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Lady in Red
Welkom tot mijn blog!
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My Butt/Ass Was Numb Taking all That....
Gepost op:21 oktober 2021 11:09 am
Laatste update:29 oktober 2021 2:46 pm
160215 Bezichtigingen
Not what you think

I mean from rowing training lol

One of my friends is teaching me how properly do rowing. how keep the right posture.

I do okay keeping up with him. we did one hour. I the strength. my problem is keeping my posture at all times. I do good the first 30 minutes or so. but after 45 minutes. my butt gets numb from sitting on that uncomfortable hard plastic seat. it also hurts. with time and experience it will get easier.

He kept yelling. Your posture Thalia your posture. Watch your posture. at me. follow my movements. Me answering...I know. I am trying. I just can't feel my butt anymore. is numb and in pain. hard follow your movements Lol

That's my butt with marks after training. I swear I could hear him in my sleep...your posture Thalia your posture Haha.

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Stop The Wondering. She is Here.
Gepost op:10 september 2021 12:05 pm
Laatste update:21 oktober 2021 9:08 am
153514 Bezichtigingen
A quick post for members and friends that have been for me. I am doing excellent. things are great. been absent for two main reasons.

1. I had work done. a few enhancements. It was NOT a pretty look right after. I was puffy everywhere. I didn't just anyone seeing me like that. I was only letting a few selected friends to see me cause they swing by to check on me. I was in good hands. I was also communicating with others by phone. I was well check

2. I been training hard with a group of friends. we are going to be running the marine marathon this year. I have gotten in so much better shape. I feel amazing. and my body is as amazing as I feel. I have seriously step things up on my training. 6 of us will be running the marathon. 2 cops. one air force. one marine and one army. And of course me. the pretty one of the group Haha. That is why I been training hard with them. I don't to finish last of the group when running those 26 miles.

I couldn't refused the offer. it was giving to me as a reward for my training dedication and discipline for over two years. and for finally hitting 128 to 130 pounds. that is my average weight now.

When I first started going to the gym. I did it cause my friend Brandon gave me a one year membership as a gift for my bday that year. (or xmas wherever). Anyhow. when I started I was at 0 lbs. I was thick like peanut butter. I didn't really like the way I was . I was not very happy the way it was going. so I guess my friend Brandon had the bright idea to give me that one year membership. Then after 6 months in the gym. seeing my progress. but very slow progress. One of my cop friends said that if I was to get down to 0 or 5 lbs and stayed there for at least 6 months. they would all chip in so I could get some enhances. I said wherever cause I never though I could get there. I don't even think they did. but hec with dedication. not only did I hit 5 lbs but went lower to 8 lbs, and they were like oh shit you made it happen and a promise is a promise. I said that's right. now you guys gotta put that cop salary to workout

I covered my face in those two pics cause I was still going thru all that wor I was super puffy and red. I was resembling the pillsbury doughboy. The other 3 pics of me. you can actually see my body improvement. Tomorrow or Monday. I will make another post with pics of me and my friends in training. well maybe not in training. but with the guys that I will be running the marine marathon. I am super excited for that moment. I am in my best shape and have the endurance to go with. I am more than ready to run those 26 miles with no fucking problem!.

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The Cops Were Looking For Me. Arrested. O Canada!
Gepost op:13 mei 2021 9:21 am
Laatste update:12 september 2021 12:25 pm
176397 Bezichtigingen
I have add. It was a Reverse Arrest. Cause I arrested one of the cops my place. gave some reverse cowgirl arrest Lol

Few of my cop friends were texting. Asking where I was hiding. Only cause I have not seen them in a couple of weeks. I was like I am not hiding. I just have a life outside from you all. I'm busy with other non cop guys friends

Anyhow. Met and hang out with some of them last Tuesday and Wednesday. They actually wanted see me invite me go with four of them on a road trip Syracuse, NY. In July. They play in a softball team. they have a game there. it will be a quick trip. Driving there in one car Thursday night. Back on Monday. They say we will be 4 hours away from Canada. And that after the game, they might ended up driving all the way Canada. But the Canada part is not for sure yet. All depending on the timing. I said I don't care. I go wherever you guys go. Is not like if I be paying for anything. Free trip. They can drive China if they want Lol

Been busy and very active. Leaving a few random photos of what I have been doing this past week.

The picture leaning on the cop car. For privacy. I had to cover the unit number and the handsome 25 year officer inside the car. I always give him a hard time telling him that he should be a model not a cop

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Birthday Girl Needs Something to Blow!
Gepost op:22 april 2021 10:28 am
Laatste update:11 september 2021 9:25 pm
213391 Bezichtigingen
Today is my birthday. this birthday girl needs something to blow like a candle or something

So far my day is going perfect. slept late. got up around am. had a nice lunch with a friend that stopped by. Later this afternoon going jogging with a friend after he gets off duty. shower and take a nap when I get back from jogging. cause I have dinner plans at my place at 7pm with 4 of my friends. They are gonna pick up dinner on their way here. All wonderful good looking guys with whom I wouldn't mind having sex with all at once. I take this birthday opportunity/excuse have a fun with ALL. Use them as dessert cause I am staying away from cakes/sweets

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My Milfshake
Gepost op:16 april 2021 11:09 am
Laatste update:21 oktober 2021 9:05 am
208214 Bezichtigingen
My milfshake still brings the boys to the yard

A big hello to all my blog readers. If you are reading this. Smile for me, Do it

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Welcome to Thalia's Boot Camp
Gepost op:14 november 2020 1:20 pm
Laatste update:30 april 2021 11:52 am
209910 Bezichtigingen
22 year old military man. He has the Marines training.

Now he needs Thalia's training "boot camp".

He is been doing good in a one on one "combat". Soon I will want see how he does in a gr.oup setting. he is already aware that next training is a 3some. Him and an Army friend of mine. they don't know each other yet. I wanna see how he does in a 3some. he needs learn how share and work together

Any other men that needs my boot camp training. Leave your request here LOL

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Pictures That Make You Go Mmmm
Gepost op:3 november 2020 9:27 am
Laatste update:17 april 2021 10:48 am
224406 Bezichtigingen
Well Hello My Darlings

Things That Made And My Friend That Night Go Mmmm!

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Missing in Action!!!
Gepost op:31 juli 2020 9:27 pm
Laatste update:2 november 2020 7:02 pm
232926 Bezichtigingen
How are you all doing here?. Been awhile.

With these crazy times and pandemic, we all have been hiding. I been missing in action. sometimes I can't even find myself LOl. And all my friends are pretty much missing in action as well. I have not seen them in months.

Especially missing my friend Chad (The best man/person I know). But all my friends are wonderful and amazing. and they all are handsome inside and out . I am extremely lucky have such a group of guys pushing behind me. No wonder why I miss seeing them every week. can't wait for things go back normal.

My friend Matt came around this week, picture below. He is one of the Matt's cause I have 5 Matt's in my group of friends. For some reason that seems follow me.

Putting a picture of my boots. Cause in my post where I talk about the story with the young police officer, few of you guys asked me to show the boots that I had on that night when I met with the cop. is. Hope you like them.


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Men at Work!
Gepost op:17 april 2020 1:18 pm
Laatste update:5 september 2020 10:07 pm
352177 Bezichtigingen
With this pandemic going on. I got too much free time on my hands, so here are some pics of men at work

Let me know if you want to be put to work Lol

And please keep in mind. These pics are not from this month. so save your virus comments ;!;

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Too Hot. Body Heat Rises. Oh so Thick
Gepost op:16 april 2020 8:12 pm
Laatste update:3 november 2020 3:32 pm
311206 Bezichtigingen
These are some crazy times. Luckily. I have a very close relationship with a doctor

I don't have to go out to see him. He can make house calls whenever my body is feeling too hot, when my body heat rises and I am feeling lonely. I text him that he needs to stop by to cool it down. That otherwise I would have to resource to call my firefighter friend Ha ha. He gets home, I said doctor use your tongue to cool me down or put your thermometer in me please... doctor that thermometer feels so thick Mmmmmm Lol

Stayed safe out there people. Ladies and Gentlemen. Keep your distance. Unless he or she is hot
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Go Get Laid. I Also Pay My Damn Taxes!.
Gepost op:17 maart 2020 8:22 pm
Laatste update:14 november 2020 4:57 pm
357514 Bezichtigingen
See the story below the pictures. AdultFriendFinder keeps eating words out if I put the story on top. Scroll down.

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My New Toy Comes With Handcuffs!
Gepost op:6 maart 2020 1:23 pm
Laatste update:31 juli 2020 8:51 pm
364373 Bezichtigingen

The new toy is a 25 year old cop. met him thru a great friend Matt who is also a cop. he gave me his # the first time we met. asked me to contact him sometime. One night I was out dancing at a nightclub that is located in the area where he patrols. I texted him around 10pm to let him now that I was in a club that is in his area. he said he was on duty. asked me the nightclub name. I was at a latin club. I was in the dance floor dancing merengue. when I saw a cop came in and looking around. it was him. I walk tours him and ask him to come to the table (he did not seat). we talk a little bit. he complemented over the knee boots I was wearing. then say he had to go, told me to let him know if I need it anything or a ride home later. I was there with a friend, I told him no but thanks. eventually I ended up needing the ride cause the friend want it to leave around midnight but I wanted to stay until close. I contacted him saying yes to the ride. he said okay. I am on duty until 7am let me know what time to pick you up. I said 2am cause that is when they close.

He showed up 5 minutes before, sent me a note saying, Here, come out whenever you are ready. I walk out, got in his car and we left. is about a 20 to 25 minutes drive cause I live in the other side of town. during are drive he said. I been wanting to meet you awhile. I said, what do you mean. how did you know about me?. he said. Matt always talks about you, sometimes guys at the station will ask him to join us 4 a game but he says no cause he has to go see Thalia. One day I asked him if that was his girl. he said no gf. but that you were his very good friend 4 many years. that you were very cool and I would like you if I ever met you. since then I would hear about crazy things that you and him do together. I wanted to meet you. That is why he eventually introduced me to you. Then he proceed to ask me. Thalia. what of man do you like?. I say. if you want to know if I like you. yes. I do. you look great. and touch his arm. then touch a lot more of him. that boy was driving with a big hard boner LOL. we couldn't do much cause his police belt was on the way, otherwise it would had been a bj on the road. We got home, he didn't come inside cause he was on duty, he need it to get back to work. but I told him to stop 4 lunch the next day. he did. we had lunch here. after that we hang out about 3 hours. Eventually told him I was going to compensate 4 his ride the night before. I put on fishnet, wore the boots for him, same boots from night before cause he had told me they look sexy on me. then we moved to a spare bedroom and sexually used each other.

Since that day, He has been coming over to visit at least once a week. One time I asked him to bring handcuffs. he said sure. which he tho were for me. nope. they were for him. blind fold him, put handcuffs on him, then I put strap on, he said, you got me blindfolded and tie up, can't see, what are you doing?. I said, I am putting an strap on. with a nervous laugh he said you what?. I said yes officer. you fucked me twice already, now is Thalia's turn, bottoms up officer. he ask, is that going to hurt. I said it depends. if you relax and don't fight it, it will go better haha. he said okay, that is new to me, I am nervous but okay. he has a nice firm butt, it was a pleasure doing it to him. he came so quick from that, I couldn't use it or enjoyed as long as I wanted. but he is learning. then I said. did you like that?. he said, is different. made me c'um quick. I said that means your butt likes it LOL.

He is very good kisser, very good with his tongue and mouth. but at 25 he still kinda young, so he is not dominant yet. or maybe he is nervous. cause I feel he lets me lead him. Cops are usually more dominant in bed. example my friend Matt is more aggressive/dominant in bed. but he is 32.

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Doing 2 things that I like doing! 5 Pictures of me!
Gepost op:13 september 2019 10:43 am
Laatste update:4 oktober 2021 9:01 pm
425542 Bezichtigingen
Hiking and Giving a BJ

And if someone doesn't like it they can take a hike from my blog

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