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Hookup, Hitta Sex eller Träffa Någon Het Nu

May help   2021-02-14

Carrots, kale and spinach may help to prevent rectal cancer.

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Health   2020-11-12

Always stay healthy

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Illbcnu6996 35 M
5  Artiklar
Fasting   2020-08-09

does fasting to just 1 or 2 meals a help with libido?

1 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 3 Röster ,3.92 Resultat
Illbcnu6969 36 M
9  Artiklar
Lowered stamina   2020-06-12

Came back from a deployment several months ago and csnt seem to regain my stamina. Cant last as long as i used to. Any help?

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SarahLem80 40 K
2  Artiklar
Testing   2020-06-05

How often do you get tested? I’m finding it hard to get appointments at the moment. Normally try after every couple of partners

3 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 9 Röster ,4.71 Resultat
tripod2014 52 M
15  Artiklar
Crazy times....   2020-04-28

Be safe, keep it wrapped and once things calm down then its time to have fun.

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oznog1202 67 M
2  Artiklar
Sex and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)   2020-04-05

Sex and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) <br><br> All New Yorkers should stay home and minimize contact with others to reduce the spread of COVID-19. <br><br> But can you have sex? Here are some tips for how to enjoy sex and to avoid spreading COVID-19. <br><br> 1. Know how COVID-19 spreads. • You can get COVID-19 from a person who has it. o The virus ...

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Timlansley15 35 M
1  Artikel
Massage Experiences   2020-03-08

Having had fantastic experiences with massages, I thought will see what every one else thinks about massages. <br><br> I am fan of all sorts of massages. Been a member of massage exchange have had lots of fun with different types of people and different styles of massages. Although I love all the different styles but my personal favourite is 'Tantric massage'. ...

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.86 Resultat
Lundsirftumhara 34 M
4  Artiklar
Health and fitness   2020-02-08

Health and fitness is very important for sex and daily life as well as If you down in your health then how can you do sex or enjoy your life No girl and your partner also will not with you As with good health nothing b is there so start doing exercises and relate it to your sex life and enjoy the things

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Lundsirftumhara 34 M
4  Artiklar
Health and fitness   2020-02-08

Health and fitness is very important for sex and daily life as well as If you down in your health then how can you do sex or enjoy your life No girl and your partner also will not with you As with good health nothing b is there so start doing exercises and relate it to your sex life and enjoy the things

0 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 2 Röster ,0.34 Resultat
luvtolicurkity 56 M
5  Artiklar
trollin for points   2020-02-02

thats all

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
TucsonBoneAlone 57 M
34  Artiklar
cleanse!   2020-01-31

Thanking lucky stars, I began to rotate thumb as I began slowly thrusting cock in-and-out of her pussy. Still waiting a complaint about thumb, all I got was another moan. We sat there slowly in front of the mirrors just a minute when she turned her head and looked back out of the corner of her eye and said, "I know you want ass. So just take it. We only have a few minutes so just ...

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TucsonBoneAlone 57 M
34  Artiklar
cleanse!   2020-01-31

Thanking lucky stars, I began to rotate thumb as I began slowly thrusting cock in-and-out of her pussy. Still waiting a complaint about thumb, all I got was another moan. We sat there slowly in front of the mirrors just a minute when she turned her head and looked back out of the corner of her eye and said, "I know you want ass. So just take it. We only have a few minutes so just ...

1 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.86 Resultat
HornyDirtSoul 54 M
4  Artiklar
Masturbation   2020-01-29

I have read and seen in where it is medically backed that masturbation on a regular basis for men promotes good prostate Health. <br><br> I was wondering if anyone has this, well mutual masturbation as a form of safe ? kindof you give a helping hand and I'll give you ... I have always found it exciting and very educational watch a woman please herself as she is watching . ...

1 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 3 Röster ,4.41 Resultat
what about   2020-01-16

how healthy can one be

0 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 7 Röster ,1.51 Resultat
HornyDirtSoul 54 M
4  Artiklar
Health Plans   2020-01-13

over the past few years the company I work for has setup medical accounts, MRA, that they contibute to for you. if you do different things they will put in so much through out the year like every month or every quarter if you do this you get this much put in. <br><br> was just wondering if a lot of other company plans are going to this or not. A lot of the things they want you to ...

0 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 11 Röster ,2.98 Resultat
Staying fit   2020-01-07

Hey AdultFriendFinder community, just checking in say hello. What does everyone do stay fit!

2 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 16 Röster ,3.27 Resultat
AravGupt007 29 M
4  Artiklar
Health is Wealth, Although its old but factual   2020-01-07

Healthy body refers overall well being that is physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Good health is the key happiness. A healthy body is free from any disease and is very positive in attitude. Only when a person is healthy then he/ she can do things properly. Good health can be achieved by doing exercises, eating healthy, having proper sleep, and drinking lots of water, etc. ...

2 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 13 Röster ,2.47 Resultat
Guitarhe1 31 M
4  Artiklar
Rodney Dangerfield   2020-01-03

Health is important.

1 Kommentarer, 2 Besök, 1 Röster ,5.00 Resultat
leo158204 30 M
2  Artiklar
奶頭   2020-01-02

妳的顏色 <br><br> 跟她一樣嗎.

1 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.62 Resultat
simonsays130 54 M
8  Artiklar
NEW YEAR   2019-12-28

Health is all about moderation with food balance and fitness. Just enough to oil the human body and finally just as important a mental positive attitude.

1 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 16 Röster ,3.72 Resultat
luv2_69urkitty 52 M
5  Artiklar
Health?   2019-12-28

I wish I had a healthy of points

2 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 18 Röster ,3.94 Resultat
HeavyDirtyM69 54 M
2  Artiklar
Masturbation/Wet Dreams   2019-12-22

I was reading in a blog where it was asked how old you were the first time you masturbated to orgasm. from looking through most of the replyes were saying -.. maybe I'm a late bloomer or something but hell I didn't have my first wet dream till I was and then didn't masturbate for the first time till I was 18 and in the military. <br><br> I didn't masturbate much as ...

0 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 12 Röster ,1.74 Resultat
kitttylickr69 56 M
5  Artiklar
Looking for a healthy   2019-12-20

of points

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 1 Röster
69kittylicr 56 M
6  Artiklar
I need a healthy   2019-12-15

of points!

0 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 5 Röster
GarrettTsuji 32 M
0  Artiklar
Be vulnerable!   2019-12-12

Okay, something I have to get off my chest as I find it affecting a huge percentage of the general population. A lot of my own inner-circle of friends have this toxic masculinity about them. Most of them are proud of this notion. The aspect of being the MAN, that only MEN rule, MEN form, MEN create, etc. It's total -shit. The inhibition of emotion is cancerous, so I've come to realize. ...

3 Kommentarer, 67 Besök, 39 Röster ,2.99 Resultat
Flguy34654 46 M
7  Artiklar
Torn meniscus   2019-12-12

Hey everyone. Has anyone gone through surgery for a torn meniscus ? If so, what was your recovery and rehab like? I’ve heard back up and running the next day to weeks of rehab. Let me know. Thanks!

3 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 25 Röster ,2.14 Resultat
exhaustion   2019-12-07

it's what you get obtaining points here

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.12 Resultat
Diet pills   2019-11-29

What do you think about diet pills?

9 Kommentarer, 87 Besök, 59 Röster ,1.59 Resultat
Ejaculation Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer   2019-11-26

I've read several interesting articles on this. <br><br>

4 Kommentarer, 55 Besök, 43 Röster ,4.44 Resultat
6Goodateatnu9 56 M
5  Artiklar
I need a healthy   2019-11-18

supply of points..

1 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.79 Resultat
points   2019-11-18


0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
Eating pussy   2019-11-14

The absolute best form of fire play

0 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.49 Resultat
9Goodatbnbad6 56 M
6  Artiklar
A healthy life   2019-11-14

depends on points

3 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 14 Röster ,3.14 Resultat
clitoris   2019-11-10

First things first: the vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, period. In fact, a study of more than 1, 000 women in 20 revealed that percent of ladies can orgasm through vaginal intercourse alone. So when you're having sex, you want spend as much time stimulating her clitoris as possible. <br><br> Some sex positions make it easier to do this than ...

5 Kommentarer, 102 Besök, 56 Röster ,3.52 Resultat
this is funny   2019-11-10

Great Sex Tips for Men Talk about sex. As time passes in a relationship, it's easy get into a rut and just go through the motions, rather than express what you want (and need) in bed. ... Eat healthy. ... Do your household chores. ... Exercise. ... But don't overdo it. ... In fact, work together. ... Abstain a bit. ... Plan for sex.

4 Kommentarer, 53 Besök, 35 Röster ,3.41 Resultat
ohyeah2143 66 M
1  Artikel
beet Root   2019-11-10

anyone adding beet root powder to their diet for stronger and bigger erections?

0 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 5 Röster ,0.86 Resultat
How often   2019-11-09

How often do people go for a std check? One a month if your are sexually actively ? If not sexually actively then only when you have sex ?? How old where you the first time you went be checked ??

1 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 25 Röster ,3.35 Resultat
MsCake2020 33 K
1  Artikel
Clean hands!   2019-11-07

Welp! It’s that time of year again. The time of year where germs and bacteria spread like wildfire. But it could all be prevented with hand washing. The proper technique is to vigorously rub your hands under warm water with soap for 20 seconds. If done properly, this will eliminate germs and bacteria that have shacked up on your hands. <br><br> I get that this is a topic folks ...

5 Kommentarer, 56 Besök, 38 Röster ,3.90 Resultat
points   2019-11-07


2 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 16 Röster ,1.07 Resultat
angelcool555 36 K
2  Artiklar
Benefits of physical activity   2019-11-05

Benefits of physical activity Benefits of physical activity include: <br><br> strong bones, joints and muscles healthy heart and lungs improved coordination, strength, muscle control and flexibility maintaining a healthy body weight less risk of disease later in life. Active are also more likely to: <br><br> have higher levels of confidence and belonging sleep better at ...

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
thoughts   2019-11-05

What are some of the things that people use to make sure that their health is in good standing? do you get checked regulalry, stay protected, limit partners? All the things that seem to be common sense or is there something that people tend to do that maybe I have not read or heard of?

1 Kommentarer, 32 Besök, 26 Röster ,2.49 Resultat
Healthy health   2019-11-05

Its easy! Greens fruits low carbs high protein yuh!

1 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 14 Röster ,1.54 Resultat
stud3294 28 M
7  Artiklar
Do you masterbate ab hour or so before a date?   2019-11-01

Do you ever masterbate ab hour or so before a date? whether to last longer, or help clear your mind.

1 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 11 Röster ,2.79 Resultat
Vasectomy ---- not just a pretty name   2019-10-27

Not sure when you are ready have your vasectomy. I had mine at 42... 22 years too late. I would say, if you're and you don't want ... just do it. Seriously. Anyone thinks you will change your mind. Screw them. You're an adult. <br><br> And why is it cool rescue dogs but not adopt . If you do fall in love and your wife/girlfriend or whoever wants make a bady. Ask ...

5 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 19 Röster ,2.07 Resultat
What would be more Healthy   2019-10-27

would be to not require points to or only 1 point to like the old days

0 Kommentarer, 2 Besök, 2 Röster ,0.34 Resultat
Health   2019-10-25

Be safe and be healthy

0 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 12 Röster ,0.86 Resultat
workout   2019-10-19

it is a workout to even get points here so can chat with people

2 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 4 Röster ,4.41 Resultat
How do you stay in shape   2019-10-17

Whats your favorite form of exercice? How do you stay in shape?

4 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 16 Röster ,1.36 Resultat
I like to keep   2019-10-16

A healthy number of points on hand..

1 Kommentarer, 10 Besök, 9 Röster ,1.07 Resultat
Always remember   2019-10-15

To keep a healthy number of points banked.. They come in handy

0 Kommentarer, 2 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.12 Resultat
riggs1234519 38 M
1  Artikel
me   2019-10-13

its always good maintain a healthy releansionship

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
3  Artiklar
What are the best fruits that enhance sexual performance   2019-10-12

I have always read that blue berries, pomegranate, and kiwi.

3 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 19 Röster ,1.67 Resultat
Jbob17011 31 M
6  Artiklar
Stamina   2019-10-11

Any good ways to build up your stamina, just working out I assume?

1 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 11 Röster ,0.92 Resultat
Needfunu2 51 M
6  Artiklar
Allergic to latex?? Safe sex?   2019-10-10

Having trouble finding slternatives latex condoms. Any advice?

1 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.59 Resultat
Prylo193 40 M
5  Artiklar
Points   2019-10-07

Sorry just posting for the points.. have a good one and good luck

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 9 Röster ,0.86 Resultat
I always feel healthier   2019-09-30

When I have a large of points I can use..

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 1 Röster ,3.70 Resultat
Pullmytrigger56 52 M
7  Artiklar
Fun   2019-09-29

Everybody wants fun yet nobody wants fun it seems.if they did we b in shape I guess

0 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 14 Röster ,1.38 Resultat
There are Herpes Groups.. but dead ones   2019-09-29

I'm a member of several herpes groups. They are pretty inactive. Are other groups just as inactive? Does the STI community hide out here. I would think these groups would be flourishing with participation. Not even close.

3 Kommentarer, 32 Besök, 14 Röster ,1.86 Resultat
Pullmytrigger56 52 M
7  Artiklar
Gold   2019-09-28

I love finding gold not paying for it

0 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.27 Resultat
pulled muscle   2019-09-27

Does anyone know how to help the lower back get loose? I pulled my lower back and have tried heat and ice and stretching. Any advice would be appreciated.

1 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.27 Resultat
blitz7422 28 M
5  Artiklar
stds   2019-09-26

People there are more cures for most stds now a days, but that doesn't mean you can ditch the condoms.

0 Kommentarer, 12 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
ajaya533 34 M
1  Artikel
Having sound sleep improves your sex life   2019-09-24

Does having a sound sleep improve your sex life?

4 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 14 Röster ,2.82 Resultat
swingly4dickens 46 M
1  Artikel
Why there is basically no benefit to disclosure   2019-09-13

As an HIV positive bisexual that has enjoyed living a "swinger" type lifestyle all my life, it certainly has been devastating to have contracted the HIV virus and have that part of my life suddenly snatched away. Especially at a time when, due to medical advances there is no reason that should be so. HIV is no longer the lethal pestilence it once was. It is controlled by pills that ...

2 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 4 Röster ,1.69 Resultat
Chucky63 60 M
1  Artikel
Staying In Shape over 55   2019-09-05

Folks, I went to gym each day and hear many much younger claim there all ways sore and weak. Having been in USMC over 12 years and retire from Law Enforcement in Dec 2018. I think today Youth all ways find reasons to fail. I still hit Gym 6 Days A week one body part and ran 4 times a week. Just look at any gym , your see over 90% texting , talking on Cell Vs Work out . !!!!!!!!!!

0 Kommentarer, 28 Besök, 18 Röster ,0.81 Resultat
duro_734 38 M
4  Artiklar
El modo correcto de usar el condón masculino   2019-09-04

B]Condón: qué hacer y qué no hacer <br><br> USE condón siempre que tenga relaciones sexuales. COLÓQUESE el condón antes de tener relaciones sexuales. LEA las instrucciones del paquete y compruebe la fecha de vencimiento. CERCIÓRESE de que el condón no tenga defectos o roturas. GUARDE los condones en un lugar fresco y seco. USE condones de látex o poliuretano. UTILICE ...

1 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 18 Röster ,0.67 Resultat
points   2019-08-28

points points points points points points points

0 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 4 Röster ,1.30 Resultat
am it the only one   2019-08-25

I tend to not sleep and i find myself on here a lot..anyone else have the issue

1 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 19 Röster ,2.99 Resultat
how to get fit   2019-08-21

eat lean protein and fats only. no carbs. jerk off 4 times a day. lift heavy weights. repeat for 6 months.

0 Kommentarer, 29 Besök, 21 Röster ,2.75 Resultat
Better Sex as You Age   2019-08-06

Sex can be a powerful emotional experience and a great tool for protecting or improving health, and it’s certainly not for the young. The need for intimacy is ageless. And studies now confirm that no matter what your gender, you can enjoy sex for as long as you wish. Naturally, sex at 70 or 80 may not be like it is at 20 or 30—but in some ways it can be better. <br><br> As an ...

2 Kommentarer, 49 Besök, 29 Röster ,1.84 Resultat
RobDavenport 61 M
8  Artiklar
Exercise and libido   2019-07-30

It is commonly known that you can increase your sex drive and overall satisfaction with your sex life through exercise; no matter what your age. In addition reducing stress, exercise releases endorphins, improves body image and confidence. It can also positively impact your hormones. <br><br> Regular cardiovascular exercise is particularly good for increasing the libido. It aids in ...

6 Kommentarer, 59 Besök, 38 Röster ,2.41 Resultat
rocky50504 56 M
8  Artiklar
The only way to good health is sex   2019-07-29

good health comes from having great sex what do you think ?????

3 Kommentarer, 37 Besök, 28 Röster ,2.11 Resultat
RobDavenport 61 M
8  Artiklar
Erectile dysfunction (ED) common sense   2019-07-25

We all have seen (too many) ads on TV and in magazines trumpeting treatments for erectile dysfunction . But it’s important to be aware that many men can ease, or even reverse ED by making simple lifestyle changes; such as losing excess weight and quitting smoking. By making these changes they are also likely to boost their overall health and reduce their chances of developing diabetes, ...

4 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 27 Röster ,2.29 Resultat
Use condoms   2019-07-24

Latex, polyurethane, and polyisoprene condoms can help prevent many STDs if they are used correctly. Condoms made of lambskin do not work well to prevent STDs, including HIV/AIDs. <br><br> Condoms do not protect against infections spread from sores on the skin not covered by a condom (such as the base of the penis or scrotum). Couples having sex must always use condoms to protect ...

0 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 23 Röster ,3.01 Resultat
need more points   2019-07-18

points points points points points points points.

0 Kommentarer, 0 Besök, 0 Röster
Openfriendships 48 P
1  Artikel
Keep it clean.   2019-07-15

Body hygiene...shave hair for less smell...drink lots of water day before...sweat will be fresh...and shower after shaving and going

4 Kommentarer, 59 Besök, 40 Röster ,2.92 Resultat
Wolfenstein52 40 M
7  Artiklar
Do you love to have fit women do things u didnt think possible   2019-07-14

I'd love to have a female whom works or is strong do some new shit like a handstand or some fitness moves during sex.... why not get a workout and an orgasim

2 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 27 Röster ,2.61 Resultat
alephpeter2018 64 M
13  Artiklar
CADA VEZ MAS....   2019-07-05

En la actualidad cada vez más personas se estan infectando de VIH y de hepatisis "C", no me explico porque les gana la calentura, tan fácil que es colocarse un condón como parte del juego sexual, vieran lo divertido que es, se hace el momento más prolongado, mientras te colocan un condón puedes estar acariciando, dedeando, besando donde alcances, en sí no es el momento de ...

0 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 22 Röster ,1.44 Resultat
ttk209 33 M
6  Artiklar
Health is great and all   2019-06-26

Points are just as great though.

0 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.47 Resultat
billfla5 71 M
8  Artiklar
Being healthy   2019-06-21

With everything these days about what is good for you and not. Reading about so many items make you think about what to eat. For like to eat what I have been for years and have no problem with that, being a picky eater I eat what I like and the bottom line ...what may be healthy for one might not be for another, choose what you like don't over eat and enjoy!!!

1 Kommentarer, 29 Besök, 26 Röster ,2.27 Resultat
maxd90s 29 M
1  Artikel
sexualidad   2019-06-10

sexualidad es el conjunto de condiciones que caracterizan el sexo de cada persona o animal. Desde el punto de vista histórico cultural, es el conjunto de fenómenos emocionales, de conducta y de prácticas asociadas a la búsqueda de emoción sexual, que marcan de manera decisiva al ser humano en todas y cada una de las fases determinantes de su desarrollo. Durante siglos se consideró que la ...

0 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 19 Röster ,2.33 Resultat
points   2019-06-09

need more points.

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.47 Resultat
kickCGandDG521 38 P
6  Artiklar
Apples   2019-06-01

Does an apple a day truly keep the doc away?

5 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 34 Röster ,2.61 Resultat
DeepThrusting402 35 M
6  Artiklar
Lambdskin   2019-05-31

What's the deal with some people suggesting the use of Lambskin? Last time I checked they are permeable condoms, with microscopic holes that can all the transmission of disease and sperm.....latex only, sorry but not sorry.

0 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.19 Resultat
WineForCandy 40 K
14  Artiklar
True Job   2019-05-28 <br><br> This is for a long term caregiver Lexington 2 hours three times per week home care plus an eventual full 7 hour day on the 3rd (or 1st or 2nd etc if the 3rd lands on the weekend) of chores and driving me to my errands, and as needed(on call) starting in June. $500 per month. I'm having ...

1 Kommentarer, 32 Besök, 21 Röster ,2.38 Resultat
NRDay 26 M
7  Artiklar
Stay healthy   2019-05-27

Drink milk

2 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 24 Röster ,2.22 Resultat
Terfish12345 33 M
3  Artiklar
For some reason   2019-05-05

I dont gain or lose weight unless i dont eat at all but i love eating

2 Kommentarer, 49 Besök, 36 Röster ,2.12 Resultat
What are some health tips you can recommend?   2019-04-28

I’m currently in the process of trying to shred some weight off. I have a weight loss goal of 0lbs in total. Any good sound serious advice is definitely appreciated.

1 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 10 Röster ,1.59 Resultat
points   2019-04-23

points points points

4 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 33 Röster ,2.69 Resultat
lindnay 42 K
2  Artiklar
She lived for 99 years with organs in all the wrong places and never knew it   2019-04-08

On an early spring day in 2018, the faint smell of formaldehyde floating in the air, 26-year-old medical student Warren Nielsen and four of his classmates prepped a cadaver in the chilly dissection lab at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. <br><br> © Provided by Cable News Network, Inc. Similar groups of five gathered around bodies on the other tables in the anatomy ...

0 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.23 Resultat
Aches and pains   2019-04-07

Joints ache, try fish oil it can be helpful if you use it long term

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 3 Röster ,0.98 Resultat
jackswallowsit 66 M
5  Artiklar
Here's what a straight guy once told me ...   2019-04-06

The first time a straight man gets head from a male cocksucker they thinks it's kinda weird. The second time they still are apprehensive. The next 1000 times are pure pleasure for them.

2 Kommentarer, 64 Besök, 36 Röster ,1.51 Resultat
yesitsverybig 36 M
2  Artiklar
dont masturbate too much   2019-03-27

i read the other day if we do it too much it will affect our prostate. we all know how about can be for guys. try to limit it to only a few times a week

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.81 Resultat
6  Artiklar
El placer   2019-03-19

En una relación sexual un tabú muy cotidiano es si usa condón no es lo mismo, pero hay que saber que no solo con el pene se da placer por eso podemos ejercitar los dedos =), hay que recordar que en esta comunidad somos muy activos y si uno esta enfermo a muchos nos puede contagiar.

0 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 28 Röster ,0.57 Resultat
822231478 38 M
1  Artikel
Razor Burn help!!   2019-03-18

I'm certain i am not the only one who has been in this situation... <br><br> So you are getting yourself all ready to play.. and who doesn't love nice shaved naughty bits?? So you jump in the shower and lather up and break out your mach3 and do some manscaping.. done and done... <br><br> You go out and do the deed and it's delightful.. <br><br> Now ...

4 Kommentarer, 72 Besök, 46 Röster ,1.51 Resultat
really important   2019-03-17

healthy folks have better sex lives.. need to exercise and sleep and eat well <br><br> and have sex a lot

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
jackswallowsit 66 M
5  Artiklar
Anyone tried Gainswave?   2019-03-15

Wondering if anyone has tried the new GainsWave .. or similar 'acoustic sound wave' therapy is meant to help treat and 'cure' ED. <br><br> It's not covered by insurance, is relatively costly. trying to find out if there is anyone who has experiences to share. thinking about trying it.

4 Kommentarer, 58 Besök, 32 Röster ,1.74 Resultat
cjslip 58 M
11  Artiklar
whats up   2019-02-26

is it healthy to be single

6 Kommentarer, 45 Besök, 26 Röster ,0.65 Resultat
MajorEagle4 28 M
3  Artiklar
POINTS!   2019-02-17

Its just for the points! Free points!

7 Kommentarer, 40 Besök, 24 Röster ,1.99 Resultat
stevefun2bwith 59 M
9  Artiklar
Your Sexual Health   2019-02-15

Sexual health. For some people any sex topic is off-limits. But others, including the World Health Organization, consider sexual health an essential dimension of human health and well-being. From concern over how to have comfortable, enjoyable sex to questions about testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and their prevention, many important topics come under the broad umbrella of ...

2 Kommentarer, 49 Besök, 23 Röster ,1.73 Resultat
Mental strength   2019-02-09

One day Fear came waking up the street looking for a home to terrify. Fear saw a home that it thought would do just fine. Fear walked up the walkway and rang the bell. From inside, Faith went to the door, opened it, and no one was there.

0 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 18 Röster ,1.21 Resultat
ifightnerdz 37 M
3  Artiklar
How to: Clean Anal sex   2019-02-02

Fellow anal obsessed pervs, kinksters , and deviants, <br><br> More than a few people have requested I re-post of the "How to: Clean Anal Sex" blurb from Tumblr. I took some time to edit and supplement it with additional information. Here you are. You are welcome. <br><br> Having enjoyable anal sex does not come naturally for everyone. There are many human ...

3 Kommentarer, 73 Besök, 29 Röster ,2.14 Resultat
hardbuddy4fun 43 M
2  Artiklar
L-arginine   2019-01-30

Has anyone tried this amino acid supplement and noticed results? I've only taken it occasionally but have noticed a fuller penis when limp and hard.

3 Kommentarer, 42 Besök, 17 Röster ,1.99 Resultat
Lookin4dic69 42 M
8  Artiklar
Healthy eating   2019-01-30

Does healthy eating better your sex life ??

2 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 19 Röster ,2.73 Resultat
StripedAgenda 55 P
1  Artikel
Cancer   2019-01-30

21 HOURS AGO__KRISTIN HOUSER__FILED UNDER: HEALTH & MEDICINE Cure All An Israeli pharmaceutical company is claiming it will have a “complete cure for cancer” within the next year. <br><br> The company is Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies (AEBi), and based on the claims of its board chairman Dan Aridor, the treatment it’s working on sounds nothing short of revolutionary. ...

2 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 8 Röster ,0.70 Resultat
jwilk123 27 M
1  Artikel
Health   2019-01-22


1 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 11 Röster ,0.92 Resultat
Shaving   2019-01-17

Do women prefer clean shaven or just trimmed ?

4 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 15 Röster ,2.52 Resultat
bradwatchesu4fun 49 M
3  Artiklar
friday!   2019-01-11

ok send us out on a good note, whose got a good one!!!

0 Kommentarer, 1 Besök, 1 Röster ,3.70 Resultat
anyone into ass eating?   2018-12-30

"ass eating" or "booty eating" or "rimming" is not normal even today i believe. Anyone who tries it regularly and knows any health hazards that have been faced? its tempting, forbidden. dirty and feels like worth trying. but am still skeptic about it... experiences please...

3 Kommentarer, 52 Besök, 26 Röster ,1.19 Resultat
What are some good eating habits you get into?   2018-12-14

I’d like to know that for future endeavors

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 4 Röster ,1.69 Resultat
Lookin4dic69 42 M
8  Artiklar
Rock Hard Cock   2018-12-05

Does anyone know how to maintain a rock hard Cock ?

4 Kommentarer, 66 Besök, 29 Röster ,2.14 Resultat
ShaunaODorothy 51 T
15  Artiklar
Foods that May Help Boost Estrogen and Testosterone Levels   2018-12-02

For years, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that heart disease is the leading cause of death among Americans; in fact, in 2015 heart disease accounted for one in every four deaths. Although there are several types of heart disease, the most common is coronary artery disease (CAD), an accumulation of cholesterol and other substances along arterial walls. This ...

2 Kommentarer, 52 Besök, 29 Röster ,4.95 Resultat
Oralnimfo69 45 M
4  Artiklar
Which would YOU choose?!   2018-11-23

If you woke up tomorrow and were going to play with someone you met for the first time, and you could either 1) take a shower or 2) brush your teeth...but NOT both, which would you choose???

8 Kommentarer, 58 Besök, 36 Röster ,3.07 Resultat
stevetripod 29 M
8  Artiklar
Health   2018-11-20

Working out, no unhealthy carbs or sugars, plenty of sleep

2 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 29 Röster ,2.44 Resultat
tannermann2013 56 P
4  Artiklar
Tips for better sleep   2018-11-19

1. Identify your sleep needs - to you better on 7 or 9 hours sleep. Find out what works for you. 2. What you eat matters these things to close to bed time can effect your sleep; 3.caffeine, heavy dinners, alcohol. Know your sleep cycles - make sure your are getting your REM sleep 4. Screen time like watching porn on our laptops, smartphones, TV and tablets is culprit of poor sleep. 5. Take a nap ...

2 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 30 Röster ,3.53 Resultat
Work out   2018-10-22

Any workout peeps around? Trying to improve my body! Would like to be safe while trying to gain some mass.

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 2 Röster ,3.12 Resultat
mafunguy2017 38 M
6  Artiklar
STD   2018-10-21

just beware of STDs anytime you engage in sexual contact, there is the risk of contracting an STD you might have a small scrape in ur mouth, a chipped tooth, a skin abrasion and never assume that other people are clean, they might be infected and now know it

1 Kommentarer, 50 Besök, 30 Röster ,3.14 Resultat
protestant8104 42 M
10  Artiklar
Hahaha   2018-10-12

One apple a day keeps the doctor away

4 Kommentarer, 54 Besök, 33 Röster ,3.79 Resultat
Doing it for the points   2018-10-10

Got to get me some more points

8 Kommentarer, 54 Besök, 33 Röster ,5.26 Resultat
LESS   2018-10-07


1 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 19 Röster ,1.15 Resultat
LESS   2018-10-07


1 Kommentarer, 23 Besök, 14 Röster ,2.50 Resultat
LESS   2018-10-07


2 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.09 Resultat
trellos4u2 37 M
9  Artiklar
points   2018-10-05

for points

3 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.74 Resultat
funbradwatchesu2 49 M
5  Artiklar
what do do when it reains   2018-09-26

tried the stationary bike but that was boring, need to know what to do when inside.

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
Maintain a healthy weight   2018-08-22

Hard the older we get.. Metabolism slows gotta jump start it with frequent cardio workouts.. More than just sex lol

7 Kommentarer, 53 Besök, 32 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
luvgluv19 75 M
28  Artiklar
Clean all the way back there people   2018-08-07

If it is going to be quick sex and you are simply using a wash cloth to rinse off. Go ALLLL the way back to your anus and scrub that also. A sour booty smell does not encourage mouth and tongue action. It only takes a couple of more seconds to be known as a sweet and sweet smelling partner and not a sour puss

1 Kommentarer, 45 Besök, 31 Röster ,3.62 Resultat
ModernGent2223 37 M
4  Artiklar
pineapple   2018-07-22

Does pineapple or diet in general signficnatly affect the taste of cum? I haven't noticed any difference

489 Kommentarer, 1685 Besök, 490 Röster ,6.15 Resultat
sexaddictdon 66 M
31  Artiklar
Sex as medicine..   2018-07-20

Tuesday morning, while meeting with a friend at Starbucks on Westwood Blvd, my attempted good deed was thwarted by an attack by a homeless guy. Okay, maybe he was not homeless. Yet his backpack, small bag, older laptop chrome book styled computer and nothing resembling a Starbucks purchase on his table led me to believe that.
<br><br> Well other than getting my finger bit by this ...

4 Kommentarer, 83 Besök, 46 Röster ,3.59 Resultat
Rockyvn0090 28 M
1  Artikel
Sex is an important factor in your life   2018-07-12

Sex and sexuality are a part of life. Aside from reproduction, sex can be about intimacy and pleasure. Sexual activity, penile-vaginal intercourse (PV, or masturbation, can offer many surprising benefits to all facets of your life: physical intellectual emotional psychological social Sexual health is more than avoiding diseases and unplanned pregnancies. It’s also about recognizing that sex ...

6 Kommentarer, 56 Besök, 28 Röster ,4.37 Resultat
tatik22 62 M
2  Artiklar
Kúpele   2018-07-09

... \ 8Chodil som často do kúpeľov, tam si radi ženy zašukajú, skúsia oko chutí inný penis. Turčianské Teplice, tretí deň po nástupe , večer hudba zábava tanec trocha vinka, sedela oproti mne o stôl ďalej, pekná mladá , menšie poprsie max.2č. Požiadal som ju o tenec (som parketový lev vo Vyškove som tancoval polo profesionalne za , nem. klub"vznášala sa eko pierko ...

1 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 8 Röster ,1.39 Resultat
sam197pulsar 37 M
84  Artiklar
foods that provide health benefits.   2018-06-01

Foods high in antioxidants such as blueberries, carrots and leafy dark green vegetables are brain nutrient powerhouses. Seeds and nuts like ground flaxseeds, walnuts and almonds are additional foods that provide health benefits.

3 Kommentarer, 41 Besök, 23 Röster ,2.78 Resultat
sam197pulsar 37 M
84  Artiklar
improve blood circulation   2018-06-01

Cold water causes your blood to rush towards your organs, hot water causes it to move to the skin. Thus, switching between hot and cold water can improve blood circulation throughout the body.

4 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 16 Röster ,2.83 Resultat
sam197pulsar 37 M
84  Artiklar
Green tea can even help with weight loss   2018-06-01

Green tea does contain small amount of caffeine, but nowhere near as much as coffee.

4 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 12 Röster ,1.92 Resultat
sam197pulsar 37 M
84  Artiklar
green tea slows down the growth of cancer cells.   2018-06-01

green tea can reduce cholesterol levels, thus lowering the risk of heart also believed to slow down the growth of cancer cells.

1 Kommentarer, 10 Besök, 7 Röster ,1.77 Resultat
sam197pulsar 37 M
84  Artiklar
green tea can prevent food poisoning   2018-06-01

The anti-oxidant properties can also kill bacteria, which means that green tea can prevent food poisoning and even fights tooth decay.

2 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 11 Röster ,1.48 Resultat
sam197pulsar 37 M
84  Artiklar
Brown rice   2018-06-01

Brown rice contains essential minerals and B-vitamins needed to balance your mood. It also provides slow-release energy to balance your blood sugar levels, which helps to prevent mood swings and dips in energy levels.

2 Kommentarer, 12 Besök, 9 Röster ,2.14 Resultat
sam197pulsar 37 M
84  Artiklar
Oats   2018-06-01

Oats contain high amounts of important B-vitamins to help stabilize your mood. Nutrients and slow-release energy provided by oats help to prevent the mood swings and irritability often associated with depression.

1 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 3 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
sexercise   2018-05-29

whats your best position for getting sexcercise.

6 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 25 Röster ,2.25 Resultat
Pelvic Floor Tension   2018-05-16

I’m wondering how prevalent this is to all AdultFriendFinder folks.... <br><br> I sometimes have a very tight and tense pelvic floor, around the base of the penis and taint area. It can be uncomfortable at times, aggravated by sitting too long. Stretching seems to be the only way to treat it, but looking for your experience and success. From what I’ve read on the internet, this is a m/f ...

0 Kommentarer, 36 Besök, 23 Röster ,2.89 Resultat
swimming   2018-05-15

how many people use swimming for weight loss vs other types of excersize

6 Kommentarer, 56 Besök, 33 Röster ,2.50 Resultat
Mrfun85x 33 M
3  Artiklar
How many times??? (   2018-05-11

At what point, is to much sex unhealthy? Is that even.possible?

3 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 22 Röster ,2.53 Resultat
tallman60314 41 M
16  Artiklar
Health opinion   2018-05-02

I think Health is one of the most important things people forget on a site like this. All i can say and advise is wear condoms, protect yourself or get a statement that the other person is clean and has no disease. One fuck is not worth the problems you can get!

2 Kommentarer, 34 Besök, 21 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
nicehot774 64 M
1  Artikel
oral not told health hazzards   2018-04-26

oral sex hazards head and neck cancer caused by papillomavirus oh one more herpes called herpes of the throat . far as I know no known cure for both of them.

0 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 11 Röster ,2.05 Resultat
hot hot hot   2018-04-18

who has a fetish for hot bodies, workouts, and yummy sex?

2 Kommentarer, 12 Besök, 6 Röster ,2.23 Resultat
StudlyNHung69 41 M
5  Artiklar
Im trying to get big   2018-04-15

I'm trying to put about 20 pounds of muscle on ...does anyone have any tips or guidelines for me?

7 Kommentarer, 43 Besök, 19 Röster ,3.92 Resultat
Mental Health   2018-04-05

Has anyone had any experience with Mindfulness or meditation? <br><br> Any practices that you would recommend that help to make you present in the moment or relieve stress? <br><br> There are so many great people out that practising and preaching this. Can you recommend any books, websites etc as a resource?

2 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 11 Röster ,2.23 Resultat
2Pune2 36 P
5  Artiklar
Does kissing may pass virus?   2018-04-01

Does kissing may pass virus?

9 Kommentarer, 59 Besök, 27 Röster ,2.50 Resultat
cialis   2018-03-13

when will there be a generic cialis

3 Kommentarer, 45 Besök, 20 Röster ,2.49 Resultat
s3xys3xym33 37 M
8  Artiklar
Don't get near...   2018-03-05

The ceiling fan while you're playing with it, you'll tear your dick off...

2 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.98 Resultat
workout partner   2018-02-26

Does anyone know where to meet like a workout partner of the opposite sex?

2 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 20 Röster ,1.98 Resultat
workout partner   2018-02-26

Does anyone know where to meet like a workout partner of the opposite sex?

1 Kommentarer, 37 Besök, 30 Röster ,3.14 Resultat
s3xys3xym33 37 M
8  Artiklar
Open relationships   2018-02-08

How would you or did you approach the subject with your partner?

7 Kommentarer, 60 Besök, 31 Röster ,3.14 Resultat
softsweets777 25 K
3  Artiklar
If you're sick with a cold, you should...   2018-01-29

If you're sick, you should do the following: <br><br> • Stay home • drink lots of fluids • Make sure you get your vitamins • avoid dairy • have lots of tissues • Take medicine • etc.

6 Kommentarer, 68 Besök, 43 Röster ,4.22 Resultat
4urpleasur385 38 M
1  Artikel
Keto/Caveman diet   2018-01-06

I have been on this diet for about 2 years doing a mix of the keto and the caveman diets. This has led to a huge increase in sex drive and impressive results with my body. I highly recommend it to anyone!

2 Kommentarer, 46 Besök, 28 Röster ,3.55 Resultat
Chadb43 50 M
3  Artiklar
How healthy are you   2017-12-04

3 years ago I thought that I was unbreakable...I was wrong I started having heart issues out of nowhere just make sure you go to the doctor's dont take life for granted you never know how long you have.

4 Kommentarer, 48 Besök, 31 Röster ,4.58 Resultat
hottub41m 41 M
2  Artiklar
Excerise   2017-12-03

Brings about stamina and mental stiumlation

6 Kommentarer, 46 Besök, 28 Röster ,3.34 Resultat
shyIam007 26 M
5  Artiklar
exercise   2017-11-29

do exercise every day avoid unanted things that effects body health

1 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 16 Röster ,2.69 Resultat
Biking   2017-11-23

Biking is of the best activities for health it is easy on the joints and who doesnt like to wear spandex?

4 Kommentarer, 38 Besök, 23 Röster ,2.78 Resultat
Tantric   2017-11-22

I have read on it and now the concept but seems like a difficult subject to really understand or explore unless have a 1-1 teacher. Anyone experienced in this or explored it? Concept sounds great!

4 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 12 Röster ,2.45 Resultat
HypeGiant4 35 M
6  Artiklar
Winter Food   2017-10-23

Crock pots....Anyone else use them? Trying to find some easy recipes for the winter.

6 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 12 Röster ,5.27 Resultat
TopTwentyPercent 60 M
1  Artikel
Men Can Enjoy Multiple Orgasms Too!   2017-10-13

I have faced so many questions about being able to orgasm multiple times, I thought I would share a few thoughts for men. <br><br> Granted, we guys don't get to talk much like the girls do, but if we could and did...seriously, without ego and male bravado, we might be able to learn so much! <br><br> The type of orgasms I am talking about are not NEMO, where men can ...

5 Kommentarer, 53 Besök, 22 Röster ,4.21 Resultat
jr42468 56 M
24  Artiklar
it pays   2017-09-28

well me being a ordinary type fellow probably am not the most healthiest but i do try i think the high blood pressure runs in my family lol

2 Kommentarer, 35 Besök, 17 Röster ,2.56 Resultat
rdhair44 65 M
98  Artiklar
The night before   2017-09-23

Answer where I have been never comes easy until coffee awakes the sleep. The day begins as work keeping the money at a balance.But who I've talked to is hard to meet.

1 Kommentarer, 22 Besök, 14 Röster ,1.86 Resultat
Akafonfon 34 M
1  Artikel
SPA F.B.M   2017-09-23

Full Body Massage 2hrs For a grate price... Im a male 33 , 5'7 blue eyes and i only do older lady's, single and alone and very Beautiful Phat thick ladys...... i come to you or we could meet half way.I just have 3 very small rules 1= The area where the massage is given MUST be clean or ok !!! 2= You must wear at all times a Thong or a g-string cant be ...

2 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 14 Röster ,2.50 Resultat
jr42468 56 M
24  Artiklar
are we?   2017-09-19

even though we try to do and eat the right things i assuming that at least fifty percent of us arent as healthy as we think

0 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 4 Röster ,0.92 Resultat
Enginary 33 M
39  Artiklar
cum   2017-08-23

is masturbating healthy ??

5 Kommentarer, 33 Besök, 15 Röster ,4.97 Resultat
Enginary 33 M
39  Artiklar
food   2017-08-23

spicy food

1 Kommentarer, 12 Besök, 11 Röster ,5.97 Resultat
Penis pumping   2017-08-20

I have been pumping my penis for a long time.It is an enjoyable.

2 Kommentarer, 51 Besök, 10 Röster ,0.80 Resultat
Fun times in the sun   2017-08-03

Does anyone ever wonder why we enjoy sex in the sun so much? Is there ever a time when the sun doesn't just enhance the enjoyment of the orgasm and increase the health benefits of the love making process?

1 Kommentarer, 6 Besök, 4 Röster ,4.02 Resultat
Go get ya junk checked   2017-07-20

You want to find clean junk ? Prove yours is clean too!!!! You got extra junk? Find someone with extra junk too.

4 Kommentarer, 55 Besök, 20 Röster ,2.87 Resultat
Stay safe out there   2017-07-08

Those of you that are going to meet others and have a naughty time. Plz use a condom and if your not plz check yourself and your playmate before having sex without a condom at the doctors office or what not. The last thing you want is to contract something which will make the last of your fund days. Be Safe and naughty .

0 Kommentarer, 16 Besök, 11 Röster ,3.92 Resultat
rana123321456 31 M
1  Artikel
Foods to increase sex power- a natural way to satisfaction   2017-07-06

According to many scientific research intaking the following natural ingredients may increase ur sex power- 1. Olives Everyone loves olives. We love them in our salads and in our Subways; heartily garnished on our pizzas and the likes. And we're sure you'll love them even more when you realize that they give your sex drive a much needed nudge. Specifically, green olives are reputed to make men ...

2 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.64 Resultat
carbs   2017-06-20

dont drink to much pop!

1 Kommentarer, 15 Besök, 9 Röster ,2.78 Resultat
yunghungfunnow 31 M
2  Artiklar
Online mutual masturbatoin   2017-06-05

Who wants to do some?

0 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
warm up   2017-06-01

sex is the best exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 Kommentarer, 4 Besök, 4 Röster ,3.25 Resultat
Play safe   2017-05-23

Meeting and meets is fine but please if it goes any further always be safe , use a condom

3 Kommentarer, 18 Besök, 7 Röster ,3.80 Resultat
wangzai93 26 M
5  Artiklar
Hey   2017-05-17

My semen is yellow. Is it normal?

1 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 1 Röster ,1.10 Resultat
play   2017-05-15

always play safe

2 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 7 Röster ,5.08 Resultat
fat girl wants feeding   2017-05-01

how fat to let her take it?

0 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.86 Resultat
Dinged3 36 M
1  Artikel
Condom Broke during sex   2017-04-30

WIll i get STD if the Condom teared during sex, i believe i pulled out very soon after the condom broke.

8 Kommentarer, 42 Besök, 7 Röster ,3.04 Resultat
thrusted 55 M
7  Artiklar
im constantly hard it seems pussy pusssy pusssy all, its on my mind normal i ask   2017-04-09

stillll have a hard on from helll it feels great but yeah i can cum and cum and cummm goes limp at times but i m waiting for the next long lasting fuck time

2 Kommentarer, 13 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.82 Resultat
thrusted 55 M
7  Artiklar
im constantly hard it seems pussy pusssy pusssy all, its on my mind normal i ask   2017-04-09

stillll have a hard on from helll it feels great but yeah i can cum and cum and cummm goes limp at times but i m waiting for the next long lasting fuck time

0 Kommentarer, 5 Besök, 1 Röster ,2.40 Resultat
Chronic Backache   2017-04-07

1 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 1 Röster ,3.70 Resultat
yunghungfunnow 31 M
2  Artiklar
Masturbation   2017-03-15

I am jerking off 12 times a day is this healthy

4 Kommentarer, 36 Besök, 4 Röster ,4.02 Resultat
bigdaddyduo 59 P
7  Artiklar
Hood Piercing   2017-03-05

My wife had a vertical hood piercing today by a professional piercing establishment. We are hoping for a sustantial enhancement in stimulation . Has anyone gotten a piercing and had good results .

1 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
It's a couple months into the new year!   2017-02-26

So it's time once again to stick to our resolutions. We all need to stay right with our goals and mine includes being consistent with going to the gym Hope all of you can stick to yours!

0 Kommentarer, 3 Besök, 2 Röster ,2.42 Resultat
1  Artikel
DRUG^S AND SEX   2016-12-09

I am wondering or narcotics give better sex partner

7 Kommentarer, 1188 Besök, 150 Röster ,3.02 Resultat
bodysculpture_xx 37 M
1  Artikel
Body Massage for Female at home service   2016-12-07

My self Marshal Kumar. 30 year old boy from Surat and I am working in well known Salon.

Are you interested for Body Massage? Don’t worry it’s strictly professionally and very very safe.

Massaging your skin weekly once with olive oil is an excellent way to combat dry or flaky skin caused by harsh weather. It helps to repair skin damaged from overexposure to the sun. It’s ...

2 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 8 Röster ,2.78 Resultat
Anal   2016-12-05

Why pressure a woman to do anal?

Put a cucumber up your arse- see if u like it.

Respect women !

0 Kommentarer, 8 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.16 Resultat
Qc4x222 50 P
0  Artiklar
Health Benefits of a Massage; A man's perspective.   2016-11-28

Are massages really beneficial to your health? I have read several articles listing the benefits including releasing stress or strained muscles, and working out the kinks in your spine. Though I have found benefit by getting a massage, I do find I end up with awkward situations under the towel wrap; the center pole erects the white canvas tent. Often the giver is understanding of the event, ...

0 Kommentarer, 34 Besök, 4 Röster ,4.02 Resultat
bicnv_brad 54 M
3  Artiklar
if your sick   2016-11-22

I believe in health organic food types you should always have Green Zone / dry granulated food you mix with water or juices It helps build a healthy body and stabilize it

Oxygen / drops this type of product it replenishes the red corpuscles in turn keeps your white one plentyful

4 Kommentarer, 24 Besök, 13 Röster ,3.81 Resultat
Mondolent 73 M
3  Artiklar
Pills pills pills   2016-11-19

Are drugs becoming the bane of our existence? This statement doesn't include the usual necessities, antibiotic, allergy, and other life saving drugs. Basically I've observed that almost anything advertised on prime time TV is optional. And expensive. Take viagra, vitamin V. Many men due to accidents, genes, psychology need them. But a lot don't. Recently speaking with a healthy 40 yr old, he told ...

1 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 5 Röster ,3.80 Resultat
SANT694u 33 M
1  Artikel
Sex Benefits of Spinach   2016-11-15

If you live to have sex everyday, you should include this green veggie into your food. So here is how spinach will help in your Sexual life. Men always give due importance to their sex power.

Apart from this, they need to perform various task and duties as in most countries; they have to fulfill the income need of the whole family such as in Asian countries. Too much stress, depression, ...

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sexaddictdon 66 M
31  Artiklar
Fucking over 50 ... and closer to 60!   2016-10-25

There’s a popular perception that older people lose interest in sex over time. At least for me, it is not true. Several studies have been taken, yet who cares what a study says, many people maintain active sex lives well into their later years.t At least with my friends, who have told me, they were still sexually active. Yes while women go through their change and men usually lose ...

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Iwannabeused 47 M
5  Artiklar
Vegans   2016-10-08

So i was curious if vegetarians or vegans taste any different? Seems that what you put in your body would make body juices taste different. It's hard to find women that are either, around here.

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caminar de puntas fortalece el pene   2016-09-20

al realizar por lo meno 10 minutos de este facil y practico ejercicio mejor satisfactoriamente el desemepeño en la ereccion del pene , por lo cual es recomendable practicarlo diariamente.

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Detergent   2016-08-28

Can anyone give advice on the best Detergent to remove old sperm stairs?

3 Kommentarer, 28 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.59 Resultat
FlintLockwood_13 44 M
2  Artiklar
Cunnilingus advice.   2016-07-29

Put Her At Ease

A lot of women simply don’t feel comfortable receiving oral sex. For some women, this is due to insecurities about their scent or taste, or their internalized beliefs that their genitals are “ugly”. Some worry that their partners are finding the experience unpleasant. Others dislike being the center of attention, or find themselves unable to relax when receiving. ...

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Prostate exam for men   2016-07-11

Who thinks that all men need a prostate exam

6 Kommentarer, 44 Besök, 12 Röster ,4.21 Resultat
Women Derive Immense Health Benefits From Oral Sex   2016-06-25

A new study has unveiled the health benefits for women who indulge in oral sex. The study claims that the "mood-altering chemicals" in the semen is good for women's health and makes women feel happier. The State University of New York study, which scientists carried out via survey rather than through practical experiment, compared the sex lives of 293 females to their mental health.

It ...

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Clitneedsattnnow 57 K
1  Artikel
Clit size increases   2016-06-18

The clitoris grows throughout a woman's life. After menopause the clitoris can become 2.5 times larger than it was when the same woman was a . No wonder that some women have stronger orgasms in mid life and into their fifties and beyond! And maybe size doesn't matter at all! There has been an actually study about clitoris size in relation to pleasure. Women don't have a size thing about their ...

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Doctors Claims ‘B.J’s’ Are Good For Women’s Health And Helps Fights Depression   2016-06-17

Oral sex is good for women’s health and makes you feel happier, according to a study which studied the effects of semen’s ‘mood-altering chemicals’.

The State University of New York study – which scientists carried out via survey rather than through practical experiment – compared the sex lives of 293 females to their mental health.

It follows research which shows ...

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luvable_lioness 45 K
1  Artikel
Do you have salty cum?   2016-06-17

Do you have salty cum?

If so, incorporate pineapple juice in your daily regimen. It will improve the taste of your cum and keep them cumming back for more over and over again. We are more willing to swallow when it tastes better 😉

9 Kommentarer, 49 Besök, 19 Röster ,5.50 Resultat
organic   2016-05-23

good organic food is the way to a healthy life

I personelly don't eat much meat But i like it once in awhile

1 Kommentarer, 11 Besök, 6 Röster ,1.94 Resultat
Organic food   2016-05-09

If you use food in sex playing please try to use organic food, to many chemicals still linker even after you wash your fruit, so if you put any food inside your body thest chemicals can and will do great harm to you.

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wittyhumor 41 M
37  Artiklar
Verity is very crucial for healthy living....   2016-05-04

Is a overall health benefit from a variety of different types of things that you can injest? Rightfully so, I think that is the truth! So, how do you decide to go back and enjoy the dish you always enjoy? I believe that, over eating and being over indulgent in something you love is not a good idea. I think, verity is key elements of a healthy body.... A sound body is a sound mind... .....and ...

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Καθημερινές συνήθειες   2016-04-17

Αν κάθεστε πολλές είναι επικίνδυνο για την υγεία σας. Μπορεί να ασκείστε κατά τη διάρκεια της εβδομάδας, όμως αν κάθεστε για παρατεταμένες περιόδους σε ένα γραφείο ή στο σπίτι, μπορεί να αυξήσετε τα προβλήματα υγείας. ...

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aryan4664 29 M
8  Artiklar
7 sex mistakes   2016-04-06

Mistake 1: Sex Starts in the Bedroom Men may turn on like a light, but for women, arousal doesn’t happen so fast, says sex therapist Ian Kerner, PhD.

Pave the way during the day by hugging, kissing, and holding hands. Have some fun together, and show you appreciate her.

Feeling safe and secure in the relationship is key for a woman to really let loose during sex, Kerner says. ...

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tips on healthy living   2016-04-04

Love to hear your tips

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bigblackdick1175 43 M
3  Artiklar
Sex and protecting yourself   2016-04-02

I ran into a woman on another site that told me she has had sex with about 5, 000 people and has used a condom about 3 times. She said condoms don't feel good. The entire time i'm thinking in my head that this woman likely has an STD or even worse has AIDS.

I too hate to wear condoms. In fact i rarely wear them because i am very selective with who i fuck. I don't just go around sticking ...

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Christian22693 51 M
4  Artiklar
A Study Discovers Oral Benefits   2016-03-29

Psychologists have delved deep into the art of cunnilingus to decipher its true evolutionary purpose.

The authors of a recent submission to the Evolutionary Psychology j Journal claim cunnilingus satisfies a variety of natural urges.

Their studies sought to explore the hypothesis that "when men ejaculate during penile-vaginal intercourse during which their partner experiences a ...

2 Kommentarer, 51 Besök, 10 Röster ,4.18 Resultat
WhiskeyRain66 49 K
0  Artiklar
Sexual Health   2016-03-18

How We Respond to Sex

By Clare Kittredge | Medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPH

Researchers are finding that old notions about sexual response and orgasm aren't necessarily true. Don't Miss This You've Got an STD. Now What? Treatments for Premature Ejaculation Sign Up for Our Sexual Health Newsletter

We respect your privacy.

Both men and women ...

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wyns716 52 P
2  Artiklar
Part time health nut   2016-03-07

I go in and out of health obsessed phases. I had been vegan for 2 years in my 20s, gluten free (partly because of confusion over doctors advice) in my 40s and on strict whole foods diets on and off in between. My doctor mentioned the word orthorexia even. I can get really over conscious about what's in my food and avoiding certain ingredients. Being a member of CSPI back in the early 90s had a ...

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KFC36853 67 M
23  Artiklar
Thank God for Doctors!   2016-03-02

I am so blessed to have a doctor whom I visit every three months for blood work and general health issues. I recently passed what seemed to me like a blood clot in my semen during intercourse. The sight of the bright red blood was concerning to me, but my health professional partner was not so concerned. For that I was grateful!

I visited my doctor yesterday, two weeks after the ...

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5star_massur 30 M
4  Artiklar
massage   2016-02-03

all types of massages, for genuine gents over 40yo

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5star_massur 30 M
4  Artiklar

I am the perfect combination to relax your body, mind and soul...TRAVEL OR ACCOM (my own studio, provide fresh towels, shower facilities... 4 mins from station)............ 29yo EAST EUROPEAN , tall, slim athletic body...I'm a professional qualified Remedial and experienced reflexo-therapist/masseur. *All type of massage for full body including face, head and feet. I use only natural oils, ...

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Christian22693 51 M
4  Artiklar
The Benefits Of Eating Pussy   2016-02-02

An Article Appeared in I think the 2016 February Issue Of Maxim Stating"

New Study Finds Eating Pu$$y May Cure Cancer Many say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We beg to differ. Researchers at the State University of New York—who are doing God’s work—found that going down on your girl encourages the production of hormones like oxytocin and DHEA, which can ...

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The natural way to a brighter smile   2016-02-02

Two of the coolest natural tricks I have ever come across for brightening your smile...

1) Turmeric whitening treatment As counterintuitive as the sounds, turmeric whitens teeth instead of staining them yellow. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a teaspoon of coconut oil just under room temperature so that it is solid. Apply the mixture to a regular toothbrush, and brush your teeth ...

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The Vitamin You Need So Your Penis Can Perform   2016-02-01

Lacking enough of the sunshine vitamin might snuff out the lights on your bedroom game. New research from Italy suggests that low levels ofvitamin D may increase your risk of erectile dysfunction. When researchers tested 143 men with varying degrees of erectile dysfunction, they found that nearly half of them were coming up deficient in D, and only one in five had optimal levels of the nutrient. ...

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How to make your unhealthy DAD give a crap   2016-01-31

“My dad is overweight, and I can’t get him to work out or eat healthy no matter how hard I try.” If I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it … well, a few times. More than once, is my point. It’s usually someone who trains other people for a living, or is otherwise invested in fitness as a career. The real question is this: “Why do my powers of persuasion end at the front door of my ...

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8 Ways to protect your erection   2016-01-19

Here are eight habits you need to clean up if you want to keep your hard-on healthy.

1. Clean your medicine cabinet.

Certain antidepressants, some blood pressure medications, and even the popular hair-growth drug Propecia all list erection problems as potential side effects. But the most surprising culprit may be your allergy or cold medicine. “The mechanism behind an erection ...

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The Vitamin You Need So Your Penis Can Perform   2016-01-18

Lacking enough of the sunshine vitamin might snuff out the lights on your bedroom game. New research from Italy suggests that low levels of vitamin D may increase your risk of erectile dysfunction.

When researchers tested 143 men with varying degrees of erectile dysfunction, they found that nearly half of them were coming up deficient in D, and only one in five had optimal levels of the ...

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Massages ..   2016-01-17

Romantic massages are more intimate and sensual than the average massage and can really set the scene for a special, relaxing and totally couple-focused time together. Ambiance is very important when setting up a romantic massage, as is having some basic knowledge of massage and a willingness to experiment. Enhance your loving relationship through touch with the suggestions provided here that ...

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Testosterone..increase or live shorter life   2016-01-13

from Mens Health

A testosterone shortage could cost you your life. As if losing muscle mass, bone density, and your sex drive to low T levels wasn't bad enough, new research shows the decline can also increase your risk of prostate cancer, heart disease, and even death. Follow these steps to lift your levels and lengthen your life.

1. Uncover Your Abs As your ...

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Vibrator usage   2016-01-11

I am a 51 year old woman who has used a vibrator since I was a . I have recently decided to play the field due to a bad relationship. Just have sex for the pleasure and no emotional attachment.

I have been seeing three different men and each one of them feels very strongly about the woman having an orgasm first. But I have found that I can't have an orgasm with a man very easily. ...

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Inkmetal 45 M
2  Artiklar
Anti Depressants and labido   2016-01-10

Hey everyone, Without going into detail I gave experience of using prescribed anti depressants. These had a profound effect on my labido and ability to gain an erection ... This partly and ironically caused me to fall into a deeper depression .

The ratio or probability of this dude effect always seemed to be low when I researched only at about 10%, however despite changing the meds s ...

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JDC_41 56 M
1  Artikel
Survey on tantric massage (Introduction)   2016-01-04

Hello everyone

I am passionated by tantric massages and I registered on this site in order to exchange on that topic … and to offer my services. I have written several small articles visible on my blog: My conception of massages (English) and [post 3685235] or [post 3686324] (French)

As a reminder, a is a very soft and smooth massage done on the entire body (by opposition to a ...

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HothornedRed 44 K
1  Artikel
MALE THRUSH - Any experience??   2015-12-22

My husband just got his first case of this. It was a possible side effect from a medication he's taking and he's been unlucky. It looks so sore. He is unable to retract a very swollen red foreskin and it appears that there is some small skin cracking . He is very uncomfortable. Docs given him a cream and pills , just wonder how long it will last and when we can engage in sex again without worry. ...

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rm_Saanisha302 33 M
1  Artikel
Myths on getting pregnant   2015-12-08

When it comes to planning for a baby, you are often bombarded with tips and advice from almost everyone you meet! The elderly and experienced ladies you meet try to fill you in with every piece of information they know. There are chances that most bits you hear are misconceptions or myths that are devoid of any reasoning at all. We discuss a few common myths and why you should get dump them ...

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advent43 67 M
15  Artiklar
A raincoat, even when it's not raining...   2015-12-05

In viewing profiles I'm shocked that some people are still goin bareback in their sexual practices.

I find it appalling in this day and age that condom use is not universally practiced. I realized my true sexuality back in the 80s and like many was and still am alarmed by HIV and other STDs. It was a real wake up call that changed my sexual practices as it did for many. I didn't ...

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theeyecandybabe 42 T
1  Artikel
My life   2015-11-24

I was born Female at Birth and was brain washed to live as a male I have proof of my C-section from birth as they implanted a penis in me from a dead Fetus, and had my Womb was removed, and was given testosterone shots, and medication growing up, and being told I was a boy tell age 25. I took a Genetics test on 8/24/15 and just got in the results, and came as 46XX. I always knew I was deference ...

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juz4fun60 69 M
1  Artikel
std   2015-11-19

I read where the younger generation is spreading std at a alarming rate I guess all the older ladys should read up on this it may be your last chance have fun with your new friend lol

5 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 3 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
micheal56tx 66 M
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November, It's Mens Cancer Awareness Month   2015-11-05

For the whole month of November I'm not going to shave my beard. Now I'll shave other parts of my body when needed but as to my face it's getting covered. Why may you ask? Well it's Mens Cancer Awareness Month. During the whole month of November guys that care about their health and the health of other guys will in solidarity allow their let their beards grow out.

Stubby as it may sound ...

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luckyshb 41 M
3  Artiklar
more beautiful   2015-10-15

Again it happened.... A few months ago I had a experience with her who used to work in a MP located right in the heart of Chennai. She was the most amazing ever. She just blew my mind with her skills. Unfortunately we couldn't go all the way because of time constraint and lack of protection. I struck a deal with her for FS for a later date but that never happened due to my hectic travel ...

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BinaryEskomo 25 M
10  Artiklar
Advice   2015-10-02

Just remember Quinn, smoking weed isnt cool, nor any drugs. Think about the experience you get from it. ahhh Love me some teehees -Gannon Fraser

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JaCkJacUzZii 40 M
3  Artiklar
Please let me know the way to increase the size of cock naturally?   2015-09-07

Please let me know the way to increase the size of cock naturally?

2 Kommentarer, 68 Besök, 4 Röster ,1.69 Resultat
frenchkiz4u2 53 K
27  Artiklar
Body Odors   2015-08-27

I dated a guy whose body had a garlicky odor. I dated him once, even though he was attractive and loved his personality. He smeeled like garlic. His graoin area and his chest, nipples. I think what someone eats has a lot to do with their body scents. I will not date or be initimate with him again. does anyone have anything to share of their experiences to body odors ?

7 Kommentarer, 58 Besök, 19 Röster ,1.54 Resultat
To imortant   2015-08-23

I dont know what to write, but the health its very very imortant in our life. Not smoke, not drink, only useful life.

3 Kommentarer, 14 Besök, 4 Röster ,4.02 Resultat
So what sexual activities can you do when it's too hot to have sex?   2015-08-17

For instance in many parts of California right now.

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MAcunnilingus 43 M
10  Artiklar
Ladies, Did You Know Sperm is Good For Your Skin?   2015-07-02

"Semen is jam-packed full of protein which, when applied to the face, has the same anti-wrinkle properties as moisturizing creams. It tightens your skin while nourishing it with zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and fructose... wow, it sounds like the kind of expensive ingredients you shell out lots of money for doesn’t it?

I don't see any ladies lining up?

How cum? ...

4 Kommentarer, 87 Besök, 22 Röster ,7.57 Resultat
rm_Maashu122 33 M
1  Artikel
chicken   2015-05-31

its healther to eat chicken

0 Kommentarer, 8 Besök, 3 Röster ,1.47 Resultat
rm_ziya0073 25 M
2  Artiklar
eating mens sperm can reduce breast cancer in women by 50 percent   2015-05-09

recent studies have found that a woman swallows men cum which have protiens in them can help them to educe their chances of breast cancer by 50%..

3 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.48 Resultat
MAcunnilingus 43 M
10  Artiklar
Is Vegetarian Pussy Tastier?   2015-05-03

So I've always really liked the taste of vagina. My love for cunnilingus all started in college, where I hadn't had much experience with fur-burgers. Sorry ladies for the derogatory but hilarious term, but we are talking about eating out. Hehe. I had gone down on a few chicks, but overall I was kind of inexperienced when it came to cunnilingus.

Then, I dated this vegetarian girl, with ...

4 Kommentarer, 88 Besök, 24 Röster ,5.40 Resultat
DocDevil69 54 M
1  Artikel
Cooking For Your Health   2015-03-20

Ok, so we all know this site is more than often used for a place to find like-minded people interested in more of a carnal experience. However, as I have spent more time on here, I am finding myself engaging in a lot of conversations and discussions NOT related to sex. So, I thought I would take a minute and discuss one of my past-times - healthy cooking.

By trade, I am a nurse. No, I ...

1 Kommentarer, 31 Besök, 3 Röster ,3.43 Resultat
Andrewhazeb 29 M
1  Artikel
baby aspirin   2015-03-14

After 40 lay off the sweets and take baby aspirin

0 Kommentarer, 19 Besök, 5 Röster ,2.82 Resultat
Juster699 61 M
4  Artiklar
To lick and treat or not?   2015-02-28

With me eating pussy is a matter of, if she smells, looks, and presents it properly, I can't and won't go down on just any love channel, just because they want me to ( sorry ladies ). With the right lady I'm all yours and enjoy the hell out of it! Others are disappointed I have no desire to taste clam. I compare it to a guy with a uncircumcised cock who doesn't wash beneath the skin, I hear, ...

2 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 5 Röster ,4.77 Resultat
To Shave or not   2015-02-09

For years I have enjoyed watching porno videos and have found myself drawn to ones where the female star preferably has a clean shaven pussy and failing that is neatly trimmed. I have recently noticed that a lot of the guys that they are going down on have also shaved their genitals. Now I personally have been shaving my balls for years. Not only do I think it looks and feels amazing but it also ...

1 Kommentarer, 52 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.71 Resultat
black_test 49 M
3  Artiklar
one day one apple.   2015-01-30

one day one apple will help your health be good.

5 Kommentarer, 86 Besök, 9 Röster ,3.00 Resultat
dania33 39 K
9  Artiklar
Flu   2015-01-17

This important have less contact when we have flu

3 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 16 Röster ,4.30 Resultat
yellowmoon69 40 M
25  Artiklar
Fountain of Youth   2014-12-28

Have you ever wondered how some people allways look so young even in there older years. Certain people around the world have different techniques. Some say I don't eat meat only vegetables. True? But others say minerals and a health balanced diet. True. This one is my favorite juice and or fruits. True. Some of the aboved mentioned can also help with more than just your appearance. They can ...

1 Kommentarer, 20 Besök, 4 Röster ,4.02 Resultat
yellowmoon69 40 M
25  Artiklar
Spit or Swallow?   2014-12-22

Do diets work? Lets say you are trying to get you're partner at the time to swallow your custard. But she or he doesn't want to any more when they once did. It could be your diet. Now there going to be people that say no that's no it? Well studys on the subject say it is. There are a list of fruits out there and foods that may help! A proper diet will help with a lot more than that pregnancy, ...

5 Kommentarer, 47 Besök, 6 Röster ,3.93 Resultat
yellowmoon69 40 M
25  Artiklar
H2O   2014-12-20

dehydrating is very important and what kind of liquid you body is of great importance. Some people say I drink bottled water best thing for ya. Yes but the type of bottled water is very important. Why you ask? Bottle water comes in a variety of brands. Certain waters are better for you. Certain bottle water do not have calcium or sodium the listis long. If you are a water drinker I suggest that ...

1 Kommentarer, 26 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.47 Resultat
bringontheheatwy 44 M
1  Artikel
Eczema or Psoriasis?   2014-12-18

Has anyone had encounters with someone that had Eczema or Psoriasis? Was it a turn off to see it?

0 Kommentarer, 21 Besök, 2 Röster ,1.04 Resultat
Warding Off Warts   2014-12-06

warts can best be controlled by eliminating caffeine and spicy foods from your diet. Cola, chocolate and several other foods contain caffeine and over stimulates the nervous system causing a break out. Hot spicy foods can do it also, so watch your diet and try this.

0 Kommentarer, 17 Besök, 1 Röster ,2.40 Resultat
side cramp   2014-12-06

When you get the side cramps from too much of an orgasm, same as a running cramp, simply stand bend double at the waist and take 2 good deep breaths. Then go again, no problem

2 Kommentarer, 9 Besök, 4 Röster ,3.25 Resultat
rm_right12c 52 P
10  Artiklar
health   2014-11-30

We played with a couple that were nudists and they were very quick to get naked and seemed very comfortable being naked but them sure were not comfortable having sex. When we asked if there was anything wrong they said no. They also said that being nudist had nothing to do with sex it was more an expression of being free. How can being naked not have anything to do with sex?

2 Kommentarer, 28 Besök, 3 Röster ,2.45 Resultat
alt4139 63 P
10  Artiklar
Thanksgiving bang or bust.   2014-11-26

A couple just asked us over to Thanksgiving dinner at their house and said that we could play after all the other guests had left. Mind you we haven't even met this couple yet though we have spent a lot of time chatting and emailing. Is it just us or is that sort of weird?

5 Kommentarer, 39 Besök, 7 Röster ,2.28 Resultat
squirting   2014-11-25

If your lady friend is a squirter of high volume beware, it is usually a sign of a weak bladder and should not be ingested

3 Kommentarer, 62 Besök, 4 Röster ,2.08 Resultat
doninboise75 42 M
6  Artiklar
quit smoking   2014-11-25

i have been using nicotine gum it works for me wanting to try vape has any body had successful experience with these

5 Kommentarer, 30 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.59 Resultat
blood testing   2014-11-19

would it be considered proper etiquette to take a copy of your latest blood test lab results to show a partner before sex?

9 Kommentarer, 45 Besök, 10 Röster ,2.19 Resultat
likmypuzzy2 61 K
9  Artiklar
Genital warts are contagious   2014-11-15

My sister in law was dating a man and when she felt comfortable enough to have sex with him, candle light room soft music insense and wine. When the removed their clothes she didn't exam him, while they were deep into their feelings and were done done, she went to the bathroom to shower he joined her, to her surprise he was covered with warts all over his pelvic n groin and his penis. she got out ...

3 Kommentarer, 136 Besök, 15 Röster ,5.43 Resultat
amiablegay 33 M
1  Artikel
The harm of smooking   2014-11-13

Smoking is responsible for several diseases, such as cancer, long-term (chronic) respiratory diseases, and heart disease, as well as premature death. Over 440, 000 people in the USA and 100, 000 in the UK die because of smoking each year. According the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), $92 billion are lost each year from lost productivity resulting from smoking-related deaths. ...

1 Kommentarer, 27 Besök, 9 Röster ,4.71 Resultat
rm_goodsxwithu 53 P
10  Artiklar
Dishwasher   2014-11-12

Is it safe to wash rubber dildos in the dishwasher?

4 Kommentarer, 29 Besök, 8 Röster ,3.94 Resultat
roxy54sexy 58 K
27  Artiklar
Check Out Your Health   2014-11-11

It seems my health is not to great getting diagnosed with different health problems. I am coping here and still strive to maintain the health I have here. I am notifying others here to get checked out by your doctor no matter the age. It is real important that you do. You might have infections and diseases that might effect others.At least you would know if you have certain health issues you can ...

1 Kommentarer, 25 Besök, 8 Röster ,4.17 Resultat
ajith240188 36 M
3  Artiklar
breast lift   2014-11-11


Half an hour in the pool on a regular basis can firm up the breasts like nothing else. Swimming tightens up the muscles responsible for holding up the breasts. This is enough to lift your drooping breasts.

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ajith240188 36 M
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breast lift   2014-11-11

The massage also exercises the muscles which tones up the breasts. You can also use almond oil which improves the blood circulation. Improved blood circulation will inflate the blood vessels and lift up the breasts.

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ajith240188 36 M
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Home Remedies For Breast Lifts   2014-11-11

Massage With Aloe Vera Gel Or Almond Oil

Aloe vera has skin tightening properties. It has been used for centuries to get wrinkle free skin. Massaging with some aloe vera will help the aloe vera gel in doing deep inside the skin and tighten it up.

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Sex toys   2014-11-06

Have you ever shared sex toys with more than one partner? How safe is it to do so?

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rm_herpes14u 32 P
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Herpes   2014-11-03

You don't have to fuck us to get herpes most people get it from kissing.

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Great_eight 58 M
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Prostate health   2014-11-03

I was reading that straight men who had more sex partners had better prostate health. It makes sense to me, you have to keep the system working.

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twomuchfu 64 P
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Cock rings   2014-10-17

Do cock rings really work and if so are they safe?

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rm_Whalebone70 47 M
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Health nuts   2014-10-01

Please spare me and others the perils of eating meat, dairy, gluten, calories, corn syrup, or any new scary cancer causing food. I am so tired of people open shaking their heads, loudly stating the awful effects of eating rice, or peanut butter, or whatever food was studied last week. We all will be faced with weight fluctuations and cancer scares even if moderate all the food groups and their ...

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talionfrost 27 M
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essentail oils   2014-09-20

doing a simple serch online will yeild near 100 oils that have healing propertys but lavender is the swiss army knife of oils with near 50 healing propertys mixed with a base oil or dropped in bath water yeilds great results

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justsingle45 51 M
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3 Major Reasons Why Men Masturbate   2014-09-17

1. To get rid of their sexual tensions - Every minute, a man's semen constantly adds up because the testicles actually produce semen on a regular basis. When this happens, sexual tension is generated and produced by the body. You can release and get rid of your sexual tension when you try to be in contact with a female partner. You can release this tension by doing sex with your partner. When sex ...

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haveumetted 26 M
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Members are not Doctors   2014-09-16

Every member has insight and experience with health related issues. But their opinions do not qualify them as medical professionals or expertise on the subjects. Please seek professional advice outside of cyber space on any serious issues and inquiries. Take care and stay safe.

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safety   2014-09-10

Please make sure everybody stays safe out there.

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Samtaiwan07 29 M
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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex   2014-08-08

1. Helps Keep Your Immune System Humming

“Sexually active people take fewer sick days, ” says Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD a sexual health expert.

People who have sex have higher levels of what defends your body against germs, viruses, and other intruders. Researchers at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that college students who had sex once or twice a week had higher ...

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rm_testprem425 43 M
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PLANNING   2014-08-01

Family planning allows individuals and couples to anticipate and attain their desired number of and the spacing and timing of their births. It is achieved through use of contraceptive methods and the treatment of involuntary infertility. A woman’s ability to space and limit her pregnancies has a direct impact on her health and well-being as well as on the outcome of each pregnancy.

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rm_testprem425 43 M
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WHAT IS IT   2014-08-01

Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. In humans, it is the general condition of a person's mind and body, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury or pain (as in "good health" or "healthy").[1] The World Health Organization (WH defined health in its broader sense in 1946 as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not ...

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prateek_handsome 35 M
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is it healthy to fantasize on a daily basis..   2014-07-02

hi people out there please tell me is it okay n healthy to fantasize daily i think its okay and healthy too but i aint a doctor! so i need ur views and opinions i appreciate ur advice! thanx in advance!

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spicewetme 33 K
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Health Benefits of Having Sex   2014-06-27

Let's state the obvious: Having sex is fun. But what might be less obvious is that it's also good for you -- mentally and physically. While it's something of a chicken or egg situation to determine the direction of causality -- "Do healthier people tend to have more sex or people who have more sex tend to be healthier?" says Jennifer Bass, head of information services for the Kingsley Institute, ...

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I wanna get fit and ripped to look better in bed :)   2014-05-20

Give me some tips on how to get healthier diet and maybe some good exercises I could do to grow muscles please I know food is important so maybe please give me tips on diet Thank you

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rm_minna50 58 M
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Sex gives mental satisfaction, relaxation it is a human hunger.   2014-05-02

Sex in both males and females gives satisfaction relaxes your body gives you nervous calmness , understanding. It is necessaty of life as food is necessary for living so is sex. One should enjoy sex forget everything switch off mobile no disturbance. The erection shoud be perfeft and long lasting so the female partner can be discharged first then the male partner.If there are any sexual ...

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thislustfulmind 42 M
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Whas it good for you? The sex benefits for men and women   2014-04-28

Whas it good for you? The sex benefits for men and women

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thislustfulmind 42 M
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When Sexual Intercourse causes pain in Women   2014-04-27

When Sexual Intercourse causes pain in Women

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thislustfulmind 42 M
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Sexual Desire and the Female Headache   2014-04-27

Sexual Desire and the Female Headache

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Hooking up and staying safe   2014-04-24

So it's not a question of who or how many people you hook up with, doesn't matter it's males or females, it's a question how how safe do you keep yourself while hooking up. do you use protection each encounter? do you just use it on 1st encounter then go without when in a ongoing relationship or fwb type. what do you do, to keep yourself and your encountering partners/partner safe? I always use ...

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It's Not About Sex   2014-04-08

Today I met an incredible woman whom I sincerely think is an angel in disguise, at least for me. She was what I needed...a petite body, great kisser, listened to me talk, and was sweet and kind. To find such a non-judgmental person was truly delightful.

I found myself telling her I did not need sex from her, although I had gone down on her and she came three times, at least? And yes, she ...

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rm_rituraj510 28 M
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get abs fast   2014-04-04

Quick Rip Fix: These Nine Strategies Will Boost The Effects Of Your Cutting Diet

The trick to getting lean is to rip off fat while saving muscle. Lucky for you, there are quite a few strategies bodybuilders can utilize to maintain muscle mass while stripping bodyfat. Keeping muscle mass is important not only for the sake of appearance, but also to help prevent your metabolic rate from ...

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buttluvver 59 M
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I have only experienced taking anal once and thoroughly enjoyed the experience but am concerned that I want to be truly clean for my partner. I have had experiences giving anal to several women over the years and whilst some have been very clean, others somewhat less so.I hear enemas are the best way to ensure this but at my age I have never had or given an enema and although I have a rough idea ...

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how to get rid of this problem?///   2014-03-15


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ImJustThatWay 50 M
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Testosterone   2014-02-22

Testosterone is important to a lot of different body processes, including cardiovascular health, reproductive health, brain function, muscle building, cholesterol control, and fat management. As the body ages, testosterone levels gradually drop, and that's when everything starts to go to Hell in a handbasket.

Hormone replacement therapy like Androgel or steroids can be risky because over ...

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