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SPcplefun 50 C
0  Articoli
as husband watches :)   6/3/2022

I know what you mean about exchanging stories with someone and how you can't with the usual circle of friends. SOO, exciting to be able to get new ideas that are worth talking about. <br><br> Our best one so far was our friend that we've met with a few times. First he's got a great personality and he's funny as hell! He lives in a beautiful house on the water. ...

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wingman10 66 U
32  Articoli
Spring Break Encounter   29/6/2021

I had three weeks off and was looking forward to a family vacation on the beach. It would be the Middle of March and the warm weather would be hit or miss but still warmer than the Tenneessee. The whole family was set to go so I rented a top floor , two bedroom condo over looking the beach. Fairly pricy. The week before the trip things started to go south. First of all my eldest ( 23yrs ...

3 Commenti, 1022 Visite, 27 Voti ,6.92 Punteggio
_JKH_ 69 U
858  Articoli
“Robert Leroy Parker & Harry Longbaugh & the first date   29/6/2021

The Age of Aquarius is always associated with the year 1969 as I was staying with my older sister for the summer in New Mexico. A lot of historical things happened that year. Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon but I thought I was going to land on it at a drive in theater in 1969 at the age of 15. Something will happen for me that night that was just plain amazing and that something would feel ...

11 Commenti, 292 Visite, 25 Voti ,6.01 Punteggio
LTjigger 56 U
5  Articoli
Love the baby sitter!   26/6/2021

When I was in my early thirtyies I was the dad of a four-year-old. A coworker of mine had a girlfriend who had a day-care for . She watched my for me. Her name was Ann. She was twenty-four, about five-foot-two, one hundred-five pounds, with long brunette hair. She was very petite and very sexy. She had a small tight ass and small tits with beautiful nipples pointy nippels that showed even ...

1 Commenti, 1950 Visite, 43 Voti ,8.22 Punteggio
Bad First Date   26/6/2021

If this happens to you...RUN! I met this girl online. After talking and some phone sex, we decided to meet. She lived in an appartment, so I met her there.

Here was playing video games and she just invited me into her room for a quicky. While I have nothing against a quicky.....this was a small appartment and her was right outside. Needless to say, I did not want to be a part of ...

5 Commenti, 467 Visite, 20 Voti ,4.40 Punteggio
LadyKumsalot 61 D
4  Articoli
On Profile Pictures   26/6/2021

It gets me every time guys... and some of you know because I have written you some very concerned notes about your chances of getting the girl you think you want with your profile pictures. Just consider me the Miss Manners of

Here is a hint. Guys are stimulated by the appearance of a woman's body alone. If there were pizza boxes or beer cans on the dresser behind her he ...

9 Commenti, 545 Visite, 47 Voti ,6.76 Punteggio
RE: how do you get responses on this site   24/6/2021

from what i've seen the nastier the better! As I read in another article, men want a in the bedroom. Much like you, I am shy and somewhat inexperienced, but I won't change "ME" for any man, it's not worth it. Don't let go of your self-confidence. Be who you are, they are the ones that are missing out, not you.

1 Commenti, 55 Visite, 26 Voti ,6.91 Punteggio
0  Articoli


3 Commenti, 310 Visite, 15 Voti ,4.36 Punteggio
alley_catt101 27 D
0  Articoli
Why I Always Have Sex on the First Date   15/6/2021

Lots of people call me a slut for this little rule of mine, but my close friends understand why I do it. To me, the whole point of dating someone is to eventually marry them. The whole point of marrying someone is to eventually have with them, in my mind at least. I love sex, I really do. But that alone isn't the reason I have sex on the first date. I don't want to date someone and potentially ...

11 Commenti, 174 Visite, 24 Voti ,5.17 Punteggio
Advantage496 61 U
0  Articoli
My first time sucking cock   31/5/2021

I was in my late 30’s and I traveled a lot with my job in medical sales I was spending the nite in a hotel in Wichita ks after a long day on the road I’d had started watching bi porn whenever I was traveling, my wife knew nothing about my desires. I decided a shower and drink in the hotel bar was in order before I came back to the room to watch it and jack off to the big cocks on the screen I ...

10 Commenti, 319 Visite, 16 Voti ,5.77 Punteggio
not really a date   19/4/2021

I was 18 and walking home from school one afternoon when a guy calls me and ask for a hand. I say hand for what and he says holding a door for me to fix. I say okay and walk to his garage and look inside and see two guys holding a car door and I walk in. They say thanks for stopping we need some help with this and someone to hold the drive shaft till we get it hooked up. <br><br> ...

2 Commenti, 71 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.63 Punteggio
what happens   11/11/2020

what is the norm for first dates from meeting someone through here?

7 Commenti, 125 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.12 Punteggio
New Years Eve and a hard cum.   25/10/2020

I had met Janice on AdultFriendFinder. We had coffee at a Starbucks in the neighborhood and chatted amicably. I sort of got involved with other hotter gals until New Years Eve a few months later when I found myself without a date and horny. I called Janice and to my surprise she graciously invited me over to her house to watch TV as New Years rolled in across America. <br><br> We chatted and ...

2 Commenti, 162 Visite, 3 Voti ,1.47 Punteggio
SarahLem80 40 D
2  Articoli
New first dates   2/6/2020

I’ve been fairly well behaved over the last few months for obvious reasons, sticking to seeing a close couple of guys when we can. I am really eager to start having more fun again, what are people’s thoughts on meeting up with guys for the first time? I’ve been chatting with several guys I really want to see

9 Commenti, 185 Visite, 17 Voti ,4.68 Punteggio
Doekfngj 21 U
1  Articolo
How to impress a woman on a first date   17/5/2020

Men I know many of you have had butterflies in your stomach on the first day. The way to an impress a woman on a first date is to have great clothing, compliment her, and show her your genuine personality. For the clothing, make sure you are wearing something you look good in. When you compliment her make sure you give her specific compliments because she has probably hear that she is pretty a ...

4 Commenti, 94 Visite, 8 Voti ,4.64 Punteggio
ValleyLover16 53 U
5  Articoli
Quarentined no more.   12/5/2020

Just as I was about to give up on her and begin to establish a new online relationship my favorite kitty. She texted me on a Wednesday eve. We had been teasing each other in the chat rooms for a little over three months, critiquing each others stories, exchanging flirts and having cybersex weekly, We had no choice as the governor had ordered everyone quarantined. Then she suddenly vanished. Now ...

1 Commenti, 55 Visite, 4 Voti ,4.41 Punteggio
Adventurecpl47 76 C
16  Articoli
We sometimes fuck on the first date   17/3/2020

We met Fred & Wilma (not real names) on AdultFriendFinder. After a couple of emails and a chat on the phone, we agreed to meet. They live about 2 hours from Calgary. We were a bit anxious on the agreed Sat. so we waited for them to arrive at our house. They arrived at about 3:00 PM and we greeted them. We sat down to chat and they seemed so very nice. Fred was slim and Wilma b bit on the ...

4 Commenti, 211 Visite, 16 Voti ,4.60 Punteggio
new first date   4/3/2020

this past sat night I met a guy for first time for drinks. it was made awkward because he read my article about first dates. it got even more awkward when I met someone I know before the guy arrived........I wanted to spend a bit of time chatting with him but had to rush him off by saying I was meeting someone. <br><br> the bar was pretty busy but I was easy to spot as I told him what ...

8 Commenti, 297 Visite, 24 Voti ,5.97 Punteggio
TucsonBoneAlone 57 U
34  Articoli
do it babe   26/2/2020

"Oh my god! Don't you dare fucking stop! I am almost there!" After another few seconds, she came with a scream. "FUUUUCCKK! I'm coming!" <br><br> The way her body convulsed nearly knocked my back out of alignment, but I wasn't done with her yet. I let her orgasm fade and then starting slowly licking my way down. Her legs were bent back now, giving me a ...

1 Commenti, 103 Visite, 8 Voti ,4.41 Punteggio
C00kieDuster 36 U
2  Articoli
first date tips   20/2/2020

Here are some of mine, what are some of yours? <br><br> -Talk on the phone when scheduling your first date -Meet in public for a drink -Have a friend or family member know where you are going and what you are doing <br><br> First dates are just that, first dates. Don't feel pressured in doing something you are not comfortable.

3 Commenti, 65 Visite, 5 Voti ,3.80 Punteggio
Julie00769 34 D
0  Articoli
HOMMES DAFFAIRE OU MARIER rencontre occationnel   11/2/2020


je suis une fille qui aime se faire gâter ...

En retour je t'offre de belles soirées remplis de surprises le jour, de soir. . Te sent tu pret!!?..

On trouvera bien...Un *moyen de moyenner ...*

a bientôt...????

12 Commenti, 70 Visite, 18 Voti ,3.81 Punteggio
Bcsuperhero9999 50 U
5  Articoli
what is a first date in 2020   9/2/2020

I have been here on AdultFriendFinder and single for so long, I am not even sure how to venture back to the realm of real dating. How and what should be a first date be. Funny enough I came here looking to get away from the the dating and move to something more consistent with adult fun, but here I am now missing out on some of the components of actual dating, and a bit nervous about blowing a first date by ...

3 Commenti, 73 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.86 Punteggio
what is expected these days ?   2/2/2020

mom taught me that you never kiss on a first date. at college it was never let them get to second base. after divorce it was never fuck on first date. ok just the basics I guess. my point it why do men think they are entitled to something these days. I mean I want it as bad as they do but I still want a chance to decide if I like then before I start fucking. <br><br> I admit I have ...

13 Commenti, 182 Visite, 20 Voti ,5.17 Punteggio
TucsonBoneAlone 57 U
34  Articoli
stretch dat hole   29/1/2020

erry then precedes to get on top of me. She grabs my cock and puts it in her wet, cum filled pussy. Now that my cock is lubed with both of our cum, she slowly guides it into her ass hole. Right away she rides me extremely hard. My cock goes in and out of her gaping asshole and we both can't get enough. <br><br> After a few minutes I cum again inside her ass. She pulls my cock out ...

1 Commenti, 59 Visite, 8 Voti ,4.87 Punteggio
Illbcnu6969 36 U
9  Articoli
Anal on the first date   28/1/2020

Would ya ask to do anal?

2 Commenti, 37 Visite, 6 Voti ,5.36 Punteggio
Flashhhotrod 54 U
10  Articoli
Dinner or quick coffee   28/1/2020

Which is mire appropriate for an AdultFriendFinder first date ? Or is drinks thecwsybto go , wevall kniw ultimately it's all about the sex !!

2 Commenti, 43 Visite, 2 Voti ,1.04 Punteggio
First meetings...   23/1/2020

I always try to first meet someone at a public place and just talk and see if things click and go from there. <br><br> what do you guys/gals prefer. do you ever have a first date just come over to your place?

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 6 Voti ,3.65 Punteggio
SomethingSoft70 55 D
9  Articoli
My name is   21/1/2020

Let’s meet hug and fuck

10 Commenti, 65 Visite, 21 Voti ,6.22 Punteggio
Mall meeting   21/1/2020

I was talking and video chatting with this woman and we decided to finally meet...I met her at the mall and we walked around talking and joking and then decided to go get a room at a hotel... would that be considered a first date ... just meet and then happy fun times

1 Commenti, 50 Visite, 12 Voti ,4.74 Punteggio
Jchris2018 44 C
18  Articoli

Its always the SAME story- but this ended with a positive result !!!!!!! <br><br> LAST year 2019 we offered approximately 55 invites to meet us, at different times over the year. <br><br> ONLY 15 men showed up to meet even though each was DOUBLE confirmed via message on the site, text message via cell phone and in some cases video verify when we have the time. ...

5 Commenti, 79 Visite, 20 Voti ,4.40 Punteggio
Mitchums1601 56 U
10  Articoli
In my opinion   16/1/2020

I believe first dates should be as pressure free as possible. Going somewhere public, getting to know one another with NO expectations. Allow yourselves to see if there is a true connection. Also learn about the persons dislikes, and if you wish to continue, strive to avoid those things. It is amazing to meet someone the first time. You are making a memory to last a long time

2 Commenti, 47 Visite, 26 Voti ,4.10 Punteggio
Newtothearea1523 38 U
12  Articoli
What's that   12/1/2020

Any first timers on ?

3 Commenti, 31 Visite, 20 Voti ,3.64 Punteggio
WetNTastyy 39 D
6  Articoli
Would you fuck on the first date?   12/1/2020

If I am horny yes I will fuck on the first date.

4 Commenti, 24 Visite, 6 Voti ,3.65 Punteggio
Newtothearea1523 38 U
12  Articoli
Points   11/1/2020

How do they work

0 Commenti, 21 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.81 Punteggio
Newtothearea1523 38 U
12  Articoli
When?   11/1/2020

I've had plenty of lovers in my life and maybe only had 2 first dates. builds this up?

0 Commenti, 18 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.42 Punteggio
LonelyInBill 54 D
4  Articoli
who fucks on first date   10/1/2020

i will fuck anyone with big dick on first date

3 Commenti, 9 Visite, 1 Voti ,3.70 Punteggio
Timepiece201i 55 U
5  Articoli
Does the bra and panties match   10/1/2020

Women this is for you. If your bra and panties match on the first date. Foes this mean your having ?

4 Commenti, 53 Visite, 18 Voti ,1.90 Punteggio
tallcool2013 49 U
21  Articoli
bj ok?   8/1/2020

is it ok to deep throat on a first date.asking for a friend

3 Commenti, 61 Visite, 29 Voti ,4.04 Punteggio
metrowestfun30 34 U
7  Articoli
how do people usually meet on this site   7/1/2020

What do people usually do on this site? Sex on first meeting? Meet for a drink first?

3 Commenti, 25 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.81 Punteggio
Best meeting places for small towns?   7/1/2020

Ok folks - I live in a small nosey bible thumping community. Anyone else in the same situation and have found discreet places for first time meets? Out of town travel is not an option - other than saying hello in Walmart - anyone have any suggestions?

2 Commenti, 44 Visite, 23 Voti ,3.13 Punteggio
Worst First dates   7/1/2020

We know weve all had them, anyone care to share some of their worst first dates?

6 Commenti, 47 Visite, 17 Voti ,3.41 Punteggio
Timepiece201i 55 U
5  Articoli
Friends   6/1/2020

So tell us about your first date from this site

4 Commenti, 34 Visite, 15 Voti ,3.74 Punteggio
chans878 33 D
3  Articoli
my first date   3/1/2020

i have meet a man on first date i was drunk and we fuck so hard lol

16 Commenti, 106 Visite, 31 Voti ,4.97 Punteggio
firt meet ups   31/12/2019

whats the best way have a first meet? public or private? how about if meeting as a couple?

6 Commenti, 50 Visite, 23 Voti ,3.48 Punteggio
Kikhhhotrod 53 U
11  Articoli
New Year's Eve   30/12/2019

It's almost new year s eve , who's actually thinking about first dates? First sex w strangers ? It's a festive time of year but also a stressful time who's looking and who's chatting ? Is it a private house party or a bar scene ?

1 Commenti, 27 Visite, 22 Voti ,3.01 Punteggio
Alwaysshorny19 23 D
1  Articolo
To fuck or not on a first date   29/12/2019

You know when you are so attracted to somebody and have such strong sexual chemistry it’s very hard to hold back from sex on a first date. Are women still seen as sluts if they sleep with a man on the first date or have we finally moved on from that?

15 Commenti, 102 Visite, 44 Voti ,5.16 Punteggio
ekus7000 69 U
7  Articoli
como seducir a tu primera cita   29/12/2019

la contacte por chat y comenzamos a platicar de que estabamos algo relajados los dos y que tenia ganas de empezar a masturbarme , ella me dijo que tambien se le antojaba y despues le dije que si le gustaba el sexo por webcam y me dijo que si pero que le gustba mas real y le dije que estaba solo y caliente y ella me dijo lo mismo y nos vimos por cam empezamos a masturbarnos y le dije que viniera ...

1 Commenti, 8 Visite, 4 Voti ,4.41 Punteggio
LetsGetIt450 37 U
5  Articoli
Unusual first date   28/12/2019

Have a date coming up and looking to switch it up. Was thinking the aquarium or a rib joint

2 Commenti, 22 Visite, 15 Voti ,2.82 Punteggio
Billyinfl2 46 U
4  Articoli
Who out here wants to date?   26/12/2019

Does anyone want date anymore? I think most people are looking for fun....a few encounters... mostly with different people. I'm no different. I want have some fun and get a little . Thoughts?

2 Commenti, 26 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.02 Punteggio
Coolhungdude 37 U
4  Articoli
On the first date   25/12/2019

What are thoughts on sex on the first date? If its mutually wanted is it still inadvisable? I don't think so as long as protection is used.

1 Commenti, 34 Visite, 20 Voti ,3.64 Punteggio
5  Articoli
Misleading men & Non functioning equipment   24/12/2019

I'm not a fan of first encounters. It's akward & nervous & I'm probably not going to climax. But it has to be done to get to the fun dates. I sympathize with men for the pressure they face to perform on a first date. But there is available & if you know you have a problem get a prescription. Don't make a woman that. has just met you, suffer through an hour of an ...

16 Commenti, 114 Visite, 34 Voti ,4.41 Punteggio
sabresguy12 32 U
1  Articolo
Hot First Date   22/12/2019

Back when myspace was a thing I met a woman on there and we had an instant connection we talked for weeks. We ended up finally meeting up and we went back to my place and had sex all day. It was an unbelievable experience.

1 Commenti, 32 Visite, 16 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
Cocktail intro   20/12/2019

Its always fun to meet for a cocktail and do the flirt across the bar, ease over to say hello many have interest? or just prefer going to a bar just to meet? <br><br> I prefer the fun aspect of the flirtation!

3 Commenti, 43 Visite, 18 Voti ,1.62 Punteggio
Goldenman56x 67 U
7  Articoli
Control   19/12/2019

Ha a fist date in university and got back to her place. After kissing she pulled out my cock and asked me if I would respect her if she blew me. What a dumb question, I would have promised my first born with her stroking my hard on.

1 Commenti, 45 Visite, 23 Voti ,3.48 Punteggio
Doyouwantitnow86 38 U
2  Articoli
AdultFriendFinder DATE   18/12/2019

The first time I ever hooked up with someone from here was in Alaska. Kinda nervous at first, but once we hung out for a few minutes everything was o After that the rest is history. The sec was always great everytime we hooked up. MISS THOSE DAYS!

6 Commenti, 37 Visite, 21 Voti ,2.88 Punteggio
MercedCouple209 53 C
47  Articoli
Beths first play date   16/12/2019

Here is some of beth getting fucked by <br><br> If you want to see more become a fan and send a frind invite and be sure to tip [image]...

3 Commenti, 75 Visite, 31 Voti ,4.39 Punteggio
Funnest First Date Spots   15/12/2019

Where are some of the funnest first date meeting places you all have experienced?

1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
frndshipforlife 32 U
6  Articoli
First date with gf   15/12/2019

Here are the main question is first date is with gf or with frnd or with would be wife Every date will be different and different player So with gf you already with relation so you start with some close chats and doing close thing <br><br> With frnd you will be looking to be make her your g so you will be very careful.and with would be wife sure this is only and only carefulness So ...

3 Commenti, 23 Visite, 18 Voti ,3.67 Punteggio
Bristolman999 41 U
8  Articoli
Looking for fun   14/12/2019

Anyone real on here and up for anything

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 8 Voti ,2.55 Punteggio
9  Articoli
Do you do it on a first date?   8/12/2019

The dating world has changed tremendously over the last 20 . Men and women both seem engage in sexual activity much sooner in a relationship. Gone are the days of slow courtship and making out on a sofa. Nowadays it is either a kiss good night or right the bedroom. Having sex on a first date is not necessarily a relationship deal killer. While it’s in a woman’s nature over-analyze, I ...

5 Commenti, 71 Visite, 30 Voti ,3.24 Punteggio
9  Articoli
Do you do it on a first date?   8/12/2019

The dating world has changed tremendously over the last 20 . Men and women both seem engage in sexual activity much sooner in a relationship. Gone are the days of slow courtship and making out on a sofa. Nowadays it is either a kiss good night or right the bedroom. Having sex on a first date is not necessarily a relationship deal killer. While it’s in a woman’s nature over-analyze, I ...

2 Commenti, 34 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.64 Punteggio
luvlicnu69 56 U
5  Articoli
First dates   8/12/2019

are not easy without points on here?

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 4 Voti ,5.19 Punteggio
First meetings   7/12/2019

Id assume most people like to meet in a public place for there first meeting.

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 13 Voti ,3.81 Punteggio
what is the limit?   7/12/2019

is there any limit to have sex of first date?

2 Commenti, 23 Visite, 13 Voti ,3.31 Punteggio
Wayneb518 44 U
5  Articoli
First time   7/12/2019

U should get points on the first date

1 Commenti, 26 Visite, 15 Voti ,2.67 Punteggio
Gunzzyy 29 U
1  Articolo
Check to see if AdultFriendFinder is where you should be!   2/12/2019


1 Commenti, 25 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.64 Punteggio
Wayneb78518 41 U
5  Articoli
First time   1/12/2019

First impression for points

4 Commenti, 28 Visite, 14 Voti ,3.46 Punteggio
Jozef335 28 U
0  Articoli
Teeny girl   30/11/2019

creampie really deep inside tiny girl's pussy

5 Commenti, 45 Visite, 19 Voti ,5.37 Punteggio
B00biesman 41 U
7  Articoli
What base is best on the first date?   30/11/2019

How far would you go?

3 Commenti, 42 Visite, 16 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
DirtyThoughts002 43 U
6  Articoli
Best place   29/11/2019

What are some great places, other than bars, to take a first date?

6 Commenti, 35 Visite, 17 Voti ,2.70 Punteggio
Rico678990 30 U
1  Articolo
I want that big fat cock she says   27/11/2019

Hey everyone well I'm going to start by saying I met this young women she was hot and sexy I met her at the mall we talked for Abit the I asked if she wanted to watch a movie with me that night she said yes so I picked her up around 830 that night she was looking hot short skit and a shirt that stop just above her belly button man did I just want to stay at her house man slide her skirt up ...

4 Commenti, 72 Visite, 24 Voti ,3.24 Punteggio
RoughkinkyFun3 26 U
1  Articolo
First threesome?   26/11/2019

What is a good way to meet up and start a threesome? As in you know the people and just a good way to meet and greet before the festivities. Do most of you go to a bar or what?

1 Commenti, 20 Visite, 17 Voti ,2.42 Punteggio
First date ( sex or no sex )   26/11/2019

Ok, I am sure I will get a number of responses both ways here, but do you should expect sex on a first date? I know for me ( only me ), if you are just dating to maybe find that "special one", then maybe you should hold off on the first date. If he ( or she ) is worth it, the second date will tell the story. Now.. with that being said ( again just my take) I want it to be clear with ...

5 Commenti, 35 Visite, 16 Voti ,2.39 Punteggio
onebigpickle 40 U
5  Articoli
Your go to place   25/11/2019

Your Go to place on a first date?

1 Commenti, 20 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.57 Punteggio
First meeting   24/11/2019

So for the first meeting i like to either take it slow and get to know each other, or have too many drinks and get naked What is everyone's opinion on this? What do you like to do. Love to hear some stories too.

23 Commenti, 110 Visite, 49 Voti ,5.61 Punteggio
First sex   20/11/2019

I was 16 and she was 31 and knew what she was doing, so hot

2 Commenti, 53 Visite, 33 Voti ,3.88 Punteggio
skyposeidonn_ 37 U
3  Articoli
Quiero conocerte   20/11/2019

buscame en sype: poseidonn_

1 Commenti, 24 Visite, 18 Voti ,1.90 Punteggio
DirtyThoughts002 43 U
6  Articoli
First date.   17/11/2019

What was the craziest first date you had? What was the best first date you had? Any first date regrets?

1 Commenti, 30 Visite, 19 Voti ,2.20 Punteggio
Bilaljohn002 29 U
5  Articoli
69   16/11/2019

Do you ever tried this??

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 2 Voti ,1.04 Punteggio
Meeting   16/11/2019

Where do you like meet someone you meet on here for the first time?

3 Commenti, 33 Visite, 20 Voti ,2.49 Punteggio
SeriouslyHung32 44 U
3  Articoli
does height really matter   15/11/2019

how much does height matter when you date someone. please discuss

4 Commenti, 46 Visite, 24 Voti ,2.11 Punteggio
archdaledick 21 U
1  Articolo
Losing my V in college   14/11/2019

I didnt start fucking til i got to Atlanta for school. I was playing soccer for the uni and we had a female ref and i didn’t think there was anything to her. But after i got subbed off she kept staring at me so after the game i lied and said she was making good calls and shit. we went out afterwards to grab some popeyes and she fucked me in her car right outside my dorm lmao

2 Commenti, 43 Visite, 23 Voti ,2.08 Punteggio
ptlook87 37 U
5  Articoli
who wants to meet?   14/11/2019

Would love to find a freat first date, message please

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 16 Voti ,1.95 Punteggio
nite_axn 39 U
5  Articoli
happy endings   14/11/2019

ya i would consider myself a charmer..coz i usually already have mesmerised my potential partner over the phone and messages..guess it pays to have a deep manly voice..then the date is just a formality coz i usually take them to bed on my first dates...married and a slightly older than me are my type, experienced but hungry as well..they do know how to please me and i do know how to sweet talk ...

1 Commenti, 37 Visite, 25 Voti ,1.47 Punteggio
Fuckintines11 35 U
5  Articoli
Dates   12/11/2019

First dates are always the best when her and I end up naked first thing

4 Commenti, 43 Visite, 17 Voti ,1.57 Punteggio
first move   10/11/2019

who should make the first move?

2 Commenti, 27 Visite, 22 Voti ,2.05 Punteggio
9  Articoli
Do you already have your mind made up   10/11/2019

Before a first date do you already have your mind made up that you won’t go bed with your date on that first meet? <br><br> I’ve met a few woman who say yes, not on a first date even though they want after meeting. They want have a second date with the full expectation that we will have sex, something look forward too. It seems like they are afraid it’s sex on the first date ...

3 Commenti, 24 Visite, 12 Voti ,1.92 Punteggio
Can't remember the last time   9/11/2019

I've gone on a first date. seems pointless at this point in life

1 Commenti, 15 Visite, 10 Voti
Can't remember the last time   9/11/2019

I've gone on a first date. seems pointless at this point in life

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.02 Punteggio
Can't remember the last time   9/11/2019

I've gone on a first date. seems pointless at this point in life

1 Commenti, 14 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.59 Punteggio
sex FD   9/11/2019

is it possible to get so much attracted to have sex from the first date

3 Commenti, 17 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.39 Punteggio
Surprise BJ   9/11/2019

I didn't realize it was even a date! I met another guy at a bar to have a drink and watch the game. At half time, he asked if I wanted to finish watching at his place, so we left. After a few drinks, he got up to use the bathroom. When he came , he was only in his boxers, and he walked right toward me. He stood in front of me, and just pulled his dick . I had never been with a guy before, but ...

1 Commenti, 36 Visite, 8 Voti ,4.41 Punteggio
judyzwillis2345 36 D
3  Articoli
The excitement that comes from saying “Yes   7/11/2019

The excitement that comes from saying “Yes” to a first date has you feeling confident and fabulous. This vibe may stay with you straight through to the date itself. Or, a pesky series of “what if’s” could start playing on repeat in your head. “What if your date looks nothing like his picture? What if there’s awkward silence? What if you eat something sketchy?” Queue the scene ...

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 1 Voti ,2.40 Punteggio
first date idea   6/11/2019

hey there . so ? what are most women on here looking for on a first date

1 Commenti, 22 Visite, 15 Voti ,0.99 Punteggio
rmlookn4some14 54 C
7  Articoli
Tell it like it is   6/11/2019

Truth is something that seems to elude people when describing themselves in their profiles. I find it a particularly "dark" place when confronted with having to deal with someone's lies, half-truths or misinformation. I would like to take an opportunity now to shed some "light" on the topic in this article as a form of advice. **********Be truthful********* How ...

7 Commenti, 50 Visite, 24 Voti ,4.49 Punteggio
Consolecollector 32 U
5  Articoli
Points   5/11/2019

For the points again

2 Commenti, 15 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.19 Punteggio
Mrmagnum1973 41 U
21  Articoli
Sexquality   3/11/2019

Why are we all here sex I am hoping that I'm not the only one who thinks sex on first date is ok Ladies stop the game it's a day where women do more then men All aspects of life. Get some dick if u really want some Yolo

1 Commenti, 25 Visite, 19 Voti ,2.33 Punteggio
First meet nervousness   3/11/2019

Why do I get so nervous before meeting someone. Trying not to sweat down and collect myself. The excitement is there but over coming the nerves can be difficult. A few drinks would certainly ease the pressure but not everyone drinks. So would do you guys suggest to ease the nerves of meeting someone for the first time.

2 Commenti, 12 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.36 Punteggio
Hook up with out of town milf part 2   2/11/2019

I left off on first part where once we come in and a little conversation, it was onto the fun stuff. She begins to caress arms and chest (while I'm still clothed). I ask if she's comfortable kissing then we begin make as I make way on top of her. cock hardening inside pants as it presses against her thigh. Clearly it was time undress. I get up and pull shirt off as she ...

1 Commenti, 34 Visite, 15 Voti ,2.21 Punteggio
Hit me up Lets have fun.   2/11/2019

Kick me. cj881991

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 11 Voti ,0.55 Punteggio
ekselll 49 U
3  Articoli
Shopping   31/10/2019

I was shopping in a DIY store (the one with everything you need) in the lighting department, a woman in her fifties approached me to ask me if I could grab a box at the top of the department, which I obviously did, she thanked me and naturally told me I had to find someone to put it on, I told her with a little smile: don't set it on? She replied that this can also be done, I smiled at her ...

2 Commenti, 43 Visite, 13 Voti ,3.48 Punteggio
Hook up with out of town milf   30/10/2019

A few weeks ago, I got a message from a woman I haven't talked to for a while. Our acquaintance was merely a pic sharing and video chat type of relationship. Clearly that stuff tends to die off quickly when distance becomes a problem in actually meeting. <br><br> Well several months go by and a message appears saying she will be close to my location because of business for her. ...

3 Commenti, 40 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.79 Punteggio
Needhungnowpleas 56 U
11  Articoli
What they really want   28/10/2019

All lot of women want to take it slow on a first date but some want that cock. True our false?

2 Commenti, 20 Visite, 12 Voti ,1.03 Punteggio
Finnley1505 52 U
1  Articolo
Suche treffen   26/10/2019

Hallo suche nach einen Treffen mit paaren die behaart sind

1 Commenti, 3 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
ekselll 49 U
3  Articoli
Happy Birthday   25/10/2019

I admit that this story is not mine. It came to one of my best friends. My first time was with a young girl who was also the first time. Very classic and little to tell. Just a great memory for both of us. So excellent that thirty years later... we are still in contact and very good friends! But he... it was very different. Let's call him Christian. At that time, he worked in a fast food ...

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 6 Voti ,4.50 Punteggio
Sissynonpass 34 T
1  Articolo
First date all dressed up   24/10/2019

I would love hear from t gurls and lovers about any first time fully dressed dates. I am about go on first next week. Just nervous.....

3 Commenti, 30 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.02 Punteggio
Harlyman54321 50 U
5  Articoli
Would you have anal sex on your first date?   23/10/2019

If someone asks in you do anal would or wouldn't or maybe try it and see how it feels. or female or ts.

2 Commenti, 20 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.80 Punteggio
Where to go.   21/10/2019

Where should someone go on their first date with an women they met on AdultFriendFinder?

2 Commenti, 14 Visite, 10 Voti ,1.39 Punteggio
vdelont123 28 U
1  Articolo
TS   21/10/2019

What to expect on first date with TS women?

3 Commenti, 24 Visite, 10 Voti ,1.79 Punteggio
car   20/10/2019

does anyone feel odd in a car still?

3 Commenti, 18 Visite, 9 Voti ,3.43 Punteggio
True life   19/10/2019

Gotta do it right so you can fuck that

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 5 Voti ,2.16 Punteggio
BeautyLust560 66 D
1  Articolo
Hello there   19/10/2019

First dates are really scary because meeting someone for the first time you never what this person is going to be like you just got to hope and pray for the right one to come and hope we get along as well is there any guys there single no young dudes either me up

12 Commenti, 59 Visite, 25 Voti ,5.34 Punteggio
juano20182 57 U
2  Articoli
En la estacion de metro   18/10/2019

Era un domingo, me preparaba para salir y entre en la pagina para ver quien estaba, reviso el im y veo una usuaria sin foto con la que habia conversado en un par de oportunidades, desido saludarla, me contesta rapido y en menos de un minuto me dice que nos juntemos, la verdad no le crei, por mi experiencia aqui eso no sucede, pero no tenia nada que perder, iba a salir solo por ahí, le dije que ...

2 Commenti, 16 Visite, 8 Voti ,3.94 Punteggio
LoveEmNasty 41 U
9  Articoli
a best place for a first date?   18/10/2019

Is it my place, your place, hotel, or the movies? I prefer hotels for first dates this was the crazies don't know where you live

2 Commenti, 11 Visite, 7 Voti ,3.04 Punteggio
Muchmorbo001 49 U
1  Articolo
Vaya sorpreson   17/10/2019

Una mujer por fuera preciosa de muchas curvas sexy y excitante al acabar acostando os y probar su sorpresa de22cm nunca pensé que uuuuufffff impresionante

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.08 Punteggio
Has anyone...   17/10/2019

On a first date been influenced by and are such a point have gone to a place knowing they will get a large point return?

2 Commenti, 20 Visite, 12 Voti ,1.92 Punteggio
Does anyone   15/10/2019

go on a first day to a place you can maximize your points on a loyalty program?

1 Commenti, 20 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.39 Punteggio
malexxx43 44 U
6  Articoli
;) xxxxxxxxxxxx coucou ses moi   13/10/2019

quelle place preferer vous pour une premiere rencontre

2 Commenti, 7 Visite, 2 Voti ,2.42 Punteggio
actually meeting   13/10/2019

You know that a lot of people are just too scared to actually to try to meet? I believe it stems from people in the past playing games and not meeting. plus the game players out here make it hard for the real people who actually want to meet...

4 Commenti, 30 Visite, 20 Voti ,2.74 Punteggio
bostonfunguy35 41 U
5  Articoli
condoms on first meet   12/10/2019

Do people here generraly wear condoms on first meet up?

1 Commenti, 5 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.12 Punteggio
BWcoupleou812 43 C
4  Articoli
Anyone remember their first date ever?   10/10/2019

With and what happened?

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 10 Voti ,3.58 Punteggio
Kissmenow2016 38 U
4  Articoli
First time   8/10/2019

What was your first time like with someone from AdultFriendFinder

2 Commenti, 8 Visite, 3 Voti ,2.94 Punteggio
Needhungnowpleas 56 U
11  Articoli
Kinky lady’s   8/10/2019

We’re are are the fun kinky ladies in Az let’s play

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 4 Voti ,1.30 Punteggio
Needhungnowpleas 56 U
11  Articoli
Kinky lady’s   8/10/2019

We’re are are the fun kinky ladies in Az let’s play

2 Commenti, 18 Visite, 8 Voti ,3.01 Punteggio
Needhungnowpleas 56 U
11  Articoli
Kinky lady’s   8/10/2019

We’re are are the fun kinky ladies in Az let’s play

2 Commenti, 10 Visite, 5 Voti ,2.82 Punteggio
Hungforall54 27 U
5  Articoli
MMF   7/10/2019

What is the best way to approach your first mmf on the first date when the three of you are going out for drinks before heading back home all together?

1 Commenti, 25 Visite, 18 Voti ,3.53 Punteggio
lickurpussynow69 41 U
6  Articoli
fucking on the first date   7/10/2019

do you think its bad to fuck on the first date maybe in the past but the present everyone does

2 Commenti, 11 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.80 Punteggio
wantingunowinroc 41 U
8  Articoli
i was 42 she was 24   5/10/2019

i got a phone number and texted her she had me pick her up we went to a bar had a few drinks i took her home she invited in me in took me right to her bed room and before i knew it she had her panties pulled to the side and i was tasting her my cock was so hard licking her bald 24 year old pussy and then i started fucking her she was so tight i fucked her for hours making her cum all over my cock ...

3 Commenti, 31 Visite, 15 Voti ,2.21 Punteggio
wantingunowinroc 41 U
8  Articoli
clicking on a first date   3/10/2019

Once i chatted with someone on here and she invited me over het place for a drink. I knocked on the door and she let in . she didnt even say anything she just started kissing and unzipped pants and started stroking cock. I picked her up and carried her her bed lay her on her back put her legs way back and started tasting her, she was loving licking her pussy and said she wanted in her ...

1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.30 Punteggio
TysonDra9 36 U
7  Articoli
First date AdultFriendFinder...   2/10/2019

When going on a first date with someone from AdultFriendFinder, are you automatically thinking something sexual will happen? Do you prefer to clarify what is expected, or do you prefer to throw caution to the wind?

2 Commenti, 17 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.23 Punteggio
NeedANastyGirl45 39 U
5  Articoli
Has been asked before   29/9/2019

Meeting women off of this site, do you actually go on dates? Or is this just meeting uo for action? I haven't been on a date yet from here

1 Commenti, 8 Visite, 5 Voti ,2.16 Punteggio
StCloudCouple19 33 C
1  Articolo
Unexpected Fun on First Date   28/9/2019

This was a few years back. I was talking with someone on Plenty of Fish. On both our profiles it said we were looking for long term relationships so I wasn't expecting a quick tinder hook-up thing or anything like that. We exchanged emails over the course of a few weeks and the conversation was totally PG. <br><br> Well we finally decided to meet. I said she could come over and ...

5 Commenti, 60 Visite, 31 Voti ,5.16 Punteggio
Georgiaman28119 30 U
18  Articoli
Date   28/9/2019

What would be fun first date for y'all

1 Commenti, 23 Visite, 15 Voti ,3.28 Punteggio
First dates from AdultFriendFinder   27/9/2019

I would love to hear first date stories from people who met from this site? Do people actually meet on here? If so, how was the experience?

3 Commenti, 30 Visite, 17 Voti ,2.70 Punteggio
6  Articoli
2 weeks WTF?   25/9/2019

I met a woman on AdultFriendFinder awhile back, , we talked everything was good, ,we met had great sex, ,, I cummed in her face , , she swallowed my load, I cummed in her pussy and asshole too, , then all of a sudden she disappeared, , not text reply, , and she hasn't been online, ,.. Was she married and husband out of town? You tell me?

9 Commenti, 66 Visite, 29 Voti ,3.94 Punteggio
How Many   25/9/2019

Are getting it in the first time you meet?

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 11 Voti ,1.30 Punteggio
Blkxxx520 25 U
1  Articolo
Surprise tranny part 1   24/9/2019

So on a Friday night I’ve made plans with pretty sexy lady. We met on a dating site. Well, we chatted a lot at first then decided to meet. Of course it was in both our plans to fuck but it was unspoken. I get to her house and she tells me to let myself in so I do so. So upon entering I thought to myself seems like a hot porno scene is about to happen lol. She comes down stairs casually dressed ...

3 Commenti, 67 Visite, 25 Voti ,2.25 Punteggio
Danny65432198 30 U
7  Articoli
Swalloed my cock whole   24/9/2019

Well have you ever ? Had a date where u were with a hot shy female but not she didnt end up bieng so shy after all .. Well i want out on a date on the weekend with a hot sexy women who acted shy .well we got to are destination the movies but asoon a the movie started she started to give me a blow job man was that good she gave me the best blowjob ever Swallows it all man was it great but didnt ...

1 Commenti, 41 Visite, 18 Voti ,2.72 Punteggio
?   21/9/2019

Gotta be yourself and go with your gut feeling

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 7 Voti ,3.30 Punteggio
lokin4sex69 73 U
3  Articoli
how many   20/9/2019

How many think a girl should suck your dick on the first date ? Should be established right away to see if ya want to invest any more time !!

4 Commenti, 36 Visite, 26 Voti ,4.00 Punteggio
lurch4040 51 U
9  Articoli
they are ok   19/9/2019

usually the first date goes well if you have time to chat or text beforehand. at least you will have something in common. you can start there as a conversation starter

1 Commenti, 23 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.66 Punteggio
M4WNSAfun2 43 U
5  Articoli
fuck on the first date   14/9/2019

how often should one fuck on the first date

5 Commenti, 37 Visite, 16 Voti ,4.30 Punteggio
12josh1 34 U
5  Articoli
Limits on first encounter   14/9/2019

Do people general have limits on what they do on first encounter? Or are they up for anything within their normal comfort range?

2 Commenti, 18 Visite, 8 Voti ,0.70 Punteggio
Hot24Real 41 C
5  Articoli
Hot first dates   13/9/2019

Had sex a bar . Inside the both

3 Commenti, 36 Visite, 21 Voti ,2.01 Punteggio
domkoenig 54 U
12  Articoli
men ? no thanx   12/9/2019

met some one on here, got into a steamy conversation, the respondent was up for serious fun but reluctant to send fotos, i carried on but had my suspicions, after several more chats , i demanded fotos, as no fotos came i asked for a whats app no nothing came , i cut off contact , then i received a foto , not surprised , it turned out to be a guy, YUK, im not gay or bi , i love m chicks, so in ...

1 Commenti, 28 Visite, 20 Voti ,2.49 Punteggio
Exciting car play wanted   11/9/2019

Looking for a woman who would like to meet up in a parking lot and suck my cock

1 Commenti, 14 Visite, 11 Voti ,0.92 Punteggio
lookin2eattheY 45 U
6  Articoli
Oral   10/9/2019

Who thinks giving oral on the first date is OK

2 Commenti, 15 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.57 Punteggio
mtl_boy_toy 41 U
4  Articoli
How far do you go on a first date with people from this site   7/9/2019

I've had and miss experiences on here. So, this is a site where people are looking for a good, fun, naughty time - or least I thought. How far you people go on here on the first date?

2 Commenti, 26 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.62 Punteggio
elenaphant 30 D
2  Articoli
When to say yes?   6/9/2019

Sifting through the messages, trying figure is safe go with, might be a serial killer, might just be disappointing. At what point do you just say "fuck it, just go for it" ????? Idk, I want just let loose and enjoy myself but I'm too afraid for my safety

2 Commenti, 40 Visite, 22 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
Bbcforyou480 39 U
5  Articoli
Best and worst first date   4/9/2019

Would sex on the first date be a good or bad sign in your opinion

2 Commenti, 28 Visite, 19 Voti ,2.20 Punteggio
bangmywifenow22 18 C
9  Articoli
First dates   4/9/2019

You can never go wrong with dinner and movie and some weed, let’s be real let’s get high go eat something and then go to the movies and then go back to my place for a romantic evening and see where it goes from there

4 Commenti, 46 Visite, 32 Voti ,4.65 Punteggio
bangmywifenow22 18 C
9  Articoli
First dates   4/9/2019

You can never go wrong with dinner and movie and some weed, let’s be real let’s get high go eat something and then go to the movies and then go back to my place for a romantic evening and see where it goes from there

4 Commenti, 35 Visite, 21 Voti ,4.49 Punteggio
fitst dates   4/9/2019

best first dates ideas

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 8 Voti ,1.62 Punteggio
Heavyhanger4u 49 U
6  Articoli
First date oral   4/9/2019

I have been seeing alot of requests recently from females for oral om first dates. Having been out of dating game a little while, i am curious if this is the new normal? Any experiences you have had with this?

2 Commenti, 24 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.45 Punteggio
noluckname69 44 U
6  Articoli
Is anyone having any luck in OKC   2/9/2019

Just curious

2 Commenti, 12 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.57 Punteggio
domkoenig 54 U
12  Articoli
domkoenig   31/8/2019

i m at university in germany , many years ago. there is a chick i really like , but im getting nowhere, im not pushing as well dont want to scare the bunny away , , shes short , blonde , huge tits , well spoken and classy, after monts of waiting , i see my chance , i hear a big star is coming to zurich , i wana see him and so does she , so i proceed , and ask her if she wants to go , She ...

2 Commenti, 40 Visite, 7 Voti ,2.28 Punteggio
rowdyrough1 36 U
5  Articoli
contact   30/8/2019

what is a private way to keep in contact?

1 Commenti, 14 Visite, 10 Voti ,3.58 Punteggio
Bigcockandnuts10 26 U
7  Articoli
First dates   29/8/2019

Would you consider it a first date if all you do is talk on the phone all the time then finally meet in person and just have sex 😂

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
Feerodez 31 U
1  Articolo
La primera Cita   29/8/2019

Que piensan de tener relaciones sexuales en la primera cita!?? lo harías? Lo has hecho? 🤔

3 Commenti, 11 Visite, 5 Voti ,4.45 Punteggio
Fantasyexcit 50 U
2  Articoli
A ciegas   27/8/2019

Una cita totalmente a ciegas con antifaz los dos sin quitarnos lo hasta al Cabo de un buen rato

1 Commenti, 3 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
Parking lot meeting   27/8/2019

We decided to meet in the parking lot of a mall. It wasn't hard to find an out of the way spot. She got there first. I arrived and got in her car. We spoke awkwardly for a few minutes. She saw me looking down her shirt and said something. Soon we were kissing and groping. I was soooooo hard. I pulled her skirt up and fingered her to an orgasm as i sucked on her tits. suddemly she ...

3 Commenti, 42 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
xsimplely2 53 U
5  Articoli
Joke time ..   25/8/2019

So, on my first dates, I always like to make some early joke about sex. If they at least laugh, then I know we will have a good time; if not, then it's time to drink!

3 Commenti, 36 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
alephpeter2018 64 U
13  Articoli

En la actualidad cuando las personas se conocen por las llamadas redes sociales, al citarse ya no lo hacen tan a ciegas como en otros tiempos, ya se conocieron en foto, en videollamadas, estuvieron charlando, se gustaron, se confesaron atracción física, gustos, carácter, etc., es por eso que no nos debe de llamar la atención que la primera cita se vayan a la cama, porque ya pasaron por las ...

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 3 Voti ,3.92 Punteggio
sexuallisima 40 T
0  Articoli
for a couple hrs   23/8/2019

When the recession began in 2007 I lost my job because the owner sold the gas station where I worked and the new owner brought his people to work and I was fired the days went by and passed and I couldn't find work as I had experience as a restaurant manager I went to apply for Cheescake factory of the brea mall and a Mexican man in charge of cooking told me I can't get you for the ...

2 Commenti, 49 Visite, 12 Voti ,3.86 Punteggio
Eatsthebooty 35 U
5  Articoli
Anyone just get turned on by strangers   23/8/2019

Nothing like fucking strang

2 Commenti, 23 Visite, 16 Voti ,4.60 Punteggio
hot30male4fun 41 U
3  Articoli
First Date Creampies   22/8/2019

I would simply like to get peoples honest opinion about first date creampies. Society of course tells us it's not a good idea, but how do people really feel about it? Would you want to if nobody knew? Or would you want want to but just not actually do it because of the risks?

2 Commenti, 24 Visite, 12 Voti ,3.51 Punteggio
MrThickmeat217 54 U
7  Articoli
Frist Date   22/8/2019

So is thinking the first date with someone from this site should be different than someone you meet at church? Am i right?

1 Commenti, 18 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.19 Punteggio
Phntmfox2019 40 U
1  Articolo
First Meeting from Online   21/8/2019

So the first time I ever met a woman I chatted with online was a married woman. I met her at her job. We had been chatting for a good month before this. I was New our when I got there. She asked me if I wanted a tour of her work place. I said ok why not. We finally got to the bathroom area and she asked if I wanted to see the bathroom and winked. I said of course, I love bathrooms lol. Once we ...

2 Commenti, 37 Visite, 12 Voti ,1.56 Punteggio
us2foragirl 59 C
4  Articoli
First time meetings   16/8/2019

It seems some female connections that are interested in meeting are usually interested in sex the first time. Does having a 3some the first time meeting seem too fast?

3 Commenti, 42 Visite, 24 Voti ,3.70 Punteggio
La primera cita no se olvida   14/8/2019

Hoy quiero relatar como me fue en mi primera cita pero no de la pagina sino en un chat. <br><br> La conocí sin el fin de nada, poco a poco la platica fue dándose sola, comenzamos a platicar nuestras experiencias, lo que comenzaríamos a hacernos el uno al otro y una cosa llevo a la otra. <br><br> Quede pasar por ella en la esquina de su casa, fuimos a tomar algo, y la ...

0 Commenti, 8 Visite, 1 Voti ,1.10 Punteggio
Martinez96x 28 U
5  Articoli
Fucking   10/8/2019

Do girls fuck on the first date

9 Commenti, 86 Visite, 28 Voti ,3.14 Punteggio
Babymaker19822 42 U
2  Articoli
First date   6/8/2019

Don’t expect sex on a first date, unless you meet the women on this site. Lol

9 Commenti, 60 Visite, 17 Voti ,4.12 Punteggio
all_single 54 U
8  Articoli
I’m Not Attracted…Should I Date Him   4/8/2019

The question I get from women is, “If I’m not attracted him, should I date him again?” The answer is yes! <br><br> We live in an era where time is limited and dating can feel draining. So why bother dating someone if there’s no chemistry? <br><br> First of all, chemistry is a misguided compass whether something is good or bad us. I jokingly it the “Taco ...

5 Commenti, 45 Visite, 31 Voti ,2.76 Punteggio
Hed121409 43 U
6  Articoli
Looking for real people   3/8/2019

Looking FOR REAL

1 Commenti, 33 Visite, 23 Voti ,3.01 Punteggio
Exhibition414 33 U
6  Articoli
Most interesting   1/8/2019

What was your most interesting first date? <br><br> Mine was a simple coffee date. Went ok I thought. Not great. There was good conversation then some awkward pauses. <br><br> She must of enjoyed it though because that night she asked me to come over to drink and smoke and we hooked up.

3 Commenti, 38 Visite, 28 Voti ,3.14 Punteggio
Jsmith71717011 33 U
4  Articoli
Who Kisses on the First Date?   1/8/2019

How many people go in for a first kiss on the first date? If things go well obviously lol Is there anyone that never gets physical on the first date?

6 Commenti, 40 Visite, 22 Voti ,3.61 Punteggio
Zx9rlad 56 U
4  Articoli
kiss   1/8/2019

how long do you leave it before you go in for the first kiss on a meet up date then ? do you wait for the lady to lean in or just go for it when you think the time is right what do you all think?

2 Commenti, 23 Visite, 16 Voti ,2.54 Punteggio
rm_ZAKTOI 38 U
0  Articoli
rencontre serieuse amoureuse et coquine   29/7/2019

Bonjour jolie belle fille, un verre ou restau pour un premier RDV amical et si feeling plus à 2 voyager et te connaitre

1 Commenti, 22 Visite, 7 Voti ,2.28 Punteggio
The dream first date   28/7/2019

She walked in, a pink tank top matched her pink shorts, she smiled as I shut the door. Kim's clothes were just right for showing off her curves on her 5'2" body...her brunette hair matched her dark eyes. I was 19, she was 20, and we both had a long weekend home from college. Dinner, then hitting my parents liquor cabinet, kissing led to heavy petting..

1 Commenti, 27 Visite, 12 Voti ,1.74 Punteggio
Points are cool   27/7/2019

Can you get free points on a first date?

3 Commenti, 22 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
SpicyBevo 47 U
1  Articolo
Don't and do's   26/7/2019

Don't just walk up to a woman and ask to do her in the butt. That's just rude.

5 Commenti, 33 Visite, 18 Voti ,2.58 Punteggio
Nice to know   26/7/2019

I had met and chatted with a nice lady here on this site (one of the few times that someone actually responded) and we did chat and get to know each other and knew some of likes and dislikes . We made a date and she did live about 60 miles in another town but that is ok too. When I knocked on her door and she answered she was as cute as her picture on site. She invited me in and offered me a ...

4 Commenti, 61 Visite, 23 Voti ,4.06 Punteggio
cadiryda 44 U
7  Articoli
First date sex   25/7/2019

How long should you wait before sex

5 Commenti, 27 Visite, 13 Voti ,1.47 Punteggio
cleveland_guy214 62 U
3  Articoli
Fucking   24/7/2019

Who fucks and who won't fuck on the 1st date. If you won't would you suck cock or eat pussy?

3 Commenti, 25 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.23 Punteggio
NYLV7002 43 U
2  Articoli
Who's got some good stories?   23/7/2019

Does anyone have some funny stories? Ever meet somewhere like a motel or even a local parking lot and get totally embarrassed? Ever get caught by the cops?

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 8 Voti ,1.39 Punteggio
letsfucrightnow 47 U
9  Articoli
older   22/7/2019

is it ok to fuck on first dates or wait and get to no them

5 Commenti, 20 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.14 Punteggio
Ice breakers   20/7/2019

As we are new the page, I'm so curious know how your first date/meet up went.

6 Commenti, 48 Visite, 23 Voti ,3.60 Punteggio
Xsatap 37 U
3  Articoli
Primeras citas   17/7/2019

Alguna vez han sentido que les emocionan especialmente las primeras citas. Creo que a veces lo que realmente gusta es la emoción de conocer a alguien por primera vez. Es probar algo nuevo; emocionante; es un descubrimiento. A ustedes les pasa que por eso desean conocer personas nuevas por aquí?

4 Commenti, 14 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
Impressions on a first date/meeting.   13/7/2019

I am not sure if anyone has ever experienced this and maybe again, maybe everyone has. So, in my travels in search for what I a long term NSA, I have encountered a lot of people that seem to think that every encounter they have had or will ever have will have the same result happen. Now with sounds totally like a "man" about it, I just want to said that , not every person you meet ...

3 Commenti, 36 Visite, 19 Voti ,3.52 Punteggio
Points   12/7/2019

Points points points points points!

6 Commenti, 51 Visite, 25 Voti ,4.90 Punteggio
cubano291281 38 U
7  Articoli
Se tu mismo   9/7/2019

Muchas personas tratan de ser alguien que no es en la primera cita con tal de impresionar. Creo que es mejor no aparentar lo que no es para no decepcionar en el futuro. Se tu mismo, trata de impresionar con algo que sea tu fuerte, algo en lo que de verdad seas bueno o buena, ya sea hablar de cine, de lectura, de culturas de lugares que has visitado o has leído, o comenta de música o canta si ...

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 3 Voti ,1.96 Punteggio
Votre premier rendez-vous ici   7/7/2019

Des souvenirs de votre premier rendez-vous ici ?

3 Commenti, 7 Visite, 2 Voti ,2.42 Punteggio
Sex at first sight   6/7/2019

Have you ever had sex the first time you ever met someone the second you walked in the door?

3 Commenti, 35 Visite, 13 Voti ,3.81 Punteggio
yourdkmyassnow 39 U
1  Articolo
First time first date   5/7/2019

Is it alright to have sex on the first date? If not then when? Second? Third? Fourth?

1 Commenti, 28 Visite, 9 Voti ,1.93 Punteggio
hazeleyes198469 40 D
1  Articolo
Sex on first date   2/7/2019

Do you think it's ok have sex on the first date or should you wait ?

19 Commenti, 172 Visite, 99 Voti ,8.76 Punteggio
Frfghtr852 39 U
1  Articolo
Anybody real?   29/6/2019

Ive been stood up 4 times just this week. why do so many people come on these things just to talk about it but never actually meet? its such a childish attention game

4 Commenti, 32 Visite, 15 Voti ,1.91 Punteggio
you know the best advice for a first date?   28/6/2019

of course, it's not to sleep together... this is absolutely true... stay away from those that get it on on the first date

1 Commenti, 23 Visite, 15 Voti ,0.83 Punteggio
ohyesitsverybig 36 U
2  Articoli
Dude im tired of all the fake profiles on here screwing it up for the rest of us!   27/6/2019

Like for real guys, its getting OLD

1 Commenti, 20 Visite, 14 Voti ,3.46 Punteggio
nite_axn 39 U
5  Articoli
breaking the wall   23/6/2019

as we all might experience that first dates sometimes can be a dauting task...first the anxiety kicks in about the person you are spend the time with and probably sweating over how to start a decent conversations. this could be seen as a wall that every new couple would have to climb in order to find the real person they are with at that moment. so its immensely important that we have to learn ...

1 Commenti, 28 Visite, 20 Voti ,2.10 Punteggio
Hot_bi_babe 44 D
1  Articolo
Proper Hygiene OMG yes it is very important   16/6/2019

I mean OMG and seriously 😲 I met a guy once we actual decided to meet his hotel. He looked nice in photos and still looked nice in person. I waited in the lobby while he got the room. To my horrible disappointment when the clothes came off he smelled like a Hockey player two days after his last game without a shower. He proceeded to go down on me and a few minutes in I had to stop him. I just ...

15 Commenti, 194 Visite, 113 Voti ,8.20 Punteggio
JamaicanPole16 26 U
2  Articoli
First Dates   10/6/2019

Be yourself. Ask open-ended questions (like what the person's passion is for example). Do not overdo the compliments. Be courteous. Smile. Get to know them inside.

1 Commenti, 14 Visite, 10 Voti ,3.19 Punteggio
storm_unc 41 U
8  Articoli
Unwrapping a disappointment   10/6/2019

Ladies, have you ever been on a first date, lusting and longing the guy throughout the night, gone back home, unzipped his jeans, pulled down his pants to find a very disappointing package?

3 Commenti, 55 Visite, 24 Voti ,2.33 Punteggio
MidnightBlue645 59 U
1  Articolo
First Dates   9/6/2019

Hello All, I was wondering when you take someone on the first date what would you end up doing, take take them for coffee just talk or perhaps dinner and a movie?

3 Commenti, 58 Visite, 19 Voti ,1.81 Punteggio
RedBubba_1981 42 U
5  Articoli
Bad experience   8/6/2019

Anyone ever been on blind date then excuse yourself to restroom to leave restaurant

1 Commenti, 23 Visite, 14 Voti ,1.70 Punteggio
Taylor_d12 27 U
5  Articoli
One night stand that turns into something   3/6/2019

I had a one night stand and it turned into something more

2 Commenti, 46 Visite, 21 Voti ,2.51 Punteggio
DeepThrusting402 35 U
6  Articoli
Most interesting   29/5/2019

WHat is the most interesting date you have been on? First time? <br><br> What is the weirdest date you have been on? <br><br> What was the hottest date you have been on>

1 Commenti, 14 Visite, 9 Voti ,1.29 Punteggio
mryounghung25 35 U
3  Articoli
Best time   28/5/2019

I just wondering what the best AdultFriendFinder experience you have had. Mine was with an older lady and it was great, just seeing if there are any stories.

3 Commenti, 22 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.64 Punteggio
gitcheehound 50 U
1  Articolo
Prefer my age or older   27/5/2019

New to this, would like to get input from women my age or older. Let me know who is interested, thank you.

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.08 Punteggio
CoastC 36 U
6  Articoli
Meeting someone   21/5/2019

What’s the idea of a first meet? Even if it’s for sex. What’s the plans when you make them? Just curious. Public place?

2 Commenti, 13 Visite, 3 Voti ,1.96 Punteggio
First time   18/5/2019

How often has sex happened on the first date?

3 Commenti, 51 Visite, 18 Voti ,1.90 Punteggio
misha925_93 31 U
8  Articoli
damn that was awkward   15/5/2019

met a girl on here and we meet up for car sex at a pretty lowkey park , shit was going well but she kept saying some weird shit and brought up having to get an abortion right before I slide in. that shit made my dick almost shrivel in my hand.

3 Commenti, 44 Visite, 18 Voti ,2.31 Punteggio
MrSmilesNudist 75 U
1  Articolo
First Dates Can Be Awkward and Stiff...   15/5/2019

First dates can be a bit awkward and stiff. I try my best to be natural and at ease. I have found that taking my clothes off right away makes me feel more at ease. It's not for everyone, but being naked for me is relaxing and comfortable. I also find out how my date feels about nudity right away. I am attracted to women that enjoy my nudity. As we sit and chat the air is filled with ...

3 Commenti, 46 Visite, 9 Voti ,3.00 Punteggio
nastyinchico 54 U
4  Articoli
First time   12/5/2019

Copied from an article previously written on another site <br><br> my first time with another guy(true story) 1/16/2013 <br><br> When i was 16 years old me and a friend of mine named Don who was 13 at the time got paid to stay in a trailer to watch a watermelon field so no one would steal them. One day don comes back from one of the neighbors with a great big box of smut ...

1 Commenti, 62 Visite, 20 Voti ,2.87 Punteggio
Geronimo7607 47 U
4  Articoli
Sex or no?   10/5/2019

Sex on the first date?

3 Commenti, 33 Visite, 17 Voti ,3.41 Punteggio
Jumiping in here to get points. What you say?   9/5/2019

Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points Points ...

6 Commenti, 40 Visite, 22 Voti ,5.41 Punteggio
First dates   9/5/2019

Rank you top "first date ideas" <br><br> 1) Recreational activity such as biking around town 2) Taking a scooter around town and trying a couple of drinks spots 3) Hitting up the park 4) Dinner and fucking lol 5) Cocktail bar with boardgames

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.64 Punteggio
Sex on the first date   9/5/2019

Just wondering who out there believes that sex on the first date is an option or not. Would like to hear thoughts on the matter.

2 Commenti, 18 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.66 Punteggio
dimdim28000 30 U
3  Articoli
comment ce passe un premiers rendez vous ?   8/5/2019

bonjours que faut t'il faire pour un premiers rendez vous ? <br><br> se mettre sur 31 pour séduire le maximum parler de nos points commun pour voir le feeling( travail passions ....) être bien sur galant avec les demoiselles promener dans un endroit charmant pour séduire au maximum pour avoir 2eme rendez vous ....

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.08 Punteggio
td4funzyung25 28 U
5  Articoli
Yayy   6/5/2019

Burger with onions best first date lol

3 Commenti, 31 Visite, 14 Voti ,1.54 Punteggio
deezh803 34 U
8  Articoli
first gay or bi encounter?   5/5/2019

Anyone care to share their first bi or gay encounter? What led it to it? How it went? Details?

6 Commenti, 55 Visite, 14 Voti ,1.54 Punteggio
Liloneneeded 40 U
9  Articoli
Naked before dinner   3/5/2019

Is it wrong to try getting naked and naughty before actually going any where? What if the dare is great but the sex is boring? Might help find what you really are looking for!!

2 Commenti, 23 Visite, 16 Voti ,1.80 Punteggio
darklong6988 44 U
10  Articoli
sex right off the bat   2/5/2019

Has anyone met up and started fucking right on the spot? I would love to her some of your stories.

3 Commenti, 27 Visite, 14 Voti ,1.86 Punteggio
For a first time meet   25/4/2019

Lets say I would like to meet a lady whoms a little bit older than me. I've not met anyone on this site before so here to ask for tips. What would be the best thing to do for a first meet to see if we click?

4 Commenti, 29 Visite, 14 Voti ,4.26 Punteggio
herenow2see 53 U
7  Articoli
Who recently has had a 1st date from here?   25/4/2019

curious to see how it went and if its still ongoing...

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.19 Punteggio
Shy or just nervous   23/4/2019

It's my opinion here that most women are reluctant to meet initially due to either being shy or nervous about their body features. Not sure about the other guys out there, but i don't mind about any of the shyness or nervousness during initial meetings. Just be honest and upfront. Most of all, be serious. if you want to meet, let's meet and go from there. No expectations and no ...

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 8 Voti ,2.78 Punteggio
Goodguy2474u 44 U
2  Articoli
Sex on the 1st date a bad thing?   22/4/2019

What is your honest answer about sex on the first date? There is a fine line about this subject, but If you establish what both are seeking then is it bad??

6 Commenti, 34 Visite, 16 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
24sensation24 36 U
2  Articoli
Be Upfront   15/4/2019

Do you agree? Be upfront about your personal preferences. Physically or otherwise.

3 Commenti, 41 Visite, 17 Voti ,2.14 Punteggio
cum_sucking_bttm 40 U
1  Articolo
Good place for first date sex?   12/4/2019

Where do you take someone that says "hey kinda classy but want to blow you" on a first date?

3 Commenti, 36 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.79 Punteggio
BWcoupleou812 43 C
4  Articoli
First real date   11/4/2019

When did you have your first real date? I think I was in highschool and the was a few older.

2 Commenti, 25 Visite, 18 Voti ,1.76 Punteggio
NBS_6969 36 U
1  Articolo
Best date   9/4/2019

Twhat would be considered your craziest 1st date?

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 10 Voti ,0.80 Punteggio
Sex on first date   7/4/2019

Anyone else ever had sex on a first date? If did it go?

1 Commenti, 3 Visite, 0 Voti
theattu 28 U
2  Articoli
ideas   7/4/2019

What are some first date ideas, other than the usual dinner + movies?

0 Commenti, 19 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.05 Punteggio
bigdongerforu 52 U
9  Articoli
My first time   6/4/2019

My wife had gone shopping and I glanced and noticed Ralph in his back yard trimming his bushes and shrubs. Gwen was in her usual lounge chair reading. <br><br> In the spur of the moment I decided to pop over and see what their was doing. <br><br> As I approached their front door, Pamela spotted me the window and opened the door before I got there. <br><br> ...

2 Commenti, 79 Visite, 19 Voti ,3.26 Punteggio
Sex in first date   6/4/2019

Yes or no????

0 Commenti, 12 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.23 Punteggio
Tonytonitone70 49 U
4  Articoli
Points   3/4/2019

Points points points points points points points

1 Commenti, 2 Visite, 0 Voti
Expected action(s) and behavior on the first meeting.   20/3/2019

Here is the setup : 2 people ( let's have them be straight for my convenience), after messaging online/phone/mails/whatever, have mutual interest in meeting and fucking. Maybe it's because one person is married and just wants sex from the other because companionship is already taken care of or maybe they both just want sex and simply do not care for relationship. <br><br> My ...

2 Commenti, 61 Visite, 28 Voti ,1.08 Punteggio
Travelman3355 48 U
1  Articolo
Old flames   16/3/2019

You ever been out on a date and bumped into old flame and went home with her instead?

5 Commenti, 66 Visite, 38 Voti ,1.58 Punteggio
onefunguy010 36 U
8  Articoli
First covo   15/3/2019

On your first date whats a good convertion starter or what pick lines do you use

8 Commenti, 57 Visite, 22 Voti ,1.08 Punteggio
passiondreamer13 37 U
7  Articoli
loads of fun   14/3/2019

had loads of fun in the first date

1 Commenti, 33 Visite, 23 Voti ,1.84 Punteggio
LickUslowXX 44 U
2  Articoli
How long   11/3/2019

How long since you signed up here before you hook up for the 1st time? And then how often do you hook up from here? <br><br> Lots of active people, just wondering.

0 Commenti, 3 Visite, 1 Voti ,3.70 Punteggio
Lieu de rendez-vous   10/3/2019

Plutôt public, privé ou hôtel?

2 Commenti, 11 Visite, 5 Voti ,2.16 Punteggio
BigDDan315 33 U
5  Articoli
Head please   10/3/2019

I just recently had a first date with a women who was amazing. she asked me if i drove and could pick her up. i said yes of course. So when i arrived i knocked on the door and she said she wasnt expecting me to look so nice and told me she just needed a second and to come in. she brought me to the living room and then told me why dont we stay in. Then she pushed me onto the couch and unfastened ...

5 Commenti, 111 Visite, 36 Voti ,3.32 Punteggio
justmexxx33 49 U
8  Articoli
Trans virgin   5/3/2019

Wanting to meet and possibly play with a transgender. Where is a good site place to find sexy trans girls??

3 Commenti, 55 Visite, 31 Voti ,1.51 Punteggio
Fogger312 51 U
5  Articoli
Scuttle a first date   1/3/2019

What things should one avoid on a first date to avoid failure? Yeah. I haven't done a first date in ages. I'm not sure what to or not to do.

3 Commenti, 45 Visite, 26 Voti ,1.95 Punteggio
Why is this so difficult?   24/2/2019

I travel with work a lot and have been trying to find a regular playmate for some time now. What gives?

3 Commenti, 56 Visite, 27 Voti ,1.87 Punteggio
Eerste date met man.   24/2/2019

Ik weet mijn eerste sex date met een man nog goed. Het was tevens een van de beste keren. Zoveel nieuwe ervaringen en het was lekker om te doen. We begonnen met elkaar te likken en te pijpen. Vervolgens begon ik me te vingeren en hij daarna mij. Toen heeft hij mij op verschillende posities genomen tot hij klaarkwam. Since die avond wou ik alleen maar meer. Hoe was jullie eerste aafspraak?

1 Commenti, 2 Visite, 1 Voti ,2.40 Punteggio
Good evening   18/2/2019

How quick was your first hook up and how was it?

2 Commenti, 50 Visite, 31 Voti ,2.57 Punteggio
njames58 24 U
2  Articoli
sex   16/2/2019

why we should not have sex on the first date ...

1 Commenti, 28 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.05 Punteggio
sexaddictdon 66 U
31  Articoli
A play before the play...   16/2/2019

Weds night is usually the night that is reserved for issues or catching up on the ever increasing backlog of DVR shows my schedule won’t allow me to see live. This past Wednesday one of my had asked me if my schedule was open to see a play “Linda Vista” downtown. Of course I’m always open for live theater especially one being staged at the Mark Taper at the music center with a ...

2 Commenti, 60 Visite, 32 Voti ,2.68 Punteggio
bigdongerforu 52 U
9  Articoli
To be horny   5/2/2019

The cold wind bit through the holes in my jeans. I hadn't known when I left home that I would be on the side of the road hoping for someone to come along to help me. Who would think that a brand new car would stop working on an empty stretch of highway with no cell phone signal? That's one of the downfalls of living in the mountains. So, the only thing to do now was to walk until I found ...

2 Commenti, 61 Visite, 23 Voti ,2.89 Punteggio
SissySlut5202 33 U
5  Articoli
Sex on the first date   31/1/2019

Is it wrong to expect sex on a first date from here

13 Commenti, 117 Visite, 44 Voti ,3.09 Punteggio
Stevenztaylor 46 U
6  Articoli
Safety   24/1/2019

How many people (guys and girls) actually practice safe sex on here

5 Commenti, 47 Visite, 25 Voti ,3.13 Punteggio
JoshRook7 28 U
4  Articoli
Deal-Breakers   23/1/2019

Ever see a couple get divorced because one of them didn't want and the other did? <br><br> I've never understood how people can have deal-breakers like that and not discuss them sooner. <br><br> When I meet a woman, I lay it all out pretty quickly. (I mean okay, I don't know if I want yet, but I have some deal-breakers of my own. I like to get those out of ...

1 Commenti, 15 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.66 Punteggio
greeting naked at the door   21/1/2019

I myself love to greet naked at the door. I find that many are a bit nervous, but once they cum in and hang out for a bit, me being naked makes it easier for them to accept the fact that its all about being naked and having fun. I love to chat and with myself as they get comfortable. Most on this site are very horny, but when they are in the company of others naked, the level of being nervous is ...

1 Commenti, 37 Visite, 13 Voti
Stlforfun1990 33 U
2  Articoli
fun with couples.   21/1/2019

When I meet a couple for the 1st time, I enjoy going out for a drink and chatting for a bit. I want to get to know the couple before we have fun. <br><br> Always get to know the people beforehand

1 Commenti, 41 Visite, 21 Voti ,3.13 Punteggio
Skippy975369 44 U
2  Articoli
Sex on first dates...   20/1/2019

Describe your experience when the first time you had a first date and it was just sex?

6 Commenti, 47 Visite, 23 Voti ,0.91 Punteggio
Stevenztaylor 46 U
6  Articoli
Hooking up or going out?   18/1/2019

Which do you prefer? Getting right to business or getting to know a person

5 Commenti, 41 Visite, 17 Voti ,2.14 Punteggio
Best First Date   16/1/2019

My parents were gone for the weekend, and she knew it.She walked in, pink tank top, pink shorts, flip flops. She knew what I wanted, and she knew we were alone. We went to my bedroom, and she shut and locked the door. She smiled as she pushed me onto the bed. She looked me in the eyes as she slid her shorts down, revealing a dark hairy bush. ...

2 Commenti, 40 Visite, 16 Voti ,1.66 Punteggio
Fogger312 51 U
5  Articoli
Who makes the first move??   11/1/2019

On a first date, who do you want making the first move? The male or the female, and why? I would want the female making the first move, because then I would know that she is comfortable with me.

3 Commenti, 42 Visite, 21 Voti ,3.13 Punteggio
all the way   8/1/2019

she wants a bull on the first date

2 Commenti, 31 Visite, 16 Voti ,2.83 Punteggio
buck7024 55 U
7  Articoli
Being nervouse   4/1/2019

I get nervouse sometimes. We all do but if you think of it as just sex then its much easier to deal with i think. Anyone have an opinion?

3 Commenti, 33 Visite, 20 Voti ,2.74 Punteggio
banshie50 66 C
29  Articoli
suprise   3/1/2019

Feeling horny I contacted a man local on im.We agreed to meet at a local motel about noon time. I could tell he was very horny and just wanted to meet a cd badly. We met at the room and I went into the bathroom to change. I came out in a faux leather mini dress and he got frisky. He wanted me to kneel down but to his dismaythe dom came out of me and ordered him to turn around. I blind folded him ...

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Should you have sex on a first date?   28/12/2018

Hello guys. I have a question for you. Should you have sex on the first date? In my oppinion thats something i want on a first date. Because i love sex and want to have it as much as possible. But if the other person dont wants it on the first date then i respect that. But then you got to have at least a blowjob or something like that. What do you guys think?

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Kissing can make a difference   26/12/2018

I have on two occasions secured a "relationship" with just a kiss. The first time was when I first joined AdultFriendFinder. I met a lady for a first date. The connection was good but not amazing. That was until I kissed her. I pushed her up against the wall and took hold of her face with my left hand and gave her a deep passionate kiss. We dated for 10 months.

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Somenewbbc 38 U
9  Articoli
First dates   24/12/2018

Do they really happen anymore last date i went on the woman was mad I just didnt start fucking her...smh

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tallguy6667 54 U
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looking 4 love   20/12/2018

who in their right mind could be looking for their forever n ever soul mate on a fuck site?

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orgasmosalvaje10 47 U
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a la de "ya" o primero conocerse   18/12/2018

Hola a todos, ustedes tienen sexo a la primera cita? ya sea en trios swingers, 1-1 ect ect. Hay muchas personas que prefieren una cena, una salida, un bar, caminar, antes de irse a la cama, con el fin de conocer mejor a la/las persona/s y ver si congenian o si les caen bien, o si hay química.. ustedes de cuales ?

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Lddr24Frfghtr00 39 U
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This site   18/12/2018

Does anybody actually meet or even reply to messages anymore?

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The best first date   17/12/2018

She was short, barely five foot tall, but to me she was the perfect size. A brunette Barbie, and she came over for dinner, my parents were gone for the weekend, and we were all alone. After a twelve pack of beer, we hit my bedroom. At 6'4" tall, I towered over her. She told me to lay down, she smiled as she slid her pink shorts off , showing her perfect brunette bush...first dark bush ...

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First date sex   15/12/2018

Is first date sex wrong? I'm curious what others think because I have had first date sex once...and it was the best sex I ever had. Comments anyone....

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playin2011 57 C
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No 2 are the same   12/12/2018

A first date for us generally only happens once we've established a good connection through chatting &/or camming. But a first date is never a sure thing. It's an opportunity to get to know each other, find out if you're compatible, and hopefully build the sexual chemistry & attraction. For us it's pretty obvious straight away if it's a yes or a no. And we've ...

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Meeting on AdultFriendFinder and first date   10/12/2018

So I figure 99% of the people are on here for sex if they ever follow through on meeting. Should one expect to have sex on the first date? Or is it like any first date and probably not gonna happen.

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Safety First   9/12/2018

First dates are exciting, nervous time for both people involved. Will I say the right thing? Do I look good in my dress? Where will she want to go and do... <br><br> With all that going on..hoping for the best, how prepared are you for when things go bad on the safety end? <br><br> The meeting should be in the most public place possible, with an extra exit...hopefully by ...

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Alay1145 39 U
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My first time   28/11/2018

So I have my first meet scheduled. Looking forward to it. Please share some of your first meets and how did it go. Did you ever get stood up? Was the person who they said they were?

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m2133178 28 U
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第一次約會   23/11/2018


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Oralnimfo69 45 U
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Is it acceptable, in TODAYS dating world, to have sex on the first date?   18/11/2018

Is it ok to have sex on a first date? Or, does a woman get labeled a " slut", a term which I DESPISE because I believe that if the women is a slut then so is the man, so what do you think? I would love feedback ..thanks!!

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hot mouth   8/11/2018

this girl was so hot that she jump in my car pulled out my dick I went down on it like she was hungry and it did not take long before I fill her mouth up

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herbman693 33 U
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Fun time's   3/11/2018

It is always fun to meet someone for the first time. Just be open and your self right?

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dirty thoughts   27/10/2018

i was talking to her at work for a while. then one day she was looking so sexy i had to ask her out. she said yes

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nlvjoe3 44 U
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Firsts   16/10/2018

What is the craziest thing to happen on your first meet with a AdultFriendFinder member?

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thickdicklydaddy 37 U
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Anyone think one of the best ways to break the ice is to fuck and get it over with?   15/10/2018

I've always had the best relationships with women who I had sex before we started dating. I think it's because the nerves were gone and we were both able to open up more and just talk after getting all the stress and sexual tension out of the way. Anyone agree?

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SingerFun 44 U
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First time meeting   15/10/2018

So, meeting a new play partner for the first time in the next few days. curious to know how others approach this first time meeting. I mean, I've done meet ups in public, where there's socializing and chatting a bit before going off to engage in fun. But this time, going straight to her place and the only thing on the agenda is getting down to fun. No problem for many of you, sure. ...

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first dates   15/10/2018

What is the general thoughts on first dates <br><br> after all this is AdultFriendFinder im curious do people go to a coffee shop / bar or just meet at a hotel and straight down to the action ? <br><br> i have had mixed reactions, interested what others do, partially in the uk

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Your expectation of a 1st Date   9/10/2018

Wondering what people on here think is a good first date with someone you met on AdultFriendFinder. Is it dinner with great conversation and maybe a kiss goodnight? Is it a great date that ends in fooling around in the car? Great dinner, drinks and awesome sex? or something else? Love to hear what you want in a first date with an AFFer. Thank you.

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1Snglguy909 43 U
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Excitement   28/9/2018

As much as dating can get old, there is that special feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and have instant chemistry

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bullhard69 64 U
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Should you play on first dates?   26/9/2018

That is a question many people ask. Should you or should you not play on first dates? My experience has been to go with the flow. In some cases, playing on the first date was awesome and required a repeat performance on a later date. On the other hand, the same held true in some cases on playing on a subsequent date. It all boils down to whether you want to or not is my opinion. Any ...

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looking for date   22/9/2018

<br><br> Hi I am looking for a date in delhi with a beautiful women below 35 yrs please help me find one if you cant help please be one

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Andycondappr 26 U
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Hand   20/9/2018

Didn't give Fe can be see go Fe an babe d he Fe St he can be come my he Fe fr

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Gksingh1996 25 U
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I don't know when will my dream girl will come.   18/9/2018

Hii, its Gaurav. If you found mistakes in my english then please ignore this. Let me introduce myself i am a skinny body person with average height and have no facial hair even in the age of 23. So most of the ladies i used to talk they think i am in my age. i was also become dipressed of thinking i would not get any gf in my life. I even used to pray to god that let someone come in my life ...

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Sex on first dates   17/9/2018

It happens only half the time..

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funbradwatches 49 U
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car   13/9/2018

is it ok to meet in a car in a park? have a little fun and then decide from there what to do?

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Playing on 1st date   8/9/2018

How many of you suck cock or fuck on the 1st date? I know I will....

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Sweet IM treat   7/9/2018

I finally made an AdultFriendFinder connection thru Instant Messenger just last week. <br><br> I send her a note and she responded, we chatted a little and I told her I was at work and she could stop by if she needed or wanted her pussy eaten until she came. <br><br> I didn't know she was on the mobile device but was glad she was, after she said she was only fifteen minutes from my ...

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blind date   5/9/2018

i went on a blind date last night a friends of a friend set us <br><br> she couldnt even believe that someone would be a member of this site she was not impressed. <br><br> the date didnt last long

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ozie58 65 U
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Her and I first meet   31/8/2018

We had been chatting for a few weeks when it was set to meet and . We talked about what each other liked and she had told to bring something to with her with but not to tell her what it would be . She wanted some way bigger than any cock and with lots of thought I found something that I thought would work . We setup a place to meet for me to pick her up and she wanted us to outside so I knew a ...

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lebthickcock 40 U
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the first time she grabs it   27/8/2018

the first time she sees it or grabs it and her mouth slightly drops because of how horny she got .... i call it the reveal lol i love the reveal

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Einsamer2019 55 U
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Sex beim ersten treffen?   27/8/2018

Sollte man beim ersten treffen schon direkt in der Kiste landen

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banshie50 66 C
29  Articoli
adventurous   26/8/2018

I wasfeeling horny on my day off from work, so I decided to check out who was on this site. I im with a gurl who wanted to meet. Im not gay but was horny enough to meet up. When I arrived at the motel I became a little nervous. As I walked in the door , it was very dark and porn was playing on the tv. She walked over to me, said she did not think I would show up and planted a kiss on the ...

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PlayfulBastard 46 U
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What's your most embarrassing 1st date experience?   25/8/2018

When I was , I had a summer job one year and was crazy about this incredibly beautiful girl I worked with. But she had a boyfriend. However, at the very end of the summer, she broke up with him...and I wasted no time. We'd been flirting all summer, so I took the breakup as a hint. <br><br> We were going to go to this gorgeous beach I'd only been to once before. ...

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ozie58 65 U
6  Articoli
First meet   25/8/2018

It was our first meet we meet for breakfast then talked about we went our separate ways we were chatting and she invited me over . We kissed and were running hands over each other's body's then we undressed laid on the bed kissing and touching she works her way down sucking my cock then she climpson top of me and slides my cock in her wet pussy she rides me till she cums then I roll her ...

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