women to men BUT some men also need to accept a NO and not further bother the ladies on this ...

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jrhammer44224 41 M
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Personal Preference versus Racism   2016-08-30

I'm all about equality in life, every human being has a fundamental right to try to make a living and find happiness. I may not like some aspects of how a given group of people approach their ethical practices towards others, but it is behavior that transcends race and creed.

That being said, I was recently approached on another site by a woman. Nice, similar cultural interests, ...

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Secretsforus2015 42 M
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The Best Ways to Say No!   2016-08-30

So I am always curious what a woman on here believes is the "best way" to say no to someone she is not interested in.

I know a fair number have decided not responding is a solid route to get men to stop messaging them. At least eventually.

Women, what have you found is the best way to let a man know "I am not interested' but at the same time get a man to stop messaging you over ...

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Just be Candid   2016-08-26

One of the more difficult things we encounter is to 'not feel the same way' as someone we might meet. In other words- we simply are not attracted to them and would prefer not having intimate relations. How best to let someone down

In my experience candor with compassion is the best way. We are all humans with many insecurities and doubts. No one is perfect and no one is for everyone. ...

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Tea compared to sex   2016-08-26

If somebody offers you tea or coffee- and you say yes- that does not necessarily mean that you Will have tea every time you are together with this person.

The same goes with sex.

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RhymesWithSassy 45 T
3  Artiklar
SENSITIVE EGOS   2016-08-25

Some people just don't take "no thanks" very well. If someone gets on your nerves...

My advice:

When it comes to blocking memebers, don't forget to be on the FULL site (go through My Account, Blocked Members) so that you can check ALL the boxes to block them from seeing your profile (which contains multiple vulnerabilities). Just blocking someone on the MOBILE site only ...

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morningstretcher 48 M
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Fake Profile Pics   2016-08-15

Don't you dislike it when the person you're chatting or planning on seeing is really lying about themselves. Why? Just be real.

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nerdygirl721 34 K
2  Artiklar
Sorry, Ill have to decline   2016-08-15

I have no problem responding back, even if I dont want a meet and greet. But sometimes I may want to still talk. So many guys on here are so focus on the meet and greet that they miss out on other opportunities. Like phone sex, I would be open to that or playing sex games on the IM. Not everytime you message a girl will lead to an physical encounter, but at least there is still fun to be had.

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ohmamma1 31 M
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what happened?   2016-08-07

you know it really bites when you're trying to just say hello on the IM and people don't respond. Id much rather hear not interested than wonder if my IM isn't working. then it's me sitting there wasting my time and points trying to get a message through to the person and not understanding why this isn't working?

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Averageguy4154 29 M
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What a great idea   2016-07-27

It would be amazing if people could just say no thanks. Makes denial easier, and less wondering on both sides.

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mandy4you2use 71 K
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i wanted to but?   2016-07-22

after letting the very young boys have me one of them rang my phone at 9 pm a few nights later and ask to come to my home, I was unsure as to tell him where I lived but as I was feeling randy I gave him my address, I raced to shower before he arrived as I wanted to be nice and fresh for what I hoped would come, when the bell rang I couldn't wait to open the door even though I was naked as I ...

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Ok   2016-07-20

How come this concept is so hard for people to follow? I understand when you have to many messages to actually follow but I am sure not every woman is flooded with messages. How hard would it be to say no thanks?

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Lostinhorn 33 M
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How to say no thanks   2016-07-13

Just say no thanks, don't be rude and not answer. Simply say I'm not interested but thanks for the offer, or something like that. Remember they are people too.

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Lostinhorn 33 M
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How to say no thanks   2016-07-13

Just say no thanks, don't be rude and not answer. Simply say I'm not interested but thanks for the offer, or something like that. Remember they are people too.

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pariapos 36 M
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hayır   2016-07-12


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JR20163 40 M
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Is it that hard to say no thanks?   2016-07-10

Is it that hard to say no thanks? simple polite response just saying your not interested?

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varun_79595 44 M
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How to eat PUSSY   2016-06-22

Hey, I have a lot of respect for all you guys who like to eat pussy because there are too few of you out there. Furthermore, some of you guys who are giving it the old college try are not doing too well, so maybe this little lesson will help you out. When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she's found a treasure she's not going to let go of too quickly. This is one rare customer and she ...

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toungeman4woman 67 M
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changes on AdultFriendFinder   2016-06-19

So about three days ago AdultFriendFinder was at it again change the cam vire you could not even see you owen cam WTH is going on here new management or what

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toungeman4woman 67 M
7  Artiklar
AdultFriendFinder CHANGES TP STANDARD MEMBERS   2016-06-13

As modt Standard members now know AdultFriendFinder is charging point soe just about everthing. Im CHAT VIDEO VIEW ETC

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Pat1qaz 47 M
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Don't Ignore, just say what you think!   2016-06-07

Too many folks on here will not just say, "thanks, but not my type"....what ever happened to being honest instead of just all of a sudden ignoring some one...rude!

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sexaddictdon 66 M
31  Artiklar
An older man and the younger woman .....   2016-05-20

Half-your-age-plus-seven. This formula has somehow become the definitive rule for the youngest age of a woman a man can date.

So a 59-year old guy can date a 36/37-year old girl. No problem there. But if she’s 30 years old…I am now called a pervert or creepy guy.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But still so many people in ...

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SeanTheDon3 27 M
10  Artiklar
Home   2016-05-06

I'm bored and want points

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psbiguy 64 M
3  Artiklar
Whats the best way to say not interested.   2016-04-27

I have gotten a lot of response to my profile that are younger then what I am looking for. My profile heading is even Coffee Buddy 60+ w/benefits". I don't want to be rude, just I am not looking for younger. A few times I had the same couples ask repeatedly and finally had to block them.

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Neil1980s 32 M
1  Artikel
Why is it diificult for some to at least say "No Thanks"?   2016-04-07

With so many people from all over the world on this site, it's fair to say you'll find someone you're interested in meeting with pretty quickly, though it's also fairly likely that that person may not be interested in meeting you, for whatever reason.

That's fine, but as far as I'm concerned, basic courtesy dictates that if you receive a message, then you at last reply to it, if only to ...

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