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G000dbuddy 36 U
23  Articoli
The Upside of Living Alone   7/9/2022

Rookies in the art of living alone sometimes wonder how they will ever adjust to this strange new status, especially if it came about involuntarily and they're nursing a broken heart. Although it might take some months or even a few years, they will eventually discover a few plusses. Here are some bonuses experienced aloners have discovered: <br><br> Aloners never have remote ...

1 Commenti, 8 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
2  Articoli

We married young I was a day 16 and my husband 15 I wasn't pregnant we didn't have to get married we wanted to we were in love, and no one could keep us apart. The sex was great we would fuck untill we were sore, besides we didn't have anything better to do. By the time I was 18 we had two we were still together and still haveing great sex. Our bodys had changed we grew up we ...

1 Commenti, 1211 Visite, 22 Voti ,5.65 Punteggio
G000dbuddy 36 U
23  Articoli
Ways to Turn Your Woman On   5/2/2022

Dress to Impress of the best ways to get her out of her pants may just be to put yourself into a nicer pair of your own. If you're hanging out in raggedy sweats and a stained t-shirt all the time, she's probably not going to be inspired to take a peek at what's underneath. <br><br> Remember, men like seeing a naked woman. Women like seeing a well-dressed man. Of course, ...

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 1 Voti ,3.70 Punteggio
Naturalplayboy22 58 U
2  Articoli

Recently I started dating a woman and at this time the meeting was planned at my home, as I was living alone due to my job. As scheduled on phone, I picked her up from the Metro station and we reached our home in an Auto in the evening. She was excited to meet me at my home and as soon as she entered inside my one BHK flat, she started dancing. When I stopped her and asked about her excitement ...

1 Commenti, 18 Visite, 2 Voti ,5.20 Punteggio
G000dbuddy 36 U
23  Articoli
5 body signs that says she likes you   4/10/2021

Body language is a great way to figure out if the date is going well. In fact, over half of communication between people doesn't even involve words. Knowing how to read her body can help you figure out whether you're having a good night or a great night. <br><br> Erik Hanuseen, Wolf Messing, and Giorogor Rasputin are some of the most famous mentalists in history, but they did ...

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.12 Punteggio
crookcounty60644 33 U
2  Articoli

What do women think? Does it show there is something right or wrong with him if he hasnt been married and never had ? I come from the old school of thinking career goals come first then family and after. Any good thoughts out there on the subject?

3 Commenti, 84 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.78 Punteggio
afl0ribama 54 U
1  Articolo
What was one of your best dates ever?   24/7/2021

A particular one stands out for me. A new Star Wars movie was out and everyone wanted to see it. My girlfriend and I had made plans to go and her older very attractive married sister was in town alone for a visit wanted to tag along too. We agreed and off we went. The lines were long and it was playing in to different screen's. Finally, we made our way inside stopping at the refreshment ...

1 Commenti, 5 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
afloribamayho 54 U
1  Articolo
What was one of your best dates ever?   19/7/2021

This was my 1st attempt as an author/storyteller and it was rejected. Any comments, critiques, feedback and suggestions are appreciated. All participants listed are years old or older. the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent, lol. The following is a true event. <br><br> Have you ever had a date that just stood out by itself from amongst the others? A particular ...

1 Commenti, 23 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
afl0ribama1 54 U
3  Articoli
Okay folks, What's your worst, oddest or funniest date ever?   18/7/2021

I was in the military and traveled home to take a special someone. During that time awaiting said date I took a nap the started getting ready for the date. Well, my Dad needed to make a parts run to fix his vehicle and took my truck without my permission. I go and pickup my date and we traveled to a nearby town to eat, catch a movie and whatever. We arrive at the restaurant, I do the gentlemanly ...

1 Commenti, 18 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
Joven, ardiente y placentero   1/7/2021

Me encanta entrar a los chats. Llevo años haciéndolo y muchas veces he encontrado gente interesante con la cual he tendido sexo on line. Esta vez fue diferente. Por trabajo estaba de viaje en Trujillo y al terminar lo que me llevó allá tuve un día muerto por falta de cupo para regrear. Todo un día libre y aburrido... Decidí entrar a buscar diversión. Buscando, buscando entré en contacto ...

3 Commenti, 230 Visite, 13 Voti ,4.32 Punteggio
rm_perlinda65 41 D
3  Articoli
Porqué no pagar?   1/7/2021

Para las mujers es fácil obtener los privilegios de estándar y estarse aquí sin pagar. Algo así como en las discos o la costumbre de que los hombres pagan. Pero al ser muchísimos mas los hombres aquí, raramente obtienen visitas suficientes y, si no pagan, casi no pueden haser nada.

Ahora, si una afiliación gold te sale por 4 meses lo mismo que pagarías en una primer cita(La ...

8 Commenti, 152 Visite, 24 Voti ,4.83 Punteggio
polarity3 64 U
0  Articoli
A First Date   29/6/2021

The first thing I must do is make myself look pretty, after all I do want to impress her, and I surely wouldn't looking as I do now. If women only knew what men do. Well I'll have to shower, shave, scrub my nails, and of course choose a cologne that is alluring and seductive. Cologne is the key, after all I'm no Paul Newman, I need some advantage however evanescent. Next I have to choose my ...

2 Commenti, 32 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
darqmachine 48 U
16  Articoli
OR NO ...   26/6/2021

One day in our lives, after we all have finished getting our brains completely fucked out of us, we all one day plan to have or plan to marry into a situation where are already in someones captivity. Now let's say for example you and that special someone hit it off, and things are starting to getting a little hot, however, before you decide to make your situation a full committment... ...

2 Commenti, 99 Visite, 5 Voti ,3.47 Punteggio
one4sex692 72 U
3  Articoli
Am I really that naive?   25/6/2021

Am I reading things right? I have viewed many, many profiles here in which woman state they are looking for "Generous Men" only. The subject of generosity seems to appear frequently. There are also a few which state they want to be taken care of for which a man will receive great rewards. <br> Am I wrong or are these women trying to say no pay, no lay? <br> If I wanted ...

4 Commenti, 183 Visite, 20 Voti ,6.70 Punteggio
bradtomms614athm 53 U
4  Articoli
neighbors   24/6/2021

Is it ok to want to have sex with the neighbor? She is young and has 2 and always looks worn out. She may need some action.

3 Commenti, 69 Visite, 11 Voti ,1.48 Punteggio
WhyceeWilliam 62 D
4  Articoli
Something is wrong with this picture   18/6/2021

I am a savy, sexy bbw who loves her sex life. I have grown college age . My has a boyfriend who lives in England. When he visits I allow them to stay in her room. My has a girlfriend and she is allowed to stay in his room. I have male friends and I feel like I have to find someplace else to have my fun? IS IT ME or am I worrying too much about how they feel? They apparently are not ...

1 Commenti, 228 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.47 Punteggio
annarborgoth 45 U
0  Articoli
Roll Over And Play With Your Bone   16/6/2021

I appeared at the Kroger's grocery late because of a very bad traffic jam, and felt terrible about it. I had not been able to call her because my cell phone was out of range until I was practically there. Looking around frantically, I couldn't find her anywhere and freaked out. Had I stood her up? <br> I called her on my cell phone to apologize, and she said, "Oh my God, you ...

1 Commenti, 203 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
BlackBraddPitt 38 U
0  Articoli
30 and single with no    3/6/2021

Is it cool to be 30 years old, single and no in Chicago, Illinois? I don't know but I am on this boat.
I don't understand what to do in this big city to find a respectable woman around my age with no and is looking for someone like me. I have tried bars, churches, libraries and AdultFriendFinder.
What do you recommend?

1 Commenti, 43 Visite, 0 Voti
voyeur2017 61 U
3  Articoli
Sex Dolls and Intimacy   2/12/2020

An article in Forbes described a buzzing hot demand for sex dolls during this time of COVID quarantine. Interesting, based on manufacturers of the sex dolls, the spike in demand since March is from couples, people with disabilities, as well as single men. So the traditional stereotype of loners choosing sex dolls is rebuffed; sex doll use is going mainstream with men and women enthusiastically ...

5 Commenti, 43 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.23 Punteggio
P9e5l2l8 58 U
2  Articoli
SoniaLovee   9/10/2020

i love big curvy ladie i love big curvy ladie

3 Commenti, 34 Visite, 6 Voti ,3.65 Punteggio
Kruker19 49 U
1  Articolo
Honesty.   7/10/2020

Honesty is the only way to be in life. What happens in te dark comes out in the light . But is there too much honesty? Everybody has a skeleton in the closet that they dont tell anybody about. So, are we really being honest in this life.

2 Commenti, 9 Visite, 1 Voti ,2.40 Punteggio
Citas con mascarillas.   28/8/2020

Hola. <br><br> Querría preguntar, como os van las citas en estos momentos de mascarillas y distancia social.

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 1 Voti ,2.40 Punteggio
LAxoxguy 43 U
1  Articolo
Dating a Borderline   25/7/2020

How many have dated a borderline? I recently got out of a relationship with someone who passed all of the criteria for borderline. She was insanely jealous, creating stories about what I was doing with other women (I was doing nothing! I hadn't even logged into this site of curiosity). She would ask me if she could bring in other women into the relationship, and I actually said I was not ...

6 Commenti, 62 Visite, 15 Voti ,3.74 Punteggio
Bigmorgan20 43 U
7  Articoli
IM CHAT   11/7/2020

am thinking there are more fakers than real people here. too many times my messages don't even register as being sent:are they bots? what are your ideas?hhmmmm?anyone have the same issues?

4 Commenti, 32 Visite, 8 Voti ,5.33 Punteggio
Tx_Ghost1 59 U
1  Articolo
Step to Intimacy   21/6/2020

there are people that fall in Love immediately and people that just fuck whatever without any Feelings whatsoever. Maybe there is a certain level of intimacy that takes time to build. Dating without immediate sexual gratification, but getting to really know someone a little first and figuring out if they have an agenda or clue. it seems like a real balancing act sometimes seeing though the ...

5 Commenti, 61 Visite, 11 Voti ,4.48 Punteggio
BillyBigBone72 52 U
4  Articoli
Wank   7/5/2020

Ever had a wank at work?

6 Commenti, 22 Visite, 4 Voti ,4.41 Punteggio
BillyBigBone72 52 U
4  Articoli
Lockdown   7/5/2020

Whats the first thing u will do after lockdown?

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.81 Punteggio
Jchris2018 44 C
18  Articoli
REAL STATISTICS ON SEX AND REGULAR DATING SITES that they dont tell you   29/3/2020

Articles written by former professional dating coach with a psychology degree in human behavioral studies. <br><br> We tend to be more analytical than most and willing to chronicle our experience in hopes that other people have the same interest in making the community better for all of us. <br><br> The truly surprising part is that 30% to 70% of members on ALL dating ...

1 Commenti, 79 Visite, 14 Voti ,5.06 Punteggio
Jchris2018 44 C
18  Articoli
POOR EMAIL & IM INTRODUCTIONS and why you should place effort in making them BETTER!   6/3/2020

Lifestyle BLOG posting from a couple with a psychology degree in human behavioral studies and a former professional dating coach. <br><br> We have written our blog posts truly hoping to make this community a better place through teaching others how offer quality communication, interaction, and increasing the skills necessary to be successful. <br><br> A great way ...

5 Commenti, 43 Visite, 12 Voti ,3.15 Punteggio
ashkif36 35 U
3  Articoli
Age n other   21/2/2020

going though a new date, what age will you prefer?? does age really matter or their are other things can make it go right?

6 Commenti, 44 Visite, 7 Voti ,2.53 Punteggio
ashkif36 35 U
3  Articoli
sex FD   14/2/2020

does anyone had sex on first date? and is it right way to start relation

6 Commenti, 44 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.94 Punteggio
RLRlick 63 U
21  Articoli
First time meeting   13/2/2020

The first time people meet is the most important . <br><br> . Some people think they are going to FUCK on the first time meeting , ,, ,, , and sometimes it does happen , ,, <br><br> . I have met people and hit it off and then ended up in the bed with a mouth on my cock and my mouth and tong licking pussy .YAAAAAA.............. <br><br> . But reality it ...

4 Commenti, 34 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.94 Punteggio
Flashhhotrod1 54 U
3  Articoli
Monday date   3/2/2020

Is mkndsy a good or bad day to ask a new sex partner for drinks ? there so many days to chose from why Monday ? Why not mo day , live up hear feedback

2 Commenti, 21 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
kevindusex1232 46 U
2  Articoli
phantasme   29/1/2020

je cherche une relation sexuel avec un travesti, transexuel, shemal, et tout voulant se faire sucer j aime les grosse qeue qui donne beaucoups de sperme a manger hummm

2 Commenti, 33 Visite, 9 Voti ,1.72 Punteggio
Flashhhotrod 54 U
10  Articoli
Great year   28/1/2020

It's a great time to start over and date again . This site offers so many options in who what and where. Can't say you don't have optionsb

0 Commenti, 23 Visite, 14 Voti ,3.30 Punteggio
Seduced by the Correspondent   27/1/2020

As the commander of American forces trying to suppress an insurrection after teh seemingly easy invasion of Iraq, the General was the darling of the American press corps. He was in such demand that the requests for interviews were threatening to overwhelm his military duties. These war functions were, though, his primary duty but deep down he enjoyed the attention provided by a an apparently ...

2 Commenti, 28 Visite, 9 Voti ,1.72 Punteggio
jwteyp23 40 U
7  Articoli
points   27/1/2020

just want some points. points points points.

2 Commenti, 15 Visite, 6 Voti ,3.08 Punteggio
Flashhhotrod 54 U
10  Articoli
Saturday night fever   25/1/2020

Anyone else getting that fever agsin . Weekends were made for meeting and greeting

2 Commenti, 31 Visite, 8 Voti ,1.39 Punteggio
Wanderer1476 28 U
2  Articoli
Tried meeting up with someone I met online but she had a seizure   25/1/2020

That's what she said at least

5 Commenti, 42 Visite, 23 Voti ,0.56 Punteggio
tripod2014 52 U
15  Articoli
Points only....   21/1/2020

Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....Points only....

3 Commenti, 42 Visite, 28 Voti ,5.40 Punteggio
rednekockchef69 47 U
1  Articolo
Playa   20/1/2020

Say your shy but she is sexy....

1 Commenti, 25 Visite, 9 Voti ,0.43 Punteggio
humdrumbo 56 U
1  Articolo
angry coworker question   19/1/2020

If a woman coworker gets really angry at me for some unknown reason for something I did, does it mean she has feelings for me or had them at one time?

1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 8 Voti ,1.16 Punteggio
desire50shades 53 U
15  Articoli
Dating women over 50?   19/1/2020

I love the passion, the desire and sensuality of making love to women over 50. I've noticed how willing they are to be sexual tigers in bed and try things they never imagined and it is so sexually satisfying. What are your thoughts?

2 Commenti, 21 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.62 Punteggio
Dating   18/1/2020

When do you bring up to a girl that you like a big strap on dildo up your ass?

3 Commenti, 39 Visite, 12 Voti ,1.92 Punteggio
WetNSassy675 39 D
1  Articolo
Do you duck in the first date?   17/1/2020

If he is cute.

2 Commenti, 9 Visite, 5 Voti ,4.77 Punteggio
Calim1313 34 U
3  Articoli
Chat hot   15/1/2020

Cibersexo me gustaria probar con alguna chica caliente

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 2 Voti ,0.34 Punteggio
AravCool007 28 U
3  Articoli
What excites you most about dating   14/1/2020

Hi Team <br><br> Please share your views and point over this topic. What excites you about the most for dating. <br><br> Or do you believe in dating or you only looking for something else.

2 Commenti, 24 Visite, 16 Voti ,2.39 Punteggio
Iwannacthat 56 U
7  Articoli
Meeting on AdultFriendFinder   13/1/2020

Just curious, when you have met someone from AdultFriendFinder, are they who they say they are in the profile or have they lied

8 Commenti, 52 Visite, 26 Voti ,3.03 Punteggio
Longstick983 42 U
4  Articoli
Would you be upset if your partner is bi   12/1/2020

Would you be upset if you found out your partner was bi and want to bring that into your relationship?

5 Commenti, 38 Visite, 19 Voti ,2.20 Punteggio
Newtothearea1523 38 U
12  Articoli
Points   10/1/2020

Anybody who shares them?

1 Commenti, 26 Visite, 22 Voti ,0.60 Punteggio
Alexanra34 47 D
1  Articolo
I alone in Vegas   9/1/2020

Hello, <br><br> I alone now Vegas, new arrivals. Messege me? <br><br> Rita

6 Commenti, 56 Visite, 35 Voti ,3.50 Punteggio
dreamdoctor72 50 U
7  Articoli
starting over after 30 years   8/1/2020

so i have recently got divorced of a 30 year marriage and have been faithful although ive fantasized and contemplated fucking other women but nrver went thru with it at all. so im sitting wondering how get back into the and chasing women thing? i respect and appreciate women and am very polite and sweet on them so it makes it hard for me as im shy confront a woman because im clueless what ...

2 Commenti, 32 Visite, 20 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
simonsays130 54 U
8  Articoli
values   7/1/2020

wheres all the romance gone with wine and dine to woo and impress the opposite sex. Too easy nowadays. Go online have a quick chat and meet for a fuck.

2 Commenti, 25 Visite, 20 Voti ,2.23 Punteggio
Fb or dating?   6/1/2020

Lets hear the difference?

1 Commenti, 42 Visite, 20 Voti ,1.59 Punteggio
72901fun 62 U
1  Articolo
datig   5/1/2020

do people realy do this

2 Commenti, 20 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.23 Punteggio
Timepiece201i 55 U
5  Articoli
Would you date some one from here   4/1/2020

Ok who would date so.eone that they met from this site or any other site

5 Commenti, 37 Visite, 21 Voti ,2.01 Punteggio
Lookingfornow404 45 U
4  Articoli
Cuckolding advice   3/1/2020

How should I approach a woman about cuckolding? Referring to someone not on this site. Someone one a vanilla site.

2 Commenti, 48 Visite, 20 Voti ,2.87 Punteggio
Poor Decisions   3/1/2020

I like to think of myself as a rational person, but I’m not one. The good news is it’s not just me — or you. We are all irrational. For a long time, researchers and economists believed that humans made logical, well-considered decisions. In recent decades, however, researchers have uncovered a wide range of mental errors that derail our thinking.

3 Commenti, 34 Visite, 17 Voti ,2.14 Punteggio
Gmen518 46 U
5  Articoli
Date   1/1/2020

Dates will get u poi3

1 Commenti, 13 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.39 Punteggio
bradfuntimes614 49 U
5  Articoli
really   31/12/2019

bitch broke up with over ..ha! her loss.....I hope!!

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 5 Voti ,2.49 Punteggio
Tips   28/12/2019

Any safety tips when meeting someone?

1 Commenti, 13 Visite, 9 Voti ,1.93 Punteggio
Bryser83 37 U
7  Articoli
Too easy   27/12/2019

Dating too easy people over complicate anything at the end of the day yo meet you talk you be yourself and you decide TOO EASY.dont be its not worth it

0 Commenti, 22 Visite, 17 Voti ,2.14 Punteggio
dafnedanae 48 D
7  Articoli
EL MITO DE DAFNE   27/12/2019

Perseguida por Apolo, Dafne huyó hasta que, al punto de ser alcanzada, suplicó a su padre que la transformase. Fue convertida en laurel, la planta predilecta del dios. De hecho, Dafne significa "laurel" en griego.

Existe una variante laconia del mito. Dafne era hija de Amiclas. Amante de la caza y de carácter esquivo, no vivía en las ciudades y se pasaba el tiempo corriendo por los ...

5 Commenti, 50 Visite, 26 Voti ,5.51 Punteggio
RylerRyno 27 U
5  Articoli
What is a good date in your opinion?   26/12/2019

of curiosity, just was wondering what you all think a good date is

3 Commenti, 28 Visite, 17 Voti ,2.84 Punteggio
Oshoaaron 37 U
2  Articoli
Dating a Cougar   25/12/2019

Hello AdultFriendFinder friends. I have a date with an older woman. Please give me some suggestions.

6 Commenti, 45 Visite, 26 Voti ,2.16 Punteggio
jay69kl 38 U
3  Articoli
Control Freak   25/12/2019

I've dated this girl that I met online. She is an average look but have high sex drive. Problem is she is a control frea Any advise?

4 Commenti, 32 Visite, 17 Voti ,1.71 Punteggio
Date me??   25/12/2019

I need someone for please me

3 Commenti, 37 Visite, 16 Voti ,2.54 Punteggio
What is the best way to meet people on here?   24/12/2019

What is the best way meet people on here? Other dating site I have use it can take time or people just want chat. I am new the are and want go out and explore the are with a fun woman or couple. -Jason

1 Commenti, 3 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.12 Punteggio
crazyfeline 45 D
5  Articoli
Is Chivalry Dead?   23/12/2019

Hey guys! Wake up! If there is a female that you're really interested in and you don't want her to continue looking for the right man, sweep her off her feet! I know some things sound corny, but hey, speaking as a woman, we love that shit! A knight in shining armor riding in on a , sound crazy- try it. Or take her for a surprise carriage ride. You know you don't have to spend money to get ...

11 Commenti, 534 Visite, 39 Voti ,8.12 Punteggio
Sexualidad: 7 consejos si planeas hacer un trío con dos mujeres   22/12/2019

1. No te guíes de lo que has visto en las películas pornográficas. En especial, en lo que se refiere a las poses sexuales. Para lograr que todos participen y obtengan el mismo placer, deben comunicarse fluidamente. <br><br> 2. Establecer reglas básicas de antemano antes de la sesión de sexo siempre es una buena idea. Conversen sobre sus zonas erógenas y aquello que prefieren ...

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 3 Voti ,1.47 Punteggio
td4funzyung25 28 U
5  Articoli
First date   21/12/2019

Best 1st date tips?

4 Commenti, 41 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.66 Punteggio
from 1st   18/12/2019

is it good for relations to start with sex from 1st date

2 Commenti, 18 Visite, 13 Voti ,1.97 Punteggio
FWB   18/12/2019

So how does one consider if youre dating or if you re just ?

2 Commenti, 29 Visite, 9 Voti ,1.72 Punteggio
english4fuck 24 D
1  Articolo
What age is decent to date   16/12/2019

What age range is it decent to date, both down and up?

7 Commenti, 44 Visite, 23 Voti ,3.83 Punteggio
First Date   15/12/2019

Share you first date experience...

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.42 Punteggio
casualguy209 47 U
8  Articoli
points   13/12/2019

need more

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.79 Punteggio
lustinthecity 39 D
4  Articoli
what is the limit?   13/12/2019

What is the limit to have sex on first date?

11 Commenti, 67 Visite, 18 Voti ,5.31 Punteggio
need points   12/12/2019


3 Commenti, 11 Visite, 7 Voti ,3.55 Punteggio
simonsays130 54 U
8  Articoli
mutal   11/12/2019

dating is about respect to all and consideration of feelings. never judge a book by its cover. treat people like you would be treated

2 Commenti, 25 Visite, 4 Voti ,4.02 Punteggio
Good activities on a date?   9/12/2019

What are the best things to do on a date? <br><br> I think dinner and dancing are the best.

3 Commenti, 25 Visite, 3 Voti ,3.43 Punteggio
Points   8/12/2019

needs some pointz? Get some give some. They all help!

2 Commenti, 7 Visite, 3 Voti ,1.96 Punteggio
Points   8/12/2019

needs some pointz? Get some give some. They all help!

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 3 Voti ,2.45 Punteggio
Bigmorgan444 42 U
7  Articoli
Date   8/12/2019

Does or has anyone dated off this site?

3 Commenti, 30 Visite, 5 Voti ,3.80 Punteggio
titan19764 44 U
5  Articoli
Cita real   8/12/2019

Hay muchas mujeres aquí pero porque no se deciden a tener una cita real?

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.94 Punteggio
Salesemen 43 U
4  Articoli
citas a ciegas   7/12/2019

Ir a ciegas a una cita es morboso, pero claro te puedes llevar una sorpresa. El caso es que alguna vez está bien probarlo. El deseo manifestado y expresado, los nervios de no concoer a la persona, las ganas de tener sexo.. todo cuenta para tener una buena cita a ciegas Lo recomndable sería que fuera con un poco de garantías, esto es alguna información que por lo menos te de expectativas más ...

1 Commenti, 5 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.47 Punteggio
Longstick983 42 U
4  Articoli
Turning a fwb into a relationship   6/12/2019

Recently I’ve been in a fwb relationship. At first it was just about the sex, now she wants to take it further. I’m really not interested in a relationship now, or with her. I’ve tried to express that to her, but she’s not buying it. I would love to continue our current fwb situation. So how do I convince her, or should I just end it.

0 Commenti, 13 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.63 Punteggio
sexluvfun2019e 49 U
7  Articoli
All she wanted was dick   5/12/2019

And she wanted them in both holes. <br><br> No all . <br><br> She love the taste of her ass on my cock.

3 Commenti, 20 Visite, 9 Voti ,3.21 Punteggio
titan19764 44 U
5  Articoli
cita real   4/12/2019

Cual es el mejor chat de la página para conseguir citas?

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 2 Voti ,1.04 Punteggio
6lickuwet9 56 U
5  Articoli
Looking for   4/12/2019

Points so I can look for a date on here

2 Commenti, 8 Visite, 3 Voti ,2.45 Punteggio
NEVER with someone already involved if you're looking for a relationship   3/12/2019

It is my opinion that you should NEVER be with a person that is already involved with someone else. It may be fun, and exciting, but it is not worth it. If they are cheating on the other person with you, they would cheat on you with another person. If you are looking for a relationship do NOT talk yourself into thinking they will leave the other person and be with you. Even if they do(rarely) ...

6 Commenti, 54 Visite, 21 Voti ,4.12 Punteggio
JovemBull 32 U
1  Articolo
Love or Sex   3/12/2019

Are you ready to give up on every other person in the world to make sure your dream lover is happy ?

2 Commenti, 29 Visite, 7 Voti ,0.75 Punteggio
Points   2/12/2019

Just posting to get points

2 Commenti, 18 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.39 Punteggio
First date   29/11/2019

Whats the perfect first date?

2 Commenti, 25 Visite, 8 Voti ,1.62 Punteggio
Morbjueplacer 47 U
1  Articolo
La más morbosa   29/11/2019

Conocí a una transex muy femenina y acabe en su casa. Impresionante la mejor noche de mi vida vaya morbo y vicio

2 Commenti, 9 Visite, 5 Voti ,2.16 Punteggio
Points   29/11/2019

Like this article to get some points . Just trying to help others

6 Commenti, 41 Visite, 23 Voti ,4.06 Punteggio
How to date   28/11/2019

The best way date is open an on AdultFriendFinder. Then find someone you like. then ask them . Be a gentleman. Be jenuine. Be respectful. Don't forget have fun.

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 8 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
goodtogo608 32 U
2  Articoli
AdultFriendFinder   28/11/2019

Ive been using this site for a little while now. And it seems to be pretty legit. What doea everyone else think? Is it worth it to you?

1 Commenti, 18 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.14 Punteggio
eyecanplsyou 67 U
6  Articoli
what are you looking for?   27/11/2019

How many here are looking for sex here? How many are looking for love here? how many are looking for both here?

2 Commenti, 23 Visite, 13 Voti ,1.80 Punteggio
what to do on a date   25/11/2019

listen to the other and get to know them want they want and see if you a fit or not be open honest and that will lead to fun and enjoyment dont lie and tell crap it will bit you in the ass <br><br> joe sandusky ohio

2 Commenti, 22 Visite, 18 Voti ,2.44 Punteggio
ThefunnewbiesATL 36 C
6  Articoli
Dating is fun   25/11/2019

Dating is fun. I always love the excitement of going out and not exactly sure what the rest of the night will hold. If all goes well maybe even get lucky.

3 Commenti, 30 Visite, 21 Voti ,3.99 Punteggio
what would you do?   25/11/2019

So I have been talking with someone the last few days and its been mostly because we live 4 hrs apart. our talks are amazing. I have talked with her before and she stopped talking with me for no reason the last time. should I just do the same thing that she did to me?

3 Commenti, 22 Visite, 5 Voti ,3.47 Punteggio
New date   22/11/2019

How exciting to start with a fresh date. New sex and play is awesome to hVe 24/7. I'm always happy for a newbie. The excitement builds as the time approachs

0 Commenti, 24 Visite, 19 Voti ,3.26 Punteggio
1  Articolo
why has dating changed   21/11/2019

Is dating anything like it used to be why is that ?

2 Commenti, 18 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.47 Punteggio
HavasuFunGuy92 32 U
2  Articoli
hot girls   20/11/2019

Dating can go both ways. But usually you try and date somebody with not only beauty but love and compassion.

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 8 Voti ,0.47 Punteggio
Lickitclean01020 40 U
2  Articoli
fun   19/11/2019

lets have it

0 Commenti, 22 Visite, 17 Voti ,2.84 Punteggio
Points   18/11/2019

We all love points

3 Commenti, 26 Visite, 17 Voti ,3.13 Punteggio
incpllooking35 38 C
2  Articoli
why are there so many fakes   17/11/2019

we are serious about tthis lifestyle an seems like everyone just wants games an be a no show, why is that?

11 Commenti, 92 Visite, 44 Voti ,4.72 Punteggio
Tastytymess 27 D
2  Articoli
Is it long   17/11/2019

I’ve been dating this wonderful guy for the last year . He doesn’t show affection the outside world but in private he’s amazing . I like him and we do mostly everything together . He tells people in his but he hasn’t asked the official question . What does that mean

1 Commenti, 8 Visite, 5 Voti ,1.84 Punteggio
Age   16/11/2019

Are you comfortable dating someone 20+ years older then you?

8 Commenti, 58 Visite, 24 Voti ,3.24 Punteggio
Age difference   16/11/2019

Are many people comfortable dating someone 20+ years older then you?

2 Commenti, 28 Visite, 16 Voti ,2.39 Punteggio
Niki19194 34 D
1  Articolo
секс   16/11/2019

Fille solitaire à la recherche d'un mec! Je suis une fille drôle et séduisante. J'aime la variété au lit. Je veux tout expérimenter. En attente de vos suggestions lors de la réunion! je suis ici ⓗⓉⓉⓟ://ⓕⓤⓒⓘⓒⓞⓡⓣ.ⓦⓔⓑⓢⓘⓣⓔ mon surnom Niki

2 Commenti, 17 Visite, 10 Voti ,4.78 Punteggio
Lookn2please1111 36 U
7  Articoli
Dating   15/11/2019

Does anyone actually date on this site.

1 Commenti, 32 Visite, 17 Voti ,1.29 Punteggio
9Goodatbnbad6 56 U
6  Articoli
A good date   14/11/2019

ends with her getting the point...

2 Commenti, 26 Visite, 17 Voti ,2.84 Punteggio
simonzz22 30 U
1  Articolo
hi   13/11/2019


3 Commenti, 24 Visite, 18 Voti ,1.21 Punteggio
Milkdromeda35 34 U
1  Articolo
Just me   10/11/2019

Dam i wonder if ill ever havr a threeesome

1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 16 Voti ,0.19 Punteggio
Dating in 2019 vs last decade...   9/11/2019

Does anyone find it more challenging date someone in 2019 Vs 10 years ago???

6 Commenti, 48 Visite, 24 Voti ,1.88 Punteggio
Having fun   9/11/2019

Is meeting up at a hotel bar, having drinks, then going to the room a date??

2 Commenti, 25 Visite, 16 Voti ,0.78 Punteggio
wantingunowinroc 41 U
8  Articoli
meeting for the first time   9/11/2019

i was messing a sexy lady said she was just interested in woman and couples but i took a chance and she messaged me back.. we messaged back and forth for almost 6 months.. i just thought she was being polite and i would never get to meet her but she said what are you doing next weekend im free and i would like to meet you.. she showed up at my place and she took my breath away and made my heart ...

1 Commenti, 23 Visite, 14 Voti ,1.54 Punteggio
Modern day dating   8/11/2019

So dating in 20 is hard enough right? So I need some advice about how I’m able to date( which I find hard enough) whilst having to try and avoid the fact that I have some self harm scares up my arms. Now, I get that in 20 so we should be able to talk freely about feeling and what not but it still didn’t make it any less embarrassing when you take your jumper off and they notice the scares and ...

1 Commenti, 24 Visite, 20 Voti ,2.61 Punteggio
303naughtyplay 36 U
6  Articoli
Communication   8/11/2019

Is it it me or does this site make it awfully hard to chat?

4 Commenti, 27 Visite, 14 Voti ,1.54 Punteggio
points   7/11/2019


1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 14 Voti ,1.54 Punteggio
Draylink1 38 U
3  Articoli
Online fun   4/11/2019

Are there mostly fake profiles here?

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.66 Punteggio
Any girls in NC wanna hook up.   3/11/2019

Hit me up. Im a fun guy from NC.

1 Commenti, 22 Visite, 17 Voti ,1.15 Punteggio
Yafreak2019 46 C
1  Articolo
just fun   3/11/2019

be careful u fuck

8 Commenti, 75 Visite, 40 Voti ,6.03 Punteggio
Draguneye 42 U
1  Articolo
Dating Online   30/10/2019

Over the past year I have been out dating and online dating. I have say I have no idea how get a date online. I have been on here for about 15 year as a free member and not one meet from this site but I have a number of people that love view , y pics and vids. <br><br> I can walk down the street and get picked up but cant get a date on here lol what am I doing wrong.

2 Commenti, 14 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.19 Punteggio
Jamiets 58 D
1  Articolo
Many types of transgender women   29/10/2019

As inquiries come in from suitors there seems to be a basic misconception about us transgender women or perhaps this transgender woman. Like cis women many seem to think we want to see cock pic's and were simply dying to hop in the car and have as much sex as possible. <br><br> Well hate to break it to you we are wired as women and though some do go through a sort of desperate ...

1 Commenti, 26 Visite, 16 Voti ,2.83 Punteggio
Best dinner spot in Los Angeles?   27/10/2019

I tend think if a likes Wendy's... that's pretty cool. <br><br> I also like take them Carl's Jr. <br><br> Burger King has gone down hill in LA. Outside of LA it's okay. <br><br> take that back, Carl's Jr kinda sucks in LA. <br><br> So , Wendys it is.

1 Commenti, 15 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.57 Punteggio
foundmature121 42 U
10  Articoli
dating   26/10/2019

dating sometimes its hard start and get know someone and let them see you are and want and for you know someone

2 Commenti, 20 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
PhxBBC302 32 U
1  Articolo
New to the city   26/10/2019

Hi there! I’m new to the Phoenix area and wondering g if anyone has any tips on in the city

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.14 Punteggio
Available4now2pl 53 U
4  Articoli
Need a hard cock   26/10/2019

I love sucking cocks

1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 13 Voti ,3.31 Punteggio
Spidey604 46 U
6  Articoli
Newly single   25/10/2019

Any advice on apps or sites when looking start date or find some fun these days besides here? Ever since I stopped paying the site has tanked for me. Any help?

1 Commenti, 24 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.81 Punteggio
Muchmorbo0001 51 U
2  Articoli
Cita con una mujer activa   25/10/2019

Nunca hubiera imaginado sentir tanto morbo y placer con una mujer activa y domina, uuuuufff

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 9 Voti ,0.86 Punteggio
Ami ki help me getting admitted   24/10/2019

I went Studirendenwerk this with bag and luggage, and told them I have no place live. Showed them medical certificates that says I have had 2 surgeries and 9 stitches on finger. Still didn’t got any shot term accommodation.

0 Commenti, 5 Visite, 3 Voti ,1.96 Punteggio
ekselll 49 U
3  Articoli
Very first time so long ago   22/10/2019

It was a month after we met Julia, a young girl with a dream body, quite simply in a supermarket, that we decided to see each other, finally, at home, without any real intention of physically concretizing what we thought was love. Julia is the kind of woman who knows she is perfect and shows it, always dressed in a fairly short skirt revealing her long pearly legs under a pantyhose, or in a ...

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 2 Voti ,3.12 Punteggio
Rockhard16202 39 U
3  Articoli
any luck   21/10/2019

anyone have any luck

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.51 Punteggio
heretoplzu1976 44 U
8  Articoli
why   21/10/2019

Why does dating have be so difficult, just go out and have fun and if things go further the great and if not then just have fun

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.27 Punteggio
2cuerzedel 55 U
4  Articoli

En una ocasion me quede de ver con una mujer luego de charlar unos dias muy rico por la pagina. La cita fue de noche para tomar un cafe, pero cuando nos vemos nos gustamos y decidimos ir de inmediato al hotel. Cuando por fin la vi desnuda me emocione muchisimo porque ella tenia un cuerpazo unas nalgas super ricas, una ricas tetas y unas piernas muy estilizadas. Pero mi sorpresa fue que al momento ...

2 Commenti, 25 Visite, 13 Voti ,1.80 Punteggio
First dates   20/10/2019

Do you prefer a spontaneous let’s just meet and hook up or do you do a interview type of search

1 Commenti, 25 Visite, 16 Voti ,1.95 Punteggio
tallsexyskinny4 37 U
4  Articoli
Stood up   18/10/2019

I have been chatting with this girl for ages. So she sends me a message that she wants to see me now. I get out of the house went to the pin where we supposed to meet. And she just never came. Sad stuff....

4 Commenti, 27 Visite, 15 Voti ,1.91 Punteggio
rocknrough 48 U
6  Articoli
Is dating outdated?   17/10/2019

Is it possible to actually date someone or are we too far into a hookup culture that dating and actually getting to know someone is less than norm. It seems as though we have started to forget about that and it has become very passe to get to know people in a very connected society.

4 Commenti, 26 Visite, 19 Voti ,2.86 Punteggio
usorpo1069 51 U
2  Articoli
Points   16/10/2019

Adding an article for points. Sorry. Please ignore.

1 Commenti, 24 Visite, 18 Voti ,2.72 Punteggio
juanpi197427 49 U
7  Articoli
esperandote   16/10/2019

sigo esperandote mi amiga calentona y juguetona siempre lista para pasarla bien calientes y gozando, hace rato que no nos encontramos y sigo aca esperandote bien duro y caliente para vos mi loba en celo

2 Commenti, 17 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
juanpi197427 49 U
7  Articoli
cibersexo   14/10/2019

Siempre quize experimentar algo virtual con alguna amiga aunque sea solo un momento , hasta que el dia llego, ella se puso muy caliente con mi vos por la pantalla mientras nos miramos nos tocamos, nos excitamos mucho ella se mojo mucho y yo llegue al punto de acabar, aunque no lo hicimos esperando un dia encontrarnos cara a cara y cuerpo a cuerpo ya que vivimos en la misma ciudad ansiosos por ...

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 2 Voti ,1.04 Punteggio
Ridriguez1033 50 U
5  Articoli
Points so hard to come by   14/10/2019

Hard to talk with few point

2 Commenti, 22 Visite, 19 Voti ,3.26 Punteggio
Krypt3082 41 U
6  Articoli
Mmm   13/10/2019

I just need points

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 9 Voti ,3.85 Punteggio
Dating in NC   12/10/2019

Any girls in NC Looking for a nice guy up.

1 Commenti, 15 Visite, 12 Voti ,1.39 Punteggio
Lets Have some fun.   12/10/2019

Im In NC Looking for a good time. hit me up. Im a single white male looking for females.

2 Commenti, 21 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.34 Punteggio
Does anyone really want to date??   12/10/2019

Ok, this may sound a little cynical, but since a lot of people really do not know what they want in life. Do you think that most people want to spend their time dating? I believe that someone can become close to another person without jumpinh through the hoops of the so called "dating" stigma. I would think it would be a million times easier that if both the people that willing to try, ...

3 Commenti, 23 Visite, 18 Voti ,2.72 Punteggio
wantingunowinroc 41 U
8  Articoli
jessica   12/10/2019

when she started kissing me i piked her up put her on her back on her bed and kissed my way down peeled her of her shorts which was not easy because they we so tight.i started tasing her and she said i could do anything except her asshole was 0 percent off limits after i tasted her for some time i turned her around and i did lick her asshole a few times her moaned and did not object then i ...

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 9 Voti ,3.00 Punteggio
The are upstairs   11/10/2019

So someone i meet for the first time invites me over while her is asleep upstairs. Is that bad parenting and should I judge her for it?

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 2 Voti ,1.73 Punteggio
Needhungnowpleas 56 U
11  Articoli
Desires   11/10/2019

Why do we crave things we shouldn’t want it we desire and crave them what are your desires?

1 Commenti, 8 Visite, 7 Voti ,2.79 Punteggio
Points galore   11/10/2019

Points galore

2 Commenti, 15 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.57 Punteggio
Nice guys finish last   10/10/2019

Went on a date tonight with someone I have great chemistry with. We spent hours talking and laughing. Ultimately she is going get back together with the guy that she just broke up with is abusing her. She thinks I'm too nice apparently. Oh well. Back to the grind. I thought I was too old for that excuse.

3 Commenti, 14 Visite, 9 Voti ,3.21 Punteggio
first meets   10/10/2019

so is it wrong to meet some place open say coffee or lunch dinner get know each other see if u click go from there and if the chemistry is right take it to next level

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.80 Punteggio
Bbcinchandler 35 U
1  Articolo
First date   9/10/2019

Sex or no?? Kiss?

1 Commenti, 5 Visite, 3 Voti ,2.94 Punteggio
Erikkag111 29 D
1  Articolo
Coins   6/10/2019

Send coins

5 Commenti, 38 Visite, 20 Voti ,1.98 Punteggio
Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person   4/10/2019

Are you single and looking for love? Are you finding it hard to meet the right person? When you’re having trouble finding a love connection, it’s all too easy to become discouraged or buy into the destructive myths there about dating and relationships. <br><br> Life as a single person offers many rewards, such as being free to pursue your own hobbies and interests, learning how ...

1 Commenti, 32 Visite, 17 Voti
BWcoupleou812 43 C
4  Articoli
doms for older male sub   3/10/2019

I notice that there doesn't seem to be hardly any boys are into dominating older guys! Any that are tops???

0 Commenti, 13 Visite, 10 Voti ,1.59 Punteggio
pingvin98 25 U
2  Articoli
What was the worst/cringiest thing someone has told you on a date?   3/10/2019

Self explanatory

3 Commenti, 20 Visite, 13 Voti ,0.96 Punteggio
sorry need points   2/10/2019

points points points points points points points.

3 Commenti, 25 Visite, 19 Voti ,2.73 Punteggio
Encounters   2/10/2019

How many people out there have met someone from this site and had a fun, positive relationship or experience? I hear from people who have had great experiences and some who have. not. But, hearing more positives than not so positive.

3 Commenti, 23 Visite, 17 Voti ,0.86 Punteggio
versguy_29 33 U
4  Articoli
Dating a couple   2/10/2019

Has anyone had any experience with dating a couple... I'm looking for a couple who are interested in having a sub to use

2 Commenti, 20 Visite, 13 Voti ,0.79 Punteggio
jaynic484 43 U
1  Articolo
point   1/10/2019

why do I need to create stuff for points?/

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 14 Voti ,1.70 Punteggio
JTobin1187 37 U
7  Articoli
Is it cheating?   1/10/2019

Dating, meaning dinner or drinks or harmless flirting, with no physical component - is that cheating? Where is the line drawn? #4TPTS

1 Commenti, 21 Visite, 13 Voti ,1.63 Punteggio
Goodloveingman69 36 U
5  Articoli
The change   1/10/2019

The game has changed for the good or has it gone to dark side?

1 Commenti, 13 Visite, 11 Voti ,0.92 Punteggio
loveitrough113 40 U
3  Articoli
dating   30/9/2019

Is anyone truly dating on here? Seems like a hookup place but people say dating to make themselves feel better

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 3 Voti ,2.45 Punteggio
Needhungnowpleas 56 U
11  Articoli
Sweeter with time   29/9/2019

A women is like a bottle of wine the longer life it has the better the vintage holds true for women. The more seasoned a lady the sweeter she becomes soft and completely ready enjoy. You can take the young for me a sexy mature lady is always the way go.

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.23 Punteggio
Mugz6988 40 U
7  Articoli
knowing someone   27/9/2019

Can you really fall in love with someone after 36 questions? How about anyone? <br><br> A 20-year-old study says you can - and so does the New York Times journalist who took psychologist Arthur Aron's 1997 test to see if closeness could be created in an experimental environment. <br><br> The quiz progresses from relaxed questions like, 'Would you like to be famous? ...

0 Commenti, 10 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.80 Punteggio
Danny65432198 30 U
7  Articoli
Car fuck   27/9/2019

Well went out on a detect a a nice women frien with me i had a rock had cock and i decided to ask if she wanted to see some the hard she said sure whats that I said close your eyes and pulled out my cock told her to open them and she looked and smiled she said I know what to do she started sto suck my cock really good wow those lips and mouth around my cock look great now I said give give me ...

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.14 Punteggio
Goodloveingman69 36 U
5  Articoli
Exploring   26/9/2019

Finding a good mate is tough so what are good steps to find a fun mate.

1 Commenti, 8 Visite, 7 Voti ,3.04 Punteggio
cascade19888 31 U
3  Articoli
Point   26/9/2019

What’s the deal why can’t this be easier

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.66 Punteggio
Points   26/9/2019

Just posting for points

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 7 Voti ,3.04 Punteggio
Danny65432198 30 U
7  Articoli
Date night   25/9/2019

So i met a beautiful young women age 25 he 5'4 weigh about15 nice 36 b size breast and a nice round was man did she like a model so we went eat and were head movie the art when she flips the skip on me she said way dont we get the hotel instead I turn a at her she did have say that twice as we walked in the room she said take me papi how ever you want my pussy so wet for u so I did ...

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 8 Voti ,2.32 Punteggio
How much of Dating Success is based on Sex   24/9/2019

How much of Dating Success is based on or attributed to sex? Me Personally, I think a ton of it depends on sex. Not everything, but a lot. Sex is on of the best, most enjoyable experiences when you find someone you really are in synch with. Thoughts?

2 Commenti, 7 Visite, 5 Voti ,2.16 Punteggio
robert1081980 43 U
4  Articoli


1 Commenti, 2 Visite, 1 Voti ,2.40 Punteggio
normalguy020202 44 U
2  Articoli
dtING ON AdultFriendFinder   23/9/2019

i can not believe people come here for love

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 9 Voti ,3.21 Punteggio
mookieking4 30 U
2  Articoli
Don't Date for the wrong reasons   22/9/2019

I had dated a for a long long time, things could be and things could be ugly at times but in the end our love for each other helped us get through those tough times. However the love was slowly dying but we kept telling each other we could get through it and be alright, in the end we were holding on to more hope than each other. Don't do that, as the resentment builds up faster then love ...

1 Commenti, 8 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.23 Punteggio
AznTacos 35 U
1  Articolo
Solo Parent Dating   22/9/2019

Im looking for people to give advice to someone who is currently a single parent looking to make relationships (friends and sexual). With so much time dedicated to work, and homely duties, how do we find the time to do anything. I am mentally and sexually frustrated.

1 Commenti, 29 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
Lightburn69 41 U
2  Articoli
Would be a good place to go on a date?   22/9/2019

Some people have different ideas have a place go on a date. Could be a movie, concert , nightclub or going a bar and having a drink and a good conversation. Feel free write in your comments or give me some ideas.

2 Commenti, 13 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.19 Punteggio
rich137 49 U
8  Articoli
How best to do it   20/9/2019

Anybody got any suggestions??!

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.51 Punteggio
Sara_xXx69 29 D
2  Articoli
I am also good in bed   19/9/2019

I am here seeking for a soul mate a very good caring man that is ready to make me happy never let me down, I am also good in bed. Came and let's play..Call or text me if serious..914 487 6144...

7 Commenti, 47 Visite, 21 Voti ,5.11 Punteggio
Robb7261 26 U
4  Articoli
Dtf   18/9/2019

Dtf means down to fuck whats DDF and we should me more prepared nd stop teasing

1 Commenti, 15 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.62 Punteggio
Flagpole617 28 U
1  Articolo
sex on the 1st night?   17/9/2019

Many argue that sex on the 1st night is a Start of great relationship! thought?

3 Commenti, 31 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.23 Punteggio
steviee121 28 U
4  Articoli
When to bring in toys   16/9/2019

I love plying with toys but can seem a bit far for some people when we start playing together. When is it normal to start experimenting

1 Commenti, 16 Visite, 11 Voti ,1.48 Punteggio
NSAIluvOral69 37 U
5  Articoli
Points   15/9/2019

Sorry take up space but needing points!

4 Commenti, 21 Visite, 10 Voti ,3.58 Punteggio
1  Articolo
喜歡開放刺激的朋友   15/9/2019

喜歡交朋友 平日比較寂寞 歡迎來找我

1 Commenti, 20 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.23 Punteggio
Hey66789 36 U
2  Articoli
Por todo cobran?   15/9/2019

Va de mal en peor esta página

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.47 Punteggio
OBsurfing 40 U
1  Articolo
Communicating on AdultFriendFinder   13/9/2019

The only way that ice can ever be broken and the fun can begin is if communication happens. That can definitely be a challenge as it seems the site just works to shut down all conversation if you aren't a Gold member. <br><br> Until I commit further and sign up all I can think of doing is attempting everything in my power to rack up the points. Here's my first attempt at an ...

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.19 Punteggio
steviee121 28 U
4  Articoli
when is the right time to push for anal   12/9/2019

It is somethingg I want try but also don't want partner be unconfortable. What is the best way of getting into it?

1 Commenti, 8 Visite, 6 Voti ,2.80 Punteggio
Akward3838 48 U
1  Articolo
Real or spam   12/9/2019

Is there any real people on here or more fake spammers

2 Commenti, 12 Visite, 10 Voti ,3.98 Punteggio
cumm in her pussy or not   11/9/2019

fucking 2 girls, and they both want to have cumm in their pussy.... Would you both fill them up? despite the chance of one of them getting pregnant..? what are your thought?

3 Commenti, 13 Visite, 7 Voti ,4.06 Punteggio
Naked pictures   10/9/2019

Why do women with naked pictures of themselves take offense to guys who have pictures of there penis on their profile? Is there a difference? I know these kinda sites are meatmarkets where women have the saying but ...... <br><br> What are your thoughts?

2 Commenti, 18 Visite, 10 Voti ,3.98 Punteggio
Heavyhanger4u 49 U
6  Articoli
Cock size   9/9/2019

Was recently told thru IM tbat my cock is too big. Then other females say tbey love the size. This leads to the old debate, is bigger better?

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.47 Punteggio
Heavyhanger4u 49 U
6  Articoli
First date etiquette   7/9/2019

Is it too forward for the woman to reach over under the table to feel my cock on a first date? This happens to frequently and wasnt sure if this is the new norm?

4 Commenti, 25 Visite, 14 Voti ,3.46 Punteggio
newtothisplace23 31 U
1  Articolo
It's overated   6/9/2019

does anyone ever feel like me and think that dating is seriously over rated ? people fall in love for what a good lay well thats not what its about fellas

2 Commenti, 10 Visite, 7 Voti ,2.28 Punteggio
robert_954 29 U
7  Articoli
ladies   5/9/2019

I feel blessed to have meet many pretty ladies on this site. What are your success stories, I'd like to hear them.

0 Commenti, 21 Visite, 8 Voti ,2.09 Punteggio
oneleaf525 24 U
1  Articolo
finding on tinder   5/9/2019

girls first write no hookups and they post their photo in bra, showings of thiers boobs. This is a clear invitation of sex

5 Commenti, 24 Visite, 17 Voti ,4.26 Punteggio
Hindsight makes things so much clearer!   5/9/2019

Looking back to my very first sexual experience, and thinking about the main points in my sexual escapades made me think if anyone else can remember their first inkling of their sexuality or proclivity. <br><br> I have a few points in my life, that when looking back are obviously the start of my kinks/fetishes. <br><br> First sexual memory - When I was in primary school, ...

1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 13 Voti ,1.97 Punteggio
Fantasyexcite069 52 U
2  Articoli
A ciegas   4/9/2019

Me encantaría tener una cita a ciegas con antifaz los dos y empezar a jugar me daría muchísimo morbo.

1 Commenti, 8 Visite, 6 Voti ,3.37 Punteggio
Fantasyexcite069 52 U
2  Articoli
Transexual   3/9/2019

La mejor noche de sexo que jamás he tenido impresionante.

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 3 Voti ,1.96 Punteggio
Bbcforyou480 39 U
5  Articoli
Curious   2/9/2019

Is it better start off vanilla then slowly get into the lifestyle or starting off in the lifestyle and going from there?

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 4 Voti ,2.47 Punteggio
Age   1/9/2019

Whats the biggest age difference you have had with your partner, that was more then just sex.

0 Commenti, 7 Visite, 3 Voti ,2.94 Punteggio
MermaidWishes01 22 D
1  Articolo
Biggest cock you have seen or taken.   31/8/2019

Just curious, what has your biggest cock been? mine was a skinny white guy. He was a thick 10.5. it was legit like a subway sandwich, and felt amazing. Sadly he got deployed so idk if we will ever meet again.

5 Commenti, 33 Visite, 20 Voti ,5.55 Punteggio
3forme1forher 50 C
8  Articoli
jump in should i   30/8/2019

hello how u older guys do it im going on 46 never been a ladie killer but i find my fair share. i been talking to a girl i think out my league but she responds .to me should i just try get her

2 Commenti, 29 Visite, 6 Voti ,3.65 Punteggio
Points   29/8/2019

Does anyone else have issues with not getting points? Yes, they are not maxxed out.

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 6 Voti ,4.22 Punteggio
stressless515 49 U
3  Articoli
Dating or hooking up   29/8/2019

More satisfying. WHich one. Dating or hooking up?

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 5 Voti ,3.14 Punteggio
boring   28/8/2019

why is thissite so boring no does anyone actually meet?

8 Commenti, 47 Visite, 23 Voti ,4.88 Punteggio
FWB OR Dating   25/8/2019

How often do people meet someone on this site and end up fucking them regularly or even dating?

2 Commenti, 20 Visite, 13 Voti ,3.81 Punteggio
Sexo el mismo día con distintas mujeres / hombres   24/8/2019

¿Alguna vez tuvieron sexo el mismo día con diferente pareja? yo lo he hecho como un par de ocasiones y la verdad fue algo loco pero muy placentero....

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 5 Voti ,5.75 Punteggio
FWBlookingnow 43 U
1  Articolo
FWB Question   23/8/2019

All of you in AdultFriendFinder land, have you had successful meet/greets from members on here?

3 Commenti, 30 Visite, 13 Voti ,1.80 Punteggio
jjsexx123 30 U
8  Articoli
Do you expect sex on the first date?   22/8/2019

Do you expect sex or some sort of on the first date or do you now focus on building a connection?

3 Commenti, 42 Visite, 13 Voti ,3.65 Punteggio
do you do it for the points too?   21/8/2019

I have learned that the points are why i am here. I like the points. I have

3 Commenti, 16 Visite, 9 Voti ,5.56 Punteggio
Fantasyexcit 50 U
2  Articoli
Mucho morbo   21/8/2019

Máximo de morbo y placer es lo que sentí al estar con una transex impresionante

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 3 Voti ,3.43 Punteggio
Jasontan112233 36 U
7  Articoli
Finding fwb   21/8/2019

Please share me some techniques

2 Commenti, 17 Visite, 10 Voti ,3.19 Punteggio
Older Men   20/8/2019

Are younger women really attracted to older men? <br><br> A lot of them indicate they are in chats but then when it comes to meeting they disappear.

2 Commenti, 21 Visite, 11 Voti ,2.23 Punteggio
Eatsthebooty 35 U
5  Articoli
Eating pussy or ass   19/8/2019

Which one do women prefer more and why?

1 Commenti, 19 Visite, 12 Voti ,3.33 Punteggio
Alanatantra 24 D
1  Articolo
Hookup, find love or just chat with singles Or cheating spouces   17/8/2019

I'd your trying find love or just want hookup with with someone go

3 Commenti, 46 Visite, 24 Voti ,3.13 Punteggio
Success stories   13/8/2019

Many people had success stories on here? It seems like you start to get someone then it fizzles out

4 Commenti, 25 Visite, 12 Voti ,4.04 Punteggio
Bopper8383 37 U
1  Articolo
Why   12/8/2019

Why do I bother with women all fake

2 Commenti, 20 Visite, 11 Voti ,3.17 Punteggio
tallsexyskinny4 37 U
4  Articoli
Weird Date   12/8/2019

Went on the date recently. Was pretty horrible date. She was all the time talking about her cats and work and soo on. No interest in me or smth. Afterwards she asked if i wanna come over for a few more drinks... I though ok would just drinks, In the end..... I am pissing in her mouth and she is swallowing all of it and asking to fuck her ass... Weird date

1 Commenti, 18 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.80 Punteggio
greenwoodms 49 U
1  Articolo
Love   12/8/2019

Ever wonder what it feels to be loved . No excuses no drama just lust and fun

3 Commenti, 32 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.62 Punteggio
hungandtall15 24 U
1  Articolo
How do I get with a milf?   9/8/2019

Been cougar hunting on this site for more than a year 0 luck, any advice?

2 Commenti, 28 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.34 Punteggio
pokey2376 48 U
7  Articoli
head   9/8/2019

why is it so hard to find someone that just wants head?

2 Commenti, 15 Visite, 9 Voti ,4.28 Punteggio
Que tal te ha ido en tus citas?   9/8/2019

Cual ha sido tu experiencia dentro de la pagina y las citas que haz tenido? <br><br> La adrenalina es genial cierto? Mas aun si se da la quimica que sentías al escribir y subir la intensidad en un chat frio y poco expresivo, pero cuando en persona continúa o se incrementa esa quimca es algo fenomenal, no tengo duda que tambien habrá grandes topesones pues no toda las personas aqui ...

2 Commenti, 10 Visite, 3 Voti ,3.43 Punteggio
Cb100230 26 U
1  Articolo
other sites   7/8/2019

does anyone know of other sites that are more popular

2 Commenti, 33 Visite, 18 Voti ,2.17 Punteggio
Youngboylovesbbw 28 U
6  Articoli
Standered member   6/8/2019

A standered member cant do anything. Whats the benefit of making them register and see all those hotties. Even with the subscription they arent sure they can really find a friend for fucking

4 Commenti, 31 Visite, 21 Voti ,4.12 Punteggio
Klayfrach 35 U
5  Articoli
Sex on first date from here   5/8/2019

Do you go ahead with it or wait.

1 Commenti, 21 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
ChrisIsbell2 27 U
5  Articoli
Too young to date?   5/8/2019

Some people on here tell me I am too young to date the older women... Do you guys believe that?

1 Commenti, 20 Visite, 14 Voti ,1.70 Punteggio
Gusxxl 34 U
3  Articoli
primera cita   5/8/2019

sexo si o sexo no? ropa casual o caliente?

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
Youngggunn2 25 U
3  Articoli
First dates   5/8/2019

First dates are such a tricky situation. You both are clearly trying to put on a front for the other one did not know who you are but to understand you are a likable person. Best way to go about first it is to ask the girl you were interested in as many questions as you can open up about her self this allows her to feel comfortable. I am a goofy person nature so I like to be able to joke ...

1 Commenti, 15 Visite, 10 Voti ,3.19 Punteggio
Couples?   4/8/2019

How and when did anyone in an open relationship, decide make it an open relationship and how did the conversation start?

1 Commenti, 17 Visite, 11 Voti ,5.04 Punteggio
Hed121409 43 U
6  Articoli
Looking for real people   3/8/2019

This site has gone to hell anybody?

0 Commenti, 21 Visite, 15 Voti ,5.12 Punteggio
BWCforOlderWomen 36 U
5  Articoli
Older women   2/8/2019

So are there actually older women who like younger guys? Feel like it’s rough to find!

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 9 Voti ,1.50 Punteggio
1cuerzedel 55 U
5  Articoli

Una noche conecte con una chica muy aventada que me cito a la 1am y sin pensar en otra cosa mas que en sexo acudi a la cita, ella iba en su camioneta y yo en mi carro, al llegar al lugar me baje del carro para saludarla. Ella me dijo que me subiera para irnos a un lugar oscuro y solo que ella conocia por ahi, con un poco de temor acepte. Tener sexo me movia hacer cosas atrevidas. Pues bien nos ...

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 2 Voti ,1.73 Punteggio
would you watch your partner with someone   1/8/2019

<br><br> you it turn you on to watch your partner with someone else?

3 Commenti, 16 Visite, 8 Voti ,2.55 Punteggio
ECCpl4F 58 C
6  Articoli
Bi F's playing alone...   1/8/2019

We suppose there's a little of everything there. And since we just got back into the "swing" of things, we assume some customs/protocols have shifted. With that said, we'd like to know how women, either single or attached but playing alone, like to be courted. Any input is appreciated! Thank you!

2 Commenti, 16 Visite, 11 Voti ,3.17 Punteggio
jlbonal67 54 U
9  Articoli
De revuelta.   28/7/2019

He vuelto por aqui, despues de mucho tiempo sin pisar esos terrrenos, y he vuelto porque tengo muy buenos recuerdos, he encontrado chicas muy majas, con algunas ha habido buen rollo , con otras no hubo feeling, pero siempre todo en buen rollo y en confianza. Ahora soy mas mayor, pero espero que esto siga funcionando igual, lo único que accediendo a chicas de otra edad. <br><br> ...

1 Commenti, 4 Visite, 3 Voti ,1.96 Punteggio
Dutch treat   26/7/2019

When you go out on a first date should it be dutch treat? If one party pays for the date is the other one guilt-ed to do more then the want to do? Can it be decided in the middle of the date to have one party pay instead of dutch treat.

1 Commenti, 21 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.39 Punteggio
bigdiknick44 28 U
12  Articoli
lol   25/7/2019

i need points

2 Commenti, 18 Visite, 14 Voti ,3.30 Punteggio
volandoalto3 41 U
1  Articolo
Verano   24/7/2019

Bueno, estamos en Verano, y como en mi caso seguro que sois muchos los hombres que se quedan solos, de "rodrigues" que le dicen, porque las parejas respectivas marchan a ver a sus familias, repartidas por toda la geografia española. La cosa es, siempre la semana antes de quedarme solo, me hago mil pajas mentales, pensando en todas las cosas maravillosas que puedo hacer en este pequeño ...

0 Commenti, 9 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
Jasontan112233 36 U
7  Articoli
Ons   24/7/2019

Did u experience any ons on AdultFriendFinder?

0 Commenti, 13 Visite, 7 Voti ,1.77 Punteggio
...   23/7/2019

older women are incredible

3 Commenti, 11 Visite, 6 Voti ,1.09 Punteggio
Jasontan112233 36 U
7  Articoli
How to get a fwb   23/7/2019

Hi, been here for sometime but don't have any luck getting any gals. Any guys manage to hook up anyone? Please share your experience

2 Commenti, 29 Visite, 12 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
fun   22/7/2019

why is dating so hard these days? what is your opinion on the best way to meet people?

1 Commenti, 30 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.19 Punteggio
Tantrik4Josh 36 U
4  Articoli
Dating Older Woman   22/7/2019

Hello Folks. <br><br> I have a date with with a woman who is almost 9 years older. I'm nervous. any suggestions ?

1 Commenti, 12 Visite, 10 Voti ,1.19 Punteggio
Points   21/7/2019

Points points points points points points

2 Commenti, 14 Visite, 9 Voti ,3.21 Punteggio
everthing82 41 U
4  Articoli
Life is short and things happen so enjoy yourself   21/7/2019

when it comes dating i believe that you have roll with the the punches. Meaning that just cause you didnt get any on the first date its all bad cause it might not have been for you

1 Commenti, 10 Visite, 7 Voti ,2.28 Punteggio
i appear to be failing here   15/7/2019

how hard can it be to actually hook up here?

3 Commenti, 28 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.98 Punteggio
Men vs women   14/7/2019

men vs women obviously i am a man so my perspective is from a point of view. I have observed though that women a an emotional bunch. They act on their emotions in their daily lives as well as dating and sex. <br><br> Men on the other hand are very visual and live more by logic. This is not good or bad it is just different than women. A man looks at a women before getting know ...

3 Commenti, 24 Visite, 13 Voti ,2.64 Punteggio
DenverBoogieDown 35 U
6  Articoli
Points   14/7/2019

Points points points!

1 Commenti, 5 Visite, 4 Voti ,4.80 Punteggio
RLRlick 63 U
21  Articoli
Being picky ?   10/7/2019

Being picky about who you see and date or get together with! <br><br> . That is fine, But what you have to realize , THIS IS A SEX SITE !! You may need to sort through the NUTS in a pile to find a good one !!! People looking for other people to have sex with that have the same interests. .We all fill out our profile, s with what we are looking for in other people / Some are trying ...

3 Commenti, 33 Visite, 10 Voti ,3.39 Punteggio
jtp8469 34 U
3  Articoli
dating and havent had sex   10/7/2019

Its hard to date when you are horny and havent had sex yet....

5 Commenti, 30 Visite, 11 Voti ,1.11 Punteggio
13  Articoli
Dating for points   8/7/2019

Hitting this up for some points

3 Commenti, 18 Visite, 12 Voti ,4.04 Punteggio
Gingerroot82 42 U
3  Articoli
Why do hard   6/7/2019

I've been on here on and off for the better part of 15 years. And finding someone on here is a crap shoot, sometimes I feel I have better luck at telling my dogs no. Does anyone else feel that they have the same type of experience?

1 Commenti, 20 Visite, 3 Voti ,0.98 Punteggio
maestrotab00 36 U
2  Articoli
Location for a night of fun and excitement   5/7/2019

Ladies what is your ideal hookup location? It can be realistic or fantasy.

2 Commenti, 14 Visite, 9 Voti ,2.57 Punteggio
pokey2376 48 U
7  Articoli
hooking up   30/6/2019

is it just me or does nobody hook up on here anymore?

3 Commenti, 56 Visite, 24 Voti ,2.11 Punteggio
Friendlyfun56058 45 U
1  Articolo
I don’t get women.   29/6/2019

Wtf is up with them saying they want a good man. Men should have a job, car a place. Yet i see them accepting trash, or worse yet assholes that treat them like crap. The welfare incentives that good these day’s? Or is it better to be a jerk? <br><br> Ah well better to fly solo then have to be like that.

3 Commenti, 42 Visite, 19 Voti ,1.15 Punteggio
Remember the flowers   28/6/2019

Just a reminder to remember the flowers... and some candy.

3 Commenti, 26 Visite, 18 Voti ,2.17 Punteggio
ttk209 33 U
6  Articoli
points   24/6/2019

Need them.

2 Commenti, 28 Visite, 19 Voti ,3.39 Punteggio
Average   23/6/2019

Why do so many ladies consider themselves average when they would be obese on the health rating ? Is 50 pounds overweight now considered to be average ?

1 Commenti, 9 Visite, 5 Voti ,3.47 Punteggio
Flagstud69 42 U
1  Articolo
Fun   22/6/2019

Wanna play?

1 Commenti, 24 Visite, 17 Voti ,1.15 Punteggio
morbojugando 55 U
6  Articoli
A ciegas totalmente   19/6/2019

Hace unos años tuve una cita a ciegas donde ella me esperaba con la puerta de entrada ajustada y sentada en el sofá con antifaz el cual no se quito hasta no haber acabado de tener sexo. Impresionante

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 8 Voti ,3.01 Punteggio
morbojugando 55 U
6  Articoli
A ciegas totalmente   19/6/2019

Hace unos años tuve una cita a ciegas donde ella me esperaba con la puerta de entrada ajustada y sentada en el sofá con antifaz el cual no se quito hasta no haber acabado de tener sexo. Impresionante

1 Commenti, 7 Visite, 4 Voti ,3.25 Punteggio
Gingerroot82 42 U
3  Articoli
Anyone notice a theme   17/6/2019

Anyone else notice that it seems be us mean in here making articles? I see the rare commentary but over 90% is make members.

3 Commenti, 27 Visite, 17 Voti ,1.57 Punteggio
wonder how many of these are for points   16/6/2019

seems like 99% of these are for the points...

2 Commenti, 30 Visite, 22 Voti ,1.81 Punteggio
death_cheater2 28 U
1  Articolo
looking to lose   13/6/2019

I am from a small town in upstate in I suffer from a genetic disorder that causes health issues and in 2011 I almost died due to a brain abscess and the complications, this makes it hard to make friends and connect with people. im looking for a gf and someone to help lose my virginity

3 Commenti, 38 Visite, 19 Voti ,3.26 Punteggio
Jesce_Xx203 29 D
1  Articolo
Looking For Fuck⇲⇲Buddy   13/6/2019

, down to meet someone. Are you want to try so personally massage me here4) 723-9061

1 Commenti, 3 Visite, 1 Voti ,5.00 Punteggio
Osho8Incher 37 U
2  Articoli
Cougar Dating   9/6/2019

Anyone has ever went on Date with a relatively older woman. I have a date next week. Please guide me.

2 Commenti, 21 Visite, 10 Voti ,2.59 Punteggio
silkysmoothlick 50 U
5  Articoli
Impossible..........   8/6/2019

Connecting to anyone remotely interesting....or sexy. The odds are staggering on here......oh well, onwards & upwards! <br><br> Ladies prove otherwise..........

2 Commenti, 13 Visite, 7 Voti ,3.30 Punteggio
morbojugando 55 U
6  Articoli
Muy sexy con sorpresa   7/6/2019

Lamconoci en un pub sexy kuy femenina y cuerpazo nos acabamos liando cuando ya sabia que era trans por morbo y fue de lo mas impresionante

1 Commenti, 11 Visite, 4 Voti ,0.92 Punteggio
kickCGandDG521 38 C
6  Articoli
Wild west   31/5/2019

been there done that, dont want to do it again. what's everyone else think?

6 Commenti, 35 Visite, 19 Voti ,2.60 Punteggio
MrBigCock3210 43 U
5  Articoli
Anal?   29/5/2019

How many women are into anal? What are the ground rules?

4 Commenti, 27 Visite, 14 Voti ,2.50 Punteggio
brij6771 39 U
3  Articoli
Dating today is a nightmare   27/5/2019

In every aspect of our lives, we are confronted with myriad choices, but how we make these choices is often more important than what we choose. The shopping trip shows an example of what Schwartz describes as “maximizing” behavior. “Maximizers treat relationships like clothing: I expect to try a lot on before finding the perfect fit. For a maximizer, somewhere out there is the perfect ...

1 Commenti, 13 Visite, 11 Voti ,1.30 Punteggio
kickCGandDG521 38 C
6  Articoli
Just getting points.   27/5/2019

just looking for points.

2 Commenti, 21 Visite, 15 Voti ,2.67 Punteggio
Liz_Lawson 46 T
1  Articolo
Dating Terms   22/5/2019

Dating can be taken differently so let us look at a few of these terms, the way some people can take the word Date to mean. <br><br> 1- : these people who are often in the streets of your local City- will often times if, not all the time take this to mean 'Sex for '. <br><br> 2- Transgenders: many take this to mean 'wine and dine, ' casual ...

8 Commenti, 64 Visite, 34 Voti ,2.88 Punteggio
Zcemer 50 U
2  Articoli
The wrong message   21/5/2019

Well we've all had our hopes up for meeting that certain someonethat isgonna be exactly what we want and need. We've all talk to countless people on here searching, looking and really hoping we find that one that will complete us.. Either is physical or mental we all have our preferences. I just see alot of people on a site for whatever reason we all want someone. Well when u get ...

1 Commenti, 18 Visite, 11 Voti ,1.86 Punteggio
HungDaddy225 70 U
1  Articolo
Fam   18/5/2019

Has anyone ever played with a family member? Which one?

1 Commenti, 6 Visite, 2 Voti ,1.04 Punteggio
HungBoy228 48 U
7  Articoli
Creampies   18/5/2019

Any women into creampies/pregnancy risk?

1 Commenti, 22 Visite, 18 Voti ,0.81 Punteggio
rdhair44 65 U
98  Articoli
2:30PM.   17/5/2019

The place is and we are seniors going to our lockers, our destination is unknown including the homework assignments.Teachers not yet a thought to understand our needed belongings to have in our mist.Her locker is wide open to the task as I quickly get to mine , three numbers and I am open to my needs.And three books, physics , trig, and English and I am on my way to the .She is a leave.I find ...

1 Commenti, 36 Visite, 23 Voti ,1.03 Punteggio
RLRlick 63 U
21  Articoli
Real people   17/5/2019

How many people on AdultFriendFinder really go out and meet people and date or hook up with other AdultFriendFinder people , ,, ,???????? It seems that their is a lot of hesitation in meeting people , ,, ?? WHY ? > You have already posted picks of your dicks, pussy, s , and ass, es and videos of you fucking and sucking , , and other things, And you say you are looking for friends / connections FWB , men , / women , / ...

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Jaerungsit1 36 U
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นัดเจอ   14/5/2019


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theoweiland1 55 U
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Wild places for sex   10/5/2019

Everyone has gone through phase of dating where you can't get enough of each other. Often, the desire gets you when you're not at home. Where are some of the wildest places you've had sex? Me? Here are a few: Stairwell at the airport Hospital parking lot (daytime, in the car) Mall parking lot (daytime between the cars) Church parking lot (weekday) Park bench at night with basketball ...

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assmag48 39 U
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people watching   8/5/2019

how to let partner no you like being watched

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PusssyLicker069 44 U
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Big cocks and tight pussies   7/5/2019

Hi All... So what i am here to try and find out is bigger the better ? I will need your ladies help for this, lol .... So please vote and lets see

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FWB?   4/5/2019

What is a FWB? Is it just a friend you fuck or is it someone whom you actually hang out with and then fuck lol? I am just curious what other people think.

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tom4u777 57 U
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Instructions to the Novice or Inexperienced   29/4/2019

1. Get a , a Woman is better ... this is MOST IMPORTANT 2. Start a conversation (It doesn't matter what it's about). After a while, tell her how beautiful and sexy she is (this must be done, even if it makes your stomach turn) 3.Put your arm around her and continue the conversation 4. Pull her close to you and begin to cuddle her (women love to be cuddled) 5. Kiss her softly (This must ...

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saturngirl3 32 D
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How old is too old for me? 38   27/4/2019

The “creepiness rule” states that the youngest you should date is “half your age plus seven.” The less commonly used corollary is that the oldest you should date is “subtract seven from your age and double it.” <br><br> 26 - 7 =19 x2= 38 Maybe don't hit me up, as you can see my preferred age range. According to this rule, society should accept a 50 year old man dating ...

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PhunseekerMW 39 U
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Long Distance Relationships   26/4/2019

I am wondering if anyone has some good advice on how to make a long distance relationship work. Any advice or tips? <br><br> Everything is great I just want to make sure it stays that way!

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thatgut222 34 U
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Points Points Points Points all of them   25/4/2019

I would date you for some points?

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herenow2see 53 U
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ANyone here dating from the site   25/4/2019

curious to know and how its gone so far

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dsalvatore86 30 U
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Date tips   21/4/2019

How to get a date. Can anybody suggest me. I want a fyck date love date and all types of date. And obviously i am just writing this article tk get few points so yhat i can message a girl on im who just replied.

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morbositojuguet 53 U
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Morboso   19/4/2019

El tener una cita a ciegas con una pareja es de lo más morboso que nunca he hecho.

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Morboexcita 52 U
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Cita a ciegas   18/4/2019

Quede con una chica que me propuso la esperara en casa con la puerta abierta y me pusiera un antifaz. Uuufff que morbo!!

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massageguy2019 45 U
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Does dating still exist?   15/4/2019

Hello women...are you asked out on dates these days?

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Cougarlooker1169 35 U
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Is it worth having a discrete friend   11/4/2019

Is it worth having a discrete friend or not? Something i am sruggling with atm

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Fully_Loaded_100 33 U
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BDSM dating   6/4/2019

How do you like to spice up a date when youre in a BDSM relationship?

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Liloneneeded 40 U
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Really   4/4/2019

Is dating even a thing anymore?

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Aes604 49 U
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Where are you?   3/4/2019

I like dating. I like the Simplicity of meeting someone new and having some fun. Especially if there's food drinks and mini golf involved

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desire50shades 53 U
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I asked a friend if she wanted to try anal sex.....   3/4/2019

I asked a friend if she wanted to try anal sex and it was not what I expected. She shamed me and now I feel so bad. I am thinking of getting out of that relationship because of the shame.

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desire50shades 53 U
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Should we take it to another level?   31/3/2019

We are both married and very good friends. We really connect spiritually and the next natural step is for us to get together physically yet it is so hard for either one of us to take that step. <br><br> Do we owe it to ourselves to at least try?

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