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G000dbuddy 36 U
23  Articoli
have a reason for being created,   11/2/2022

Realizing that everything that happens is not always our fault, Knowing that no matter what we have a place on this earth, If we didn’t why would god have made us from his hearth? Apparently we have a reason for being created, But right now we’ll just have to wait and try to not feel jaded, None of us can tell the future and find out what’s to be

1 Commenti, 3 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
LakebredBeauty 56 D
1  Articolo
Forgiveness...   23/6/2021

Why moan a Father... Who didn't bother... They say daddies grow ladies... Never knew him... Hymns that raised me... Grandmother praised Mary, Mother of Jesus... Had us doing the Hail Mary On the crucifix... To be safe from the triple six. Mother's a wholesome one... Who would use a gun to keep her safe. Mom has to work late... There's a nightclub across the street Where the wicked meet... On the ...

0 Commenti, 157 Visite, 8 Voti ,6.26 Punteggio
Timbuctoo   28/11/2020

In the town of Timbuctoo there was a contest each year to see who could tell the best poem, using the name of the town in the poem. Each year the town's drunk would win the contest. This didn't sit well with a college professor that lived there, and he thought that being an educated man that surely he could prepare a better poem than the town drunk. When the day came the professor went to ...

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 0 Voti
Mrcapa7 39 U
3  Articoli
Heart in hand   29/1/2020

Here I sit heart in hand. Tried to fart with balls in a can. Almost felt like fucking sand.

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 5 Voti ,1.84 Punteggio
Funchat805 33 U
6  Articoli
Here I am   19/1/2020

Posting for I’d rather eat ham And smoke lots of joints

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.94 Punteggio
tallcool2013 49 U
21  Articoli
suckin   15/1/2020

rose are red violets blue.if u suck on me ill suck on u

2 Commenti, 28 Visite, 18 Voti ,2.44 Punteggio
Analexxxis 33 T
2  Articoli
Passion   14/1/2020

I breathe in ash and spit out the coals, From the flame that incinerates my soul, I sometimes wake and feel your presence, But your loss reminds me still, If hollowed hearts still beat the same, Then burn with unquenchable desire, The love I had and the love I lost, Will feed by catharsis to the fire.

1 Commenti, 14 Visite, 9 Voti ,1.29 Punteggio
pussyeater10988 45 U
3  Articoli
Having a hard on.   27/12/2019

Violets are blue Roses are thorny I would love get laid because I am fucking horny.

0 Commenti, 3 Visite, 1 Voti ,2.40 Punteggio
points points points points points points points points points points points points.   10/12/2019

points points points points points points points points points points points points.

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.47 Punteggio
Dickyou33 38 U
2  Articoli
Poems   7/12/2019

The time that I wasted is my biggest regret spending these places I will never forget just sitting here thinking about things I’ve done the crane the laughing the hurt and the phone now it’s just me and my heart and you’re behind her wallet emptiness I love to be built trapped in my body just wanted to run back to my youth with us laughter and fun with the Chase is over there no place to ...

1 Commenti, 20 Visite, 18 Voti ,2.85 Punteggio
oralfun2dayforus 55 U
3  Articoli
not a poem   27/11/2019

is it better to of love and lost then too never loved at all.

2 Commenti, 23 Visite, 16 Voti ,3.57 Punteggio
Mitchums1601 56 U
10  Articoli
The dance   23/11/2019

As we dance The music plays in harmony With our hearts And i hold her I sing life's song to her soul Looking deep in her eyes And i hold her She trembles in my arms And her lip quivers And i hold her The music fades I lower my mouth to hers She whispers her love to me And for eternity I still hold her

2 Commenti, 30 Visite, 22 Voti ,4.57 Punteggio
kinky   15/11/2019

dirty like it hard and big and they like to explore new dirty shit

1 Commenti, 22 Visite, 17 Voti ,2.28 Punteggio
Older   14/11/2019

Is there anything sexier than a thick older woman?

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.09 Punteggio
6Goodatbnbad7 52 U
5  Articoli
Its all about   11/11/2019

The points and nothin but the points

2 Commenti, 18 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.18 Punteggio
Bzzzip   8/11/2019

Beeeuwop skioyooo scheyoo

1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 16 Voti ,1.95 Punteggio
rm_sweet2b4 59 C
5  Articoli
Vacuums   6/11/2019

Guys have you ever used a vacuum cleaner to give yourself a blow job?

5 Commenti, 44 Visite, 24 Voti ,1.65 Punteggio
sexynfun01 59 C
9  Articoli
Roses are red, violets are blue, I love points, And you do too...   4/11/2019

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love points, And you do too...

2 Commenti, 31 Visite, 22 Voti ,4.81 Punteggio
sexynfun01 59 C
9  Articoli
Don't be a dic post a pic   4/11/2019

Is anyone else having problems with this points system? I am not getting any points for posts, votes or anything for that matter.

5 Commenti, 22 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.64 Punteggio
JeffBiBigThick 44 U
1  Articolo
Not over him   26/10/2019

He is the one 
I am falling for. The twists 
and turns. I am the opening 
I am the end 
I am not over him yet.

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.09 Punteggio
roko_1970 51 U
9  Articoli
Points   19/10/2019

I need points More points for me Points to chat on the IM I need points

2 Commenti, 16 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.39 Punteggio
lurch4040 51 U
9  Articoli
do we use   16/10/2019

Does anyone really use poetry to attract a mate anymore. Maybe it should make a rebound

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 8 Voti ,1.62 Punteggio
Try this   13/10/2019

Roses are red violets are blue We're all whoring for points AdultFriendFinder looking you

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 3 Voti ,1.47 Punteggio
youngcub940 30 U
6  Articoli
MLR   12/10/2019

Take a big sun breath over the haunted willow cool outside, warm inside in the fall night

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 5 Voti ,3.14 Punteggio
asuschiu 43 U
3  Articoli
我的肉體   2/10/2019

我是深深的岩洞 渴望你野性之光的照射 我是淺色的雲 鋪滿你僵硬的陸地 雙腿野藤一樣纏繞 乳房百合一樣透明 臉盤兒桂花般清香 頭髮的深色枝條悠然蕩漾 我的眼睛飽含露水 打濕了你的寂寞 大海的激情是有邊沿的 而我沒有邊沿 走遍世界 你再也找不到比我更純潔的肉體 我的肉體,給你的財富 ...

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
how do you like this one? who wrote it?   27/9/2019

Describe fires in riverbottom sand, and the cooking; the cooking of hot dogs spitted in whittled sticks over flames of woodfire with grease dropping in smoke to brown and blacken the salty hotdogs, and the wine, and the work on the railroad. <br><br> $275, 000, 000, 000.00 in debt says the Government Two hundred and seventy five billion dollars in debt Like Unending Heaven And ...

2 Commenti, 14 Visite, 12 Voti ,1.56 Punteggio
alwayslookin8454 50 U
6  Articoli
Poems   16/9/2019

Halloween's a sudden BOOHOO!! And just as quick a scream: Laughing in the scary scary dark, Loving friendly fright. On Halloween, ghosts come true; Warewolves jump from dreams. Every spirit in the spark, Each zombie, T-Rex, bitch, or shark, Needs to feel all night!

1 Commenti, 13 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.61 Punteggio
meanttochat 38 D
5  Articoli
Looks on Cam   10/9/2019

Too fat, too thin What do you see My charisma , my grace Or rather my round belly My dark nipples Skin I forgot to moisterize and an awkward pose or two How do I Iook to you

3 Commenti, 27 Visite, 15 Voti ,4.36 Punteggio
meanttochat 38 D
5  Articoli
Looks on Cam   10/9/2019

Too fat, too thin What do you see My charisma , my grace Or rather my round belly My dark nipples Skin I forgot to moisterize and an awkward pose or two How do I Iook to you

1 Commenti, 13 Visite, 10 Voti ,3.39 Punteggio
meanttochat 38 D
5  Articoli
Changing   10/9/2019

I know life is transformation Ive embodied and pondered different thoughts sanity has brought the realization the keys are in hand I need not look right or left Im not competing Im simply being a better And a better until Im the best any given moment Never truly reaching perfection but continually reaching and striving Changing , morphing always

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 8 Voti ,2.32 Punteggio
meanttochat 38 D
5  Articoli
Little Girl Dreams   10/9/2019

I remember the Iwas Versus the woman I am Hopeful , all believing Crazy optimistic Helpful sweet The woman I am is protective over The woman I am is cautious , watchful Looking the proof in the pudding Never the less I reminisce on the The little dreams and fairy tales, the hopeful All believing , crazy optimistic, helpful sweet who still lives in the shadow of a enlightened woman in a ...

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 8 Voti ,2.78 Punteggio
hrin85 38 U
1  Articolo
kleine dingen worden groot   30/8/2019

wat is dat toch lekker, zo'n klein ding wat groter wordt, tijdens het spel der porno, wat is dat toch vreugdevol zo'n harde penis, tussen mijn benen maakt hij het te dol, wat is dat toch bijzonder, dat ze altijd weer weten waar het naartoe gaat........ dat ze de weg vinden door de duisternis, zo oer en zo krachtig als en verijzennis uit de hemel, schiep god de man en de vallus om in ...

1 Commenti, 5 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
kingstoncasavona 45 U
5  Articoli
Points   27/8/2019

Points, points, I need them quick with hopes of finding someone will suck dick. <br><br> Points, points, I need them fast help find a women that will let me fuck her ass. <br><br> Points, points, I would like them soon so if can a women up will give her poon.

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.94 Punteggio
DrMuffmaster69 64 U
1  Articolo
Time to go!   25/8/2019

Here I sit in stinky vapor, completely out of toilet paper My break is up, I must not linger Watch out ass, here comes the finger!

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 7 Voti ,2.28 Punteggio
TIMBUKTU   18/8/2019

In the town of Timbuktu there is a contest each year to see could tell the best poem, using the of the town, Timbuktu in the recital of the poem. At the event each year for the past years the towns drunk has won the contest. This year a professor from the college entered this presentation; MILES AND MILES OF DESSERT SAND, --- A SERPENTINE OF A CARAVAN, --- OF CAMELS WALKING BY , --- ...

1 Commenti, 20 Visite, 9 Voti ,1.50 Punteggio
MrThickmeat217 54 U
7  Articoli
Boobies   13/8/2019

Roses are Red Violets are Blue I like sucking titties and so do YOU!

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.63 Punteggio
The flight of time   31/7/2019

The clock ticks by unnoticed, the hours racking up, tomorrow looming, it's already tomorrow. Just another thirty minutes, someone will bound to show, am I the only one still awake? why is it always the same people staring back at me? are they real? <br><br> The clock ticks by unnoticed, is this really what it has come to? why is the cycle never broken? I am intelligent, aware, yet ...

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 4 Voti ,4.02 Punteggio
CentralTexas72 51 U
0  Articoli
Thirteen things I miss about you and I   28/7/2019

Yes, I know the theme is familiar, but this one is customized to a relationship I had with a woman I loved dearly, so please bare with me. <br><br> I miss your beautiful green eyes that lit up my world. I miss your sweet smile that told me everything would be alright. I miss your laugh that said to me: this is happiness. I miss being able to chat with you about various topics and get ...

1 Commenti, 15 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.42 Punteggio
Benzzzy316 31 U
4  Articoli
Pain is gain   4/7/2019

are bad. I've been on the wrong road for a last few years. Fact: I dont have power of addiction. For some it takes something special. Maybe you have to let God take over? I know the consequences. But seem to not care times. It's not because "sad" that's the opposite. having too much fun. everyday we have a chance to make that day count. Have I taken action? I'll tell ...

1 Commenti, 28 Visite, 18 Voti ,2.85 Punteggio
points   2/7/2019

need more points all of the points.

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
Imthatgirl1122 41 D
2  Articoli
crush   6/6/2019

I put a wall so strong in front of my heart but something in you made that barrier falls tried to forget you distract my mind but it came back to you the end is it your smile the kiss is it your touch or the way we play in bed I know fucked but hey.. that's life all about right?

3 Commenti, 34 Visite, 21 Voti ,2.88 Punteggio
Pal4Perks 63 U
3  Articoli
Mister Happy 😂   2/6/2019

They call me Mister Happy Rub me and I get sappy I get all kind of abuse Some angles are obtuse Often I am unemployed But I dont get annoyed Always work hard at it Sometimes in deep shit Other times its hot, and wet Any work I dont regret In every nook, and cranny 20 something to a granny My hot beef injection Wont give you an infection A stimulating connection Will shower you with affection Yes, ...

3 Commenti, 17 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.45 Punteggio
MelisaMoore 41 T
5  Articoli
Devilish Smile   28/5/2019

I went down to the crossroad to sell the Devil my soul I asked him to teach me how to Rock and Roll He took me with his flaming hands and I sold my soul +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I listened to his music, things I never heard before Now I can do the things I never ever could have known I came back from the crossroad and I was alone I picked my guitar now Im playing soul ...

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 7 Voti ,2.28 Punteggio
tom4u777 57 U
16  Articoli
There once was ...   14/5/2019

There once was a named Patrille ... who tried dynamite sticks for a thrill ... they found her vagina .... in North Carolina ... and bits of her tits ... in Brazil.

2 Commenti, 17 Visite, 11 Voti ,0.74 Punteggio
S4xt0n 25 U
1  Articolo
The Truth   14/5/2019

Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm farming for points, and I know you are, too.

2 Commenti, 12 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.57 Punteggio
LoveAndBacon11 54 U
1  Articolo
That Tingle   27/4/2019

She lay waiting, waiting on him. He was ready, from first sight he had been. She was ready for him to take her there He was teasing, wanting her to dare. His mouth on her thighs brought moans to her lips And his hands on her breasts hightened her bliss. His tounge between her legs danced in circles and thrusts Filling her arousal and sweating her musk. When his mouth had brought her over and ...

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.66 Punteggio
Imthatgirl1122 41 D
2  Articoli
That kiss..   31/3/2019

never really had a kiss like that the kiss that when his lips touches yours you started losing control of who you are... you feel weak in the knees, your panties get wet fast.. and when the kiss getting deeper and hotter... everything seems floating... you're on a let out a soft moan you just wanting more and more of that kiss feeling each other's tongue the taste, the feeling... It just ...

2 Commenti, 31 Visite, 19 Voti ,1.67 Punteggio
Seachicken89 34 U
1  Articolo
Ryhming for points   25/3/2019

This is not a great poem, Perhaps its not to be given a rate, Why are you still reading, When I could be helping you threading, Dont drown, There isnt anyone around, Is this even a cohereant analogy, Or just another disillusioned user

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.14 Punteggio
cuteguy908 54 U
3  Articoli
love poem   22/3/2019

roses r red is sweet , sweet pussy taste like

0 Commenti, 11 Visite, 8 Voti ,1.39 Punteggio
Dom_manallday 41 U
3  Articoli
Angel   10/2/2019

An angel robbed in spotless white bent down to kiss the sleeping night. Night woke to blush and the sprite was gone, man saw the blush and called it dawn.

4 Commenti, 37 Visite, 25 Voti ,3.13 Punteggio
SamanthaCl 53 D
3  Articoli
Where Have All The Flowers Gone?   8/2/2019

For those of you that might not be familiar with it, and to try to get the poetry corner back on track <br><br> <br><br> Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing Where have all the flowers gone? Long time ago Where have all the flowers gone? Girls have picked them every one When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn? <br><br> Where have ...

7 Commenti, 71 Visite, 30 Voti ,3.53 Punteggio
....   28/1/2019

im not good at this

0 Commenti, 24 Visite, 15 Voti ,2.52 Punteggio
whorecurious 62 C
164  Articoli
Grab Them   25/1/2019

Grab'em by the pussy Trump said Did he mean while getting head Cause I do that anyway And don't tell before I spray Then grab them by the tits She says this thing never quits I say I know ain't that cool Got to swallow thats the rule Yea ol Trump had some pussies to grab Then it's time for him to stab <br><br> Yea grab them pussies man grab them good Ladies start ...

1 Commenti, 34 Visite, 20 Voti ,2.36 Punteggio
Fenix541 41 U
3  Articoli
My Test Poem   7/1/2019

Roses are red Violets are blue writing this story to try to add more points to get with ladies for scoring

1 Commenti, 22 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.34 Punteggio
Sexualpablo40 42 U
12  Articoli
Gotas de tu aroma   3/1/2019

Como gotas de tu piel fluyen a mi tus aromas con dulce rocío envuelves mis sentidos, seduces mis miradas enloqueces mis pensamientos mientras en mis rutinas te recuerdo sutil silueta que me lleva a deseos infinitos de tenerte, poseerte y hacer de la noche un paraíso infernal de pasión sin frenos mientras en la espera de tus palabras mudo espero que me hables, que dejes en mi la marca del ...

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 7 Voti ,4.06 Punteggio
Sexualpablo40 42 U
12  Articoli
De camino a tu boca   30/12/2018

Entre suave y salvaje sabor camino hacia tus labios en pedregosos volcanes me detengo consumando deseos, sigo camino por tus delicias que conforman tu anatomía y en ellas engullo mi placer mientras deleito el paladar suele estremecer de pasión al seguir atenta mi pasar por tus caminos, provoco tu ansiedad de sentirme cerca y vuelvo a comenzar mi caminar por el estrecho de tu desnudez en donde ...

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 1 Voti ,3.70 Punteggio
Plurtastic 34 U
2  Articoli
Special K   22/12/2018

The picture is a little poem I wrote years ago

0 Commenti, 6 Visite, 3 Voti ,3.43 Punteggio

Continue to walk with me In your thoughts <br><br> Give me Your hand <br><br> And I will take you To a far off land <br><br> A land of mystery In your mind <br><br> A land most women Never find <br><br> And many would be Happier if they did <br><br> It is a land of unexpected pleasure that is hid <br><br> In plain ...

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 7 Voti ,3.04 Punteggio
R1   2/12/2018

No se como hablar de amor, no se como explicar los sentimientos que dominan mi corazón, es una energía exponencial que toca mi lóbulo frontal, energía que hace vibrar, que me hace estallar, energía primitiva que desenvuelve una ojiva que implosiona de abajo hacía arriba. <br><br> Fantasías de hombre homicida que busca a su dama perdida mas allá de la misma vida, mujer de ...

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.81 Punteggio
Lovin' The BBC's   27/11/2018

His cock is big and black you see. When we fuck it stretches me. <br><br> Inside me is his cock so large. I do what he says; he's now in charge <br><br> I'm his slave to his long, dark pole. I love him fucking my tight, white hole. <br><br> Where he goes no white man can. Too BBC's, I am a fan.

0 Commenti, 7 Visite, 3 Voti ,1.47 Punteggio
raton9415 24 U
3  Articoli
Adios   11/11/2018

Ya no puedo con este sufrir. Es hora de decirnos adiós y vernos partir. Tal vez después nos volvamos a ver. Pero mientras no dejes de ser tú.

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 2 Voti ,1.73 Punteggio
Louisdude69 26 U
2  Articoli
Poem   30/10/2018

Roses are red violets are blue

0 Commenti, 15 Visite, 8 Voti ,2.09 Punteggio
Louisdude69 26 U
2  Articoli
Poem   30/10/2018

Roses are red violets are blue

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 8 Voti ,0.70 Punteggio
xnxmvzo100 72 U
8  Articoli
Diminished   19/10/2018

diminished <br><br> I made my way down to give blood.... so many people had turned out in the wake of this horrific tragedy that they were taking blood by appointment only.... Tomorrow is suppose to be our big show of support day... I have every confidence we shall... as a nation... pass with flying colors this trial.... <br><br> The President says that he is a peace ...

0 Commenti, 11 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.14 Punteggio
xnxmvzo100 72 U
8  Articoli
On Depression   17/10/2018

Depression <br><br> Damn! Damn! Damn! Depression so abysmal that no light can be seen only despondency and sorrow Please! Please! Please God! no more tomorrow.

1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 12 Voti ,1.92 Punteggio
xnxmvzo100 72 U
8  Articoli
White Wine and White Rose   12/10/2018

White Wine and White Rose <br><br> WHITE WINE Mysterious...Princess... white bird dove... heartache...heartbreak... wasted love... tears and laughter... ironed-will strength... witty banter... heart not faint... all these draw his taken heart... intoxicating beauty dark... loving...adoring...desiring...needing... all that’s rational quickly fleeing... spirituous oblivious time... ...

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 6 Voti ,3.37 Punteggio
Meghaaa86 33 D
1  Articolo
Hindi poems for lovers   8/10/2018

Jism se jism kuch aise mil jayen.. Dhadkne bhi dono ki ek ho jayen.. Chupa loon aagosh me aise tujhe. K sari duniya ko bhul jaaun.. Bandhan na toote hum dono ka.. Is pyaar ki dor me ulajh jaun.. Wqt ruk jaye isi pal..basss Tere ishq me aise tabah ho jaun...

0 Commenti, 9 Visite, 7 Voti ,3.30 Punteggio
puss4dining 50 U
4  Articoli
Drunkin'   19/9/2018

Moonshine my friend will always deliver <br><br> What shall I drink my whiskey my giver <br><br> Of cross-eyed cats and singing bats <br><br> Devouring the sky in jars of glass <br><br> I drink my moonshine on a wooden seat <br><br> Tending the still with logs for heat <br><br> Oh moonshine oh moonshine yer my favorite friend ...

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 8 Voti ,3.01 Punteggio
puss4dining 50 U
4  Articoli
Yer Hairy Lovely Pussy   19/9/2018

Yer pussy brings me joy <br><br> Yer kisses bring me back <br><br> I eat your pussy cause' its my favorite snack <br><br> Yer pussy yer pussy it's so damn tasty <br><br> You sit on my face you rotate like crazy <br><br> .... <br><br> I enjoy your hairy pussy as I pull it apart and there within lies this awesome jewl ...

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 7 Voti ,3.04 Punteggio
Rudawg36 36 U
7  Articoli
Good pussy   17/9/2018

The Definition of Good Pussy I’ve always been told that I have good pussy But male or female can’t explain what it’s supposed to mean to me What the fuck is good pussy though? Asked so many exes and no one seems to know I don’t really believe it has a legitimate meaning Just something blurted out after good sex, however misleading <br><br> Is it good because it’s super wet ...

0 Commenti, 4 Visite, 3 Voti ,2.94 Punteggio
Hum pry Dumpty   29/8/2018

Hunpty Dumpty sat on a rock, Little Bo Peep was sucking his cock, As soon as he cum she started to weep, She knew by the taste he’d been fucking her sheep

1 Commenti, 14 Visite, 10 Voti ,3.58 Punteggio
IDang4321 35 U
12  Articoli
saying no   16/8/2018

<br><br> no

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 8 Voti ,3.01 Punteggio
gingertop6969BB 52 U
5  Articoli
Dont cheat on me   10/8/2018

One thing I ask of you... <br><br> Love me for who I and be true. <br><br> Love me as a fish loves the sea, how the bird loves to sing. <br><br> Love me as a bee loves its honey, as an angel love his wings. <br><br> Love me and hold me tight as you tell me everything is all right. <br><br> Love me and guard me with all your might ...

0 Commenti, 10 Visite, 7 Voti ,2.28 Punteggio
gingertop6969BB 52 U
5  Articoli
Sealed with a kiss   8/8/2018

All is need is one more kiss, One more moment that I'll miss, One more feel of magic bliss, That might bring me to my knees. <br><br> One more gaze of your eyes, I don't need to hear good byes, One more touch of your lips, And forever at peace. <br><br> Maybe someday we'll meet And I'll hear your heart's beat, And I'll get to taste your lips, ...

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 4 Voti ,0.92 Punteggio
gingertop6969BB 52 U
5  Articoli
men are the best lovers   8/8/2018

]Peaceful Love There is peace in my soul For such a long awaited time There is love in my life A love of melody and rhyme. Once you took hold of my heart I knew no other could have reached As whispered fate took my hand To levels only you could reach. You in my life Will live eternally I knew the first night we met You were meant for me.

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The Show Must Go On   31/7/2018

Here I am on AdultFriendFinder again. I am reading your hot stories of steamy get together's or romantic getaway's. Either way it's not my life. It once was, but now I am just a character that gets called to the stage to play my part in the play of life and I have to leave myself in the dressing room. What roll must I fill. What smile must I wear when I want to cry. I am lost in fantasy and ...

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SailorChaz 48 U
2  Articoli
Blink   8/7/2018

Scribbled in chat in a fugue of sleepiness last night as I wished my lover, nine hours time different, good morning. <br><br> <br><br> Blink Dry eyes are moistened. Blink Reopen with reluctance. Blink Lids rise slowly. Blink A heavy load for tired muscles. Blink Weight increasing. Blink Droopy, dragging eyelids. Blink Less and less they open. Blink Soon to ...

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The Pussy   22/6/2018

The pussy is a funny thing it can make a man a fool it can take away his bank account whittle away his tool But even knowing all these things a man cant put it to bed You see man is always thinking but it's usually with his little head

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erererer3030 39 U
4  Articoli
ok   7/6/2018

roses are red lets fuck................\8happym;

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iloveoral97 24 U
1  Articolo
Spots   27/5/2018

That familiar scent <br><br> She so longed for it once more <br><br> He pleased her so

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thundercock4444 33 U
2  Articoli
get schwifty   21/5/2018

Oh, yeah! You gotta get hwifty. You gotta get hwifty in here. It's time to get hwifty. Oh-oh. You gotta get hwifty. Oh, yeah! Take off your pants and your panties. Shit on the floor. Time to get hwifty in here Gotta shit on the floor I'm Mr. Bulldops. I'm Mr. Bulldops. Take a shit on the floor. Take off your panties and your pants. It's time to get hwifty in here New song ...

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OLVIDAR   5/5/2018

Que bueno sería poder olvidar y dejarse llevar así tan sólo... pero dime como olvido todo, si tu imagen... ¡Siempre está! tus caricias ahí tatuadas no en la piel si no en el alma <br><br> El perdón… ¡Oh Gesto Divino!, enaltece el alma y el corazón decora. mientras, yo sigo aquí por tu olvido y tu fría conciencia que no me perdona. la tristeza me abraza y me lleva a una ...

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apervypoet 62 U
2  Articoli
Should I quit my day job?   12/4/2018

Do you realize in just how many states we have gotten naked and became mates? Way too may cities to try to write on a list. and even a foreign country with a waterfall mist. <br><br> I don't have a favorite but for quantity what would top is the state you live now where we fucked outside and weren't stopped by a cop. Yes Connecticut leads the way for our orgasm toll, which ...

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re433343 30 U
5  Articoli
22   8/4/2018

The Cool And Frog A Poem by Anonymous Whose frog is that? I think I know. Its owner is quite happy though. Full of joy like a vivid rainbow, I watch him laugh. I cry hello. <br><br> He gives his frog a shake, And laughs until her belly aches. The only other sound's the break, Of distant waves and birds awake. <br><br> The frog is cool, and deep, But he has promises to ...

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re433343 30 U
5  Articoli
poem 4   7/4/2018

Let it be known to all, the story Of the glorious struggle of my people. Let it be known that black men and women Helped to build this our country. Let it be known that black men and women of the past In an effort to make this country What it ought to be, gave up their very last To make America, a real democracy A true homeland of the free. Let our leaders of today go back into the past And come ...

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re433343 30 U
5  Articoli
Poetry   1/4/2018

Death is nothing at all. It does not count. I have only slipped away into the next room. Nothing has happened. <br><br> Everything remains exactly as it was. I am I, and you are you, and the old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged. Whatever we were to each other, that we are still. <br><br> Call me by the old familiar name. Speak of me in the easy ...

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hotrod4fun69h 47 U
5  Articoli
texting   6/3/2018

Text me your words let them flash across my screen picture them I may imagining what they mean wishful thinking coming true is yet to be seen the thoughts implied paint a beautiful scene these letters make you smile in person they would make you scream all these teasing you doing now may be funny but, when karma comes around it will be in the from of me

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who's got a great Poem   6/3/2018

Tell me a great poem you have fond.

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3  Articoli
poetry   6/3/2018

roses are red <br><br> violets are blue <br><br> u play with me <br><br> and ill play with u

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Homage46 71 U
10  Articoli
A Gay Poem   14/2/2018

My Beautiful Young Male Lover written 18/10/2015 I'm bisexual since 2013 and recently I met a beautiful young man of just twenty years and we have already had beautiful and truly mind blowing red hot gay sex on several occasions. After a lapse of five weeks I'm meeting him again tomorrow in a hotel room for another long uninhibited and passionate session of ...

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Your Black Cock   6/2/2018

Your cock is so big, so black, and so thick. It’s much more inviting than any white dick. <br><br> I can only imagine how it must feel. By the looks of it, though, it would make me squeal. <br><br> Deep inside my pussy you’d go. Like a volcanic eruption, my juices would flow. <br><br> An enormous hole you would dig, with your cock that’s so black and so ...

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krrishna8 29 U
3  Articoli
Love poem   3/2/2018

I do not love you except because I love you; I go from loving to not loving you, From waiting to not waiting for you My heart moves from cold to fire. <br><br> I love you only because it's you the one I love; I hate you deeply, and hating you Bend to you, and the measure of my changing love for you Is that I do not see you but love you blindly. <br><br> Maybe January ...

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kimxdress 54 T
6  Articoli
PTSD   7/1/2018

The following poem came to me while talking with vets from Vietnam till today while at the VA Hospital. I'll be happy to explain the symbolism if need be. <br><br> A measure of solace for the troubled mind Battered, bedevilled, by actions undefined Old and young united by youth in a different time Forever together their memories confined Trapped mementos like deeds of ...

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Morning Song 8   13/12/2017

Devoted <br><br> Summer turns to Autumn Leaves begin to fall I find myself wishing To see you , most of all, And though you may deny All that I do and say, I still will see your smile , In every dawning day....

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spankyjodi 66 C
6  Articoli
World's Shortest Poem   11/12/2017

Crabs Adam had'em

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SeleneDerrick 23 D
1  Articolo
Sometimes   9/12/2017

Sometimes she does not sleep, sometimes she spends all night awake, writing to her demons to leave her alone, she writes with a courtesy similar to that of a Heron when she plunges into the depths of a river to trap its prey She does not want to continue listening to what they whisper in her ear, she does not want anyone to know that she has been a victim and an accomplice in the murder of her ...

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letsfucrightnow 47 U
9  Articoli
funny   20/11/2017

ashes to ashes dust to dust if it wasn't for woman my ding dong would rust

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wer kennt erotische Gedichte?   10/11/2017

würde gerne was geiles von den Damen hören...

1 Commenti, 3 Visite, 2 Voti ,1.73 Punteggio
SexyLadySavage 43 D
0  Articoli
Silly Wabbit   10/11/2017

You think its funny these games that you play? You think I enjoy it watching you sneak away? I hope you learned something through all that you do. See its not my fault I put the blame all on you. Your one of two people this I can see. The most fake of them both is the one you've shown me You can try to obtain it though you never will. You fool my heart has been broken And it will never heal. ...

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No sé...   24/10/2017

No sé como mirar para encontrarte, horizonte de amor en que me excito, distancia sin medida donde habito para matar las ansias de tocarte. <br><br> No sé como gritar para llamarte, en medio de mis siglos de infinito, donde nace el silencio de mi grito movido por la sangre de buscarte. <br><br> Mirar sin que te alcance la mirada sangrar sin la presencia de mi herida ...

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sam197pulsar 37 U
84  Articoli
For the first time   5/10/2017

For the first time Into my world of darkness and silence, you brought light and music. When you lit my candle, I began to see and understand the taste and texture of love. For the first time

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GoddessPhoenixxx 37 D
1  Articolo
My share   4/10/2017

I grew up in this town, my poetry was born between the hill and the river, it took its voice from the rain, and like the timber, it steeped itself in the forests.

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chazity20 45 D
12  Articoli
Solo Exploration and Intimate Finalization   4/10/2017

Sliding my hands from head to toe Feeling everything as I go My hair, eyes, nose and chin Further down my exploration begins My neck, shoulders, and chest It begins to feels like a quest My belly smooth I feel my silky skin Trembling starts from deep within Over my hips and down my thighs Gulping air releasing sighs Knees and calves further down Till I reach my feet planted on the ground Back up ...

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jr42468 56 U
24  Articoli
i like them   3/10/2017

i think some men think that writing a romantic poem is a lil girlish but i happen to think its a great way to let her know how you feel

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starrboo 53 D
20  Articoli
You   27/9/2017

The feel of your lips upon mine is like a touch of sunlight at sunrise. The touch of your hands upon my body is like feathers of a bird flapping in the wind. The sound of your voice when you say I love you is like hearing my heart beat for the first time.

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sam197pulsar 37 U
84  Articoli
True Love   22/9/2017

True love is measured by how deep you fall And judged by how low you are willing to crawl Just to save it and make it last It is determined by how willing you are to open up and offer your trust. It is hospitable, amazing at all times, and always kind. It is never prejudiced, it is color blind..

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sam197pulsar 37 U
84  Articoli
God is gift of love   22/9/2017

Love is like a river, A never ending stream. Love is shared by each other, To answer someone's dream. <br><br> It's a never ending story, Love is not a lie. You can share in all its glory, For love will never die. <br><br> Love is all around you, The moon and stars above. Love is a gift from God, And God is a gift of love.

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sam197pulsar 37 U
84  Articoli
Together forever   22/9/2017

A million stars up in the sky one shines brighter I can't deny A love so precious a love so true a love that comes from me to you The angels sing when you are near within your arms I have nothing to fear You always know just what to say just talking to you makes my day I love you honey with all of my heart together forever and never to part.

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PiuBello42 46 U
5  Articoli
Contra las cuerdas   10/9/2017

Quizá llegue ese domingo que no sigamos esperando que nos abracen por detrás mientras nos vence el sueño y que rompamos la soledad a base de caricias. Mientras tanto aquí sigo... Con mil palabras en la punta de la lengua esperando para cuando decidas rozarla. Sonrisas para descifrar. El cuerpo lleno de versos. La sensación de ser mar que nunca nadie se atreverá a naufragar. Un ejército de ...

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promheteho 97 U
2  Articoli
Libertad   5/9/2017

Quier que vueles hasta donde tu deseo te lleve Quiero que me veas como tu aliado, como un amigo que hace contigo lo que tu deseas hacer y no como quien te apresa con su apego <br><br> Quiero que seas libre y que solo estes conmigo si eso es parte de tu libertad. <br><br> Quiero que estes, quiero que seas tú y que nunca me veas como una limitación que te apremia y te ...

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Hoy me he levantado con esas ganas.   14/8/2017

Con esas ganas de escribirme a mí, a ti, a quién sea, pero escribir.

Siempre me levanto con esas ganas, pero hoy…

Hoy escribo directamente a alguien del pasado, a alguien del presente y por qué no, a alguien del futuro.

No va dirigida a nadie en concreto, pero a todo el mundo a la vez.

A todo mi mundo, claro.

Yo, ella, tú, nosotros, vosotros… ...

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mary05555 34 D
2  Articoli
la amistad   2/7/2017

La amistad es como la salud: nunca nos damos cuenta de su verdadero valor hasta que la perdemos.

Un conocido no te ve llorar nunca. Un amigo tiene el hombro mojado de tanto llanto. Si decides tirarte de una montaña, no saltaré contigo. Te esperaré abajo, para salvarte.

El amigo seguro se conoce en la acción insegura. Quinto Enio

En la frase: “un ...

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gggoingdown 61 U
6  Articoli
BIGGIRLSRULE   28/6/2017


2 Commenti, 17 Visite, 7 Voti ,4.31 Punteggio
gggoingdown 61 U
6  Articoli
BIGGIRLSRULE   28/6/2017


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CuriousXx7 43 C
1  Articolo
The First Time   25/6/2017

There is the first time, We were all there in an erotic moment, Where we tried a new kink, a new twist, A variation of sex never tried before, There was the first time, With a trembling hand of excitment, A breath caught in throat of pleasure, That we tried it and wanted more.

There was the first time, The first time we even first had sex, We were afraid but excited, Nervous but not ...

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Some1Knocking 60 U
4  Articoli
Come Slowly—Eden (211)   20/6/2017

Come Slowly—Eden (211)

Come slowly—Eden Lips unused to Thee— Bashful—sip thy Jessamines As the fainting Bee—

Reaching late his flower, Round her chamber hums— Counts his nectars— Enters—and is lost in Balms.

by Emily Dickinson

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Some1Knocking 60 U
4  Articoli
may i feel said he. by e e cummings   2/6/2017

may i feel said he (i'll squeal said she just once said he) it's fun said she

(may i touch said he how much said she a lot said he) why not said she

(let's go said he not too far said she what's too far said he where you are said she)

may i stay said he (which way said she like this said he if you kiss said she

may i move said he is it love said ...

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 2 Voti ,2.42 Punteggio
ThaRiddler4U 49 U
1  Articolo
Mothers Day Poem   14/5/2017

To all you Moms out there a Happy Mothers Day!. Here is a poem i wrote for my mom..Enjoy.

I decided one day to visit the Lord, My faith had been waning in those i adored... I asked for a flower, he gave a bouquet, I asked for a minute, he gave me a day... I asked him for guidance and what i should do, Thats when i turned and saw it was you... I had to look twice because what did i see, ...

0 Commenti, 8 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.81 Punteggio
darlingnikki334 38 D
1  Articolo
lost   12/5/2017

Fire burning brightly... our love first started red hot, now nearly a decade into the fantasy the embers only spark when anger explodes. The constant realization that my soul is forever marred by the painful cracks of seemingly innocent gestures... Realization emerges on the horizon.. what a fool to believe in infinity, eternity, fidelity.. The woman who has never seen what beauty lies in her ...

1 Commenti, 13 Visite, 5 Voti ,4.12 Punteggio
Castiel9212 31 U
1  Articolo
The world   10/3/2017

We have taller buildings but shorter tempers; wider freeways but narrower viewpoints; we spend more but have less; we buy more but enjoy it less; we have bigger houses and smaller families; more conveniences, yet less time; we have more degrees but less sense; more knowledge but less judgement; more experts, yet more problems; we have more gadgets but less satisfaction; more medicine, yet less ...

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 8 Voti ,2.78 Punteggio
celestialwarrior 46 U
62  Articoli
La inspiración de la semana   8/3/2017

Las sombras empiezan a difuminar el color de todo lo que tocan, te abrazan los pies desnudos deseando que les concedas tan solo un momento en el trayecto de tu cuerpo.

Me quedo parado frente al espejo extraviando mi mirada en algún lugar, tomo una calada de mi propio reflejo aventando el humo hacia la calidez de tu mirada; admiro la fragilidad de tu cuerpo mientras observo como mis ...

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l'amour du prochain   8/3/2017

la beauté de l’âme ne se trouve pas dans le physique mais dans le regard au plus profond de la personne de être de enveloppe charnel l’âme est celle que la personne transmet au travers de ses sentiments de cœur et de ressenti se quelle aime se quelle aimerais donner au travers de coeur car l’âme se voit dans les yeux montrant des étoiles a l’intérieur de elle n'importe le ...

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HungJude11 27 U
2  Articoli
The bountiful booty   4/1/2017

this is an ode to a booty, its round and full of beauty.

with your curvaceous backside, come saddle up for a ride.

it is an ass of legend, i want to eat it till the end.

please back up that rump, for I have a load to dump.

I love the way your cheeks move, let me grab a hold for me to prove.

Let me spank it hard as can be, so I can make you cum with ...

2 Commenti, 11 Visite, 6 Voti ,3.65 Punteggio
rm_Hardy_Man500 46 U
1  Articolo
Too Old to Die this Young   2/12/2016

Round and round all we go. down and up. Back and forth, Hillary alone above. Donald down below. Left and right, Its all too late. Back and forth, it’s not worth to go. Reasons comes reasons go, all is false that we know. Donald trump’s above, Hillary fumbling down below. They booth got their reasons, but we got the needs. Side to side, back and forth. Donald deals the cards, take some from ...

1 Commenti, 3 Visite, 1 Voti
Hours   1/12/2016

Counting the hours From now here today The day Kim left me She couldnt stay I wanted her so More than you know Would have Been magic The two souls combined We know it The both of us Meet i hope we do Sooner i hope I really do Kim on my mind From now and forever..

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Kiss   28/11/2016

A kiss in the morning A kiss in the day A kiss that Will make the darkness go away Kiss me once Kiss me twice Kiss me all over You princess from heaven

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Kiss   28/11/2016

A kiss in the morning A kiss in the day A kiss that Will make the darkness go away Kiss me once Kiss me twice Kiss me all over You princess from heaven

1 Commenti, 3 Visite, 1 Voti ,2.40 Punteggio
The lady   21/11/2016

The lady is right No matter what Sit down and listen You stupid twat Listen and care Be able to share The moments you both should cherish

2 Commenti, 8 Visite, 3 Voti ,5.39 Punteggio
Wish   21/11/2016

Wish you were here In my Arms So near Inside of me Let us be one

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 2 Voti ,4.50 Punteggio
josupk 46 U
3  Articoli
El deseo   15/10/2016

El deseo... que acalora el cuerpo con tu recuerdo, que despierta mis sentidos mas siniestros, que me entrega a los brazos del libido, ese deseo es el que siento... por ti dulce recuerdo.

2 Commenti, 16 Visite, 7 Voti ,2.79 Punteggio
alexander62619 26 U
7  Articoli
poco de lo que realmente es ...   10/10/2016

Poco de lo que realmente es…

En un momento de reflexión sobre mis pensamientos, o quizá en un pensar sobre mi propio pensar Llegaste a sacarme de toda abstracción y mis instintos provocar. No importando que me fueras a arroyar, di cuenta en ese momento de miles de características sin igual. Cuando apareciste, sólo tenerte me importaba, no interesaba el tiempo que gastase ...

2 Commenti, 8 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.63 Punteggio
whorecurious 62 C
164  Articoli
Panties   30/9/2016

If your the kind who thinks panties just slow you down And keeping up with who fucked who and when Don't you hate lovers that never make a sound I do, but thats not a problem when I stick mine in

Dont you hate a woman that gets drunker than you And those women that have fucked every man moms fucked I heard you cant unfuck a woman but you can unscrew Took me ten months to figure out I was ...

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Poema de Luis Zalamea Borda   23/9/2016

Varias veces he intentado construir un poema erótico con pésimos resultados, en fin, os dejo uno de Luis Zalamea Borda que me gusta mucho, espero que no sea una infracción poner un poema de otra perona.


¡Ah, qué nidada de caricias salvajes descubrí! Guardadas en tu bosque desde el alba del mundo, esperaban la mano que llegara a arrancarlas, la mirada que las ...

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.86 Punteggio
money170582 44 U
1  Articolo
His Pillow his best friend   17/9/2016

His Pillow his BestFriend His only, unconditional friend who promised him she will stay till the end. His Pillow his Best Friend.

Hugs him tight, each night giving him the might to stand up and fight for another broad new daylight. His Pillow his Best Friend

No matter how rude, how angry how hurt, how broke, how sad he`ll be, She`ll comfort him with an unconditional defend while ...

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
Seddy632016 60 D
4  Articoli
Passion   8/9/2016

Close your eyes and hear his whispers, Through the wires of communication, you can feel his whiskers.

His lips touching yours in the minds eye, That brings forth a rapture of sensations and fireworks in the sky.

The softness of his fingers flowing up your breast, Then lay on your nipple to rest.

His body so close to yours as you melt in his kiss, Oh what a heavenly ...

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 10 Voti ,5.18 Punteggio
Eat Me   3/9/2016

As i lay here playing with my pussy all I want is for you to eat it till it runs dry of all it's cum and juices. Twist and pull my cum buttons, so I explode over and over again. Let me cum all over your face again and again. Suck on that clit so the juices don't stop cumming.

Please Sir eat my pussy.

Put your fingers in my pussy, just a little at a time. You know how i like it ...

11 Commenti, 195 Visite, 12 Voti ,6.86 Punteggio
Temperary Boy Toy   2/9/2016

Hormones raging he blows her mind when her needs are met she leaves him behind

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 1 Voti ,3.70 Punteggio
I Don't Swallow   2/9/2016

Thought it'd be best to let you know.

The texture and taste makes me sick.

So, when your ready to let it go,

Do the right thing and remove it quick.

1 Commenti, 8 Visite, 1 Voti ,1.10 Punteggio
Spontaneous Fun   1/9/2016

Temptation and lust take control. Overwhelmed with the desire, to invite him home. Only for tonight; plus no harm can be done. Besides, it has been forever since she’s had spontaneous fun.

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 1 Voti ,3.70 Punteggio
shenice33 20 D
1  Articolo
My Father Cares Not For Flip-Flops   6/8/2016

My father cares not for flip-flops, He says, without protection, my feet Will fall prey to the elements of daily life. And while I hold him in the highest regard, Flip-flops remain my faithful sole. I believe my father worries my feet, So exposed, will become ugly, as are his. The ugliness is enough to put me in tennies forever, Save that I know he has never donned the accursed flip-flop, And ...

1 Commenti, 21 Visite, 9 Voti ,4.71 Punteggio
otoronco1 43 U
18  Articoli


1 Commenti, 2 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
best sex poems   11/7/2016

What are the best sex poems and sex poets out there?

2 Commenti, 10 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.08 Punteggio
1Susie1 63 D
1  Articolo
The best poem about Love and Jealousy   1/7/2016

"Always" by Pablo Neruda

I am not jealous of what came before me.

Come with a man on your shoulders come with a hundred men in your hair come with a thousand men between your breasts and your feet, come like a river full of drowned men which flows to the wild sea, to the eternal surf, to Time!

Bring them all to where I am waiting for you; we shall always be ...

0 Commenti, 16 Visite, 9 Voti ,4.28 Punteggio
kikdiscr33t4 36 U
0  Articoli
Betrayal...   25/6/2016

Claims as if 'tis by whip and spur, commanding reign and bit that makes the unruly headstrong submit, So stubborn and faithless this woman feels accused but by this same woman I be more than equally abused. For after all endearments I could shew, the length of which she grew both libertine and shrew, From my submission I grew perverse and proud, yet sour as varges and as thunder be loud. No sign ...

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John Keats   21/6/2016

Ode To A Grecian Urn

Thou still unravish'd bride of quietness, Thou foster- of silence and slow time, Sylvan historian, who canst thus express A flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme: What leaf-fring'd legend haunts about thy shape Of deities or mortals, or of both, In Tempe or the dales of Arcady? What men or gods are these? What maidens ...

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rm_mkuo60608tw 43 U
3  Articoli
什麼叫做愛   8/6/2016


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rm_bhsu60608us 37 U
2  Articoli
hey yo   8/6/2016

hey yo When we haven't seen each other for a few days and I walk into your place, we start kissing and you push me up against the wall and tear my clothes off because you have to have me right now and can't wait to get to the bedroom, that kind of passion is HOT!! and I want that!!!!!!!!!!

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alfa6808 54 D
6  Articoli
PARA TI.   5/6/2016

Mi coño arde, pienso en ti, me lleno por completo, con tu imagen, tatuada en mi, mojada por tu recuerdo, sensación única, inigualable.

Te extraño, te anhelo, los días pasan eternos, trabajo en forma robot anhelando que pasen rápido las horas.

Mis pezones, arden de ganas de ser chupados. acariciados, saboreados, quisiera gritar de desesperación. de frustración.


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KFC36853 67 U
23  Articoli
A Poem for My Cam Lady   30/4/2016

Quite by accident did I find you online. I had no idea this site even provided Where exhibitionist like you could cam And a cuckhold like me could watch free! As one credit card advertizes, "Members have advantages!" The advantage for me is how you present A sexy show by cam that is exquisite. Your slow movements, never rushed, Seem natural and feel good to watch. You are so erotic as you move ...

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LePetitPrince12 28 U
1  Articolo
a little Poem   23/4/2016

A poem about a girl

A wild flower, rare, beautiful, and surprising. She stands strong and distinguished amongst the rest. Her natural yet subtle beauty entrancing, The clarity of Nature once again is manifest.

The analogy yields to the beauty within, Visions of an infinitely complex fractal recursion fall short. All attempts to describe implode before they begin, Analytically ...

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natsu377 23 U
4  Articoli
erotic poems   21/4/2016

Your fingers dip below my waist, traveling at a sensuous pace.

The lower you go, my anticipation builds. My heart beats faster bracing for the thrill.

Your touch has me moaning, begging for more. Your hot passionate kisses; I simply adore.

I feel it, I feel you, as I crest on high. Only you can take me, on this incredible ride.

Baby, do it again, and again and ...

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misty76ers 62 D
1  Articolo
My Daydream   16/4/2016

Here I sit with my legs widely parted. Thinking of you and your cock with it inside of me, my world would rock! I can almost feel it inside of me right now my pussy is here for you to plow

Shoving it in me until I scream your balls filling my pussy with your cream. After you balls let it all out I am licking you clean, no doubt.

I wish you were here I'd have my mouth open, so ...

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3Odirtymartini 63 U
8  Articoli
Generating Something Hot   8/4/2016

Stroke me tender, along every single inch.

Lick and carress me, Baby, that's it.

Let's get lost in this sensous haze.

Sexy feelings that keep us dazed.

Moving in rhtymn, Neither of us can speak.

Until after we hit that incredible peak.

We pant in satisfaction, both blown away.

By the fire we generate, like a match hitting hay. ...

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27  Articoli
An ode to my penis   17/3/2016

My nookie days are over, My pilot light is out... What used to be my sex appeal, Is now my water spout...

Time was when, all on its own, From my trousers it would spring... But now it seems a full time job, To find the fucking thing...

It used to be embarrassing, The way it would behave... Every single morning, It would stand and watch me shave..

Now old age approaches, ...

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rm_Coltrane2 38 U
1  Articolo
breaking   10/3/2016

This is the moment decisions

Made Moment Madly Within Motes

Of Time ticked tick tocked with precision

Metered the seconds slipping sad and wrote.

Tired are the times timidity

Rules rotten ridden ratlike and wrong

Gone, gone are the meritocracies

Now the round goes to never to belong.

This crocodile chase leaves me one handed ...

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wittyhumor 41 U
37  Articoli
By the Weight of Our Muse.....   31/1/2016

What would you think if I was to tell you a story of angels? They are and will always be the up most important part in our lives and they protect all of us. They turn us away from what comes to the surface of our ill nature. The inner lead us back to the angels and away from the evil that which lurk within. God gave us freewill and we are all free to do as we want but most of what we do brings ...

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amelia_isd1 37 D
2  Articoli
THIS place, THAT place   20/1/2016

There is A place in my past a place made of joy, of hope, of the future, a place made of pain, denial, of hope lost. This place is a real place a place made of brick, of concrete a place made of wood, and of glass. a place of bright colors a place of scented air a place of peace

THIS place was my first place a place to leave my parents gaze a place to grow, to meet the world ...

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sky69sexy 35 D
1  Articolo
I like it dirty   15/1/2016

Rip my panties from my waist, put your tongue in, have a taste. Lick me fast and lick me good. Like that don't you? knew you would. Strip my body, bare my tits, pinch my nipples, mmm that's it. Lick my pussy, do it slow. Flick on my clit, til cum starts to flow. Spread my pussy, kiss my lips, just like that, and tweak my nips. I like the way you make me moan, I'll suck you later, until you groan. ...

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chenmb851067 51 U
30  Articoli
宣導愛要有一套打油詩   6/1/2016


成也蟲 敗也蟲



回應 某位流覽我 部落格文章 喜歡詞不喜歡詩( 有學養行割禮 ) 的網友

可能不符合要求 但文指是抒發心境而已 不要吹毛求疵

原答應依序回應網友 內褲控 & 不給糖就搗蛋 & 任何女人都需要疼惜 ( ...

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chenmb851067 51 U
30  Articoli
奇哉   6/1/2016

見親今晚造訪 即時通現芳蹤 方寸有點亂 為敢手亂動

給心儀女子 落落大方 玉脂雙峰 紅色熱情 襯托 絕佳

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FreeBird69er 55 U
10  Articoli
The Dark Lonely Heart   31/12/2015

It's been suggested he's too picky. It's been suggested she's the one. He's been told she's too wrong for him. He's been told she's the only one. She's tells him I'm the one, yet he still doesn't feel love from anyone. He wonders if there is ever going to be someone, in which to love to depend on and dream of, till he's done.

He awakes most days alone and sore, the pain ...

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blainja 51 C
2  Articoli
simple or not   29/12/2015

You keep telling me...only you but i don't know? I told you from the beginning...simple and nice and so it started simple and nice.

You keep asking me...only me. I promised I will try... but I don't think you do the same...

You told me, more than once... oooh so nice and I believed you In fact I think you meant it..

You looked me in my eyes full of desire and asked me ...

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anr42510 35 C
4  Articoli
Lesbian Sex   26/12/2015

For she is the girl I want to fuck

Oh god how can I fathom this luck.

I look into her nervous eyes as she pans my body to my thighs.

My mind is a chaotic frenzy sinful secrets and pleasurable lies.

She parts her lips and calls my name.

I nod wearily to her showing I feel the same.

I drip with desire to bring her to pleasure.

For ...

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anr42510 35 C
4  Articoli
You Got it Like That (Kinky lesbian Sex)   26/12/2015

I lay my hands upon your breasts, and tap into your soul, I run my lips across your neck, and lust slowly takes it toll, I give you a taste, of what is so close and near, I quickly pull you away, and lick you with no fear, I start to hear your moans and cries, as I go faster and faster in, I swirl my tongue around your thighs, and taste your sweet, cold creme. I push my breasts against your face, ...

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airtie 33 U
1  Articolo
Love Poem   12/11/2015

A Special World

A special world for you and me A special bond one cannot see It wraps us up in its cocoon And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold Gently nestling us to the fold Like silken thread it holds us fast Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break A new one forms in its wake To bind us closer and ...

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5  Articoli
Be Honest   26/10/2015

Poems are not to be reprinted or stolen By anyone looking to score points.

If you need UR egos to be swollen Find another was to EARN UR points.

Never plagiarize anointed words It'll come back to bite you in the ass!

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domelikeuwanit2 36 U
1  Articolo
Passion burning inside of me   25/10/2015

Passion, Love, and Lust is what quinches my body's thirst

Jodeci playing in the background

She starts Feeling On my big brown rounds

Rained downed with kisses and licks

Feeling on her swollens

Moan she he continues to lick

Begining to tremble and kick

Those hands ...

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Erotic Moonlit   22/10/2015

As I laid in my bed, late at nite I took in, a moonlit sight, My girl had arisen, unable to rest, The beams, they did shine, Down upon her chest

I took a deep breath, for my heart it did beat I took her all in, from her head to her feet In the darkness, she glowed, as my heart skipped a beat In the deep of the night, to me, was a treat.

Now the hours, they did flow, a tick and a ...

1 Commenti, 38 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.12 Punteggio
rm_NOPoet30 67 U
47  Articoli
THIS   18/10/2015

Roses are Red - The flag is red, white & blue - Those that steal other Poet's words - Suck and should not be - rewarded for their dastardly acts. This is the facts!

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Homage46 71 U
10  Articoli
Homage To My Beautiful Young Male Lover   17/10/2015

My Beautiful Young Male Lover written 18/10/2015 <br><br> I'm bisexual since 2013 and recently I met a beautiful young man of just twenty years and we have already had beautiful and truly mind blowing red hot gay sex on several occasions. After a lapse of five weeks I'm meeting him again tomorrow in a hotel room for another long uninhibited and ...

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hotlover1231 56 U
5  Articoli
If You Should Tire of Loving Me by Margaret Widdemer   13/10/2015

If you should tire of loving me Some one of our far days, Oh, never start to hide your heart Or cover thought with praise.

For every word you would not say Be sure my heart has heard, So go from me all silently Without a kiss or word;

For God must give you happiness… And oh, it may befall In listening long to Heaven-song I may not care at all!

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hotlover1231 56 U
5  Articoli
The Road Not Taken   13/10/2015

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same,

And both that ...

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wittyhumor 41 U
37  Articoli
The Devil In The Moon   11/10/2015

I seem to be very afraid in these tiny moments of quiet agony. It tortures me with evil, and with voices in my head. I am looking for a way to beat back my terrible fear, and the crows just seem to dance with those inner symphonies. I cringe every turn in this stygian evening. The moment is surreal. I am very scared. I fear this night. I need a vise. Somekind of way to cope........

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hotlover1231 56 U
5  Articoli
In the dark we crush by Julia Cohen   10/10/2015

crab apples for the sound of it. Light cannot be bitter. The backyard licks us.

Blue like kindling, the fox we caught with a shoebox. Your shirt is a constellation

in the tent of recovery. If you release the hand you relax the animal. Bookshelves hold up

the moon. I sweep your fur into a feeling. I put you into my memories on purpose.

Moss smuggles stars into ...

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hotlover1231 56 U
5  Articoli
Love in the Morning by Annie Finch   10/10/2015

Morning’s a new bird stirring against me out of a quiet nest, coming to flight—

quick-changing, slow-nodding, breath-filling body,

life-holding, waiting, clean as clear water,

warmth-given, fire-driven kindling companion,

mystery and mountain, dark-rooted, earth-anchored.

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rm_jodieluvs 46 D
1  Articolo
MY ONE AND ONLY FOR ETERNITY ........   20/9/2015

For so long, I wished the day would come The day that I would find you. From my heart and into your soul The feelings I have are so strong

Then that day came, when I found you I vowed never to make the same mistake. I knew I would never let you go For my life is now complete in a way you will never know......

For eternity I will spend my life with you, For You are the reason Im ...

2 Commenti, 10 Visite, 3 Voti ,5.39 Punteggio
rm_te6045 29 U
1  Articolo
Fall of the Lich King   31/8/2015

As the final battle against the Lich King approached, the human sorceress Jaina Proudmoore and the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner journeyed to the icy heart of Northrend. Both had come for different reasons: Jaina hoped to discover whether a part of her former friend and lover, Arthas Menethil, still lived; Sylvanas longed to take revenge on her old enemy. With the aid of these two heroes, ...

1 Commenti, 8 Visite, 2 Voti
rm_lobodaaurora 54 U
2  Articoli
Chama.   5/8/2015

Por que me chamas nas noites mal dormidas Onde sentes o frio da noite Em coxas mal aquecidas

Confundindo sonhos e realidade Combatendo desejos ocultos Misturando tesão e vaidade

Busca o prazer como um louco beijando, chupando, comendo... derramando o leite que não é pouco

O que dirias a ti sua Julieta Furiosa, magoada e humilhada Sabendo que desejas outras bucetas ...

2 Commenti, 21 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.78 Punteggio
I write lots of poems about nipples and mounds & cocks and clits   3/8/2015

lying on my bed thinking of you lying on your bed thinking of me I imagined what you are doing on your back one hand on your chest your legs spread your other hand stroking your dick eyes closed thinking of me you imagined what I was doing on my back one hand on my breast my legs spread my other hand fingering myself eyes closed thinking of you

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whorecurious 62 C
164  Articoli
Giving it Away   17/7/2015

I been laying here watching the ceiling Letting men have a good feeling Wondering just how much I've given away Twenty years atleast a couple times a day

At 50 bucks a pop I'd be pretty rich Getting men off quick is my niche Hey 2 at a time would be a 100 bucks Thats 50000 after 500 fucks

But when people ask me, yes I would say Never thought of charging instead of giving it away ...

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romeojuliet74 50 C
1  Articolo
Just you   27/4/2015

As I sit quietly I watch you come and go Your gentle eyes glance at me from across the room I eagerly await a touch, just a gentle brush, against your arm to remind me of the softness of your skin against mine I lean in for a passionate kiss but your lips only graze across the quivering softness of mine A squeeze of your hand in the clasp of my own is all I need from you to assure me of the love ...

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whorecurious 62 C
164  Articoli
Wife Fucking   26/4/2015

I dusted off my boots and went out looking for another When I got back home I caught my wife fucking a brother With an instant erection I hid and watched them fuck With this a fantasy of mine I was thinking what luck

He was fucking her like it wasn't the first time inside her I jacked my cock and came so hard my eyes we're a blur That big black cock of his I could see was fucking ...

1 Commenti, 125 Visite, 4 Voti ,4.80 Punteggio
rm_Gillett64 52 U
5  Articoli
To Be Continued   17/4/2015

Lifes., .Loves., .roundabouts n swings., .we get up each day ., .to see what tommorow brings., .will i be happy., . will i be sad ., .will what the postmans left ., .make me smile or mad., .now i'm thinking of You., .as You're not there., . the colour on your lips., .the style of your hair., .from head to toe., .heels., .curves., .glimpses ., . of shown naked flesh., .that diamond pattern ., .on ...

1 Commenti, 14 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
SensuousShades 39 C
3  Articoli
Softer than white cotton   24/3/2015

Her skin is softer than white tufts of cotton in a Southern field; Her body undulates like a sea of grass as he slowly caresses every inch of her body... His hands are warmer than the evening sun, gently coaxing... and they can't escape the temptation to explore a short-lived obsession... For now it's her hips maybe later her thighs

1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 5 Voti ,4.77 Punteggio
luis26802 43 U
5  Articoli
VIVE   2/3/2015

espero y les guste un poco de poesia

Amar, perdona, olvida, sueña. porque el que ama, perdona el que perdona, olvida el que olvida, sueña y el que sueña, VIVE .

1 Commenti, 28 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.86 Punteggio
llirical2 70 T
30  Articoli
American Beauty   23/2/2015

 Robed in scarlet, crimson  wonder,  By my garden gate it grows,  And the sun lights the  splendor;  Morning illuminates a Rose

 Lost in thoughts I should  forget,  I stumble out into the day,  Then Beauty stops me, stills   regret   Gives reason for me to stay

   Brings joy, truth, sharp and     Real    Promises a means, and an end,     Suddenly I can again ...

1 Commenti, 47 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.51 Punteggio
rm_todskii28 34 U
13  Articoli
slap and tickle   22/2/2015

the crushing blow of a ringing slap hollows out a cry as she begs to be taken slow and softly enter in millimetres another slap sour the sweet interplay the sensation

delicate balance beam sweetest juice rewards the patient succours the hungry ravenous to ravish strawberry nipples bloom and peek through the sheerest lace trace the patterns hands perch in place to taste the ...

1 Commenti, 20 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
fucking and sucking   21/1/2015

you open the door, there i am, the lighting is low, you take my dick out, and begin to suck it, making noises as you go up and down my cock till its hard then, you pull out your tits and let me titty fuck you. ill cum in your face, reload and go for sucking your clit, making you moan and make sweet love sounds

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rm_Arnav_21 21 U
1  Articolo
Things left unseen.   21/1/2015

What a journey life has been though there are things left unseen A coffee mug a friends hug all so touching it has been What a journey life has been though there are things left unseen A teacher's care a mothers love all so familiar yet distinct A father's care a brother's love that's all was my greed What a journey life has been though there are things left unseen That first rain the smell ...

0 Commenti, 4 Visite, 1 Voti
rm_todskii28 34 U
13  Articoli
How did we get here?   8/1/2015

Goosebumps raise little erections of hair follicles as breath touches softly at the nape of your neck

trigger a shiver reaction vanilla scented satin doll softness hands grip your wrists fingers mould in delicate peach take the shape of fingerprint forensics purple hue of lovers bruises to bloom tomorrow

teeth sink into bliss tasting flesh tease and kiss slide and ...

0 Commenti, 13 Visite, 4 Voti ,4.41 Punteggio
rm_todskii28 34 U
13  Articoli
A moment   8/1/2015

shush whispered deep into you clavicle as hands pin your wrists to your hips, teeth slide hard as hot breath chars a path up to your ear lobe

moaning a little grind forward your want simmers below the belt as he turns up the flames, the forceful thump as pinned to the wall you squirm in beaded droplets of heat boiled over dampen your panties as he

passes both your ...

2 Commenti, 23 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
rm_todskii28 34 U
13  Articoli
A La Carte   6/1/2015

a menu of enchantment chair bound, blind folded I stand over her shadow casting a phantom she can sense but not feel

her body bare before me, tingling, quivering, I select my delicacy. the only sound her panting breath I leave her suspended

the rattle of ice cubes she starts, as it drips coldness, blindness mingle a keening cry at the icy drop on her fragile exposure

a ...

1 Commenti, 23 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
rm_todskii28 34 U
13  Articoli
indulgence   4/1/2015

Have you ever spent the time to tease and please a woman to truss her down and indulge in her the taste, to see her writhe to test her limits with textures on flesh

maybe trace a poem on her clit with your tongue, something to make her wet then whisper it in her ear while she begs to be finished

a spank or two, to partake of her wholly as each orgasm slicks her ...

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
bobkeller 66 U
2  Articoli
BODY AND SOUL   2/1/2015

I love your body. I love your soul. I love how you hate me when you’re out of control. You’re a crack head, a tweeker, and an all day drinker. You love raw sex in a puritan way. I need you to go I need you to stay. You hurt me, I hate you. I love you so much. Get away from me bitch, I long for your touch. You are Law and order. You’re a renegade. You never treated me right unless you were ...

2 Commenti, 17 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
GalwayBlackcock 25 U
1  Articolo
Sex Poems   30/12/2014

what is the best sex Poems out there?

0 Commenti, 13 Visite, 4 Voti ,1.69 Punteggio
SamanthaCl 53 D
3  Articoli
The end   21/12/2014

I open my eyes, but see only black. A vice of depression crushes my skull. The only sound... the rushing, pulsing throb of blood in my veins.

I look down. The path ends. An eternal drop. An endless fall.

The wall at my back. Cold, wet stone. Growing larger.

The ledge is shrinking. I must show courage. And face the unavoidable step.

My heart is gladdened by my ...

7 Commenti, 76 Visite, 5 Voti ,2.16 Punteggio
rm_threesfun92 58 D
2  Articoli
Do you answer?   3/12/2014

Do you answer all your emails and IM pages or do you ignore them unless you're interested? Not to sound vain but I get a ton of emails and even more invites to chat than I could ever respond to. At first I tried to keep up but I gave up once I started getting insulted even though I was declining politely. Don't people realize I'm just one person that enjoys hooking up maybe once a month. The ...

4 Commenti, 34 Visite, 9 Voti ,4.07 Punteggio
rm_karori100 53 C
4  Articoli
Cancellation   29/11/2014

How many times would you allow a couple to cancel on you before you would write them off?

5 Commenti, 31 Visite, 7 Voti ,4.57 Punteggio
rm_slowcurious 45 C
9  Articoli
Bald   27/11/2014

Bald headed men are very sexy but would having sex with a bald headed woman turn you on?

4 Commenti, 22 Visite, 8 Voti ,4.87 Punteggio
alt4139 63 C
10  Articoli
Size vs Performance.   27/11/2014

My husband has a short penis but he is the best lover I've ever had and since we've been swinging I realize that many other women have found this to be true as well. All this time I thought I was missing out not having a big penis to play with but now I'm even more satisfied with his size. So the question is does size matter more than performance?

6 Commenti, 39 Visite, 7 Voti ,4.82 Punteggio
rm_todskii28 34 U
13  Articoli
night tremours   26/11/2014

your midnight eyes wide cry dark thoughts these dirty secrets that fill you with fear of judgement of reprisal this denial of who you are of what you want how you crave to be freed from the shackles of no

finally you crack in the dark in the black as fervent fever reduces you to a stuttering mess need gnaws with slathering jaws wet with desire that builds a wall where ...

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 2 Voti ,2.42 Punteggio
rm_goodsxwithu 53 C
10  Articoli
Golf   12/11/2014

Have you ever had sex on the golf course?

3 Commenti, 13 Visite, 5 Voti ,3.47 Punteggio
BraddCaliente 35 U
4  Articoli
Tuas coxas em meu corpo   4/11/2014

Seguras teus seios com as mãos em minha frente para ser beijados e acariciados por meus meus lábios e língua, Deliciosos mamilos saboreados, com todo o amor de meu coração que como o vento suave acaricia todo teu corpo.

Teus mamilos duros e eriçados me pedem ser umedecidos por minha língua e acariciados por minha paixão.

A fogueira acende meu corpo e faz minhas mãos se ...

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rm_drillbit05 34 U
1  Articolo
I Kind of Enjoy AdultFriendFinder   22/10/2014

I enjoy viewing the pictures / And lurking through the background / Perpetuating present fractures / As talking to others confounds.// I'd rather waste away here / Uematsu echoing in the dark / There is nothing to fear. / Seclusion isn't so stark. // But if I do go out for fun / And don't pull out the stops / Maybe the next one / Won't call the cops

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rm_salt31peppa 48 C
1  Articolo
AdultFriendFinder   19/10/2014

I'm not a prude but you guys are so rude I was hoping to screw But I know now it won't be with you............

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dirttywhiteboy2 55 U
6  Articoli
cheap love   16/10/2014

my girl is pure sweet desire. burning flames of fire. her body is so hot . she gives all she's got. but her love is for sale. 100 bucks & cheap hotel. so i call her on the phone (come on over boy come alone ) ran 3 red lights dodge a cop.then pulled into the parking lot. doors wide open her hair a slamed to the ground your under arrerst

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rmpixie2001 48 C
1  Articolo
What?   15/10/2014

Guys, guys, guys, and not one poet among them.

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gatorrman 79 U
22  Articoli
Dumb Poetry   7/10/2014

Some poems you read are pretty dumb. Some can make you very sad. Some can make you feel so glad. The best are ones that make you cum.

Now don’t read that and start to scoff, Because you just might have some doubt that a poem you read could make you shout as the words begin to get you off.

Just imagine a soft caress, Arms enfolded hold you near, Lips that brush against your ...

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Weather Noise   2/10/2014

There was a boy called Feather / Who had to avoid bad weather / For he made a noise / That attracted the boys / When his wings flapped together.

/ username...

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rm_yourlove421 31 U
1  Articolo
RITA G   15/9/2014

Rita G , what an amazing girl, she is gifted with an amazing body, love and not lust can describe her. She looks like a goddess, she has a body flawless. who will not like to sleep with her, i really dont mind to cum inside her. She is just so hot , she can make you cum, even if you just sit and watch her her boobs are so big and no doubt its so real( proven in howard stern show) Her booty is a ...

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miakittylicker 40 D
1  Articolo
Beautiful poem   7/9/2014

I found this poem and thought it was beautiful! In my romantic minds eye this is how I envision every sexual encounter!

Be One With Me Written by moonlightdreams

Close your eyes and let your senses take you on a trip of discovery and wonder, Let me be there with you. Let our silence guide us to where we wish to be. Feel the movement of of warm breath across your naked skin as I ...

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Lost_Cause_69 51 U
6  Articoli
Bite The Bullet   5/9/2014

Stepping out, I'm leaving here, No use crying, crying in my beer, Enough's enough, believe it's true, Bite The Bullet, I'm leaving you...

Said goodbye, I left a note, But I don't remember, just what I wrote, The same old words, to say we're through, Bite The Bullet, I'm leaving you...

So that's the way it always ends, Get sympathy from all your friends, Seems there's nothing, ...

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ShaunaDorothy 49 T
5  Articoli
I'm nobody....In a strange way,   22/8/2014

I'm nobody,

I'm a radical plebian,

I'm a leveler,

In the conspiracy of equals,

I'm nobody,

In a strange way,

That makes me everybody.

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bastet88 41 D
1  Articolo
ciudad de sue;o   8/8/2014

Mi corazon es un paisaje de recuerdos, una ciudad de lunas, el tuyo es hoy sue;o del rio que nos huye y del desierto, estancia que se yergue entre los pliegues de un prodigio evocado, cielos en fuga, sinfonia al color arrebatada.

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sinfullychocolat 54 U
10  Articoli
You Need Me   7/8/2014

You need me to be a handsome stranger, beckoning you close with a come-hither smile, a look in my eye that dares you to be reckless, to take a leap of faith once in a while.

A fireman you need now, sturdy, willing, and able, always there when needed, coming quickly to the rescue and lending a helping hand that's caring and capable saving you from the fires and desires of your soul. ...

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the69candylicker 55 U
12  Articoli
First Kiss   18/7/2014

From the moment I meet you, all those years ago. Not a moment has passed that I have not thought of you. Now that I am with you again, I am in agony. The closer I get to you, the worse it gets. The thought of not being with you, I can't breathe. I am haunted by the kiss that you never should have given me. My heart is beating, hoping that kiss does not become a scar. You are in my very soul ...

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sexraider672 57 U
8  Articoli
mi muñeca matinal   11/7/2014

En una mañana calida te tuve en mis brazos, sintiendo en cada rincon de tu cuerpo ese aroma que me enloquece, te llene de besos y caricias todas tus partes divinas, pero nada se compara como sentir tu piel mojada en esta dulce jornada en la compartimos los mas dulces y tiernos momentos.

En una mañana mojada sentí que eras mia, donde jadeabas de placer y alegria endulzando mis labios ...

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prateek_handsome 35 U
10  Articoli
i have written a poem tell me if u like it.. ;)   2/7/2014

the poem:

Had I the heavens embroidered my clothes, Endrought with the goldn and slver lite, Of nite and light and the half-light, I wud hv spread the clothes under thy feet, Bt I, being poor, have only my drems, I hv spread my dreams under thy feet, Tread softly coz u tread on my dreams.

pls comment .. did u like it ?

Thanx in advance!

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GengarHernandez 19 U
4  Articoli
LA CURA DE TODO   27/6/2014

Dicen que el tiempo cura todo. Pero desde que me enamoré de ti, el tiempo se congeló. No tienes que prometerme la luna….

Me bastaría si solo te sentarías conmigo un rato debajo de ella. Me namore de tus labios, tu manera de ser, & el color de tus ojos que me hacen enloquecer...

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rm_assmeone1234 33 D
5  Articoli

am not the same mysef i blame now i regret you can bet feel set my boby is free HAVING SEX CHANGE ME

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spicewetme 33 D
8  Articoli
I am sex God   27/6/2014

What is it like to be a sex god? To know the exact spot that will rock their worlds in ways never seen before and never seen again, their parting words, You are a God!

. To have them scream your name, knowing as soon as they’re gone you sit alone, eating cold spaghetti from a can, as you continue to detach yourself from another emotionless encounter. Nonetheless, they know you’re a ...

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ElyGeminis 52 D
1  Articolo
Imposible...   26/6/2014

No es que la tinta de mi pluma se haya agotado, es que al cambiar mi historia, debo dar vuelta a la página.

Comencé a observar, destruir recuerdos, romper notas, escuchar otras melodías, en las que no se mencione para nada tu nombre...

Pero todo es imposible, la comida sabe a ti, la música suena a ti, el viento susurra tu nombre, las estrellas reflejan tus ojos y la luna ...

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rm_iwantwahter 27 U
10  Articoli
追逐方向   15/6/2014

落地窗闖入四處嘻笑,隙中透著光,布簾倚著風...晃動。  ─睜開─ 乘著單車,緩緩移動, ...

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rm_iwantwahter 27 U
10  Articoli
越冬   15/6/2014

飛躍天空的思緒 翱翔在鉛灰的畫面 候鳥停留著 在這冷冽的氛圍 寄望層層烏雲 漸漸撥離 空想你在雲叢縫隙 風像呼吸 伴隨在我耳畔旁的餘音 呈現著孤灰的觸筆 渲染在空洞的純白 灰冬的午後 感受不了陽光一些 無法自己 寥落的候鳥 越過眼角停留的畫面 眺望著

靜止 掙扎越冬

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ShaunaDorothy 49 T
5  Articoli
A redhead in black and white.....   14/6/2014

A redhead in black and white,

I saw you in a dream last night,

Blue eyes on the grey scale,

Half tones and dots,

Let's colour you in hues.

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_Please_SeduceMe 49 D
5  Articoli
Eulogy of a Toy   28/5/2014

I wrote this Aug 30, 2013


Yes, The VERY GOOD GIRL that I am; Yes, I have killed yet another toy.

This one I knew was going. Losing its umph little by little, and today it kept shorting out as I was grinding. Left me horny had to finish in the shower.

My poor, ...

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Mrs. Sandman   18/5/2014

Sandman With an umbrella drink And you getting a tan

Asking for a chance Love doesn’t think You’re a woman; I’m a man

A princess from some distant land Connected by a link Entice me like you can

Want you to understand Words in ink I love you, I can

But how I ran Went back to sleep Winning you… damn

Dreaming of you, no sheep or lambs Paradise in ...

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sinfullychocolat 54 U
10  Articoli
My Desire   4/5/2014

I want to give you pleasure. I want to hold you and kiss you in places unseen, To cradle your body in my arms and take you into me. I want to dance in the choreography of lust, a duet of control and submission where each of us leads in turn - the juxtaposition of need and desire shifting endlessly between us. To engage in an act of love, born of faith and the desire to share in ecstasy without ...

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rm_ChizzyThrill 40 D
1  Articolo
I still want you   4/5/2014

I want you when I fall asleep Closing my eyes and dropping tears. I want you when I’m waking up Before alarm would reach my ears.

I want you with your cat you cuddle. I want you with your chewing gum, And with your noisy motorcycle. I want you just the way you are.

I want… despite the world’s so unfair. And there’s no remedy to heal. I know you are in love with her, But ...

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rm_SvenV121 26 U
10  Articoli
Amour, passion, sex et déraison   30/4/2014

Amour, passion, sexe et déraison Avec toi je m’évade sans appréhension La douceur de tes reins La dureté de tes seins La moiteur de ton sexe Tu fais fuir tous mes complexes Tu allumes le feu en moi Au simple de ta voix A la simple vision de ton corps dénudé Tu me fais tout simplement… fantasmer

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n0ttellingy0u 21 U
1  Articolo
I am sorry for what I said when I was hungry   28/4/2014

I am sorry for what I said when I was hungry Who knew that your great-grandfather's brother was eaten I am sorry for what I said when I was busy Who knew that your uncle was mute I am sorry for what I said when I was tired Who knew that your best friend from high school died in her sleep I am sorry for what I said when I was angry Who knew that you had such a terrible life Oh wait I knew that one

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whorecurious 62 C
164  Articoli
Do As I Please   26/4/2014

I like a girl that let's me do as I please I'll flip her over and put her on her knees Lay on my back and let her ride it too Reverse cowgirl so I can get a good view Fuck it slow n easy or hard n sleazy One that really wants to please me Anytime you want it, you can get it When she cums it's like she has a fit She say's cum inside and fill me up Either in my pussy or in my rump Then put's her ...

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llirical2 70 T
30  Articoli
eros   11/4/2014

        To feel you move beneath Me, To hear you say that youre Mine To know that youll please Me To touch you with my Mind To miss you as you leave Me To watch you as you Rise To know that you need Me To love and realize..........

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yoyomismista 37 U
12  Articoli
este es el bueno   8/4/2014

Hay algo que se tambalea

en las mentes de los GENIOS



cuando afirman que su escritura

se debe

al reclamo de que vuelvan los Dioses.

Hijos de perra.

Yo escribo para que mueran


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A High Time To Love   7/4/2014

[image] Higher and faster To reach not surpass It’s about time

A blooming rose All are birthed From the dirt I see her Beautiful while I’m so low

Evolution Stronger, better I dream forever Never A solution

Angelic She flies So high To hide I am a relic

Light up the darkness So far My star I see where you are I’m lost, I guess

Moments passing me ...

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kv_snu 19 U
10  Articoli
amor   4/3/2014

Cerrar podrá mis ojos la postrera sombra que me llevare el blanco día, y podrá desatar esta alma mía hora a su afán ansioso lisonjera;

mas no, de esotra parte, en la ribera, dejará la memoria, en donde ardía: nadar sabe mi llama el agua fría, y perder el respeto a ley severa.

Alma a quien todo un dios prisión ha sido, venas que humor a tanto fuego han ...

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KinkyCPL4her 40 C
1  Articolo
Ancient Times   2/3/2014

In days of old when knights were bold and condoms were not invented, they stuffed their cocks in armored socks and pregnancy was prevented.

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rm_gr8trade 65 C
2  Articoli
Alone together   27/2/2014

here I am again awake while you sleep your head lying on it's side it's so unbelievably hard to hide I bent and kissed your cheek you smiled, it's all I needed

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xavk1 35 U
4  Articoli
隨便亂寫的淫詩   16/2/2014

膜破衫何在,承春操入深 幹時花濺淚,恨別鳥精新 封喉連三月,佳舒抵萬金 白頭蕭變短,還欲不勝戰

隨手改的淫詩,各位給點建議吧。 如果有要約的妹子歡迎加入我帳號哦。

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 8 Voti ,2.55 Punteggio
Sway   10/2/2014

Lean against me sway with me feel my breasts in your hands together we swell throbbing inside you are invisible but I feel you deep and every mark you leave on my body I admire

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rm_tyrosr 33 U
3  Articoli
All Too Common   8/2/2014

Two parties enter the establishment for ritual all too common

she is there to lick her wounds and get a boost of confidence he is there to hunt and enjoying the night elevates his mood

she gracefully maneuvers to the watering hole to be refreshed he takes a spot downwind ready to find the evenings mark

she finds comfort surrounded by herb members known well he spots the ...

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_Facu_10 31 U
10  Articoli
No lo Necesito   7/2/2014

No me hace falta respirar porque respiro tu aire no preciso comer por que te como a besos no preciso caminar por que vuelo por el mundo no me hace falta cantar por que mi cancion tus palabras no preciso pensar por que mis pensamientos sos vos no me hace falta respirar por que vivo de tus suspiros no necesito soñar porque tú eres mi sueño no preciso hablar porque mis palabras ...

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annie444u 52 C
135  Articoli
A Make Believe War   23/1/2014

A make believe war in a make believe land That's what I thought of Viet Nam The only tragedy of this war: They didn't use make believe men.

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ShynSweet7778 38 CL
5  Articoli
Wrapped Up In Your Torture Chains   2/1/2014

Your love consumes me like no other when you have me locked and bound inside your torture chains. Your every waking touch burns deep with in my soul and fiery red cunt yearning for you to brake these chains you have me locked up in. Your my Mistress, your my friend, and my lover, but you torture me with every teasing moment through your soft tender kisses and your hot stinging spankings to my ...

1 Commenti, 13 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.81 Punteggio
ShynSweet7778 38 CL
5  Articoli
The Sex Slave In Me   2/1/2014

I've always been so eager to please, so willing to do what ever it takes. I know you want to let all your frustrations out but ever had a way to do so until now. I love your touch so much that I feel as though you brought out the sex slave in me. I crave your touch all the time maybe more then I should. When we're a part I can feel this burning hunger deep within my cunt. It's a fire that only ...

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 1 Voti ,2.40 Punteggio
ShynSweet7778 38 CL
5  Articoli
Blinded With Your Love   2/1/2014

I was blinded by your love when you took all the control that I had away from me, while turning me into your own little submissive slave toy. You've made me beg for your touch and beg for the pleasure of your company. I never would have thought that I would have been blinded by any ones love but then you came into my life and took what you wanted from me. Now my life will never be the same no ...

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
lonesomeboy46 67 U
1  Articolo
Lustige Plapperei   1/1/2014

1. Es plappert der Peter am laufenden Band, plapp, plapp, bringt manchen mit Sicherheit um den Verstand, plapp, plapp, er plappert und plappert und find`keine Ruh`, die Leute schau`n ihm nur noch kopfschüttelnd zu plapp, plapp, plapp, plapp, plapp, pla- app, di plapper di plapper di plapp

2. Der Paul, der steht auf und geht lieber schnell raus, plapp, plapp, er hält ...

1 Commenti, 13 Visite, 6 Voti
sirdalessandro 31 U
7  Articoli
Anahís 4   19/12/2013

... La amistad es una sabia inversión, nunca es tarde transforma lo cotidiano en extraordinario, ten salud, esperanza y felicidad, pide al cielo por un amigo, cuídalo si lo tienes, pues es el complemento de eso que te hace falta para ser feliz. Siempre es mejor y de mucho mas valor todo aquello que no ves mas sin embargo en ello crees, pues lo espiritual saldrá triunfante al final es justo ya ...

1 Commenti, 13 Visite, 3 Voti ,4.90 Punteggio
whorecurious 62 C
164  Articoli
That Hurt   9/11/2013

Being a man who is always looking for a piece of pussy... And by setting my standards low I fucked most every nite... Had to talk them into taking me home without being pushy... Cause I probaly will not be back unless they are real tight... But let me tell you once what happened to me atlast... Her house was so dark and cold I said don't think this will work... But we fucked then she put ...

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dirtyluv22 33 U
0  Articoli
my angel   5/11/2013

Some people believe, there is a one The one who points, your way to the sun. A person they believe, makes them complete The one who will support, when facing defeat

'You are my angel', my one and only My forever love, so we'll never be lonely. You've brought to my life, all your love and care It made me see, when I realized how rare . . It is to meet your angel, or their lifetime one ...

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AdultFriendFinder poetry   25/9/2013

Does anyone know of adult poetry?

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ShynSweet7778 38 CL
5  Articoli
Do You Want Me Now?   22/9/2013

Do you want me now if I were to tease your cock with my tongue ring rubbing it up and down your shaft? Would you be able to handle my sexual desires that burn deep with in my cunt? Do you think that you can tame this bad girl with every fiber of your being? Could you pound my cunt deep, hard and rough making my cunt cream and squirt all over your hard thick shaft? Do you want me now when I'm ...

1 Commenti, 21 Visite, 5 Voti ,2.49 Punteggio
rm_Isaac855234 28 U
8  Articoli
四季   12/9/2013

春 吹拂著相戀的氣息 夏 演奏著相遊的旋律 秋 潛伏著相伴的意象 冬 刻畫著相擁的背景

夏天 是順應春天而生 茁壯的活力顯現了春風的滋潤 秋天 是順應夏天而生 隨落的楓葉對應出知了的驟息 冬天 是順應秋天而生 飄蕩的晶形欲豐富枯樹的孤獨 春天 是順應冬天而生 ...

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 5 Voti ,3.14 Punteggio
ShynSweet7778 38 CL
5  Articoli
To Hot To Handle   1/9/2013

The hunger burns deep inside of me longing to feel your touch, my cunt's to hot for you to handle alone. Over and over again you lick and suck on my burning wet cunt making me beg you for more, making me beg you to fuck me with your long hard thick cock. I crave you a like a bitch in heat to take me in a way that makes you want to ravish my cunt in so many different ways. To hot to handle is what ...

1 Commenti, 20 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
SamanthaCl 53 D
3  Articoli
Clipped wings   3/8/2013

That familiar sorrow is here again, swirling through my brain. I really cannot take the strain, not again and again.

I have no right to feel this low, as you are good to me, I know. But through the kindness that you show, I cannot breath! I cannot grow!

I know you do not comprehend, my poor, sweet, innocent friend. But I can't continue and just pretend, so from now on all this ...

4 Commenti, 45 Visite, 7 Voti ,3.04 Punteggio
goodatpoetry2 72 U
0  Articoli
A Lover's Question   20/4/2013

A Lover's Question

Bobby fucked Sally and Sally fucked Joe. Joe fucked Marsha, Who he DIDN'T even know! Marsha fucked Tommy and his crazy friend too! So why the fuck can't I fuck YOU?

Micheal fucked Betty and Betty fucked Bill. Bill fucked Leena, And he's probably fucking her still! Leena fucked Rodger and Rodger fucked Sue. So why the fuck can't I fuck YOU?

Everyone's ...

1 Commenti, 29 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.81 Punteggio
ravens_soulmate 57 D
2  Articoli
The Resonance of Eternity   3/4/2013

Dark clouds gather, moving hastily across a liquid sky. No room for sentiment as they converge in anger, Billowing thickly, black as night. Echoing the despair that lies within.

Lightning speeding through the satanic scene, The scent of sulphur filling the air. Crashing thunderclaps breaking the monotonous silence As they foretell of the desolation to come.

A moment of calm, the ...

0 Commenti, 6 Visite, 3 Voti ,2.94 Punteggio
lickcious 46 U
3  Articoli
morning has broken   19/3/2013


i want to be lying next to you with your naked flesh so warm embraced in my slumber. i want the smell of you next to my breathing, the smell of our love juice. our legs intertwined, your intimate parts caressing mine. i want to lie in bed alone with you in the comforting early morning hours.

1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.81 Punteggio
Teyjj 56 U
24  Articoli
Orgasm Addict   16/3/2013

Growing up as a teenage boy in high school there was a girl I knew, so pretty. They said we’d need a chaperone or to me she’d just be a memory.

Now my mother always want to know why there are all these stains on my jeans. It’s nothing underhand, she wouldn’t understand why I sneak home dirty magazines.

Those pictures of Nikki make my night into day pictures I ...

2 Commenti, 17 Visite, 1 Voti ,2.40 Punteggio
kittykellyfuxs 28 D
22  Articoli
Tip with tip.   12/3/2013

The tip of his tip Slips inside of my silky slit making his presence known Internally I hug his solid member Tightly, as he makes a personal statement Molding my Soft Rose with intricate details.... to blossom and open for only him

2 Commenti, 273 Visite, 9 Voti ,3.00 Punteggio
Vida   4/3/2013

Vivir como una isla, lleno por todas partes de ti, que me rodeas ya presente o distante

con un temblor de luz primera, sin pulir, sin arista de tarde, ni sombra de jardín.

Y ángeles en espejos guardando tu mirada para hacerse verdades y noches estrelladas.

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5  Articoli
Mother   26/2/2013

This was the first poem I ever wrote. I was in fifth grade.

My mother slightly exaggerates, and makes us look quite crazy. We stop to rest from some hard work, and suddenly we're lazy.

One day we had an argument, and I proved it in a book. she didn't actually get mad, But I still ducked her left ...

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hechizada73 50 D
1551  Articoli
...¡¡¡...MMM...SIIII....ASIII...SIIII...MMMMM...!!!...   29/1/2013

Si..así...siii...sí... así quisiera que me amaras, que te enciendas con mis llamaradas, como me enciendo yo con tan solo tu mirada; y me recorras ardiente de norte a sur y me tomes con pasión sin titubear.

Sí...así...sí...siii... así deseo que me explores, que me hagas sentir, extremecer, que provoque en ...

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s0indifferentkk 40 U
12  Articoli
ode to the dick   27/1/2013

Penis breath, a lover抯 dread. Is what you get when you give head. Unpleasent as it tends to be. Be grateful that he doesn抰 pee. It抯 times like this you wonder why. You bother reaching for his fly. But it抯 too late, can抰 be a tease. Accept the facts, get on your knees. You know you抳e got a job to do. So open up and shove it through. Lick the tip then take it all. Don抰 drag your teeth ...

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s0indifferentkk 40 U
12  Articoli
adam and eve   27/1/2013

In the Garden of Eden, As everyone knows, Lives Adam and Eve, Without any clothes.

In this garden, Were two little leaves, One covered Adam's, One covered Eve's.

As the story goes on, Never the less to say, The wind came along, And blew the leaves away.

At the sight, Adam did stare, There was Eve's treasure, All covered with hair.

And wonder came, Under Eve's ...

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hechizada73 50 D
1551  Articoli
....MIS LABIOS EN TÏ....   16/11/2012

Mis labios te recorren lentamente mientras te excitas inmensamente Una inmensa pasión tu placer aumenta y mi boca dulcemente te atormenta. Siento el fuego palpitante, de tu cuerpo vibrante.

Mis labios desciendan suavemente donde más desea tu mente. Tu movimiento excitante, invita a mi boca provocante, reposar en tu perfumada flor para despertar todo tu ...

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ChoclitPieOhMy 40 D
3  Articoli
Prelude   9/11/2012

Foreplay begins before you arrive When you are far away I feel you by my side On my neck and my breast I feel your breath Your hand on my hand as I touch myself Ever so gently stroking my thighs As if automatic they spread open wide Down through the folds and back up the middle Warm wet responses to a sensual riddle Rising and falling in rhythm and time All stresses leaving my body and mind My ...

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4UKittenKatie 53 D
15  Articoli
I WANT YOU…..   9/11/2012

I WANT YOU….. I want to feel your breath hot against my cheek. I want to hear you sigh against my breast. I want to feel the trembling of your chest As you surrender to a deep moan. I want to slip my tongue into places as yet unexplored.

I want to run my fingers through your hair And clench it in my fists as you nibble on soft And ...

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WOWmanArtist 74 U
1  Articolo
My Love Lies Laying   2/11/2012


There is a gorgeous woman laying body to body next to mine On a soft luxurious royal bed of grass so fine We are gazing wondrously into the heavens above As we talk, dream and feel throbs of LOVE In a peaceful sweet sharing recline.

Clouds, clouds and more clouds In regimented myriads o'er head swiftly pass As we chat the day through The minutes, hours, day ...

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sextoybabe77 45 D
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Scent   15/10/2012

her scent was that of a flower as her body quivered with delight the smell of summer floated in the air as she accepted the Whoosh of the cat across her back her Lady smiled and breathed in the slightly sweet smell of fear wafting from the girl's prone body...

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JesPlayin2 68 C
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Visions of a Flower   9/10/2012

Visions of a Flower

I have visions of an invitingly lovely flower Its petals are sparkling with dew Their tips are soft, pink and rounded Beyond they take on a darkening hue The body of the flower is perfectly formed Looking innocently fresh, inviting and new Its aromatic scent, so pungent and sweet Fills my senses through and through This soft, pungent and aromatic flower Is ...

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JesPlayin2 68 C
5  Articoli
Visions of a Flower   26/9/2012

Visions of a Flower

I have visions of an invitingly lovely flower Its petals are sparkling with dew Their tips are soft, pink and rounded Beyond, they take on a darkening hue The body of the flower is perfectly formed Looking innocently fresh, inviting and new Its aromatic scent, so pungent and sweet Fills my senses through and through This soft, pungent and aromatic flower Is spread in ...

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sextoybabe77 45 D
6  Articoli
touch   18/9/2012

she stood silently waiting for her touch the feel of a soft hand sternly putting her in her place the feminine fingers touching her property studying correcting head staring straight ahead the light feel of fingers gliding ....... touching...

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MarcelleRenata 47 T
2  Articoli
Quem sou eu   21/8/2012

Quem sou? Sou a vida Mulher que me soma Sou ela que me toma Amarrada ao cordão da calçada Despida a caminhar

Fico nua pra mim Pra quem quer me ver Na virtualidade perdida Na cama esquecida Do meu outro eu Mas não mais de mim

Eu sei quem sou Agora sei quem sou Sou eu a amarrar o amor Numa teia gigante de dor Saia esvoaçante Andar de mulher

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MarcelleRenata 47 T
2  Articoli
Quero ser Ela   21/8/2012

Sinto minha pele, meus sentidos, minha alma, toda feminina, cada gesto, cada movimento é pura feminilidade. Quero ficar assim o tempo todo no corpo dela, no desejo dela. Ela que me faz assim tão completa tão mulher, tão distraída, tão sem sentido, mas livre e que sonha, que sente e se espalha pela casa. Só ela anda, atravessa o mundo, arrisca o caminhar pelas ...

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whorecurious 62 C
164  Articoli
Lucky Person   4/8/2012

Either pounding or getting pounded When it's time to cum I want to feel you pulsate Make me remember so later I can masturbate

With me you can have a man or a woman I got a cock and a pussy for all loving

Some call me a freak or a hermoprodite But I got a big cock and my pussy is tight

Fill me up and I will do the same I like to fuck and I'm ...

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Rick Lime   30/7/2012

I've never been able to dance. It's down to my posture and stance; I tried a Fox Trot But it was certainly NOT! looking more like a kind of 'Fox-Prance'

Jack's driving is often erratic; and he can't be described as pragmatic. He yelled out - in fear; 'I can't find the gear!' Forgetting his car's automatic...

My brother looks like a whale, with legs instead of a tale; He caused ...

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4UKittenKatie 53 D
15  Articoli
In The Throes of Passion…   27/7/2012

Rain pounding Senses reeling Pulse racing Breathe catching Moan escaping Pace increasing Pelvis crashing Clit humming Scream tearing Now Now. Now!

Bodies entwining Sweat trickling Time stopping Moment expanding No beginni
ng No ending
Together and Alone

Thighs Opened, Smooth wet, Lips spread, His sex ...

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curiousby63 58 T
1  Articolo
True Beauty   23/7/2012

This was sent to me by a wonderful guy met. Every time I read it I get a tear in my eye.

True Beauty April 3rd, 2012, I met Lee Ann and I found a precious jewel. She's like the sweetest little girl on her first day at school. So quickly she has learned, where her true beauty lies. As the butterfly emerges, she's found a sweet surprise.

She's always felt something ...

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JesPlayin2 68 C
5  Articoli
Jes Playin   22/7/2012

Sometimes, life seems to be downright tedious Keeping tight schedules, it's gotten way too serious Sweating to meet those pesky deadlines All the while, dreaming of more pleasant times

For most, their fantasies remain just dreams They are trapped on a treadmill, or so it seems On ocassion we check out of that ratrace maze Finding friends to enjoy lusty, adventurous days

Breaking ...

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sonu86sonu1 31 U
15  Articoli
A Poem About Our Girlfriends   18/7/2012

Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter. Some of their houses will be bigger. Some will drive a better car. Their will do better in school. And their husband will fix more things around the house. So let it go, and love you and your circumstances. Think about it! The prettiest woman in the world can have hell in her heart. The most highly favored ...

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Chatbunny 45 D
4  Articoli
Sand and Shadow   17/7/2012

Waves crash against the shore A serenade of nature To the ones That lay hidden in shadows

A breeze dips and swirls Caressing skin left bare Adding to the sensation Building from heat and passion

Sand moves A hard mattress To those That lay upon it

As passion mounts Focus, is no longer On what surrounds But on each other

Clothing is moved More skin is bared As ...

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rm_ED4FUN56 68 U
2  Articoli
In the moments Truth   16/7/2012

In the Moments Truth

Somehow it makes me feel closer to feel so far away Dancing in and out of your momentary affairs, sharing with me only glimpses of the tender mercies My lustful elocution has that same Hell bent bittersweet South of no North direction Like a samurai facing each other in the death match, there is  In the Moments Truth  a oneness with the enemy without and within

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Clyde30 31 U
2  Articoli
sex poem   13/7/2012

Sex is not wat i seek But i want to make u reach ur highest peak I only want to make love And make u as hot as the sun above So we start kissin while my hands are takin off ur panties Then my fingers are playin with no guarantees Then i kissin ur and started to suck on ur breast Let me c if u can handle my sex test Then u feel it pressin against the pants so u unbutton my pants to c wit it I was ...

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Erato_Plaisir 48 D
2  Articoli
Musings   8/7/2012

Having a name like Erato_Plaisir most people have a somewhat idea who Erato was. I opted to call myself Muse because I too love to create and write erotic poetry. And as a muse I find myself often wondering if I am eliciting an honest reaction to what I have written. I have often been told that I am quite gifted, and I am very flattered by the compliments I have received. I would welcome any ...

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whorecurious 62 C
164  Articoli
From the shit house poet   2/6/2012

I'm really good at jacking off I'm glad that i'v learned how I shot my cum everywhere Your sitting in some now.....

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rm_Chen_Paul 22 U
17  Articoli
惱人..   26/5/2012


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hechizada73 50 D
1551  Articoli

Si tienes tristeza, alégrate; el amor es gozo. Si tienes enemigos, perdónalos; el amor es paz. Si tienes amigos, búscalos; el amor es encuentro. Si tienes pobres a tu lado, ayúdalos; amor es don. Si tienes soberbia, sepúltala; el amor es humildad. Si tienes deseo de apretar una mano, hazlo; amor es deseo. Si tienes necesidad de entrar en ti mismo, ...

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hellSforHeroes 36 U
3  Articoli
The repent   15/5/2012

to longevity as foretold by the anonymity simple

the rented mark meandering a noxious river but of a two mouthed one eared engine

gasping hell savoring sulfur content to repent freely

a blaring evangel indifference of literary verisimilitude

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rm_SLO4PLA 51 U
3  Articoli
LEAH'S STRANGER   20/4/2012


Leah enters the Darkness of the room Her dress drops softly to the floor, Her scent already fills the air From her excitement of what’s in store.

She slowly removes her silk panties Their sensual touch against her skin, Adding to her building anticipation Of what is very soon to begin.

She lies on the satin sheets Her blindfold now in ...

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bogolate 45 U
10  Articoli
November   17/4/2012


I will count nameless days this November

Desperate of missing the weightless wind.

In yellow I shall wane.

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rm_stupeur2012 56 D
1  Articolo
ce n'est pas tous les jours qu'on lui déride les fesses (Brassens)   24/3/2012

La femme qui possède tout en elle Pour donner le goût des fêtes charnelles, La femme qui suscite en nous tant de passion brutale, La femme est avant tout sentimentale . Mais dans la main les longues promenades, Les fleurs, les billets doux, les sèrènades, Les crimes, les foli's que pour ses beaux yeux l'on commet, La transporte, mais...


Quatre-vingt-quinze fois sur ...

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bogolate 45 U
10  Articoli
Requiem for Christa   23/3/2012

Listen closely... Can you hear The requiem echoes inside my body?! Or is there only silence Piercing through our eardrums into your mind? Today I dug a pit inside my flesh TO rest you there... The leaded casket is impaling deeply Through layers of soft tissue Creating crimson streams that flow upwards Towards my broken mind But in their way, they will converge And be diluted in rivers of cold ...

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rm_dualplezur 57 U
2  Articoli
Lust Remembered   16/3/2012

Memories of our erotic union dance in my mind Aroused by thoughts of my hardness entering you from behind

Tingling in my loins as I glide into your warm nest Your luscious ass rocking against me with urgent request

Hungry for your delicious lust upon my lips Tongue caressing a juicy clit, your undulating hips

Silky smooth legs spread wide with pleasure Seducing me ...

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fun69love69 36 C
6  Articoli
The Coupling Of Passion And Erotic Lusts   14/3/2012

A touch of skin soft and slippery, With the hint of hint of sweat. We fought our resistance beneath the cool sheets, As the wind flowed from the window above us. Eyes met briefly and begged for the chance, To abandon all of our uncertainties. You began your work on my lips, Probing gently as if drawing sex, From a deep well of longing and need. Then heated tongues met in the midst, ...

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rm_pacer542 61 U
1  Articolo
roses   9/3/2012

roses are red violets are blue my ring is red because of u

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Teyjj 56 U
24  Articoli
Haunted   2/3/2012

Haunted by the memories, haunted by your sighs,

Haunted by the loveliness in those beautiful, brown eyes

Followed by the memories of the wonderful times we had

Haunted by the arguments that made us both so sad.

Wanting to kiss those lovely lips, wanting to kiss them just once more,

Wishing it was you I see when I come walking through my door. ...

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Licks068 49 U
2  Articoli
IT'S Better To Have Loved And Lost Then Never loved at all   29/2/2012

IT'S BETTER TO HAVE LOVED AND LOST THEN NEVER LOVED AT ALL BUT IS IT ???? IS it better to Hear the laughter of the birds chirping and LOSE All that or NEVER have Heard it at ALL. IS IT Better to see the Beauty of a Sun Rise, Set Flowers in Bloom AND Lose all That OR NEVER HAVE SEEN THAT AT ALL. IS it Better to Smell amoral OF Flowers the Bouquet The Sent of A fresh Rain and LOSE ALL THAT OR ...

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kattykat69 39 C
1  Articolo
site poem lol   22/2/2012

People think this site is for dating and long term relationships...but really its for fun, fucking, and shit... I like it site, it gives me what I want, and need, I can get titty fucked, ass fucked or swallow some seed... this isnt a place where u get romanced and bloomed, its a place were soon u need a room!! lol

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Teyjj 56 U
24  Articoli
Ride"em Cowgirls   15/2/2012

Ride them little cowgirl Dig them spurs in deep Lock those knees to keep from falling And make your cowboy weep.

If you want you can climb off There's other things you can do, Like put your feet behind your head Give me a different view.

Now it's your turn little cowgirl Lay down upon your back, Let me show I can be as good as you When we're rolling in the sack.

Let's ...

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